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  1. Jaggernaut

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    I see the referee is John Mckendrick, was he not voted the worst ref ever at the stadium last season?
  2. Jaggernaut

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    There Is a Facebook page set up, the ICTFC Stadium Development Project, that supporters can post any Ideas they have to Improve the stadium or match day.
  3. Jaggernaut

    Cove Rangers Match

    Couldn't find the attendance, but It looked really poor. We were asking the same thing about Cammy, but no one knew, what we heard was that Daniel Mackay had picked up an Injury, but how bad, not sure.
  4. Jaggernaut

    Liam Polworth

    I watched and listened from the main stand to peoples reaction to failed runs and wayward passes, and it was Polworth who got it in the neck if he made a mistake, while others who did the same thing seemed to escape criticism. I said on here in the past that one of the highlights for me last season was the combination play between Vigures and Polworth, well that was missing today for obvious reasons, and we need to find a player who can fill that roll, and from what I have seen pre season, we don't have him yet. I hope that as the season rolls on, Polworths worth shines through as his assists for goals tots up, he had another assist yesterday, and he can become a very influential midfielder for ICT.
  5. Jaggernaut

    Liam Polworth

    He just needs to play a simpler game, make the right pass and keep getting those assists, but that free kick had to be seen to be believed, It wouldn't have looked out of place at Murrayfield.
  6. Jaggernaut

    Cove Rangers Match

    I think given the fact that this is the first game that the whole squad was available to pick from, as all the other pre season games had seen the squad split into two, it was an ok performance. It's a win, and there were a couple of unexpected results in other matches in the cup, so it's good to get the points. I thought Doran was the pick for me, I think he has been given a licence to roam from Robbo, as he was everywhere on the park. Chalmers had a good first half but faded out of the game after the break. This is the second time I have seen Rooney, and he has yet to convince me that he is the answer to the right back berth, is he really any better than Seedorf? The midfield is crying out for a playmaker, someone who can spot a pass and take the game by the scruff of the neck when needed, so it will be good to see what Beith can do when he is fit.
  7. Jaggernaut

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    I asked at the club several years ago if they could supply me with some details, results, fixtures etc, of some old Higland League games. The quizzical look I got was as if I had asked for some secrets from the vault. After some months had passed I asked again, and again quizzical looks to which I was informed that they couldn't help me. With ICT taking both Caley and Thistles name, I thought that their respected histories would been held in high esteem, and the new club would have kept a detailed history of the old clubs records. I therfore had to spend months at the library going through old couriers and highland news to get the info I required, Aberdeen library was also very helpful but I had to pay for the information. I do believe that there should be a football museum at the club, detailing the history of Caley and Thistle, to show the future generations where ICTFC came from.
  8. Jaggernaut

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    The game you are talking about took place on wednesday 25th April 1990. Christie and Urquhart scored for Caley, and It was Alan Macdonald who got the overhead kick goal for the Jags. The attendance at Telford Street was 541. The teams were Caley - Morrison, Davidson, Mann, Docherty, Andrew, Macallister, Macdonald, Lisle, Urquhart, Christie, Robertson. Thistle - Calder, Skinner, Stevenson, Mitchell, Milroy, Clark, Macdonald, Penman, Taylor, Sutherland, Noble. I hope this Is of use to you.
  9. Jaggernaut

    Liam Polworth

    What I noticed at the pre season game against Clach was that how vocal Polworth was, he was giving encouragement and instruction to the players around him, especially the newer recruits to the squad. So maybe this is the season that he takes more responsibility in the team. Tremarco said there should be more leaders on the pitch, and Polworth is one of our most experienced players now.
  10. Jaggernaut

    Cove Rangers Match

    I nearly forgot that the match against Cove was coming around so fast, it was only when the Aberdeen game was cancelled that I realised that the next gsme up was the League Cup. Surely if the club want more folk to attend they should be promoting it more, especially as it's the first competitive match of the new season. We got our tickets £10.
  11. Jaggernaut

    The Pre-Season Thread

    I thought the team played well enough today, once they got into their stride. Ìt was interesting to see some of the players for the first time. Harper had a good solid game at left back and I thought Chow looked decent in the middle, Rooney had some good runs down the right, but his final ball needs to be better. The man of the match for me has to be Daniel Mackay. This lad is going to be some player, his runs off the ball and his control on the ball is fantastic. I think he will be a big player for ICT this season. Austin looked sharp as well, he has good feet and can turn on a sixpence. It will be interesting to see what starting eleven will start the first competitive match of the new season. Also great to see Doran getting a good pre season injury free, he was captain today and had a good solid game.
  12. Jaggernaut

    Next season expectations

    At the season ticket holders meeting with the chairman at the beginning of last season, he talked about improving the match day experience for the supporters, so what has changed? The only thing I can see is the shop, and that hasn't enhanced the match day experience.
  13. Jaggernaut

    New Board Member

    Hopefully the club will be able to inform us who the new captain is just as quickly as they do with a new board member, before we read it in the P & J.
  14. Jaggernaut

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    I see your location Is rural Aberdeen shire, so would It not be easier going to the Keith v ICt game today?
  15. Jaggernaut

    Next season expectations

    In my opinion, a play off place is achievable, if we get off to a good start, and not have to play catch up the rest of the season like last term, and as long as we beat the teams we are supposed to be better than in the cups, that would be an acceptable season to me, anything better would be a bonus.