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  1. Anyone got a photo of Charlie Christie in an Inverness Thistle shirt by any chance ?
  2. It most certainly was, look at Kelty Hearts now. There will be more to come in the future I’m sure.
  3. Given the Juniors are almost extinct and there’s no decent teams left I’d agree.
  4. Should probably get the Alloa and Arbroath players to drop their jobs as well actually.
  5. I think Ross Nicholson could be a good shout tbh
  6. Tbh I don’t even think McInnes could stop your manager meltdowns and new accounts.
  7. Bit of a surprise but I don’t mind Neil McCann, I think he comes across as very knowledgeable and intelligent. Welcome to the club Neil!
  8. Who was his favourite strike partner?
  9. Seems a bit silly now people were calling for fans back in grounds.
  10. I’m looking to see the league table when we were roughly 15 points behind Dundee, anyone able to point me in the right direction so I can see it?
  11. Good point, let’s play it at Hampden...
  12. Touching distance of the playoffs still so that’ll do me! Never expected anything from this though tbh.
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