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Repeat after me - It's not Sky's or ESPN's fault

Broadcasting deals for Scotttish football have received a lot of bad press in the last 12 months. Some off it quite rightly warranted, however a great deal of iit was anywhere between misguided to just plain wrong. The facts are there are 2 types on sport: sport with a TV presence and amatuer sport watched by 2 men annd a dog. Some people are too quick to judge the negative aspects of broadcast contracts without acknowleging the overwhelming positives. And they are overwhelming, so let's loo



Armageddon - thy name is league reconstruction

If you were to give 100 monkeys 100 typewriters (computers that didn’t need electricity for the younger viewers) I would be willing to bet they would come up with a better plan for league reconstruction than the ones currently on offer. Before I look deeper into these I first wanted to look at the reasons given for league reconstruction to see how we got here. When the SFA/SFL/SPL and any other alphabet soup of organisations released a joint statement last year they provided the following re



Introducing the SPL's new team for 2012/2013 - Govan Rangers

Firstly a disclaimer: I do not want this to happen and if it does happen it will prove once and for all that the people running Scottish Football are morally corrupt. But in saying that I am certain this is going to happen. Govan Rangers will take their place in the 2012/2013 SPL season they will have a mostly blue kit and play out of Ibrox. Why am I so certain of this? Because the SPL has form. The SPL has set up as a commercial entity to generate as much income for the league as poss



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