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  1. Dundee Utd -V- Inverness CT

    Well done ICT. Scoring goals and keeping clean sheets is the way to get points .
  2. Fans Boycott

    Best days of my life. Sad that they had to come to an end.
  3. Fans Boycott

    I watched them late 60's till the end. Never got to the Corrie much as I always had my son with me. Halcyon days.
  4. Fans Boycott

    As I have said before, I have been watching football in Inverness for 50 years, firstly with Inverness Thistle and now with ICT, and I cannot remember a time when I have been more demoralised watching the game I love. Even when the Kingsmills Jags were at their lowest point did I feel the way I feel going to games now. This season I thought we would give it a good go, I thought that although we had lost a lot of talent, we might have some fighting performances but not necessarily win all our games. Now, after a few games you can't see where our wins are going to come from. Even on Saturday, before the game, I thought it was a game we could have lost. What a turnaround in barely a year ago when we were taking points off Celtic, to hoping we could beat a league 2 team! I think that the falling attendances are par for the course for the ICT support, if the club can't significantly increase its fan base after winning the Scottish Cup and playing in Europe, then they are going to drift away after relegation and a very poor start in the championship. If the club can string a few wins together the attendance might increase, but I fear if things continue we will be left with just the hard core fans, and with reading some posts on here, even they are being tested.
  5. Writing on the wall for Kellacher?

    These things happen in work situations. Many years ago, I had an altercation with a guy at work that ended up with me pinning him against a wall. After it was over we both went back to our jobs and I drove him home after our shift. As I said, these things happen in work situations and have probably been resolved by both parties by now. The unfortunate thing is that it was done publicly and therefore can't be brushed under the carpet.
  6. Fans Boycott

    My son and I normally arrive at the home games about 2pm, and we usually guess what we think the attendance will be. To say that we got it massively wrong is an understatement. I guessed at 1700 and he had 1500, we never would have believed that It would be so low. It's the lowest i can remember, even some pre season friendlies generated more. It just shows that when the season tickets are not in use on cup match days, there aren't too many supporters willing to come along and buy a ticket. I fear that this is just the start of a trend, we sit in the main stand and every home game this season the crowd around us gets less and less.
  7. Polworth v Kellacher

    I see on the ICT Facebook page that the club have apologised for not having the managers interview available due to a technical problem. I wonder if it contained comments that need to be vetted due to the incident? There was a camera up the the gantry over at the far side of the pitch, I wonder if they had caught the incident on video? We also saw Liam's father Ian, who was sitting behind the dugout, stand up when the incident started, but couldn't see or hear if he said anything. The club will obviously have to issue a statement, once they investigate the whole incident, as it was such a public outburst.
  8. Polworth v Kellacher

    Robertson said at the Open night that indiscipline would not be tolerated in his teams, whether it be the first team or the youths. So it will be interesting to see how he handles this situation, as there is pictorial evidence, and possibly video as well.
  9. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    Polworth is a really talented footballer who, a few seasons ago, was a player I had tipped to be our next best thing. I think, as others have said, he is a confidence player, he is good when he is playing in a good team, when others are leading and pulling the team through, but now it's up to him to lead and fight and scrap for every ball, instead he let's his head go down and his body language is bad, this is what the fans don't like, they want to see players fighting to get the ball back not dwelling on how they lost it. The unfortunate incident in the dugout shows that he has aggression in him, so he needs to take it onto the pitch and impose himself on the games.
  10. Raven not again

    If my contract was coming to an end and I didn't have any other options then yes I would. Over 30 years ago I had a good job paying very good money and the firm paid off most of the workers due to down turn in work, I took a job on a third of the wage I was on just to make ends meet. So if my employer asked me to stay on for half the wages I was on, and i wasn't on a footballers wage, I would do it. As I said, he may not want to and has other options, but what's the harm in asking, he knows the financial predicament the club is in.
  11. Raven not again

    He has been a great player for ICT over the years, and I agree that every player comes to a time when his career is coming to an end, but it would be beneficial for ICT to offer him a deal on the money that the new players are on. He could pass on his experience to the new squad and be there when called upon. It may not be what Raven wants, but it would be worthwhile to find out.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Peterhead

    I just wish that Polworth showed the same passion and aggression on the pitch instead of when he goes into the dugout . It did look like it was Kellacher that it was aimed at. I said during the game that I wanted him to show more aggression, he has no oomph in him. If it takes whatever was said to him to get that reaction, maybe they should have shouted it at him while he was on the pitch.
  13. Rename game

    We might as well call it Pittodrie then, isn't that the translation of what Pittodrie means? The hill of manure ?
  14. Remember this guy............

    Wasn't there is guy that Rangers signed when Souness was manager, that turned out to be a fraud? He was never a player and his cv was just a fabrication and no one had actually seen him play before he signed. He was outed on an undercover tv programme. Maybe we have a ringer!
  15. Rename game

    Obviously it will be whoever pays the most for the right to name it, but it's location at the Longman or the Firth could be used in the title.