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  1. What’s corrupt about the SFA/SPFL
  2. Yeah I see myself looking out for the Fort William scores now after watching the documentary and with all our youth players there.
  3. Good shout actually. Reguero Piermayr Bulvitis Mihadjuks Hastings Trafford Paataleinen Xausa Juanjo Niculae Ofere
  4. Reguero Piermayr Bulvitis Mihadjuks Djebi-Zadi Paataleinen Xausa Juanjo Niculae Ofere Agdestein it looks like we are really short of central midfielders. Any ideas? Regardless that team is no where near as good as the first non Scottish team I put up.
  5. Just a bit of fun. Let’s name our best Scottish XI v Rest of the World XI Brown Tokely Mann Dods Shinnie Duncan Black Wilson Christie Robson Wyness Fon Williams Raven Meekings Warren Hastings Draper Tansey Foran Hayes McKay Rooney Anyone noticeable that I am missing?
  6. Agreed, I’ve sat countless times away from home fans with similar distances before and there hasn’t been an issue. It all seems a little over the top to me.
  7. They’ve sat in the same place for over 20 years, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Let’s not get annoyed because some fans would like to stand up at a football game 🙄
  8. How exactly is it a nonsense cup? I really like the Challenge cup and hope we go all the way this year.
  9. If I recall correctly there was a few saying we couldn’t afford Storey, people calling Alan a fool for even suggesting it. One year on and we have even less of a budget and he signs. Interesting.
  10. I’d have Tansey back, have we ever had a player sign for us 3 times? Dennis Wyness perhaps?
  11. Luckily we are loaded now and can afford him. It’s that simple.
  12. imtz56 isn’t working as the code to join.... I have joined the h2h however.
  13. Absolutely great season for him 😂