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  1. I no the club are looking for food donations but please try and remember our 4 legged supporters.
  2. Tell them to stick there final up there arse. Bet theres a lot of clubs and fans would back us. Don't think the sponsors would be to happy either. These muppets have to be brought to task.
  3. Any word of a pitch inspection?
  4. I’m only telling you what I’ve been told and if there parents stop them travelling I’m sure it’s going to affect there development.
  5. Been told these young lads are having to make there own way to Fort William on match days. One parent has told me her son will not be driving there in the winter or mid weeks.
  6. Whatever it is it doesn’t sound good
  7. He’s not because part of the deal was he would be loaned back.
  8. ictbob

    Mikey diamond

    Does anybody have Mickys flag.i go to a lot of Scotland away games and would love to take it to a few?
  9. ictbob

    Roy MacGregor

    Just been told by a Ross County fan that is in the very no the big Roy has shares in ictfc.does anybody no if this is true.would that not be a conflict of interest.she is adamant he is a share holder!
  10. Only saying what he told me
  11. Just back from holiday and was talking to a football agent and he told me Patrick thistle made offers for white and Trafford but we’re told to do one.but he says that they are planning another offer soon.
  12. There was a lot more to yogi and his time at ictfc but as for robbo I'll say it again we have him a contact when nobody would we have him a better contact as he was doing well so robbo has been well looked after and rewarded by the chairman so I think he's well within his right to protect his investment and tell scumdee to feck off.
  13. Good on the club for coming out so quickly and putting an end to this.to many times now we've given people contracts that there not prepared to honour when the going is good or prepared to sit at home collecting wages they've not earned or deserve.john is a caley man at heart I think and seams to like the area and in no way is any blame assigned to him as he's obviously not instigated this but he signed a contract and would expect to be paid for the full term of it so the club should expect him to honour it.