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  1. Evening All, Unfortunately won’t be adding to the crowd tonight. Had originally planned to but was overruled as my son has his pre-lim exams all this week. He’s a bit gutted, as he thinks he might miss a historic occasion. (He does the matchday vlogs referred to in the match preview). An older head doesn’t think your lads will make the same mistake twice. I didn’t really understand them taking the foot of the gas at 1-0 in the first game and trying to see the game out. Hope it’s a better game than down here. Cheers
  2. I imagine there are a few who fall into the former Meadowbank bracket, the ex-chairman Jim Lumsden is one. Some will be long time Edinburgh City folk and others will be like me. I’ve only really been going to their games from the season before spfl status and that’s really to do with my son. I think a reasonable amount of the fan base are Hearts/Hibs fans, (myself included) who for whatever reason aren’t at their games, tomorrow being a prime example. I’m not privy to any financial comings and goings but as far as the players with the Cvs go it’s not so much cash and more to do with travelling. All of these guys are working/studying, and training and playing in Edinburgh suits them, as opposed to travelling big distances, when they may not get game time at the weekend. Clearly having JJ on board helps and James McDonagh is held in pretty high regard in pro youth football. A few of the younger ones are in the “something to prove category” and have fallen just short with their previous clubs. As far as I’m aware there’s not a lot of cash there, and it’s a really small outfit. The fact Meadowbank is out for the foreseeable future and the current plans for a replacement in no way meet the ambition for the club it’s difficult to see where the club is going to grow into. Cheers
  3. Yip well researched, the comments re. the pies are spot on, not just the macaroni ones either. Hopefully the game being on Sunday doesn’t affect the usual quality. You won’t see Josh Walker, he’s been injured since last season, or Danny Handling, he’s been out for the last month or so. James Mcdonagh’s brought a certain professionalismto the club, which being honest wasn’t there previously, which is reflected in the upturn in results. Regarding parking I’d suggest not parking in Morrisons, the traffic lights there are notoriously bad. Plenty places to park within a 5 minute walk. Safe journey down the road
  4. Indeed IHE, I’d probably put us in the “carry out and drinking in the car park” level, with aspirations to go straight to hotel bistro. Hey we’ve all got to start somewhere
  5. Not a pub as such, but the nearest place to the ground to get a pint, (exluding a carry out from Morrisons is Other than that there's not a lot about, a couple in the other direction towards Granton. Although the grounds not far from Leith/Stockbridge/west end- all probably about 10 minutes in a taxi.
  6. Of course, wouldn't expect anything else. Last week v Alloa in the irn bru cup was great. A lot of their fans were giving it the "mickey mouse, pub team, shouldn't be on the same pitch" chat. Momentum is a great thing, although I honestly think Inverness will be a step too far. Going to enjoy the day whatever happens, splashed out on hospitality.. it's a pity the games been moved to the Sunday. Have the utmost respect for fans travelling out with the central belt. I assume it'll have a big effect on the travelling support?
  7. Afternoon folks, Looking forward to welcoming you all to Ainslie Park on Sunday. I'd suggest getting there early, there's not many (4) turnstyles, so a fair old queue tends to form for larger crowds. Cheers