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  1. IBM


    He has likely been reading what the fans have been saying on here
  2. There's no mountains big enough for Mantis and weeman hasn't been out walking there. It's Corrimony Glenurquhart.
  3. If we were to get back in to watch I would hope that our fans would be happy to sit in any seat, any stand and forget about your own seat for this season.
  4. I know that one but will see if any one else gets it
  5. That's good I hope you get sorted for Saturday
  6. Not much to go on there but it's definitely out of town 😏 My first thought is the old railway line from Spean Bridge to Fort Augustus
  7. It is Scorguie House, I didn't know it was for sale but it is way out of my price range 'weeman' will have a view from his house over the water. The second one is the old Coastguard houses on Kessock Road and the photos were taken from the mouth of the river at Carnac Point on a beautiful Sunday morning. We often park at the old ferry terminal and go for a walk through the Merkinch Nature Reserve where you see a lot of birdlife. Here is Tangle Tower from the same place which is the old Coastguard lookout post and now a holiday let.
  8. Your getting warmer 😏 I wasn't on the bridge
  9. Your right with the first bit and I used to go to the same shop. It was a bit scary coming back down with a 56lb bag of tatties on the rack behind the seat of the bike and bags on the handlebars 😳 I will put another clue on later
  10. I noted that the managers had a much different view of the referee's performance Aberdeen Manager Derek Mcinnes said "The penalty decisions, the referee got them all right. Big decisions he got right." And Celtic Manager Neil Lennon said "I'll need to see the penalties again. I thought the referee had a very poor game - decision-making, being influenced by his assistants and some of the decisions were baffling I thought he was poor for a referee of his level."
  11. Where is this and where was I taking the photo from?
  12. Good to see Toddy getting another goal and a great strike from Daniel Mackay just before half time. The goals will come as we play more and as others have said a good effort from a young team!
  13. It's simple if there is a bald linesman play him on the other side or paint a big cross on his head