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  1. Team for Morton

    When I said chasing lost causes, I meant going after balls that a lot of other players would give up on, Billy Mckay used to do it a lot, running after balls which looked like a lost cause, and keeping the move going.
  2. Transfer in and outs

    It really is unprecedented, any team would struggle with that amount of turnover of players from one season to the next. It will take time to find the right formation and blend, I just hope we can find it soon.
  3. Team for Morton

    The only time I have seen Foy play was against Forres and he looked lively when he came on as a sub. He was in the defenders faces and chased lost causes. We certainly need a lot more energy in the team.
  4. ICTFC Open Night

    It also said in the email that if it's over subscribed there will be a follow up session as soon as possible.
  5. ICTFC Open Night

    I've booked my place. Hoping for a good turn out and some good Q&A.
  6. IRN BRU Cup (Challenge Cup)

    If the home team can't play the match at their home park, surely they should be asked to play it closer to the away team not even further away.
  7. Board statement 14/08/17

    I think I read somewhere that the parachute payment was in the region of £350,000 but I might be wrong.
  8. Transfer in and outs

    Yes, we do seem to have had more than our fair share of injuries over the last couple of seasons, whereas a few seasons ago you could almost name the same lineup before the teams were announced.
  9. Transfer in and outs

    I thought that Jordan Roberts had loads of potential. What was the story with his leaving, did he want to go or did ICT not want him.
  10. Transfer in and outs

    I'm struggling to remember who the last player we actually paid a transfer fee for. Can anyone remember?
  11. Tactics Thread

    I agree, we need to win the midfield battle first and foremost, if that means playing only one up then so be it, as long as the work rate and movement is there from the midfielders to support the lone striker. Raven should be playing and move Seedorf to right midfield, maybe he can deliver an end product that doesn't seem to be in mulraney's locker.
  12. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    That does sound a bit iffy. I just can't remember so many mediocre players coming into the club all at the same time before. OK, there have been one or two suspect signings over the years, but the quality that we had in the squad at the time meant they could be absorbed into the team without standing out like a sore thumb, but now there is no hiding place.
  13. Dunfermline -V- Inverness CT

    Having seen most of our new players over the last few games, I just wonder what JR saw in them. Were they scouted, recommended or did they pull out all the stops in a trial match? At the present moment you can really see why they didn't make it at their other clubs. I fear for us this season, but really hope that JR can shape this bunch into some sort of passable team.
  14. Transfer in and outs

    I think Draper saying that it was an easy decision for him to make to swop ICT for County is a bit of slap in the face for the club that resurrected his career. He won a Scottish cup winner's medal, league cup runner's up medal, played in Europe and was loved by the supporters. It might not have been the smoothest of transfers, with both parties coming out with different accounts of the deal, but he could have thanked the supporters and the former management teams for the great seasons he had with ICT. I liked Draper a lot but was very disappointed in his statement.
  15. Transfer in and outs

    We just need a marquee signing now and everything will be forgiven!!!! I wonder who it will be?