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  1. Because most fans are peved off at him spending more time on a Saturday in Dingwall than doing his job. If we win a few games he probably will get the job till the end of the season. If he doesn't then they bring in someone else. Charlie Christie will not want to be anywhere near that dugout but the board probably feel he can appease the fans more than robbo.
  2. John Robertson has wanted back in the hot seat for a long time. Watch this space he'll get it full time now.
  3. And whats an open meeting?
  4. Beware of what you wish for. Any manager change will be John Robertson in the hot seat.
  5. There are people pumping big amounts of money into the just to keep it afloat.
  6. He's just signed a new contract but unfortunately us fans are deemed unworthy of being told this news.
  7. Been told he turned them down because he's going to ross county next season.
  8. Was told last night that if we win on Saturday and i know its a big if ictfc will be guaranteed European football till Christmas. The winner of the Scottish Cup ( not Celtic as they've qualified for cl ) will enter the europa league last qualifying round and the loser would drop to the conference league. Anyone else heard this?
  10. Remember speaking to David Sutherland and he said Inverness would never go under as long as he was breathing. Wonder if he'll stand by that statement?
  11. There waiting on big roy so they can announce the merger with ross county.
  12. Don't know if its true but somebody says a director had to set in and hel pay the wages. Anybody heard anything. I know things aren't great but thats scary if it true!
  13. No bus from the caley club. Disappointed.
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