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  1. Potentially two over 21s? Not quite sure on the rules.
  2. People just like to moan at change though don’t they.
  3. Most likely in Perth. With Scotland playing around that time there is no Premiership matches. Dundee are at home on the day of the final so doubt they’d have it there.
  4. Happy with this one. Love a game on a Friday night! Here we go
  5. There was a random Celtic fan beside me in the main stand that night. Jumped up and down hugging him and made him join in too once we went 1-0 up.
  6. I remember being out in the open wings of the main stand for the Partick game and the weather was absolutely brutal. The 2-2 game in Maryhill was class though.
  7. I was thinking left back, left back in the changing room....
  8. Used to work with one of their players and been to a couple games. They used to Share with Junior side Maryhill, after they got kicked out they were struggling to find another team to groundshare. They have a very poor fan base and playing out of Alloa doesn’t help.
  9. What app or website do you use for this? Looks quite helpful.
  10. I’ve still got mine, still fits however the collar is constantly turned up which ruins it a little.
  11. Yeah it’s ridiculous, at least this new top has been modernised but still has the retro feel to it.
  12. I’d rather it was a smaller badge, it looks much better like that.
  13. Cheers for recommending this, I’ve had a quick look and quite like the look of a few of the tops. We don’t even sell the 94 kit anymore or a retro version similar so I wouldn’t ever feel bad about buying something like this.