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  1. IBM

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Get Alan Simpson down early to blow some of his hot air on the pitch and the game will be on.
  2. IBM

    Favourite cup memory?

    The 1-3 win at Parkhead away back in 2000 was the best night ever cup game but the 3-2 semi final just wins by a whisker for me. Both against the mighty Celtic and us with Christie playing in both games father and son!
  3. IBM

    January signings

    Not a lot it seems
  4. IBM

    January signings

    Never thought of that Kingsmills White could do the same
  5. IBM

    January signings

    Those memories it will be a while till we see that again.
  6. IBM

    January signings

    He might be a super striker that only Robbo has heard of
  7. IBM

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    Phenom I think Scarlet was taking the ****
  8. Thought you would be pleased with White he did play better today and I am sure if he keeps scoring goals I along with others will be pleased although some will never be happy!
  9. Graham Rae quotes himself as being an investor, might be he is expecting a return
  10. Just on here to check we had actually won a game and I hadn't fallen asleep and had a dream Well done to the team now on to the cup game next week.
  11. IBM

    Shares on The UP """"""""""""

    I wish my BT shares were performing like that
  12. IBM

    Better Together ?

    I think he has been reincarnated as Satan.
  13. IBM

    January signings

    We can see how he gets on there!
  14. According to Robbo in the paper he was likely to require a scan so might be a while.