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  1. To be honest, I wouldn't miss him too much. I think Hughes was onto something when he was going to be let go. Seems to be 50/50 and on his last legs, imo. Definitely not the player he used to be.
  2. Calder confirmed on two year deal with Matty Elsdon joining on loan from Middlesbrough FC without mention of length of loan.
  3. The rapid increase of signings that appear from first glance to be more useful and dynamic players than signings made by both Yogi and Foran is starting to fill me with optimism for the season ahead. Perhaps Robbo coming back is a stroke of genius? Only time will tell but I'm starting to get really excited!
  4. Matchday Thread

    I'm not surprised with Richie's comments. What is he meant to say? His future employers will be looking at the tapes, taking notes, he can't afford to seem anything other than professional and collected. We have no idea what bollocking he may or may not be giving the team in the dressing room and in training. I think it's better for his career as a manager to take to a cookie cutter response when he himself may be gobsmacked at the performances we've seen over the season rather than let the frustration that he is no doubt feeling show in footage that is eternally archived on the internet.
  5. The problem with the club predates Foran's appointment by a number of years. Since Butcher left, we have been entirely incapable of replacing the class of players that have left. We should have let Hughes go speak to Dundee United and should have sold Tansey rather than letting him go for free. We should have probably held on to Billy McKay while he was in form, rather than letting our top goal scorer leave for a (in football terms at least) tiny fee. At a club of our size, that can not go on cup runs season after season, we really need to be making smart decisions regarding turning over players. Why are we so incapable of scouting? Football is a business and we really need to be buying cheaper players and selling them on later giving the club some form of income to re-invest in young talent. Yes, I agree that now is the time for Foran to leave on his own accord, as I can't see the club being in any position to release him of his duties, but the board really need to answer for the years of neglect in the business side of things. We've had some fantastic players over the years go on free transfers. Why not (when a players contract is running out) speak to the player and ask where they want to be next year, and if they are hesitant in any way shape or form about staying with Caley, offer to put them up for transfer in January? A large portion of our best players came from the lower leagues in England where the transfer fees are arguably less than the average in the SPFL (maybe not by much, sometimes). Ryan Christie's sale could have brought in a whole bunch of players to rotate the squad, or maybe one or two players with a bit of class that could have been sold in a season or two.
  6. It's next week.
  7. Matchday Thread

    Not getting my hopes up, but if you are going to go 2-0 down, it's best to do that as fast as possible. No time wasted, nothing to lose. Fingers crossed Motherwell will tire themselves out quickly and our players show at least a little composure.
  8. Matchday Thread

    Listening on OAM, what is an ibrooks? Is that one of those apples?
  9. Matchday Thread

    Got a good feeling about today! Looking forward to dragging the wretched down into the battle while we climb the table with a cheeky smile.
  10. Matchday Thread

    Terry Butcher still doesn't have a club...
  11. The truth is, we, as normal, every day supporters of a football club have very little say in how a club is run. Demanding an overhaul of the board room without any knowledge of what is happening nor having any knowledge in how to run a football club is just ludicrous. The team, and board need you behind them, not routing against them.
  12. matchday thread

    Fantastic result today. Glad to see changes made during the second half pretty much leveled the statistics after Hamilton seemed to dominate (according to statistics on the BBC). Although a possible three injuries in 93 minutes? Further questions need to be asked of synthetic playing surfaces.
  13. I do get what you are saying. It was especially bad in the past with gaming communities as the majority of the users were teenagers fighting over Call of Duty clans and who was the best at ''quick scoping'' so understandably not the case here, however I do see some the similarities appearing on these forums. The above opinion is just how I would deal with it. In the end we opted for abolishing voting altogether and we found more communication between users was developing. Sadly, as is the case with the niche I was working with the quality of content dropped, but I don't believe that would be the case here with a more mature audience. An alternative that I know exists for the Invision Power Suite (this forum software, at least it was available in older versions with a mod from the marketplace) is where if a reply gains too many downvotes, it is hidden until a staff member can review it. I am referring to the forum community. It could be harmful as I am sure supporters of rival clubs will check this site out. I often check out other forums to see what rumors are going around and to see opinions on previous matches between the clubs, especially around transfer windows. It's just a bit of fun, especially when we destroy County. It's not a major cause for concern but I do believe this situation could have been handled differently.
  14. Honestly, in my opinion, if you want voting, leave it as it is. I've had many years of experience (admittedly fewer years than the admins here) running forums and other communities for various video games with moderate success and I can't help but feel if we at the time were to open up the voting and allow users to see who is upvoting or downvoting, it would lead to more friction. There are realistically only two suitable options: Keep voting, but hide user information as to allow someone to disagree with a comment without having to create a reply to explain why. Abolish voting, forcing those who disagree to come forth and write a reply as to why they disagree with a comment thus creating more discussion, but also opening up your forum to low quality posts. Trolls will be trolls. Cyberbullies (in the case of downvoting a username regardless of the content or quality of their contribution) will be cyberbullies and groups will always form. Don't let things get more personal as this will just cause more upset. EDIT: I would also like to add that in my opinion, it's rather embarrassing that it's come this far, for both the community and the club that we all support.
  15. I do feel that over the course of the season we could see ICT become a team of goalscorers. I'd much rather see goals pop in from all over the pitch than one player that we rely on to pick up points. What would our seasons with Billy Mckay be like if he went out injured for an entire season when he was in form?