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  1. Do you think the criticism hasn’t been merited then?
  2. There wasn’t much difference last night to how we have been playing recently. Here’s hoping we get the testimonial for Doran in the summer now.
  3. Richie Hart wasn’t too bad but not much after.
  4. When Billy was one on one did you actually feel like he was going to score? We played some nice football and a couple times done well to catch them on a quick break, but something is missing at that end of the pitch just now.
  5. A much needed 3 points and a good performance to go with it. My only issue (and it is a repetitive one) we never looked likely to score. If we never scored that free kick we would have been in trouble. You can have 90% of the ball and play some lovely passes but if the end product isn’t there it means nothing. I was really impressed with Samuel today, he uses his body really well. Holds the ball up using his strength and even won us a couple smart fouls. I did notice that Dunc went straight down the tunnel at full time and thought that seemed a little odd. I know he has had a bit of stick recently but I was expecting him over, anyone else feel the same?
  6. Have I missed a previous episode of this drama?
  7. Well he’s had 20 odd games to claw back the 5 point difference and we’re now only 4 points behind.
  8. Cowdenbeath, Brechin, Clyde.
  9. I was thinking the same, was he not the one that was set on signing for two years with us?
  10. Ridgers Duffy Devine Harper Carson Welsh McGregor Doran McKay Samuels 10 players that we had when Dodds was 45 minutes away from the Premier League. Ferguson had all of these players at his disposal when he joined and couldn’t do anything. I don’t think we can now blame Dodds for this, he was sacked in September.
  11. You’ve been swooned by the name unfortunately. He has shown no passion from the games I’ve been to this season. The interviews recently are the most frustrating thing though, he’s not even being truthful to the fans. What you mention above is exactly the type of words that should be coming out of his mouth after matches. If it was i could get behind that, but I don’t see much fight or care going on.
  12. Whatever happens, I think it would be a great choice to have Charlie at the helm next season. I really don’t want to go down this loan merry go round that we’re on at the moment
  13. It think it’s the midweek right after the weekend. Hopefully not and it’s not until the following weekend as I’m away.
  14. Is anyone able to confirm dates for the playoffs yet? I’ve had a look around and can’t see anything. I’m sure I have seen these announced before in previous seasons.
  15. Turns out sacking Foran probably wouldn’t have helped. As poor as Dodds was this season I never felt we’d be in this position with him here. We’ve still got a chance, starting with an absolute must next week v Arbroath and then against Queens Park.
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