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  1. There was a lot more to yogi and his time at ictfc but as for robbo I'll say it again we have him a contact when nobody would we have him a better contact as he was doing well so robbo has been well looked after and rewarded by the chairman so I think he's well within his right to protect his investment and tell scumdee to feck off.
  2. Good on the club for coming out so quickly and putting an end to this.to many times now we've given people contracts that there not prepared to honour when the going is good or prepared to sit at home collecting wages they've not earned or deserve.john is a caley man at heart I think and seams to like the area and in no way is any blame assigned to him as he's obviously not instigated this but he signed a contract and would expect to be paid for the full term of it so the club should expect him to honour it.
  3. From what I here Coll and ofw will be joining him.
  4. Liam polworth in the three witches.take it he's no going down to support the boys?
  5. I think that place is earmarked for bank of Dee if cove go up.
  6. S.O.S David Sutherland!
  7. Maybe if the club were more open about what's going on then maybe people wouldn't get so frustrated
  8. Fair point but other clubs manage it so why not us.inverness is starting to attract some big bangs and we seem to be missing a trick here.maybe les can shed some light on why the council are cashing in and not us?
  9. Few beers and robbos rabbile look good till you sober up in the morning.
  10. Madness Noel Gallagher and soon to be announced kaiser chiefs playing inverness why o why are the board not cashing in on this.one thing comes to mind mismanagement.
  11. What's the point in reaching the playoffs.anything gained from it will be sold off and used to pay Ritchie foran in his new business venture.i won't be back until the board start telling the truth about the shambles that's going on behind closed doors.
  12. Looking good for Friday night telly
  13. -4 this morning though there would be East Kilbride are a small club they won't want to travel up for nothing
  14. Anybody no if there's a early morning pitch inspection
  15. Anybody traveling by train tomorrow channel 4 are filming in Inverness train station over the weekend for a documentary about the highland railway.good chance to show the rest of the country the best fans in the north.spoke to the guy today and he didn't realise it was derby day.he was very keen to know what time the boys were heading through.