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  1. Northern_jaggie

    Top of the League and your no

    Making their way down from the County of Ross a few days early....
  2. Northern_jaggie

    Top of the League and your no

    If there are any C*ounty fans left on the internet...surely this thread will tempt you out!
  3. Northern_jaggie


    Can the club set up a parking strategy whereby one gate goes to the town and the other gate goes to the A9?
  4. Northern_jaggie

    Come Monday Morning

    Our very own Moneyball ICTChris! you could get paid for this type of stuff
  5. Northern_jaggie

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    A walshy welshy walshy welshy na na na na na na (to the tune of ‘the bouncy’)
  6. Northern_jaggie


    I love CTO. I hugely admire the efforts of those that maintain it. I am befuddled by this thread. If anything, Doofers has it right - less success by ICT = less footfall on the forum. Anything else??
  7. Northern_jaggie

    Gary Warren told he can leave

    Ding dong the witch is dead! (the witch is dead!!) Close the door on your way out and don’t come back! Woohoo! *dances on grave* *High fives Scarlett Pimple*
  8. Northern_jaggie

    Championship 2018/19

    ICT and Country to battle it out for the top spot, that sounds fab to me! Lets make it happen!
  9. Northern_jaggie

    Yvonne Crook - New Chief Executive

    Good luck Yvonne!
  10. Northern_jaggie

    Recruitment Policy?

    Barles Channerman and ICT Chris have a point that the world doesn’t owe footballers everything. But that’s not the bottom line or even the point of what I was trying to suggest. I wasn’t suggesting the public sector was the way forward because I don’t think the taxpayer should have anything to do with it. But thank you Caman for offering a constructive suggestion to progress the debate as opposed to others who try to simply shoot things down without a decent alternative suggestion. If it’s not constructive, how can we build anything? My next commendation is to Weekend Hacker and Caley D, it might not actually be practical to instigate and the 3 year suggestion of a contract was a bit wild, but at least these comments move us forward. So, the next question is what couldn’t possibly entice employers (in the private sector) into taking an ex player on? For me they have to be cheap, have roots set in the area and a commitment to re-train. Now then, how about ICT pair with Skills Development Scotland as well as potential employers? SDS has a budget of £1m to keep off-shore workers trained for example. If ICT were able to tap into this, perhaps employing a temporary resource using SDS/grant capital from e.g. HIE that would assist ICT too. A player development manager if you will. There is no harm in everyone brain storming in a creative manner even if it is pie in the sky stuff, I don’t see the harm - you are more than welcome on the topic I created (unlike others who feel impulsed to snipe/dredge/discredit opinion, I can’t be bothered with that).
  11. Northern_jaggie

    Recruitment Policy?

    Players approaching the end of their career, regardless of how the playing career panned out must get worried about how to bring in a wage as they approach their 30s. We have a recruitment problem because of our geographical location. Imagine ICT having a framework agreement with local businesses that looks to offer a re-training option at the end of their career with a 3 year temporary contract in the 'non-football' career. The risk of injury prone players could be mitigated by stipulating conditions in contracts that enable 'early retirement' from football. Benefits for ICT; Higher caliber players with proven football capability are brought in. No obligation to honor long contracts while players are injured. Better on the park performance. Good PR. Enhanced ticket sales. Benefits for employers; Cheaper labor than in the market currently signed up for longer terms (i.e. lower long term salary than recruited in the market, by capping salary for example). PR boost from the name association. Loyalty of ex playing-staff brought on from a 'second chance' after football. Benefits for the community; High caliber individuals moving to Inverness, probably family orientated with stability in mind. Benefits for players; 3 year rolling playing contract with security and re-training, followed by a 3 year deal with a business. That is 6 years of family stability. Surely our board and high-profile associates could set up this initiative? It takes a leading Commercial Manager to establish and enable such means. Try it with one player, why not? This is not a novel idea as it has been proven to work elsewhere...over the bridge for example. Jobs for the boys....
  12. Northern_jaggie

    2015 Scottish Cup winners v 2015 Scottish Cup runners up

    Hit the nail on the head CC - the fact this late in the season and we have a chance is to be heavily credited.
  13. Northern_jaggie

    2015 Scottish Cup winners v 2015 Scottish Cup runners up

    Same team as against QoS?
  14. Northern_jaggie

    Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    So Dumbarton play Brechin again to close the points to just 3, with two games against us back to back in the league to go. Elgin are 4 points from their playoff and it’s not impossible we could be in their league next year! You couldn’t write it!
  15. Northern_jaggie

    CLUB STATEMENT : AGM & Annual Report : 23/11/17

    Dear Board, Please have a read of this (there will be better examples out there); We should look at all of the variables of the club as a whole that affect fan experience, create a 5 year improvement charter and implement things ranked lowest investment first; CONTENTS 1. Chairman’s Introduction 3 2. How to use this Guide 5 3. Fan Engagement & Growth 7 4. Promoting Dialogue 9 4.1 The Principles of Successful Consultation 11 4.2 Find Out What Matters Most 13 4.3 Understanding Expectations 15 4.4 Delivering Fan Value 17 4.5 Surveys & Questionnaires 19 4.6 Other Forms of Consultation & Engagement 21 5. Improving the Fan Experience 25 5.1 First Impressions / First Contact 29 5.2 Journey to the Match 43 5.3 Stadium Vicinity 49 5.4 Retail 59 5.5 Refreshments 65 5.6 Inside the Stadium / The Match 73 6. Summary of Top Tips for Fan Engagement 8 Brentford Fan Research: What is our 'travel plan' for fans? Some of the basics; I stopped taking parking in the stadium car park when I saw a parking steward give the fingers to a car turning the wrong way and it took me until 17:25 to get out onto the road. A complete joke. Segregate the car park in two, allow traffic to go right and left respectively depending on where you want to go home to, then it will make it quicker to empty. Provide a new path and steps behind the car park to stop fans interfering with traffic on their walk back to town, delaying everyone involved. You have to fight your way through the brambles in the early is a shambles. Buying a ticket from a window is an extra inconvenience for walk ups. Imagine an old firm game now with this set up. Investigate deals with a Harry Gow or Ashers to replace the offering. Half time entertainment (any!). Survey the fans based on your ideas. Check the tannoy & volume Paint / refurbish what you can Long term strategic options A novel and cost effective transport solution to get fans to the stadium. A sub-let area within our title of the land (IF WE HAVE ANY!), tendered to pub chains etc. Use the sub-lease lease money to enable an external investor to inject cash, improving fan experience. Invest in a hotel/accommodation via sub lease (IF WE HAVE ANY LAND). Inverness has a shortage of accommodation. A 3g pitch either built locally or rented in Inverness, run as a soccersixes style league every night of the week in a tiered 'promotion' format, available all year round. The refs would double as scouts. The winners of the top league play an ICT team at the end of the season. (for reference, Soccersixes lease 3g pitches in Inverness and charge £30/game per 6 a side team of which there are up to 12 in a league = £360/night in revenue). Free publicity, community engagement, extra converted fans, media interest, maybe a player prospect or two and a scout or two wage subsidised... whats not to like? Soccersixes make it financially viable to fund refs and organisers, so why cant ICT?? Make it available to every Joe bloggs. The stadium is primarily used 18 times a year. Develop a plan to share the facilities and make money from them. Imagine a 3g pitch in the stadium, sub-let to fans or to junior players. a 3g pitch does away with the wage to 'maintain' the grass.