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  1. I was the same, I have followed Bournemouth since 1971, as they played in the same strips as Inverness Thistle, and Celtic were my big team when Inverness didn't have a Scottish league team, so it's a win win for me, but I thought he would have moved to the Premier league or abroad. I think he was harshly treated by a section of the Celtic support and maybe needed a change. He will now be down on the South Coast with Stuart Armstrong.
  2. That was so disappointing, especially after we seemed to get most of it right on Tuesday night. We never got our rhythm going and didn't use our wings enough. We seemed to be looking for this magical 30 yard pass over their defence, that was mopped up by the Albion defence at ease. We really need to find a striker that is ruthless in front of goal. I agree with the posters on here who said that Duku seems to want to take too long to get his shot away, and what a waste of a free kick he took. Maybe we thought the points were in the bag before the game, as our passing, fluency and energy from th
  3. I was at the game, sitting in the North stand, not my usual haunt, as I have season ticket in the main stand, so it was nice to watch the game from a different perspective. We were treated to two excellent goals, we were right in view of Aaron's brilliant strike, and watched it dip and swerve into the top corner. With regards to the Kirk Broadfoot signing, I must admit that I wasn't filled with joy to read he was coming to ICT, I thought that we usually got rid of players of that vintage, Warren, Raven and Tremarco being prime examples, not signing them, but I was pleasantly surprised to
  4. I thought the first hour was very encouraging. We were closing them down well when they had possession and our passing was brisk and on point. We lost a bit of our rhythm with all the subs, but there were a lot of good performances out there tonight. I agree about the stewarding, and there were many in the North stand not wearing masks, when it was announced that mask wearing was essential in the stand, but not enough stewards to enforce it. Also we weren't allowed to park in the North car park, it was for staff only, and as I have mobility problems, I wasn't amused to have to walk from the ma
  5. Although I think the strip is a good one, in my humble opinion it would be vastly improved if the colours were swapped. Let's have a red shirt with thin blue stripes, and red shorts with a hint of blue, and red socks with just a hint of blue. I know, it's just a dream, and I am so grateful for the small percentage of red granted on the new strip, but a supporter can dream.
  6. The last time I was at Victoria Park Buckie was on the 21 November 1993. This was to see my beloved Jaggies take on the Buckie Jags, the game ended in a 2-2 draw. It was always a hard fought game against Buckie, and it would have been great to go back after so many years.
  7. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news that Ian had died. Although I had never met him, we corresponded on email when he helped me immeasurably on a project that I was pursuing, supplying me with statistics, information and photographs. Along with all the information he sent me, he enclosed a signed copy of his book 'Going Ballistic ', it was such an unexpected gift from the man, and reading all the tributes that I have over the past few days, was such a well respected man. RIP Ian.
  8. Just got my email for my ticket in the north stand for the Dundee game. I'm over the moon to be able to be at an ICT match again.
  9. Pre ordered a copy and donated.
  10. The lineup for the Jags was Sievwright, Fraser, B.Black, Cumming, Bremner, Milroy, A.Black, Newlands, Bruce, Drews aind MacLean. Subs Kenny Munro and Smith. Cumming was the player manager at this time.
  11. I didn't put the Jags as favourites to win the league in 1986-87 season, the were 8th the season before, but I was hoping that they could kick on to 3 or 4 in the league, but as the season progressed, they were playing some of the best football I had seen from a Jags team for some considerable time, and I saw them in every game, home and away in the league winning year. In fact, they went the whole league unbeaten, until the last game of the season when they fell to a home defeat to Peterhead. Some of the performances that season were breathtaking, and I put down to good recruitment. They had
  12. I have the Jags lineup but not the caley, or the scorers.
  13. It may be the scottish cup prelimary round 1 at telford st on 17 december 1977. 5-0 to caley.
  14. These are some of the match reports of the last Jaggies game at Kingsmills. I took photos of every viewpoint of the ground that day, I still miss those days so much, and to this day, I get a tear in my eye wherever I pass where Kingsmills Park stood.
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