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  1. IBM

    4G Pitch?

    Its no from me even if the club had the money to spend.
  2. IBM

    Semi-Final Poll

    Most of us might think that Jack but that is the thing the Old Filth do and it would be a waste of money as it would not make any difference. If you have extra money to spare you would be better donating it to the club who are a bit short just now! Despite early kick off times that do not suit most fans we just need to muster as many fans for the game and beat the Jam Tarts to get to the final.
  3. IBM

    Daniel Mackay

    Good news although still injured he has signed a new 3 year deal until summer 2022.
  4. IBM

    Semi-Final Poll

    Nothing in today's paper although his visit will not change anything.
  5. IBM

    Semi-Final Poll

    Moray Jaggie our semi final against might have looked pish on TV but it was just brilliant being there on that day
  6. It's getting like the Hokey Kokey in out and shake it all about, what a pantomime And Scott Mann, Conservative MP for North Cornwall wants all knives to be fitted with GPS. No wonder the country is in a mess with MP's like that running it!
  7. Given that the video is from QOS we looked good although their pitch looks worse than ours! We just need to keep playing as we are and we will get 3 points on Friday night
  8. Great tune I know it well. I am better sticking with Transport
  9. Thanks for the help and suggestions, I had a look at the tattoos on the original photo using a magnifying glass and then at his old army photos and found the guy rear right in uniform with the same tattoo! He served in the Seaforth Highlanders from 1947 to 1953 so that will be the time frame and know it is not Citadel.
  10. It was in with my father in laws old photos and his father had played for Citadel although he is not in th photo. I had a look at all his army photos and there is nobody from them in the team so I can't think what other team it might be although as you suggested it might be a national team.
  11. Here is another that might be the Citadel Football team date unknown.
  12. Good result away 👏 and great for Doran getting another goal. Friday night is the real test for us now we have to beat County.
  13. IBM

    ICT V Alloa

    That one not listed yet.
  14. IBM

    CEO Stands Down

    You could be in with a chance Alan just make up a CV and apply if you have the gift of the gab that will give you the best chance.
  15. IBM

    ICT V Alloa

    The game that we were due to play on 2nd march is now on Tuesday 26th March at 7.45pm.