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  1. tm4tj must have had a busy week and overlooked it and we have had so much to talk about on this game
  2. Was there a player of the year for Rangers Colts?
  3. There is absolutely no chance of Boris getting involved as he is a pal of Douglas Ross
  4. The other thing that annoyed me is the young Rangers cheat applauding the referee when he produced the red card for Keatings!
  5. Don't be daft mun that will achieve nothing!
  6. I agree with all that's been said and sadly nothing will change What we now have to do is get right behind the team that plays in the final where ever it may be and help them bring the cup back to Inverness
  7. That's right now the train 😃
  8. First the lorry then the train and then Morrisons took over Safeway and sold all the north stores. Where is the lorry and train?
  9. IBM


    Here is another old ferry that was the Columba which was operated by David Macbrayne and Cal-Mac from 1964 to 1989 based in Oban on the Isle of Mull service and was the first ferry to start a Sunday island service in 1972. She was refitted and renamed Hebridean Princess still in service doing cruises around the west coast. The skipper at the time of this photo was a cousin of mine who's father was a crew member on the original Columba.
  10. IBM

    More TV Games

    The home one will be fine but our away support will not get home from Partick till the early hours on Sunday morning and worse than that the team will be too late for getting into Johnny Foxes!
  11. IBM


    That's a good one with the snow on the hills I must have a look for some more next week.
  12. We shall wait and see how well he does when the votes are cast for this game
  13. IBM


    Here is the Caledonian Isles coming into Ardrossan today.
  14. Glad I went to the game on such a terrible day not a pretty sight but we won the game and well done to the ten men left to grind out a result Looking forward to another final.