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  1. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    The inaugural meeting of Inverness Caledonian Thistle Supporters Club will take place on 31st May 2017 at 7.30pm in Caley Club, Inverness. We hope to see you all there.

    Supporters bus leaving Caley Club 12.15, Stadium 12.30. Book via Facebook or on 07462218717
  3. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Cup Final bus 24th March leaving Caley Club 12.15, Stadium 12.30. Book via Facebook or on 07462218717
  4. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Buses for next few away games Dumbarton 27/2 Caley Club 2.30 Stadium 2.45 Dunfermline 6/3 Caley Club 3.15 Stadium 3.30 Livingston 10/3 Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 Dundee Utd 17/3 Caley Club 10.30 Stadium 10.45 book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  5. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Well done to the team on reaching the final of the Challenge Cup. Once we have details of final we will sort out leaving times of Supporters Bus.
  6. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Dunfermline game has been moved from 17th Feb to 6th March evening kick off. Bus will be leaving Caley Club at 3.15pm and stadium 3.30pm. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717
  7. David Raven

    Raven I would imagine.
  8. Dunfermline game

    Does anyone know when this game is now taking place?
  9. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Just to reassure everyone that whatever date is eventually fixed for Dunfermline game we shall be running a bus.
  10. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Delicious hot pies will be available on Falkirk bus courtesy of one of our generous sponsors Hastie & Dyce
  11. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Dundee bus is now full so we are taking no further bookings
  12. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Bus on Saturday leaves Caley Club 10.30 and stadium 10.45. More bookings have been taken since last post so if you want a seat either phone or contact on Facebook.
  13. Away fans

    As a point of interest only four fans have been banned.
  14. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Fares are now as follows: under 16, full time students, 65+ and concession £10 per head. Everyone else £20. There will be a special deal for Members towards the end of the season. Also watch out for date for Adult £20 and children go free.
  15. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    The winners of our end of year raffle were as follows: W Murray, R Bain, G Cowie, G Crosbie, J Tomney, E McIver, R Webb, G Gordon Jnr. Thanks to everyone who supported us by donating prizes and by buying tickets. We made £657 and plan another raffle in the Spring.
  16. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Great day out for Supporters Travel Club yesterday apart from the result on the pitch. Although the referee was comedy gold. Most welcoming stadium award - if such a thing existed - must go to Cappielow. Well organised staff and stewards. And everyone was really helpful and friendly. On to Brechin next Saturday for the last game of the year. Thanks to the generosity of Willie Finlayson who has kindly sponsored the Brechin bus we are able to offer members reduced fare of £5. Bus leaves Caley Club at 9.45 and stadium at 10.00 with pick ups in Aviemore and Perth.
  17. Christmas Greetings

    Nollaig chridheil agus bliadhna mhath it dhiubh uile
  18. Falkirk Part 4

    Given current weather conditions Hopefully they will set a more realistic date for this to be played. Like April.
  19. Caley Jags Together

    Financial records are up to date as at year end 30/6/17 and the accounts have been professionally audited by a firm of accountants. So one less problem to fix.
  20. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    23/12 Party Bus Morton 30/12 Brechin. Special £5 fare for Club Members Both buses leave Caley Club 9.45 and Stadium 10.00 Book via Facebook or on 07462218717 Also watch out for news of reduced fares in 2018.
  21. Disappointing but understandable. Unfortunately means I will miss match as away
  22. David Raven

    Sad news indeed. He has been treated badly by the club on numerous occasions but still gave 100% on the field. Consistently gets crosses into the box only to be wasted due to the lack of effort of supposed strikers - who will no doubt be kept on. Hope he gets a rousing send off. After all there's only ONE David Raven. Good luck to him and his family in the future.
  23. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    We are taking bookings for buses to year end Queen if the South 2/12 leaving Caley Club 8.30 Stadium 8.45 Morton 23/12 leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 Brechin 30/12 leaving Caley Club 9.45 Stadium 10.00 Book through Facebook or on 07462218717 Lets get fully behind the team in 2017
  24. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Tomorrow will be interesting
  25. ICT Supporters Travel Club

    Livingston bus 4/11 leaves Caley Club at 9.45, Stadium 10.00. Book through Facebook or on 07462218717. Let's get behind the team.