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  1. Totally agree, the club is really bad at those things, again, these things don't take much to do, but mean a lot. It's another case of how bad communication is with the club, any other club would have informed us of a longtime kitman leaving. It was the same when James Vincent rejoined the club, I expected the announcer to really make a big deal of it when he read the team lines out, or for him to run out last to take the adulation of the supporters for our returning Scottish Cup hero, but nothing. Whoever is in charge of communication or public relations at the club, maybe needs to go on a refresher course.
  2. I have mixed feelings about this decision. Firstly, I think that you should go out to win every competition that you enter, or why bother entering or taking part? Secondly, you should always play your best eleven. Football, apart from needing skill and sometimes luck to win games, is a confidence game, and we could certainly do with a good shot of confidence right now, a good result in the cup could be invaluable towards the next game against Hamilton and give us momentum. On the other hand, there may be repercussions playing the under 18s, as the authorities might see this as disrespecting the competition and a fine, that we can ill afford might come our way. I'm sure the under 18s will be delighted to get this chance to play, and it's a path to the first team and I hope they do well, but then again, if they take a big beating, and I can't see or expect Hamilton to take it easy on them, what will that do for their moral? Some might say forfeit the game if it means so little to the the club in the great scheme of things, and save on the expenses for the club and supporters at this time of year, and the cost of living crisis. It is what it is, and the club have made their feelings known, but did they really think they would get any sympathy from the authorities? Was ICT not forced to play a game down at QOS, when they had just witnessed a horrific RTA, and had to be on the coach much longer than they thought and told there couldn't be a postponement and unless they played they'd forfeit the three points? Maybe they will pull off a shock result, maybe Hamilton will not take us seriously, as we sometimes seem to do in games, maybe Hamilton will rest players as well! Whatever happens, let's hope that there are no more players added to the injury list, and that we get to the bottom of the injury crisis eventually.
  3. Over the years, so many things have been suggested to the club, most are small and quite doable, the club have made the right sounds, but very few are executed. We were told that they'd have a steward directing the whackie exit races while trying to leave the home car park, it's survival of the bravest. The ludicrous disabled parking bays, if they want you to park in them the way they've set them out, you're trapped in there, it doesn't take a genius to work that out. Have team sheets available at all food outlets, have a table set up after you enter the stadium to sell raffle tickets, trust me, they'd sell double if they did this. Have to tv on in the concourse, if there's no live game, show old ICT games, try and create an atmosphere. Display all team photos since 94 on the walls, it would give the supporters something to talk about, it's such a soulless space. What happened to the quiz nights? It certainly helped with the player/supporter bonding, and makes the club tighter. There is so much wrong with the club now, no joy in watching or coming to games, it's the worst I can remember.
  4. There is a reason that this is Dodds first job, at his age, as a number one, he has no tactical awareness, he can't see what the rest of us see when things aren't working, he makes the wrong subs, wrong formation and wrong tactics. The thing is, that if we get rid of Dodds, I think the club would install Wilson or Kellacher as interim boss, and that's just adding to the problem, because they are all part of the problem. Today, It looked like these players had never met before, I lost count of the number of times we passed the ball to Dundee, and all the times the supporters were screaming shoot, when they had a sight of goal, only for them to pass it wide. For me, his time is up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the same coaching team till the end of the season.
  5. Shaw had definitely been the best of a bad bunch.
  6. Another hard watch. We huffed and puffed but never looked like scoring. Far too many balls played high into the box, for their number 5 to mop up everything, yet we continued to do it right to the end of the game, why Dodds wasn't screaming at them to stop it is beyond me! It was a good goal that won it, but it was preventable, and he nearly did it again a few minutes later, it's something I was screaming was us to do all first half, cut in from the wing and hit it, but we don't do that. I just don't see where wins are going to come from at the moment.
  7. This is such sad news. I always liked his contributions and opinions on this site, and had recently missed his views on all things related to the club. I often wondered if our paths ever crossed, at the wonderful park whose name they both shared, and being a fellow Jaggie since 1970, who knows? RIP Kingsmills
  8. It definitely wasn't worth getting there, a very poor display and no atmosphere, only 700 odd attendance.
  9. Saw Status Quo in the End of the Road Tour 1984 at the Caird Hall Dundee, what a gig!, but I couldn't hear for a week after it and I think that's why I have Tinnitus now, so maybe that's why I shout so much this season, because of the ringing in my ears,....or maybe there's another reason!
