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  1. So many familiar faces there that you never see anymore.
  2. Not true, one Game until the Split. Where after the Split the total pts is then halved. So the gap would therefore be 8 pts with 11 games to play....
  3. Would be crazy to relegate Hesrts. Just look at Partick as well, bottom but if they win their game in hand they move off the bottom. It just wouldn’t be fair.
  4. If the season was voided would we then need to repay any tv money to the BBC? Unsure if they paid for rights to air the Friday night games upfront or on a game to game basis.
  5. Juanjo Spain Marley Watkins Wales Billy Mckay N.Ireland Johnny Hayes Ireland Id try and fit these guys in. Had a play around but lacking in quality at the back.
  6. Starting line up with a different nationality for each position. Maybe do a Bogus XI and a Best XI
  7. Public gatherings Of upto 500 in Scotland to be banned as of next week? Our games should be ok though .
  8. 7 points. Defeat against Dundee and a draw away to Arbroath.
  9. Potentially two over 21s? Not quite sure on the rules.
  10. People just like to moan at change though don’t they.
  11. Most likely in Perth. With Scotland playing around that time there is no Premiership matches. Dundee are at home on the day of the final so doubt they’d have it there.
  12. Happy with this one. Love a game on a Friday night! Here we go
  13. There was a random Celtic fan beside me in the main stand that night. Jumped up and down hugging him and made him join in too once we went 1-0 up.