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  1. If I recall correctly there was a few saying we couldn’t afford Storey, people calling Alan a fool for even suggesting it. One year on and we have even less of a budget and he signs. Interesting.
  2. I’d have Tansey back, have we ever had a player sign for us 3 times? Dennis Wyness perhaps?
  3. Luckily we are loaded now and can afford him. It’s that simple.
  4. imtz56 isn’t working as the code to join.... I have joined the h2h however.
  5. Absolutely great season for him 😂
  6. Line up against Wick, Machado and Kennedy were the goal scorers.
  7. Robbie Neilson won the Championship with Rangers and Hibs involved. He also finished 3rd in the Premiership with Hearts, their best points total in 13 years. Give the guy some credit.
  8. Wick game is going ahead, it’s probably just going to be a weaker side that plays.
  9. I’m surprised not more people have went with Brown, he was absolutely class for us. Did he not play a record amount of consecutive matches for us as well? Anyway he was so good Celtic took him off our hands.
  10. ————————-Brown——————— Tokely——Mann—-Warren—-Shinnie Hayes—-Christie——Black——Robson —————-Wyness——Rooney———- subs Calder, Raven, Hastings, Meekings, Wilson, Draper, Ritchie
  11. Is Ross Tokely still playing for them?
  12. I think it’s a good call to keep us out of the league but to keep it one slot empty is a bit ridiculous. There should be a level below where the likes of Banks O’Dee etc can gain access. For years the Highland League teams were shunned from the professional leagues and now they are doing it to their own.
  13. League cup is still a great cup. Especially for a team like us. I like the group stages as it gives you a chance to play a fair few teams you wouldn’t usually play.
  14. I’m sure when we played Stirling Albion in the league cup two summers ago we won 2-0 on penalties.