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  1. Surely the Council will condition the consent rather than refuse it? All the conditions have mitigations which the club has addressed. If it’s refused, the appeal will surely be consented. I really hope ICT succeed with this. Clearly a lot of work has gone in behind the scenes which is to be commended.
  2. Welsh and Wotherspoon in the middle of the park is a duo to be excited about.
  3. I like the idea of a manager with contacts and a history of no nonsense in his playing career. We are severely lacking in gritty players and hopefully Dunc can be transformative for those softies we have on the books and bring out a new side to their game. We are in a dogfight at the bottom, make no mistake. It’s a gamble of an appointment, a big gamble, but one I’m quite positive about.
  4. The thing that stood out in the club statement about Dodds sacking was “this seasons results have not reflected the quality we believe we have in the building” The issue I have surrounds why the board think the playing staff have quality, when they are absolutely not the judge of playing quality as they are by definition incompetent to make such a judgement. It implies the upper echelons are meddling with a manager’s affairs and that leaves me with a very sour taste indeed about the governance of our club.
  5. Kel being in the back room staff hasn’t got us to a top league position so how much value is the guy adding really? Say £40k/year since 2018 = £200k…if Marius Niculae was £3.8k/wk back in the day that would buy us the equivalent of a Romanian International for a year in very very rough terms…have we had that much value from Kel since 2018? The answer is no. All the cash has to be focussed on people that play on the park wherever possible imo, you can’t train turds when they are just turds so why employ so many turd recruiters and turd trainers
  6. Not that I’m suggesting it…but here are Scottish managers on transfermarkt.co.uk…
  7. I agree that whoever gave Dodds a two year contract must leave ICT. Letting Dodds depart after the cup final was obvious for all concerned and would have been the best for the man when compared to both his and our situation now. I was pleased to hear Charlie will be involved in the interim, I’d expect an improvement with him in the dressing room.
  8. This is not good craic, not good craic at all.
  9. The problem: insufficient playing budget to win the league, year after year. The (potential) solution: save up over a number of seasons and use the cash to recruit a squad and management team genuinely capable of winning the league, allocated over 1 season (conditional contracts to players upon winning the league). At the idea’s core is a fundamentally positive ideology: a common goal with realistic timescales to unite the fan base and the board. Nothing unites better than common purpose and goodness knows we all need a “light at the end of the tunnel”! Think Gretna style spending for a single season to get us to the SPFL - it worked for them and history tells us we can sustain ourselves when in the top league. There is the possibility of a fan offering to create such an investment. Detail, board structure + voting rights aside for now. The club adds a modest surcharge to walk up tickets and season ticket cash is sent to the fund, perhaps cup run money, strip money from a special strip etc. Types of people such as Directors and investors who have sunk large amounts of cash over the years would be incentivised to buy shares to contribute alongside the club and fans, in the same season. Annual transparent reporting on fund value with the trigger on using the fund sitting with the fans (somehow). Just imagine we had thought of this say 5 (heck even 10) years ago and we were sitting on a significant sum of money ringfenced right now. A fan body fires the starting gun that next year is our investment year; • a good number of high quality players sign (quality manager is either retained or signed) • we retain quality players that usually sign for others • big hype about the season ahead leads to bumper season ticket sales • in-season walk up sales increased • most importantly, the club and fan base are pulling together and ICT feels extremely positive like it did in the “believe” promotion campaign. We are promoted. Fans and directors are repaid their investment from SPFL revenue. The obvious barrier to this I feel is that the fund needs to be separate to the club as it grows, what with ICT’s ongoing financial problems. Once the fund is spent with the club, that should attract some form of share detail (tbc!). Good to know your thoughts. p.s. Sunny Day Fund is a cheesy, horrible name for a project but you get the idea that it is the exact opposite of a rainy day fund. Someone can come up with a much better name
  10. I’ll go back on what I said based on how poorly we have performed thus far. Christmas is too late to take action. Dundee Utd at home looks like D-Day.
  11. 92 employees? Wow. Only 11 on the park at one time, if you get the football right then everything gets better. I’ve moved from Inverness recently so very little chance to go to games now. I bought the replica kit for my wee one and went to a couple of games this season before moving, but the saddest thing personally for me was not feeling like I would miss ICT games as things are. I think the club should engage directly and regularly with fans on this forum. Dynamic dialogue not static statements. I dearly miss the online streaming service, a problem not just ICT related which I appreciate. I filled out the fans survey. If we are in peril of relegation near Christmas I’d join a protest, but I’ll likely sit tight if we are mid table or above.
  12. I’d made the trip down from Orkney for the game tonight. I was sat beside either friends or family of Lewis and when he was injured it really was the most gutting time I’ve watched football hearing the despair from his personal supporters. I thought his studs caught the turf causing the knee to turn. He looked great in the early stages and I can only wish him a speedy recovery. All the best Lewis. I thought Shaw was really superb tonight, he lit up the wing and delivered probably 80% of crosses into a dangerous area. He had the main stand on their feet when skinning his man in a way I’ve not seen since the days of Johnny Hayes or Barry Robson and I thought he deserved to be on the winning side. With players like him we have hope of a good season. I noticed that within seconds of the first goal for us Dodds and Wilson pulled Samuels to come on for Longstaff which was clearly a pre planned move. It was the wrong move, despite him looking a bit tired. Why change it after coming back from two down? Nuts. The root cause of the successful Airdrie attack was a severe lack of protection from the midfield to our defence, the 4-4-2 formation left us wide open I felt. Dodds stuck with the formation for most of the game and the like-for-like changes just serve to make sure the fresh players beat the men that the subbed didn’t…it doesn’t address the strategical issue that was plain to see. I couldn’t fault the players, it was the way they were played.
  13. The big positive here is that a monetary figure was mentioned as to Robbos benefit and that can be weighed against his salary, for me that’s enough evidence to suggest the club are looking at the cost/benefit here and hence there shouldn’t be questions raised again until next seasons figures are known. Anyone defaming someone who is adding genuine benefit is a poor thing to do, so how about giving the guy a break until there are real concerns?
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