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  1. Northern_jaggie

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Professionally dealt with ICT, well done. ffs Calder, ya idiot. Shoes off to send Calder down!
  2. Northern_jaggie

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    A great game! Calder and Ridgers were outstanding. Great to see Oakley back. A mention for Chalmers, Welsh, Walsh and Polly, they a good game too. Young Daniel and White weren’t effective and Austin could have done better than either. McCart didn’t upset the Apple cart when replacing Rooney and Doran looked like his old self. The counter attack looked menacing, the fans were cheering the counter from our own box which was heartening for all concerned. The linesman is a joke however!
  3. Northern_jaggie

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Scotty, I’m so sorry to hear this. The worst part is the stress for yourself and loved ones until you beat it. My family have been ravaged with it but I’m pleased to say the majority have beat it - stay positive always. Another thing we learned is time is of the essence so push and call the medical professionals all the time after every bit of progress. I kept a programme for my father and when in meetings I was seen to write a diary, it helps ask the right questions. All the very best my man, Michael
  4. Northern_jaggie


    I am a bit torn on White actually. His record speaks for itself and that would be enough to justify a start if Robbo wanted to go that way. Some of his touches were honking though, but then you get a goal like the one against Morton that was excellent!? CaleyD's post is a good one. Being a bit frustrated and voicing at the time of a mistake is natural but there is a line that people are crossing at TCS and sadly Jordan got it in the neck on Tuesday. Not nice listening to it and I wish folk would cut it out. "He used to be $hite, but now he's alright!"...lest we forget Sir Dennis didn't exactly have the best of starts did he?
  5. Northern_jaggie

    Team vs C*unty

    In response to ICT Chris, you are confusing the "lets drop Polworth" approach with my suggestion that has been made independent of any bias with the intent of providing honest footballing opinion. Just because he has had a rough time, doesn't give him a guaranteed place in the team and if the right thing to do is sub him, sub him. No one is exempt from being dropped based on performance. I don't want to be tagged to the anti-Polworth brigade but since I have been directly called out and slandered on this issue, here is my justification purely on football grounds for dropping Polly for a short while. We have been on a very long and winless run, lacking goals and unfortunately Polly has to be tagged to this as a key creative midfielder - as he offers little defensively the main contribution HAS to be in attack. He has had only TWO assists in ELEVEN games which doesn't make great reading and we need better if we are to push for promotion. If you watch his assist against Dunfermline, he was clearly passing to the first man not Calder so one of these assists is very lucky. He had a lot of stray passes against Dunfermline which you wont see in highlights, and since he was absent in his contribution in the second half Robbo rightly subbed him - if he was that good he would have changed the formation to suit. I agree with the important tackle comment and also your comment on set-pieces, although we have only scored from one in 540 mins of football that Polly supplied. We have others who can do equally as good.
  6. Northern_jaggie

    Team vs C*unty

    If those are fit: Ridgers Rooney Mckay Donaldson Tremarco Welsh Trafford Walsh Austin Calder Oakley The formation is to offer better protection to the defence and enable counter attacks. We have been very pedestrian of late and I can’t remember an opposition tiring from our efforts. County play 3 at the back and this formation can exploit that with the front 3 countering. County also have 5 in midfield so we will need that number to defend at times. If Tremarco and Oakley not fit, swap Calder to LB and Doran to midfield, with Whyte up top for a half. My thoughts are that Mckay and Rooney need some protection as they were badly exposed last night, that’s Welsh and Trafford’s main job in this formation. They both did ok defensively last night. Polly looks like he needs a rest, he was absent in the second half and made some slack passes and was frustrated at half time. Austin is a better playmaker at the moment. That said Polly could be good for winding up county! Whyte whilst he has scored, many could have with the chance he had last night. He missed three headers and at least two shots that others could have buried. There was limited creativity for others too. Oakley will definately ruffle Fontaine or Muirhesd in the County defence better.
  7. Northern_jaggie

    Daniel Mackay

    I thought Daniel did ok last night. The formation doesn’t lend itself to his style of play as he was a bit isolated in the wide areas. He is still developing physically and doesn’t have the strength to take on stronger defenders in a 1vs1 and doesn’t have the pace to win outright in a foot race. That’ll come. He was good at being tenacious when in the challenge and had a few good touches and kept the ball moving. He does better as part of a duo up top I think. Good to see Robbo experimenting with him and now he will know what Daniel is capable of when starting.
  8. Northern_jaggie


    Were you there last night Glover?
  9. Northern_jaggie

    Daniel Mackay

    Aye but here’s the thing, unless you start him how will you know what is good and bad??? All our opinions are speculative so why not try and get a positive result by trying? We’re not saying start him every game and one start didn’t ruin anyone’s career.
  10. Northern_jaggie

    Daniel Mackay

    Daniel, if he started, couldn’t have less pressure because of our current mis-firing forward options. I think it’s a good time for him.
  11. Northern_jaggie

    Where are our subs at Robbo?

    I agree, subs should have been made. Jordan Whyte hardly won a ball up front and Jo Chalmers looked increasingly flagged. The fans all around us were pushing for a change. Daniel could have ripped up their no.15 who as my cousin put it ‘was running in waders’. The tide was going County’s way and whilst we saw our a draw and I was delighted with the result, I feel a change would have benefitted the situation. Great to see the Jack Davis and Barry Wilson having some shots in the pre match warm up for fun!
  12. Northern_jaggie

    Top of the League and your no

    Making their way down from the County of Ross a few days early....
  13. Northern_jaggie

    Top of the League and your no

    If there are any C*ounty fans left on the internet...surely this thread will tempt you out!
  14. Northern_jaggie


    Can the club set up a parking strategy whereby one gate goes to the town and the other gate goes to the A9?
  15. Northern_jaggie

    Come Monday Morning

    Our very own Moneyball ICTChris! you could get paid for this type of stuff