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  1. Got to be happy with a draw at such as early stage of the season. With so many players out as well the rest of the squad have done well. Ayr are going to be up there at the end of the season and we’ve done well to ensure they aren’t too far infront.
  2. Why have you got alerts on for a game you are watching ?
  3. I feel we were always going to be mid table. Just hopefully we can sneak 4th this year.
  4. Quite embarrassing and worrying that we drew 0-0 with Cowdenbeath. They really are awful and lucky to be in the bottom tier these days.
  5. Statement has been made by the club on this now.
  6. Cowdenbeath have first option to stream to fans, but if they don’t then we are still able to stream and all profits are to be split 50/50.
  7. Nathan Austin stole it and gave it to Kelty Hearts
  8. Even Kelty Hearts are streaming and charging £12.50 for their cup game.
  9. Agree with this. 100% spot on.
  10. Also sounds really unfair on the teams that have qualified. First Brora and Kelty are denied the chance from promotion now they aren’t even able to play in a cup competition. Doesn’t sit well with me just for ease.
  11. Pittodrie to McDiarmid park is longer than 5 miles away. It shouldn’t have been taking place anyway. Why did we stop last season if it’s ok to continue football during a lockdown.
  12. Isn’t Aberdeen in lockdown? Why the hell would they even chance playing a football game in those conditions. I’m not sure but I would presume travel between those two places wouldn’t be allowed at the moment. Those sporting bubbles are a load of nonsense as well, does that include wives parents and kids as well?
  13. I wouldn’t say that. I have Hayes in my Fantasy Football team, already thinking it’s a waste of time trying to do one this year 😂
  14. If the rules say you are allowed to do these things they are not in the wrong. The issue is with the Government allowing places like that to open.