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  1. You hear some folk saying we're not ready for promotion, or we won't survive in the premier league. Surely, even if we become a yoyo club, it is better to have a season of good travelling support coming to Inverness, and a parachute payment if we get relegated, rather than another season in the championship and another reduction to the playing budget. Although I think Robbo has done wonders assembling a squad that has achieved a Scottish Cup semi final and a good chance of a play off place, you have to ask how much more can he do if the budget is slashed again for another season in this league.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. The final was no better, I have a blue disabled badge, and my son drove me down to Hampden, but the stewards wouldn't let me use a disabled parking bay as I hadn't pre book
  3. I'll only be going if the bus actually drops us off at Hampden. When we went to the semi final against Celtic, it parked miles away, and as I have mobility issues, it was a slow painful walk to get there and back. Why we weren't allowed to park at Hampden is still a mystery to me, as the spaces for the coaches were empty.
  4. Doran (5) Chalmers (3) Trafford (1)
  5. A great team performance, every player giving their all for each other. I said to my son when they sent mcmullin on, "Hear comes the diver, he's been sent on to get a penalty", and that's what happened. He did the same a couple of seasons ago when he jumped over Drapers leg to win a penalty and utd won 1-0, at least this time justice was done. ICT were by far the better team, and should have been in front with Austins goal, but it was so sweet to win it the way we did. Doran, Chalmers and Trafford were the pick for me, but the whole team needs to be congratulated. Brilliant!
  6. A very hard fought 3 points. I worry when we score so early, as we tend to retreat further and further back as the game goes on. We need to look after the ball a lot better instead of just kicking it aimlessly up the park. But a wins a win, and a lot of the other results went our way today.
  7. If this is true, it's another bad piece of business by ICT. Hearts get our player, Mulraney, who now plays in the premier league for them, and we get diddly squat, a player who never set foot on the pitch for us and a wasted wage. Surely we should have had some guarantees of his fitness before we signed him, due to his fitness record?
  8. Yes, the talk in the main stand tonight was the Beith left at Christmas, so why did the club not announce it? Mcauley has his number now.
  9. It's a good job I can type, because I have lost my voice shouting at that amazing cup tie. A game that had everything and some good performances as well. To come back twice and nearly win it at the end showed great character from the team, and hopefully we can take this into the next game. And to silence the county rabble at the end was priceless.
  10. Our form at the moment is so unpredictable. We seem to really struggle to beat teams below us in the league, but have had a few good results against teams in the top four. The way things are going, I can't see us holding on to a top four spot. Some of the teams below us are starting to put runs together, Partick being one of them, and they have just signed a proven goalscorer, Scott Mcdonald, till the end of the season. Some teams in the league have gambled and thrown a lot of money in their efforts to get promoted, and it seems to be paying off at the moment. The problem is we have played it safe, money wise, and have lived within our means, which may be counter productive in the long run, if we don't make the playoffs and have shot at promotion. Another year in the championship will probably mean another reduced wage budget, players leaving, and the possibility of a poorer quality of player being recruited. If we are finding it hard to recruit players with the money we are offering in wages now, I dread to think what will happen next season, especially with the ever decreasing attendances and possible lower season ticket sales. We have to start giving more of our young players game time with the first team, and have them ready for next season, it seems the only way forward, unless we find our own Roy Macgregor.
  11. Most successful teams have a way of playing, be it a settled team, formation or tactics. For the last few seasons, it's hard to know which way we are going to play from game to game, is it going to be long ball, play narrow through the middle or stretch the opposition back line by playing wide. You could say if we don't know, the opposition won't know, and it could be to our benefit, but it's not working. In my opinion, we play better and have more success with widemen. We create loads more chances when we can get behind their defence and put balls into the box, and if we stretch their back four as wide as possible by hugging the touchline, we will create space for our attacking midfielders to exploit. Players then need to know the system and where to slot in if a regular is out injured or suspended. We need to work on a settled system in training and sign players to play that system and let the other teams worry about our attacking ability. The players at the moment seem to be lost as to where and what they are supposed to be doing. I have no idea what formation we were supposed to be playing in the second half against Partick and neither did the players it seemed. I know it has a lot to do with the quality that we have at our disposal now, but I am a firm believer that if you set your team up well, you can give anyone a run for their money.
  12. That's as bad a performance as I can remember. Just when you think we might have turned the corner, we manage to produce a truly woeful performance. I can't remember their keeper making a save. I have said it before, Robbo doesn't have a plan B, and it's obvious now that he doesn't have a plan A either. It was the wrong team selection and wrong tactics. The game was crying out for width and he flooded the midfield with central midfielders, we were so narrow. We were second to every ball and made a poor Partick team look good. And for Robbo to blame the home support is totally unacceptable, give the fans something to shout about and they will react, and to swear at the fan for expressing his opinion is unprofessional. It's very hard to pick a man of the match, the only time we played any decent football was on the lead up to our goal, why couldn't we do that more often? Robbo's subs were baffling today, only he could leave Brad on while others were hooked. Surely we can't play any worse this season, but I wouldn't like bet on it.
  13. Dundee United recruit 11 players in the transfer window to show their intent. We lose one of our strikers, have two of our best players out for weeks Injured, and end up with the same selection problems as before, I think that shows our intent. It's not a criticism, it's just reality, we are where we are financially. United have just aquired an new American owner and have shown that they mean business in the remainder of the season, they are pushing the boat out for promotion, it may well back fire on them if they don't make it. We on the other hand, have to make a few pounds from a player who would have probably left for nothing in the summer, as most of our players seem to do. As we seem to now be having problems recruiting from the south of Scotland can we not look to the Highland League and identify the best players and keep tabs on them, and try and sign them on pre contract agreements when they are coming to the end of their contracts? Who is our scout? Do we have one or can we afford one?
  14. Jaggernaut


    Did we get a fee for him? They are a premier league club, they can afford it. I hope there are no more late departures, as it will leave us as short of players, and in the same state as we were before the window.