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  1. Superb as usual lads. Thanks for asking my questions, and getting the answers. The content was informative and entertaining, and it looks like the way forward is optimistic. I think it was said that Inverness Thistle last won the league fifty years ago, but it was thirty five years ago 1986/87 season. I was also there to witness them winning back to back league titles in 1971/72 & 1972/73, and it was the 71/72 league title win where Caledonian beat Elgin City 5-3 to give the Jags the win, A match I attended, and it was indeed some game. Three clubs one history should, in my view,
  2. This, for me, is the shirt that we have been wanting for such a long time. When I say we, I refer to myself and my son. I really believe that this shirt will be a big seller, and I can see it being a hit with the away support as well. Well done ICT and whoever was responsible for it.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I worked for a bespoke tailoring firm in my late teens, and bespoke means made to measure for the client. We also had suits that were off the peg in various sizes, so unless the shirts are going to be individually made to customers sizes and specifications, they are not bespoke.
  4. I know that the physical matchday programme wasn't viable, but what happened to the online one on match days? Surely the club wasn't out of pocket producing that one? Raffle tickets need to be pushed more, we can hardly ever find one. Why don't they have a table set up after you come through the turnstiles, that way the club would sell more? They should also have a steward directing traffic out of the car parks, it's a free for all on busy matchdays, with most drivers not giving an inch. If someone was there to direct the cars, so they were let out in turn, it would run a lot easier.
  5. If we can keep Roddy, Sean, Scott and David Carson fit for next season, we will have a formidable midfield.
  6. I have also joined the seniors club for the first time. The discount helped ease the pain!
  7. I have nothing but praise for the way that Shane had grabbed his second chance at ICT, with both hands, and got stronger and stronger as the season wore on. I hold my hands up, and say that I wasn't full of enthusiasm when I heard we were resigning him. Not that I thought he wasn't a decent player, but I thought his time had come and gone, but his tireless running, passion, and crucial goals, and finding his best form on the righthand side, had turned him into an important first team member. His injury is such a travesty at this point of his career, but I'm sure he will come back and I am glad
  8. I really think we need a tall striker, a target man, so, that if the game isn't going our way, we can change tactics, and, as we seem to like the long punt up the park, it would be nice if we could actually win some balls in the air, instead of our opponents centre backs winning everything and it coming straight back at us. In the last couple of seasons we had White and Todorov, and it gave us options. We play our best football on the deck with short quick passing moves, and we have got a lot of joy from it, but there is no use bringing on a small striker to replace a small striker when that i
  9. There are so many small things that the club could be doing, but don't seem too bothered about. At a meeting with the supporters a few seasons ago, it was said that the clubs intention was to improve the match day experience for the supporters, and I realise we have had covid since then, but nothing has changed, in fact it's worse. We can't usually find anyone selling raffle tickets, and with the club needing every penny you'd think they would be pushing this. There hasn't been a physical programme for a number of seasons now, and the online programme has now disappeared also. Where is our mas
  10. As far as I believe, but don't take it as gospel, we have Ridgers, Deas, Carson, Magregor, Billy Mckay, Walsh, Harper and Allardice all signed up, I think the rest are contracted till 31st May 2022.
  11. Although we got further than I'd hoped when we started the playoffs, and the team can be very proud of how far they came, we really need to find a different way of winning next season. We need a target man, so we can change tactics when punting the ball up the park isn't being won by our small strikers. When we play on the deck with short fast passes, we usually create something, the long punt brings nothing, unless we can change it by bringing on a target man. So, it's another season in the championship, and it will be another season of building a team again, as a number of players will have
  12. We have to take the game to St Johnstone, we were far too passive on Friday night, which lead to Rooney having the whole right wing to himself. We need to make him think about defending first and foremost, and that means having Chalmers and his pace occupying his time. Samuels on the other wing caused all sorts of problem for them and made them play far nearer their goal than they would have liked. If we can cut out the long aimless punts up the park, and keep the ball on the deck with short quick passes, we have a chance. As it's been said, Robbie Deas likes to get at least one goal a season,
  13. Calum Davidson will be drilling into his team on Monday, ' don't concede any free kicks near the penalty box', they now know that we have a very effective weapon in the form of Reece Mcalear. That will give the St Johnstone defence something to think about, and with that, and the pace and ability of Chalmers and Samuels, an extra threat that was missing in the first half on Friday. I sadly won't be able to make the game on Monday, and hope to catch it on tv, but I'm getting excited about it already, it's one of the biggest games in our history.
  14. We were all astounded with the lineup and formation, it was mind boggling. We needed to give Rooney something to think about, but we let him have the run of the right wing in the first half, it was only when Chalmers came on that we gave him something to think about, and having Welsh, our best midfielder, playing in the back four, was a huge blunder by Dodds. But credit to Dodds and the players, we turned it around. First goal, Samuels was offside, but we played to the whistle and Macalear scored a great goal, and then he steps up and scores one of the best free kicks I have ever seen. For me,
  15. If memory serves me well, wasn't it Steven McLean who missed the Meekings handball verses Celtic in the Scottish Cup, and Nick Walsh who unbelievably sent Polworth off against Dundee United in a playoff game? So a mixed bag there.
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