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  1. I've heard he is a bit of a painter, they could have got him in to give those gates a coat or two.
  2. The problem is our location. If players come up to the Highlands to play for us, they usually love it here, and if they come to the end of their contracts and want to stay in the area, and are looking for a change, the only other option for them is County. In the central belt, there is a plethora of clubs they could sign for, but here, it's the choice of us or county, and at the moment, with MacGregors financial clout, it's county they choose. I hate it when ICT players move to our rivals, but I have a sneeking suspicion that Chalmers won't be the last of our players moving there for next season.
  3. If Robbo has no interest in this job he should come out and say so, this would quash any rumours and stop them from growing arms and legs. We don't want the same situation that arose when Dundee United came calling for Hughes and he was refused permission to speak to them.
  4. I could never understand how Celtic let McCart go and go on to sign Hendry from Dundee, there is no comparison. I really believe that McCart will turn out to be one of our best signings and he will go on to achieve a lot in the game.
  5. They couldn't cope with the name, Inverness ClachnaCaley Thistle. Give me an I give me a N ....
  6. I see that Danny Williams, who left ICT at the same time as Vincent, has been released by Accrington Stanley, after spending the season on loan at Fylde. They certainly never over achieved after leaving the Highlands.
  7. Another average player leaves ICT. We have lost far better players than him and survived. I wish him well, but can't see him making much of an impression at county, in my opinion they have far better players to fill their midfield than Joe. He has undoubtedly increased his wages, and if he is satisfied to sit on the bench and not play, then it's the right move for him. I heard a few weeks ago that he bought a house in Inverness, and was also told his other half works for Robbo's wife, so it didn't take rocket science to work out he was either staying with us or going to county, and money talks.
  8. When he joined, I asked Alan Simpson did he actually believe what he was posting or was he just being controversial to collect the red dots. He just laughed it off. There does seem to be a theme that he is out of sync with the majority of posters, but it takes all sorts, and we are all entitled to our own opinion.
  9. I'm 62 as well, and have been a Jaggie all my life. Home and away when work would allow. I'm glad you can still bounce with the best, I haven't been so lucky, I have too many health issues which slow me down now. I'm still vocal at games and can argue with the best, but the looks that I get from a lot of folk makes me think that they enjoy sitting in silence, almost passionlesss. I don't know what the answer is, unless, as you say, get all the like minded folk to change there seats and sit together, which I fear will not happen.
  10. I couldn't agree more IHE. We are probably contemporaries, although from different sides of the rivalry, from our old Highland League days, and there was more passion and atmosphere at the games then, than at most of our home games now. Our singing section remains uncovered and empty, and the only time I have seen anybody sitting there was at our European tie.
  11. At the beginning, he looked like he had potential, but he spends more time falling down than he does on his feet. I really don't think he will be missed. I wish him well for the furure, and maybe he thinks going down the leagues will help his form.
  12. Obviously the away fans go to the home games as well, but it's just that they will be spread out in different parts of the ground, instead of all being together in one group, shouting and singing like they do at away matches. Because of this, you may be sitting at home matches next to a group of supporters who are not very vocal, and your lone voice gets lost. I shout a lot at games, but most of the folk around me seldom do. I have noticed at some grounds that some of the stands are closed, so that the main stand is full and creates a better atmosphere. I'm sure this wouldn't be popular with the north stand supporters, and I'm not suggesting that we do, but unless we get like minded folk sitting together I feel the atmosphere will not change. We have a very reserved home support, unless the young lads are in with their drum, but they only seem to turn up at derbies, and what they deem as important matches, instead of creating a good atmosphere at every home game.
  13. I would take the red and black stripes from The Jaggies for the new top and the white shorts of caley for the new shorts, that sounds just perfect.
  14. I haven't heard the Trafford rumour, but I heard last night that Chalmers and Donaldson are County bound next season.
  15. I fear Robbo is going to have another rebuilding job to do for next season if all the rumours are correct, so it's good to see new players coming in already, it gives them a good pre season when it starts. There will be plenty of players out of contract from other clubs now the season is coming to an end, and it will remain to be seen who can be persuaded to come north and play for us, knowing our financial constraints on wages.