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  1. Yes I have driven past many times and not noticed them I must have been going too fast!
  2. Thought it was after 2000 might be wrong though. I found this 2012
  3. Yes it was a good old pub in it's day and before the lockdown was very popular as the Waterfont and reputed to serve good meals although I have not been it since about 40 years.
  4. IBM


    That was well before my time going to the Craig Loban disco at the Caley.
  5. So would I and there is no road nearby so that would rule me out.
  6. Mr & Mrs Mantis before the lockdown 😏
  7. The early bird catches the worm 😜
  8. I prefer the ones from Islay myself but I have never had a bad one Here is an easy one for tomorrow.
  9. That's it you will be needing a dram now!
  10. The photo was taken on the A95 between Craigellachie and Maggieknockater. A rush to Google maps now
  11. No but they are speyside. Quick before Mantis gets up 😏
  12. The old saying 'Practice What You Preach' comes to mind.
  13. A distillery in the foreground and another one above.
  14. For the bus expert How to make a lorry from an old bus.