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  1. Well that's a hard one this week apart from Ridgers.
  2. The best thing today was the free chocolate biscuit that's how bad it was 🙈 I should have gone Christmas shopping with Alan Simpson!
  3. I hope if White is playing he has seen the video in the preview of Hislop scoring the winning goal. How to jump up and head the ball
  4. Sickness bug has still been affecting players and management this week! Robbo and Kellacher likely to miss out Barry Wilson has been taking training. Keatings and one other first team player didn't train yesterday. No mention on how fit others are.
  5. You are right Mantis not much got past me, especially on the single track roads as I sped along stopping to check a few jobs or taking a photo or two on route.
  6. Sounds like a good job! I do miss all the travelling since I retired. Here are some real ones nearer home and a scene from over the hill from the coos.
  7. The north west end of Loch Stack near Loch Stack Lodge on the A838 to Laxford Bridge.
  8. Well Barra is one of the few places in the Highlands and Islands that I have not been to ................ yet.
  9. I think it's Oban. You are getting like Caley D I wonder what he will come up with next!
  10. They were all rust buckets back then, In 1974 I had an old Corsair which required a lot of welding! Back in the early 60's my father had an old Commer van AS2967 which he put windows in the side and seats in the back and we thought we had an estate car and at the same time My Grandfather had a Standard Vanguard NS2967.
  11. Oh Mantis what a rust bucket and being your first car you would have been proud as punch I bet it was rotten under the bonnet as well. It would have been a good runner though and quite comfy with a good size boot. It looks strange seeing the old cross-ply tyres where as now on a family saloon now would be twice as wide! The car behind is an Austin A40 Farina.
  12. We had the grandchildren today so never had time during the day hadn't a clue when I had a quick look on my phone but much easier when on the PC. Garrafad Pier Staffin, although when you see it from the air there looks a lot more houses than you see when driving along the road. Caley D you are doing as much travelling as I was doing when I was working
  13. Yes the old map of Scotland I am digging out the old ones now
  14. I didn't have to hike up the hills for that one my van was just behind me the last time I was passing that viewpoint the trees were much bigger!