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  1. IBM


    I think it's the fact that the Pentalina has a smaller crew than the Calmac ferries but might be wrong. I can't see why a ferry that sails the Pentland Firth would be unable to sail on west coast routes although the minch might be the exception in bad weather. Here is the article from the P&J yesterday.
  2. IBM


    The Pentalina is sailing from Kirkwall to Campbeltown tonight so it is likely to be used to help out Calmac better late than never although there is union opposition!
  3. They are already sponsoring us but I don't know any details but they will be here for a few years and I am sure that one of the planning conditions was they would have to arrange park and ride for the workforce to the site beyond Dores which could go from our car park if approved.
  4. That's 5 so far we will need a more than that I am sure many more will join us
  5. I will renew mine and hope that the restrictions will ease in the near future as I have missed going to the games.
  6. You were right with the last bit
  7. He is a good player although he didn't stand out at Ayr United last season I am happy with him signing.
  8. That's a big win for him getting a three year deal good luck to him unless we are playing Falkirk.
  9. It might have been The Broons
  10. IBM


    I hope it wasn't crossing the Minch when the Loch Seaforth was out of service 🙈
  11. I am happy Billy Dodds has got the job and wish him success for his stay at ICT.
  12. I did hear that last night I posed the question in the other thread. Not long to wait now though
  13. Would we take a chance on Don Cowie with just a few years coaching experience with County?
  14. The good news is he has not signed for any other team yet so we are still hopeful.
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