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  1. Not squandered covid and running at a loss every year will have eaten that up. Foran got help from Malpas and although that didn't work out something along that line is needed but I think it will have to come from in-house.
  2. I can guarantee you there will be not funds left to bring in a new manager. We had to get boys out before we got new signings in.
  3. We've got a perfectly good manager sitting in the stand getting paid by the club and saying nothing.
  4. Be a few more disappointed people when they get outside. The highland council's finest have been out slapping £60 fines on any motor not parked in the car park.
  5. Jahmel Hector Ingram signs for st Johnstone. Hope we haven't missed a trick here.
  6. Sad day when Billy publicly comes out and says players aren't turning up. This from the man that played gardyne when he new what was going on. Sounds more like he's lost the dressing room.
  7. The manager just seems to come out with the same excuses every week. Time for someone from above to come out and address the fans because the run were on is relegation form and Billy doesn't seem to have the answers.
  8. That things need to improve and this is how we're going to do it.
  9. Time for John Robertson to come out of the shadows and start talking.
  10. Good riddance. Scored more time off the park than on it!
  11. Good news just out of covid jail. Thought I was going to miss out.
  12. As I believe the club i.e Billy dodds have dealt with this. Leaving rumours aside i think the club have a duty to tell us why one off our best players is absent. I look forward to the abuse of the cto regulars.
  13. Thoughts are with David and his family but if he's walked out on his contract then fans have right to discuss that. Fail to see why its poor form?
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