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  1. Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    That is what you call a hard fought 3 points. We played some good football in the first half but our final ball was woeful, the second half was so disjointed and we were beginning to panic towards the end. For me, Donaldson, Tremarco, Trafford and Raven were the stand outs . Baird needs to be benched in the next game, and after I had thought that Polworth had turned a corner with his attitude, he turns in his worst performance of the season.
  2. I did indeed, 100,000 apologies, that was Mr Bannerman's book, it was of course Going Ballistic! That will teach me not to post late at night when I'm half asleep!
  3. Danny Williams

    I was also a fan of Williams, a very versatile player who did seem to go backwards at Dundee, in fact, all three of our players that Hartley took there, Williams, Ross and Vincent, never really set the heather on fire, with two now left and the other not in the squad.
  4. I was compiling a couple of booklets for myself and my brother regarding the Jags title winning years in the 70's, and asked an official of the club on a number of occasions if he could help with some information, which he said he would, but never did, so maybe they have locked all the history away, never to be found. I eventually got in touch with Ian Broadfoot, who very kindly supplied me with some facts and figures, from which I used to research the information from old Highland News and Couriers and compiled the books. Ian also sent me a signed copy of his book, Against The Odds, a very interesting read.
  5. Carl Tremarco...extended contract

    Just saw it on Facebook. Fantastic news. He has been our most consistent performer over the last few seasons.
  6. Danny Williams

    I take it that James Vincent is still with Dundee, he doesn't seem to be getting much game time, or maybe he is injured? I thought that Ross and Williams would maybe end up at Falkirk with Hartley, as he was the one that signed them for Dundee, but their finances are probably as bad as ours.
  7. Danny Williams

    He is far more versatile than a lot of our new recruits, but he would have to take a hell of a drop in wages to come back . I certainly think he would be a good addition but he may look to go back south for the money.
  8. Coll Donaldson

    Great news about Donaldson. We needed some stability at the back and he has supplied it. There are some players who excel at certain clubs, and maybe he has found his. Let's hope that more step up to the plate when they see that contracts are there for good displays.
  9. New Striker

    I agree with you. I thought he played well against us and said at the time to my son that he might be worth a punt. He held the ball up well and could brush off a challenge.
  10. I totally agree. I have been watching football in Inverness for nearly 50 years and I have never sat through weather like we did at the St. Mirren game. We had so many layers on and it still wasn't enough, so we contemplating our clothing for tomorrow just when we heard the game was off. Let's hope it's better for Tuesday.
  11. David Raven

    So sad to see Raven go, but this was inevitable since the season ticket holders meeting with the chairman and Robbo, when it was announced that he would be moving the high earners on. Raven has been a constantly top performer for the club over the previous season and this one being no different. I hope he gets a good send off and manages to get a good deal somewhere else, as long as it's not with one of our rivals! All the best David and thanks for the memories.
  12. Inverness CT -V- Brechin

    A very good three points, I just felt we missed the opportunity to get more goals, we took our foot off the gas a little in the second half . Mulraney was good in the first half but faded in the second. Glad Baird got a goal and you could see by the way the whole team celebrated it that there is a good team spirit in the group.
  13. Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    That was a refereeing performance that beggars belief . He is the worst I have seen in quite some time. The number of times Bell got taken from behind was unbelievable and most of the tackles he waved on, but would blow for a foul for them when it was a 50 50 tackle. We were by far the better side in the first half, but, just as we have done in so many matches, we can't score when we are on top. The two small strikers up front just doesn't work, we need some muscle in there to win the balls. I said to my son that I could see a sending off in the game but I thought it would be their number 4, who got away with murder after he had already been booked. The conditions were horrendous, probably the worst I have experienced at the stadium, and the ball started to get held up with the surface water. We mustn't let the heads go down, and go for the three points against Brechin and get the momentum going again.
  14. John Robertson MOM

    Well done Robbo and Carl. The defence has been tightened up considerably and maybe it's no coincidence that this started with the return of Raven and Tremarco. Now all we need to do is start taking more of the chances we are creating and score some more goals.
  15. Derby - 8th November

    Great to see Doran playing and scoring again. It's something I wondered if we would ever see him in an ICT shirt again. I'm sure the club will take his progress now slowly and surely, so there is no relapse. It will be like having a marquee signing if we can get him back to the form he showed before.