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  1. Yes, I would have to have Keatings in the first eleven, I think he will be a very big player for ICT this season. Apart from linking the play and a goal threat, his corners and free kicks will contribute to a lot of goals.
  2. Another very enjoyable listen. Amusing and good varied content. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the next one.
  3. A very enjoyable afternoon in the sun at the stadium for the Jags. I have never seen such a negative performance from a team, in the first half, like I did from Morton, they just tried to park the bus and had no out ball, last weeks result was obviously fresh in their thoughts. We played some neat passes and it was just finding a way through the massed ranks of their eleven, and we did with a fabulous strike from Todorov, and the second looked like Doran had over run the pass, only for the ball to emerge past the keeper and into the net. Storey had the beating of their right back for pace time after time, and had put in a few good crosses, and nutmegged the keeper for Thistle's third. We could have had a fourth, when we were awarded a penalty when Trafford tumbled in the box. I would have liked to see Welsh take the penalty, even though he missed the last one against Clach on Wednesday night, but Todorov had grabbed the ball and it didn't look like he was going to give it up, Welsh was the penalty taker last season, and I think, if he is on the pitch, he should take them, unless he is constantly missing them. Todorovs miss seemed to spur Morton into life and they were being far more offensive and grabbed a consolation goal when our defenders seemed to lose their player. All in all, there were some really good performances. Welsh, Doran, Storey and Todorov stood out for me, and keeper MacKay's distribution was first class. Mchatttie and Donaldson were solid at the back and both full backs put in good shifts up and down the wing and some good crosses. I though Trafford had a far better second half and MacGregor had some nice touches to link the play. Machado has great feet, and just needs to know when to lay the ball off to a player in a better position, but I love his directness. As I said in a previous post, I think we now have the strongest squad we have had in quite a few seasons. In past seasons we have had a good first eleven and a bench that wasn't as strong, but now we have competition for all areas on the pitch. Good results can breed confidence, so lets hope we can take it into our next game at Dunfermline.
  4. Another very hard earned 3 points. I know it's early in the season, but if we are going to struggle, against one of the teams that are being mentioned to be near the bottom of the league come the end of the season, then it may be a long hard season for us. As a few folk have already said on here, when did we become a long ball route one team? Do we have to play with a tall target man? How about using the pace of Walsh, Keatings and Storey and terrorise their defenders, they always say that defenders don't like teams with pace running at them, but we punt balls up the park to a player who plays with his back to goal, and is very poor at timing his jumps. Robbo has to spring surprises on the visiting team now and again, whether it be tactics, formation or lineup, but we trot out the same thing week after week. When we were on our way to the stadium, we named the starting 11, and the way we would play, and the only thing we got wrong was Rooney coming back early. If we know that, then the opposing team know that and they can set up accordingly. The only thing that Robbo seems to want to tweak is central midfield, so he must be happy with everything else! We need to get the ball on the ground and pass our way forward at pace, it's not rocket science, other teams do it to us, but as with last season, we must be the slowest team at counter attacking in the league, passing the ball back and forth along the back line, until the opposition are back in their shape, and then trying to play through them! I hope we try something different for our next game, but I think I could name the starting 11 and tactics now.
  5. 5. Keatings 3. McCart 1. Toddy Ref. Poor.
  6. Jaggernaut


    We don't play on it again till the 10th of August, so hopefully that will give it enough time to strengthen up. Even Robbo and Barry were out at half time putting the divots back!
  7. That was tougher than it should have been. We certainly didn't carry our form from saturday through to this game. Cove were very good at carrying the ball and broke at pace, while we really struggled to string three passes together. Sometimes, it's just not certain players day, and our fortune certainly changed with the subs. Todorov looks more of a threat than White, and MacGregor was so positive with his runs and energy that he can't be far away from a first team start. The good thing is that we have a lot of young talent who will keep the pressure on the lads who have the jerseys just now, and make them up their game. Top of the league and on to Dundee on sunday.
  8. Vincent had a very good game, some good forward passes and he worked tirelessly on the defensive part of the game. In my opinion, he is a far better player than the man he replaced, Joe Chalmers. In his first spell with us, he started really well, but injury curtailed his progress, let's hope he can stay injury free this time, and kick on in his career.
  9. Seeing the new kit in the flesh for the first time today, left me totally underwhelmed. It must be the most unimaginative design we have ever had, even eclipsing the deplorable league cup final one. I wonder who had the final say so on the design? Their judgement leaves a lot to be desired in our 25th year.
  10. 23 shots with 14 on target according to the bbc sport app, at least we seem to be having a go this season.
  11. Three assists from Tom Walsh today, I think we have a more balanced squad this season.
  12. Very enjoyable listen, and I hope they continue it.
  13. There are some very good fishermen on here, but there are others who are rank amateurs.
  14. For me, there's far too much caley in the club . In the name, in the stadium name and in the club colours. I can see how the old caley fans don't understand how it affects the Thistle side, but I wonder how calm they would be if we played in predominantly red tops with a smidgeon of blue and we played at the Thistle park and we were called Inverness Thistle C.?
  15. I'm totally underwhelmed with the new top. The front is almost the same as the back, so why the big teasing reveal? I thought as the back was so plain, they would have come up with some really good design for the front. Basically, it's just a blue top, such imaginative designing.