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  1. Our results against the bottom sides are truly awful. Is it because they are desperately trying to stay in this league more than we want to win this league? And you do have to question players playing out of position, it's like trying to put square pegs into round holes, it clearly doesn't work. Too many players form has dipped over the last several weeks, and I know that sometimes the squad had been a little thin, but I now think it's time for some of the younger players to have a go, you never know, there might be a gem amongst them just waiting for their chance.
  2. Another very poor display, not helped the atrocious Collum. A good referee should be almost invisible in a game, not vying for the starring role. In my pre-season prediction, I said that I thought ICT would end up outside of the playoffs, and if we keep producing performances like this and dropping points, that's where we're heading. We are desperately needing to beef up the squad, and need some new faces quickly. Another game where we couldn't fill the bench and our options to change things were limited. We are desperately needing to find some players who can beat a man and get a shot away, t
  3. I had a run in with one of the stewards last season, when he decided to talk to me like I was dirt on his shoe. So I gave him the hairdryer treatment and told him that I can understand how there is trouble at matches if that's how he speaks to the supporters of the club. Maybe the club need to explain what their job description is.
  4. It shows what a strange league this is when the only part time team top the league and the favourites to go up (kilmarnock) just sack their manager.
  5. I have now come to the conclusion that Billy Dodds is incapable of changing tactics when things are not going well. We play the same way for 90 minutes, no change no matter what takes place and subs used far too late on in the game. Simple passes were needed to just keep the ball but we just keep punting it up the park to the opposition and it just keeps coming back, it was just a matter of time till they scored, very poor. We had a chance today to consolidate our place at the top of the league, and we blew it big time. The ref was woeful as well.
  6. Great result. We were the better team, and we kept up closing them down for the whole game. Everyone played their part and the game management towards the end of the match was so much better. We just need to pick better passes in the final third and more goals will come. Sean's goal was a thing of beauty.
  7. Well I thought the morton game was bad but this was dire. After a couple of good moves in the first half, we seemed to lose any tactics we had by just kicking the ball up the park. Where does all the coaching go, where is all the combination play and the triangles that you need to play good football? I know that it's not the greatest cup competition but it's a chance for fringe players to show what they've got, but on this show, apart from harper and Mackay, it isn't much.
  8. If the squad players are fit, it's about time they are given a shout for the first eleven. Anthony Mcdonald was impressive in his loan spell with us, but hasn't had a sniff this season, and Jameison always looks good when he gets a few minutes, Harper as well maybe needs another go. I'm all for retaining a settled team, if they are delivering the goods, but if not, things need to change. As for the tactics, far too many hopeful balls punted up the park, only for the opposition to mount another attack. Where, or what is Billy Dodds plan B? Our tactics never seem to change when we go behind, the
  9. Over my many years watching football, most good teams have always had, what some might call, a destroyer, some physical strength, in the midfield, we currently do not, and in my humble opinion was one of our problems last night. A few seasons ago we had Carson, who was lost to the middle of the park to fill the right back berth, then we had Allardice, who was also moved from the midfield to right back, and last night we never had control of the midfield. We had two wing men, and two centre mids, and it just wasn't enough. If we are going to win games we need to win the midfield, and we haven't
  10. I don't know where yo start with that performance. We lost the midfield battle, we needed three in the middle, two wide and play one striker. We certainly miss an Allardice or Carson winning the ball, but too many players just didn't turn up or made the wrong final ball. And I lost count of second balls We lost. It was terrible conditions, but Arbroath seemed to handle it better. We need to turn this bad run if form around quickly or my prediction of us ending up fifth will come true. Partick are the best team we have played thus season, so Dodds will have to get his tactics right for Saturday
  11. I think for Tuesday night against arbroath, we need to get Walsh back on the right wing, to try and drag their back four wide, and get behind their defence. There's too many sideways passes and not enough getting to the byline. We also need to start the game like the way we play after we are behind. There have been games, like the second half against partick, where we throw the kitchen sink at them, but we should be doing this from the first whistle and then manage the game to the final whistle.
  12. I was the same, I have followed Bournemouth since 1971, as they played in the same strips as Inverness Thistle, and Celtic were my big team when Inverness didn't have a Scottish league team, so it's a win win for me, but I thought he would have moved to the Premier league or abroad. I think he was harshly treated by a section of the Celtic support and maybe needed a change. He will now be down on the South Coast with Stuart Armstrong.
  13. That was so disappointing, especially after we seemed to get most of it right on Tuesday night. We never got our rhythm going and didn't use our wings enough. We seemed to be looking for this magical 30 yard pass over their defence, that was mopped up by the Albion defence at ease. We really need to find a striker that is ruthless in front of goal. I agree with the posters on here who said that Duku seems to want to take too long to get his shot away, and what a waste of a free kick he took. Maybe we thought the points were in the bag before the game, as our passing, fluency and energy from th
  14. I was at the game, sitting in the North stand, not my usual haunt, as I have season ticket in the main stand, so it was nice to watch the game from a different perspective. We were treated to two excellent goals, we were right in view of Aaron's brilliant strike, and watched it dip and swerve into the top corner. With regards to the Kirk Broadfoot signing, I must admit that I wasn't filled with joy to read he was coming to ICT, I thought that we usually got rid of players of that vintage, Warren, Raven and Tremarco being prime examples, not signing them, but I was pleasantly surprised to
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