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  1. I don’t understand why we can’t manage to run a reserve side? There are clubs a lot smaller than us that run these sides and they are putting us to shame.
  2. But I always thought the money trickled down through the divisions not just the top flight. So who ever was 14th in the premiership would then get the equivalent of 2nd in the Championship.
  3. I don’t understand how they’d lose money, that has always confused me.
  4. If it happens it’s well over due. Down in the central belt it’s finally all coming together and I felt like the highlands were being left behind. They really need to get that automatic drop place in place so promising teams below can over take Fort William and co.
  5. Yeah I thought so it’s just because Douglas said Loch Ness or Inverness Athletic could move up the leagues.
  6. Is there a relegation from the Highland league now?
  7. Absolutely loved that era. Great memories
  8. Cappielow and Somerset Park.
  9. I live on the old Love Street ground and he’s managed to get a Street named after him 😂
  10. Surely Hearts will just be looking for compensation now for missed money being in the Championship. I hope they win.
  11. That one over the bar was horrendous. It looks like he’s just rushed at it. Shame as that was a great performance. Miss the old days of competing well against the bigger sides.
  12. Thanks that was a good watch. Who’s the roaster who hit that last one for us?
  13. It’s actually starting to make us look embarrassing.
  14. I’m sure it was their vote that denied restructuring. If they voted yes we would then have a 12-12-18 set up. This was the one with the bottom 4 splitting off with the championship top 4. After two sets of matches home and away.