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  1. Billy Dodds contract ends in June next year I believe, so I can’t see us paying him off now. Adding another wage whilst he and the back room staff are still there is just sticky all round. The reality is we will see out this season as is and caulk it up as a loss because we simply won’t win promotion. When we are safe from relegation and close to the end of the season, the fans should be given the dignity of news that his contract will not be renewed. For the first time in years I’m not nervous about losing players through contract lapse or signing, bar a few maybe. The young lads, Harper and MacGregor would be the first priority to keep for me. I’d be for chopping the crock list as we can’t have passengers any more.
  2. I really didn’t enjoy the Dundee game. Someone needs to man manage Carson to stop him trying long passes, that’s what led up to the goal. The team generally felt like they were trying to play beyond their limited capability. It was our kitman Jack’s last home game before he departs for pastures new. I’d have thought at least a mention on the tannoy would have been in order for the over seven years of service he has given.
  3. I saw this story about Haaland; https://www.sportbible.com/football/erling-haaland-man-city-loan-transfer-20221114?source=facebook If you could choose to loan a player for a month, who would you loan that would realistically come to ICT? Christie?
  4. I wonder if there is a bounce factor amongst the players not injured? They might have thought their chance wasn’t due for a while and here they are manning the ship near the top of the table. In a weird way it feels like the adversity we faced against Arbroath in the playoffs or the season we went up when miles behind Dundee. Or when Graham Spears said he would eat his hat if we stayed in the SPL. I’d not be surprised if we won tonight, or if we lost. It’s not boring at the moment!!
  5. Great stuff lads, well done. It takes grit to get a result like that in the circumstances. A win against Raith with our severely depleted squad makes for great reading when we get players back later in the season. We all needed the lift!! Onto the next…another 3 points up the road boys!!
  6. There are so many injured, next there will be a conspiracy about wage insurance
  7. Loved that 2004 video, such great memories. The rapid counter attack was so exciting to watch and very effective, Barry Wilson was unplayable. How I wish we could counter like that again!
  8. We really need a win to pick us all up after all the on and off field shenanigans. Let’s hope it happens tomorrow for us (Edit…)
  9. Chalmers is a big miss for us and we have not recruited a replacement. I thought Shaw was showing promise when he came on. I thought Danny Devine could have done better than Carson in that game there. So we have a few big players out - Welsh, Walsh, Sutherland & Doran. Can the club look to our new physio for an injury resilience programme? I’m far from an expert but there must be a strength, cardio and flexibility plan to prevent such reoccurring issues and perhaps this is already a thing. As one other poster said, injuries are costing us big time. It was a bit baffling having Barry, Kel and Dodds all trying to mastermind the game and that’s the best three heads came up with. Ryan Esson must be doing a superb job as GK coach though as Mark Ridgers made some superb stops and commanded well.
  10. Can someone talk sense on this thread please, what is this all about?
  11. A fantastic top, well done ICT. I’ll be having one
  12. Congratulations to Mark Ridgers on breaking the club record of 67 career clean sheets with ICTFC! Surely our best ‘keeper we have had and a great servant of the club.
  13. I’m asking myself the question “which players are Premier League standard” in our squad, but also under contract next season. In the eventuality we were promoted via the playoffs that is. In the context of where the squad is I think it would be one of our greatest achievements to date if we were to get promoted and stay up if I’m honest.
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