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  1. We are playing on Sunday Not a great game but happy with the win!
  2. Just heading down on a glorious night for football it's likely to be the warmest ever at the Longman. A good win please.
  3. I am happy with that as I think he will be a total disaster and it might convince more people to vote for an independent Scotland 😊
  4. Looks great! Scarlet will have a tear in his eye and be singing the Green Green Grass of Home
  5. Sounds familiar Goal! Motherwell 2, Morton 0. James Scott (Motherwell) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal. Assisted by Liam Polworth.
  6. In 1905 it was Alister Cottage which was the front part only occupied by Alexander Fraser. The rear part was added on by 1930 with other occupants in between times and it is first listed as a hotel in 1940, Hugh Fraser Robson, Bruar Private Hotel, 30 Old Edinburgh Road.
  7. I drive past it on a regular basis so never noticed any detail. It might have been a homeless hostel but might be wrong. I don't think the CF is anything to do with Caledonian Football Club but might be initials of a previous owner. The gates are made of steel by the rust compared with the iron railings above the front door.
  8. Yes he was banned for 2 games
  9. That sums it up for me MrCaleyjag. I hope there's an improvement on Saturday.
  10. He went off in a huff after getting a lot of stick on the forum Jock. But we do miss him on here.
  11. IBM

    New ICT Podcast

    I have just listened to the podcast, it is very good and great to hear local people rather than those from the BBC on a Friday night. Thanks to those involved and I am looking forward to the next one.
  12. ICT V St Johnstone 19.30 Friday 12th Clach Park.
  13. I'm happy with that and I hear he has got a two year extension to his contract.
  14. Robbo said in the P&J it was just cramp with lack of game time
  15. Well Scarlet I have been called many things but never that given the fact you are a senior citizen I thought you were getting a bit confused but I need not worry