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  1. Who cares about the west stand roof? Honestly if the club spend any of their money on that it will be an absolute waste. Fair enough if it gets fundraised but that shouldn’t be a priority.
  2. We finished 5th the season Dodds took over, then finished 3rd at the end of his first season and were 45 mins away from promotion. This season we’re back to 5th. I’m not sure he’s been any worse than what we’ve had since John Hughes. Let’s see how we get on when some of the injured players get back.
  3. Because the North Stand is made of Lego and sh|t
  4. Rather pathetic if that’s their reason. The Main stand is perfectly fine and if there’s hardly anyone there it’ll at least get everyone together.
  5. Yassssss well done Dodds! That’s what we want to see. More like it please 👏
  6. Scarlet was last on the site around a week ago so hopefully all is well and he is just more of a reader these days
  7. I’m not a big fan of the roof on the west stand idea. I think it’s a bit pathetic that we’d be looking to raise funds for a roof when we have plenty of room else where in the stadium that’s covered. The club is struggling financially at the moment and instead of focussing on that we have certain fans wanting some sort of identity. It’s a waste of everyone’s time in my opinion and that isn’t going to benefit many. Who needs a roof anyway? I used to spend my youth up and down the bridge side at games moving depending on where we were shooting. I’m rarely up at the stadium these days as I only go to Away games but is that a possibility these days?
  8. 45? 45 mins away from Premier League football
  9. Cold winter night at Hamilton we decided to take our shoes off in protest of Craig Brewster. He was sacked soon after. But what I would give for these days again. Btw Brewster was manager
  10. I was looking forward to a Friday night under the lights…
  11. Yeah should be decent, I was hoping for an away tie v Linlithgow, Talbot or Pollok but at least we’ve got a relatively straight forward game.
  12. I must have missed this version with the camera, I was too busy getting stuck into snake.
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