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  1. You are getting into the spirit Hedgehog
  2. No it’s not mine never seen one before a Coupe Deville. You could have a hot tub in the boot I never even knew about Galashan Court just thought it was still Church Street when they built the new flats. Glad you pointed it out
  3. Here are a few more from Saturday including an unrestored Vauxhall Velox.
  4. Caley Thistle Trust to get £157,000 to create a 'Mecca' for the women's game at the former IRA pitches in a grant from the government.
  5. In their final game of the season Hutchie Vale 1 - ICT 4.
  6. Glad your sorted enjoy the day out you have to keep trying sometimes
  7. Don't touch my shoulder like that I am going to be appointed to the House of Lords.
  8. You are right but what is the club going to do with very few options? This is where the Scottish set up is a farce!
  9. Yes it is good to see and it is going back a few years I was young then I don't know who has it now though.
  10. You will have to do a match report
  11. I am not surprised at that as the big two always get the most coverage regardless of who they are playing and nothing is going to change on than front. We can complain about kick off times, prices of tickets and seating arrangements but it doesn’t matter to the authorities! We just have to get on with it and make the most of our day out
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