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  1. Is Ross Tokely still playing for them?
  2. I think it’s a good call to keep us out of the league but to keep it one slot empty is a bit ridiculous. There should be a level below where the likes of Banks O’Dee etc can gain access. For years the Highland League teams were shunned from the professional leagues and now they are doing it to their own.
  3. League cup is still a great cup. Especially for a team like us. I like the group stages as it gives you a chance to play a fair few teams you wouldn’t usually play.
  4. I’m sure when we played Stirling Albion in the league cup two summers ago we won 2-0 on penalties.
  5. We are a feeder club to County at the moment though, that’s the reality. In time I’m sure it will go the other way like it was a few years back.
  6. I agree, let him talk to them and see what happens.
  7. Kelty will be one of the favourites for the lowland league next year but East Kilbride will be there or there abouts as well. I just wish Bonnyrigg were accepted in after winning promotion from the East of Scotland, another side that would have been able to challenge the front runners. Unfortunately as they currently don’t have floodlights they aren’t allowed up, even though they will have them in place for the start of next season and there is currently teams in the same division without floodlights! Thought we had it unfair?
  8. We played well in the first game and sadly Liam let us down with his stupidity. We played really well in the first half and this time it was the ref that let us down. But we are now 3-0 down on AGG, it’s just not meant to be. The better team is going through. We’ve still had a great season.
  9. I don’t think he did moan about it to be honest. He only said he couldn’t go and gave information about Inverness not being able to afford another bus, he also said it was someone else’s info.This might not be entirely accurate but I’m sure there is more than one bus company in Scotland, maybe money had a little bit to do with not getting another bus. Not really a big deal but the defensiveness of it is a bit silly.
  10. Over the years I think we have definitely been one of the worst offenders.
  11. That’s absolutely fine when they aren’t involved. Would they wish us luck if we were the competition?
  12. It’s not really a nothing story when it sums up Inverness quite well.
  13. This is very positive news, regardless of which league we are in next season preparations have started well. These past few weeks I’ve started to feel a bit of the old buzz that’s been missing for so long at Inverness.