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  1. I was last over it in the late 70's or early 80's but had forgot all about it.
  2. You are right with the last line Kingsmills! When he announced that County had the machine on TV he said it could be used by other sports people in the highlands but when being questioned about it a couple of weeks later on the radio he backtracked by saying they need it for Ross County and there could be problems transporting it about. I wouldn't hold much hope of ICT getting the use of it but you never know.
  3. It's not looking good I think the three weeks will extend and do we have the money to test players every week? With more players testing positive for Covid 19 things are not looking good all round.
  4. I see they have a 19-year-old debutant Cameron Harper!
  5. Last night I thought it was this one at the Black Water Falls which is different and forgot about the Silverbridge downstream.
  6. Struggling with this one weeman will need a clue
  7. Glad you found it you should get a good sleep tonight. I have been over it and past it on the old and new A9 but never seen it.
  8. We will have to wait and find out but it's certain to damage the party. I think Salmond is a dangerous man who likes the power and would like to be back in charge of the party. As far as I am concerned I want an independent Scotland and will vote the best way to get that but not sure if I would always support the SNP and am not a member of the party.
  9. I have had a look on google street view and you are right about the towers on the Edinkillie viaduct are smaller and there are no protruding bricks although it's similar. What threw me in that direction was I thought the guy with the red hair was Willie Grant from Grantown on Spey who worked with BT I am sure a lot of these viaducts would have been designed by the same architect and it's more the local stone that would be the main difference so it could be anywhere.
  10. The Edinkillie viaduct over the river Divie near Dunphail, Moray-shire. Mantis may have been hiking in the area to confirm this. Do you know the people in the photo?
  11. And there is a popular food stop nearby but you need to have plenty money if you stop there with your wife
  12. It was good to have him up here and he did have a bit of spark about him. I will be disappointed if he goes to Raith Rovers but we will have to cope with it and some of our home grown talent will get a chance to outperform him which would be great.
  13. I was there many years ago and have no photos, it's a long way out of sneck
  14. IBM

    Ian Broadfoot

    Very sad news for his family especially at this time of year.
  15. IBM

    CEO on Twitter

    On reading that tweet there is no doubt he want's to hang on to Robbo
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