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  1. Congratulations to Mark Ridgers on breaking the club record of 67 career clean sheets with ICTFC! Surely our best ‘keeper we have had and a great servant of the club.
  2. I’m asking myself the question “which players are Premier League standard” in our squad, but also under contract next season. In the eventuality we were promoted via the playoffs that is. In the context of where the squad is I think it would be one of our greatest achievements to date if we were to get promoted and stay up if I’m honest.
  3. It’s funny you mention this as I thought the same. I bought a yellow strip for my 6s team as I thought it was easier to pick out players…could be nonsense that but we did win the league 4 times in a row. Maybe there is something in it!
  4. Can anyone post up all the roles at the club in a structure, essentially anyone that is on the payroll? Is there any official publication of this anywhere? It does seem like we are ‘management heavy’, but I’m conscious it’s tricky to understand the roles and need for them. Do for example, Heart of Midlothian or other clubs publish this type of information?
  5. Shane definitely suits being played up top and dropping deep isn’t his game. I thought Samuels looked sharp and was played out of position. It was a shame to see him subbed. I’d have liked him positioned in behind the forwards. Carson works so hard but I think he is better in midfield and he lacked cover from the midfield tonight so he was exposed. McAlear and Welsh were over-run in the midfield given the formation and 4-2-3-1 would suit those two better in protecting the defence tonight. Chalmers needs an end product to his game and gave away possession easily. He has pro
  6. As a regular subscriber to ICT PPV I wanted to congratulate the club on providing an excellent product. Iain Auld is a very talented commentator and by far the best one I have listened to online. He has a fluidity and professional sounding commentary that really is top class. Ross Tokely is also superb and every comment he makes I find I agree with - his tactical insights and passion as an ICT fan make our PPV a joy to watch. The camera angles and replays are good with only a few minor glitches. Well done Iain, Ross and ICT!
  7. I think there was enough positives earlier this season to make me say BD should stay until the end of the season. RF had been honking throughout apart from a couple of good results.
  8. At least let him have the season, the end of which is a better time to judge how things have went.
  9. Both goals for Hamilton were coming today. I thought Allardice was superb in the first half and Harper was also a stand out. McLear should have been subbed for MacGregor at 50mins and a change of shape too. Shane was unlucky not to score after good running into the box, only for a good save by Hamiltons keeper. Billy was frustrated today but did well to set up the goal. Poor Carson was handed his dinner a few times and crosses were a weak point for us to defend. More cover needed from midfield. 4-2-3-1 next week please; Carson Broadfoot Devine Deas Allardice Harper
  10. Well done David Carson, his excellent performances are a matched by his versatility and his award is definitely deserved!
  11. I’ve just seen Robbos news feature on STV tonight and on the back of this I thought I’d start a thread for positive messages to Robbo, here’s mine; Robbo, I think you are a very good manager and a great match for our club. From my experience, our fans believe you are elevating our club higher than resources permit and in that regard you are adding good value and that makes you one of our best assets. Your approach to youth players is so encouraging and our club feels like more of an Inverness club than it has in a long time. We can’t be there in person at the Caledonian Stadium to give yo
  12. Thanks, I’ve emailed those contacts now.
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