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  1. Blair

    Nunneries of Sneck

    Would be really hard to workout since in the past Scotland was a very big Catholic population after Saint Columbus came. Only group who may be able to help would be a Catholic church in Scotland or possibly contacting someone who is high up in the Catholic Church management.
  2. Blair

    Recruitment Policy?

    That's his profile on linkedin if you want to find out more.
  3. Blair

    Recruitment Policy?

    I am not he lives in China now. What would be the point of lying about that? Loads of people teach in China since you get job overall so easy and get good lifestyle doing it overall.
  4. Blair

    Recruitment Policy?

    The real problem with being a teacher in the government make it so much harder for you with it being more less impossible to get a job doing it. For example my oldest brother is a teacher in China he gets paid 20 times the average wage of a Chinese person and free flat or house with his job and also like 50 helpers who work for him. He can also buy within 6 months quite easy flat or small house with his wages easy and you get very decent holidays like he just worked 2 months and get got 2 weeks of to me that sounds pretty good to me. One final part I want to include he gets a guaranteed job in China before he even steps into China 6 months in advance to be fair if I did not have my own businesses going I would probably do same as him.
  5. Blair

    Recruitment Policy?

    Love your idea Northern Jaggie you clearly have good sense.
  6. Blair

    Robbo must stay!

    You mean by me being Blair is Dougal, right that Political guy can't remember his name but it was funny when show the the debate on TV and I show the debate on TV of Blair vs Blair?
  7. Blair

    Caley thistle Board

    No I have a lot of programmer friends put simply I do some programming myself or other jobs but I have friends or workers who do others things for me he's doing a email system for I will not bore you to much with the full dealing of the system but it's really cool system all together.
  8. Blair

    Caley thistle Board

    I have contacted the past and present directors and chairperson of this club at least 5 of them with all of them refusing to speak so far for why I put it here if they don't want my software no problem.
  9. Blair

    Caley thistle Board

    Good question whenever I speak to them they never seem to reply or as little as possible and I know at least 2 people from the Board go here so to me it made sense to put it here.
  10. Blair

    Caley thistle Board

    Hello Caley thistle board my Indian friend Vikas made me software to make all my sites GDPR compliant would you like me to give you free access to this?
  11. Blair

    Robbo must stay!

    Just wondering CaleyD if I ever do become a director or something like that at Caley would you ever be interested in being a director yourself again since I would be very keen to work with you at Caley?
  12. Blair

    Robbo must stay!

    To be honest if I invest the club I want to be at least director in since many of things about the club makes no sense to me it's kind like playing very complex Chinese Whispers game since whenever I hear most of the new information I am never any wiser. I think I can answer where the £250K went to my knowledge of it both Yogi and Forum wasted all the money on expensive players for why Caley got demoted but to me if I was director of the club I would had sacked Yogi before these problems happen and for Richie I would not fully sack him what I would do with him is see if he could be trained as a coach instead . I heard from my reliable sources that Forum used to if you like to attack players if they lose a match through his bad management skills.
  13. Blair

    Robbo must stay!

    Good question CaleyD being wondering that myself for a while what all the spend has been done since Caley got put down a league.
  14. Blair

    Robbo must stay!

    Decent end to the season hop the guy will stay a lot longer at the club .
  15. Blair

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Nice result and Ross county is keeping the bottom place so I suspect they will get put down a league .