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  1. Why wasn't this money used to boost the playing squad. Big slap in the face for barry and Ryan also to everyone that donated money for the hearts game. Losing faith in the present regime.
  2. Looks like James Keating's in joining them in the summer.
  3. My point is I bought these tickets a. To help the club out as they needed money and b.to donate to a family that needed them. They advertised this on social media that they were going to double this. I'm not having a go but it looks like they got a but forgot about b.
  4. Got a phone call from the club today asking if I would like to attend Saturdays game. Off course I accepted. To cut a long story short I bought four seasons tickets at the start of the season and donated three back to help the club and any fans that couldn't afford to attend. Asked for who would be attending with me I told them them the situation and was told that it was only available to the block of three and I couldn't attend. Disappointed doesn't begin to tell you how I feel.
  5. I'm not having a go at the club but not all our supporters are upto date with technology. So you need an email address to be in the draw then you need a smart phone to get into the game. Most people will have this but I bet theres a few long term older generation season ticket holders that have been excluded from the draw. The club have never mentioned phone calls for season ticket holders that haven't got this technology.
  6. I'm now back living in Inverness but still wouldn't have been able to make it. My point is what if the club don't have an email address for you.not everyone has or gives out there address which would exclude them from the ballot.
  7. What if you have a season ticket but not an email address? Hope the club have thought of that. I never got my link for the streaming because they didn't have an email address for me but when I bought my season ticket they never asked for one. Sure a few of our older season ticket holders wont have one registered.
  8. Dont think the club have anything to do with it.
  9. Says it starting at 1.30 but I'll have another beer and wait.
  10. Is there anything on yet I'm logged in but feck all happening
  11. Is it possible to put this on a fire stick so I can watch it on the tv?
  12. Met Keith today for the first time today and hes a very approachable talkative guy. Just what the club needs.
  13. Going to throw this one out here and I know not everyone could afford it but instead of paying the full price for the reduced season and donating the short fall from last season's price why not buy 2 season tickets or 1 plus a kids ticket at the reduced price and when were allowed back give it to a friend or kid that NEVER goes in the hope they may buy one the following season.
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