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  1. A bit of History

    I thought that this might be of some interest, it's not Inverness Caledonian Thistle, but an Inverness Thistle/Caledonian select that had a very memorable game on the 21st September 1921. Tottenham Hotspur, the English Cup holders, who defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers in the final by one goal to nil, visited Inverness on a tour of Scotland and played the Inverness Thistle/Caledonian in a challenge match at Telford Street Park. To the surprise and jubilation of the large crowd, who paid a total of £100 to watch the match, the Thistle/Caley select team defeated the English side by 6 goals to 3. It was the only match that Spurs lost on their Scottish tour. The Thistle/Caley team, it is interesting to note, was captained by Mr. Roderick Fraser of Thistle, was one of the few players still living in Inverness when this article was printed in the Inverness Courier in 1971. The manager of Spurs, Mr. Pat MacWilliam, was an Inverness man, who had played for Thistle, Newcastle and Scotland, and the Spurs left-back Bob MacDonald, wad a former Caley player. The Spurs side, which included four internationalists, took an early lead and, stated the Courier report at the time, "crisp passing of the ball, ease of movement and certainty of purpose, characterised their play." But MacDonald the Thistle centre forward equalised, and for the next half hour the spectators were treated to a delightful display of artistic football. After sterling work by Docherty and Robertson, the Caley combination, Lamb of Thistle scored with a beautiful shot, and after Spurs had equalised, Lamb and MacKensie of Thistle scored further goals to give the home select a 4-2 lead against their distinguished opponents at half time. The dash of the home forwards continued to upset the Spùrs in the second period, and Robertson of Caley had the satisfaction of scoring a fifth goal, before Spurs pulled a goal back. J. Sutherland of Thistle brilliantly saved a penalty by Dimmock, the Spurs outside left. Before the end MacDonald added another goal giving the home select a well merited 6-3 victory. The teams were:- Thistle/Caley Select:- J. Sutherland(Thistle), A. Sutherland(Thistle) and Mitchell(Caledonian), J. Fraser(Caledonian), D.Fraser(Caledonian) and R. Fraser(Thistle) captain, Docherty(Caledonian), Robertson(Caledonian), MacDonald(Thistle), Mackenzie(Thistle) and Lamb(Thistle). Tottenham Hotspur:- Hunter, Clay and MacDonald, Archibald, Lowe and Grimsdell, Walden, Lindsay, Beed, Thomson and Dimmock. After the match the teams were entertained to supper in the Caledonian Hotel. Many of the visitors, including Mr. MacWilliam, congratulated the local playerson their well ddeserved victory, which they said, showed that there was little wrong with Highland football. During their three day stay in Inverness, Spurs had enjoyable drives to Cawdor Castle, Culloden, Strathglass and Cannich. It would be great if ICT could arrange a game, anywhere near this stature, for their 25th anniversary.
  2. Inverness CT -V- Morton

    A team devoid of ideas, second to every ball and showing little passion. Week after week I see teams breaking on us with pace, two or three passes and they are in our box, but we seem to take an eternity to get up the park, pick the wrong pass and run in to trouble. There was nobody to take this game by the scruff of the neck, be brave on the ball and make them work. I am struggling who to give the points to in player awards. We must build for next season and get rid of the chaff.
  3. Keeping 11 on the pitch

    The players do have to take some of the blame, Mackay knew he was on a booking, although I thought the first one wasn't, so he must know if he pushes a player out of the way he will pick up a second. Saying that, on a number of occasions, Crusader players went unpunished for the same offence, which has happened on numerous occasions this season. All we are looking for is consistency from the officials. I have been at games this season when we have had several players booked and not one for our opponents. ICT are not a dirty physical team, but this season looks like turning out to be one of the worst for red cards.
  4. Captaincy

    I would still have Warren as the overall club captain, he has been a great servant to the club, still has a part to play as a squad player, and as time catches up with everyone, he will know his own limitations. For the on field captain, I would go for Tremarco, someone who loves the club, and have Donaldson as his understudy. I think Vigures has a presence on the pitch, but he picks up far too many bookings for petulance, and has to be seen to be leading by example.
  5. Crowd v Crusaders

    This is what you get when you have the disastrous SFA in charge. They invented this tournament, for what purpose I'm not quite sure. Who is benefiting from it? They don't promote it, they certainly don't care about the supporters or the clubs. Is it from TV money? There must be some reason they have for agreeing to play it on a sunday at stupid o'clock. The late great Jock Stein was said 'football without supporters is nothing', and he is right. The atmosphere at the stadium on Sunday was terrible, and only came alive when the handbags came out at the end of the game. I think we all know that the crowd would have been bigger had it not been on TV, but you can bet your bottom dollar that some of the '15,000 fans to Hampden', "the glory hunters", will be searching in their cupboards for their ICT scarfs and hats for the final, and then never seen again at the stadium.
  6. Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    We really made hard work of that, and the sending off, which was harsh, changed the game. I thought Polworth had his best game for us in a long time, and i like the passion he is showing, even though he picked up a booking. Good to see Elbouzedi back, as I liked what I saw pre season. I would like to see Bell and Oakley play closer together, no one seems to be close enough to pick up any second ball. The big test now will be on Saturday against Morton, and if we get in front, can we see the game out.
  7. Highland Derbies Next Season

    And Billy Mckay will have THREE!
  8. Susan

    Whoever agreed to sign him, should be ashamed, with the amount of money that has been wasted in wages on this player, with no return, and ICT seriously needs to have a good look at their scouting system . How many no hopers have we had over the last few years? The supporters can see right away that these players that have come and done nothing are rubbish, so who is vetting them and thinking they're good?
  9. Inverness CT -V- Dundee

    Play the young hungry players. Baird has had his time. There wasn't much between the teams but we wasted our passes a lot more. I said at the start of the second half that we need to be tight and we go and lose a goal. Ref was mince in the first half and the weather was atrocious.
  10. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    I remember at the season ticket members meeting that Robbo said that indiscipline would not be tolerated by the club, and that even the youth teams had been told not to talk back to the officials or pick up silly bookings, so what has happened? Are the club not fining them enough? Or do players need to fight their way back into the team instead of walking back in when the suspension is over?
  11. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Mulraney certainly has that indiscipline side to his game. I remember on a couple of occasions last season when he had a sly kick out at opposing players who had annoyed him, but was not spotted by the officials.
  12. Highland Derbies Next Season

    I would like to think we would swap places, with ICT going up through the play offs and County having automatic relegation, but in my heart of hearts I think we will both be playing in the championship next season.
  13. Highland Derbies Next Season

    If County get relegated, will that be some sort of record for Billy McKay, being relegated three seasons in succession with three different clubs?
  14. Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    That's another game where not one of our opponents was booked, and another where we have had a player sent off. I wasn't at the game but by all accounts Mulraney's cards were certainly merited but what of the others, we're they justified? Are our opponents just better at tackling or is their discipline better? Maybe someone who was accepted the match can inform me?
  15. Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    They were saying on radio Scotland that it will be on Tuesday 30th January.