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  1. Well done David Carson, his excellent performances are a matched by his versatility and his award is definitely deserved!
  2. I’ve just seen Robbos news feature on STV tonight and on the back of this I thought I’d start a thread for positive messages to Robbo, here’s mine; Robbo, I think you are a very good manager and a great match for our club. From my experience, our fans believe you are elevating our club higher than resources permit and in that regard you are adding good value and that makes you one of our best assets. Your approach to youth players is so encouraging and our club feels like more of an Inverness club than it has in a long time. We can’t be there in person at the Caledonian Stadium to give yo
  3. Thanks, I’ve emailed those contacts now.
  4. Fair play to those as the club who sorted the ppv service out today. The camera is operated by someone and it didn’t miss a beat. The commentary chap had some interesting facts about the players. Looking forward to the next one now!
  5. I really commend the club for pushing the PPV service and I hope they get it right ASAP. I won’t be subscribing until I hear reports of success from future showings. I was hugely frustrated with the product that my £10 bought. A ball boy on a joystick could do a better job. Bin the auto camera nonsense please. We are close to having a fantastic service and someone needs to take ownership to see that delivered please.
  6. If we end up being promoted after the Covid-19 / league restructure settles out, revenue will be much improved in the top league without us having spent much to get there. If we trim back all out of contract players now, then field a young and threadbare squad with modest recruits during our first season we could have a good financial situation there for the first time in a while. Then build from there.
  7. That’s an interesting thought...weather the Roy MacGregor storm of investment over the bridge and the subsequent collapse of county when he dies, then the Highlands really are ours!!
  8. I’m just in from night shift and I’ve listened to this from start to finish. Brilliant lads. I’d encourage all ICT fans to have a listen and to enjoy the comprehensive and banterous chat herein. I think I recognise spit-dis as the band who make up the fill-in spots, that makes for great listening. I look forward to the next one chaps!
  9. John Robertson has assembled a team that has exceeded all expectations we’ve had this season in my opinion, given where we have come from. With us being in a Scottish Cup semi final and in contention for a playoff place, who could ask for more. On reflection, he has achieved more than that in fielding a bunch of lads who are hungry to prove a point whilst trying to identify with the fans based on the character of the player on show. Our lads who started last weekend are from: Mark Ridgers: Inverness lad Shaun Rooney: Bellshill Coll Donaldson: Edinburgh Carl Trema
  10. Id be keen on putting some cash in on the premise; I can get it back within say 2 years of requesting it There is a small incentive to me to invest I don't care about fans having a say on the board if I can get my money back. This is to keep it simple and trust those in charge. If I don't like what I see being done with my money, I can pull it. The business idea is that ICT generate relative surplus income from fans investment i.e. finish one place higher in the league than had the money not been available. Money is money is money so a donation is something I think a l
  11. Professionally dealt with ICT, well done. ffs Calder, ya idiot. Shoes off to send Calder down!
  12. A great game! Calder and Ridgers were outstanding. Great to see Oakley back. A mention for Chalmers, Welsh, Walsh and Polly, they a good game too. Young Daniel and White weren’t effective and Austin could have done better than either. McCart didn’t upset the Apple cart when replacing Rooney and Doran looked like his old self. The counter attack looked menacing, the fans were cheering the counter from our own box which was heartening for all concerned. The linesman is a joke however!
  13. Scotty, I’m so sorry to hear this. The worst part is the stress for yourself and loved ones until you beat it. My family have been ravaged with it but I’m pleased to say the majority have beat it - stay positive always. Another thing we learned is time is of the essence so push and call the medical professionals all the time after every bit of progress. I kept a programme for my father and when in meetings I was seen to write a diary, it helps ask the right questions. All the very best my man, Michael
  14. Northern_jaggie


    I am a bit torn on White actually. His record speaks for itself and that would be enough to justify a start if Robbo wanted to go that way. Some of his touches were honking though, but then you get a goal like the one against Morton that was excellent!? CaleyD's post is a good one. Being a bit frustrated and voicing at the time of a mistake is natural but there is a line that people are crossing at TCS and sadly Jordan got it in the neck on Tuesday. Not nice listening to it and I wish folk would cut it out. "He used to be $hite, but now he's alright!"...lest we for
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