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  1. Aye I know I want him back as much as anyone else just thought it would be an interesting conversation to see if their was any realistic replacements should he decide not to return
  2. Anyone that’s isn’t Neil McCann and Foran is welcome
  3. Don’t rate as it Gardiner at all - Stewart Petrie is a shout but not sure he could be lured out of part-time football as he has a pretty good job out with football. I think we are definitely at a massive disadvantage to a lot of other Championship teams in regards to our location which makes the clubs job much harder in every respect. Sorry if this post offended anyone regarding Robbo, just wanted to start a conversation as I don’t see Neil McCann as a long term option if Robbo isn’t able to manage us long term.
  4. Aye nothing was going on so thought that would be a convo starter 😂
  5. There is a possibility he may not be next season so I was just mentioning it!
  6. Obviously with Neil McCann being a stop gap until next season imo, and with JR possibly taking a break from football, how would everyone feel with Derek Mcinnes coming in as manager next season? I feel as though he would be the perfect manager for a run at the play-offs (at the right end this time!) next season as he would make us defensively much more solid and harder to beat! With Scot Gardiner as CEO I reckon there is a distinct possibility of this what with both of them having strong connections to Rangers maybe he could be convinced through their 'Masonic Brotherhood'. How would everyone feel about this? I for one would be delighted! (please redirect this post if it isn't appropriate)
  7. Or you could look at it from the point that Shankland has scored 9 goals this season so far and the defence managed to stifle him effectively.
  8. A point against ten man Ayr is really disappointing considering the amount of chances we spurned, however a clean sheet especially against a team with Lawrence Shankland upfront is a big plus. By the sounds of it Polly did deserve some stick but fans shouldn't start directing negative chants against your own players. Polly is one of the most influential players in the team but his performance will only get worse when he's having an off day and the fans start shouting abuse at him.
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