  10. It was a potential banana skin, and my pre-match warning about Dale Carrick nearly came true, as he got their two goals. Shaw again was my MoM, but too many players were off the pace and never looked comfortable throughout the game. But we're through, so please can we have a home tie against a team we can beat, or one of the big boys and earn some money.
  11. A much better performance than most of our recent outings, but that wouldn't be hard. I wonder if our performance had anything to do with the rare appearance of Lionel Nessi??? He emerged from the tunnel like some heroic returning warrior, and inspired the team to a wonderful point! Thankfully Dodds played five in the middle, something that should have happened weeks ago, and with Carson installed back in the middle, next to Welsh, where he belongs, we were much more solid in there and harder to play through. Devine at the back made a huge difference, and it was significant that they scored their second after Danny had hobbled off the pitch. Shaw again was my man of the match and he gave their left back a torrid time. But how we miss the talents of Logan Chalmers, he turned the game for them, and had the beating of Harper at left back, I've said it on here many times, Harper is not a left back, he is a midfielder all day long, but I know he had to go back to fill in for the injured Delaney. My pick of the players were Shaw, Devine and Welsh, but a word must also go to what must be our most frustrated player, Billy Mckay, who gets endless high balls pumped up to him, only for the CBs to head them right back, note to team.....Billy is not a six foot target man, and hasn't a hope of winning those balls, so why do you persist game after game after game doing what doesn't work. We play our best football on the deck, with quick passing moves, that's where our two goals came from. Two shots on target and two goals, just think what we could achieve if we had more shots on target! Three points out of a possible eighteen is not a good return, but it is a point I didn't think we'd get before the game, so, hopefully all the players come through, unscathed and are fit for the Cup game, as we are going to need that sort of performance to get to the next round.
  12. Watching ICT so far this season, has been one devoid of any excitement. There have been previous seasons where we have been beaten, but put up a hell of a performance in the process, and I remember in one game, playing Hearts off the park and coming away with a point. But I can't think of one performance this season that has got me off my seat. We go to the matches now saying things like 'I'll take a point now', and that's what I feel for tomorrow's game, and I'm sure most supporters would think the same. When the chips are down, and our backs are against the wall, we have to set up to be hard to beat, be compact and not be so open. If we do manage to get ahead in this match, our game management must be so much better than it has been in previous games, because if they score first, there is no way we are scoring more than one going by our average goals per game ratio. So, I really really hope for a win, but I will take a point right now.
  13. Kane Hester and Dario Zanatta. Hester knows where the goal is and I've been an admirer Zanatta for several years. One to score and one to create.
  14. A defeat would only mean six games without a win, so I would say we have to have another five winless games for the club to even consider relinquishing Dodds from his post, going by what Scott Gardiner said on one of the Wyness Shuffles, regarding last seasons winless run. So, suck it up, sit tight and I won't say enjoy the ride, I'd say try to get through it and endure it, it ain't gonna be pretty!
  15. They say you get what you pay for, and let's be honest, Dodds was the cheap option. Lived locally, knows the hierarchy and helped out McCann last season. It's as plain as the nose on your face that Dodds is no tactician. Some of his formations, lineups and substitutions are baffling to most supporters, and not having a plan B is criminal, but then again, most supporters I talk to say he doesn't have a plan A. If we can get through this season still being in this league, it will be a bonus. 2 points out of the last 15 is relegation form. A good coach would know how to set a team up not to get beat when times are rough and play to our strengths, but maybe there are things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. The Ridgers situation could be the tip of the iceberg. Dodds handled that abysmally, surely the club can't be happy with him throwing Ridgers under the bus on live TV? Has he, or is he losing the dressing room, because some of the performances have been woeful. If a lot of supporters hadn't have bought season tickets, I think you'd see a even more depressing attendance at games. I can't see anything changing soon, so expect this to the bitter end of the season, and then? Who knows.
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