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  1. I recognised one of the community coaches working at the south car park.
  2. Whether there were contractual issues or local staffing availability, I'd hope that any security staff observed the regulations and underwent at least the same level of checks that we did. It's not a great look, but when the sh1thawks at the record & sun are peddling it , it tends to get more attention than it deserves.
  3. You dont have to be a keyworker to move between tiers, work is classed as essential, as long as it cannot be done from home. Confirmation from the club on this matter, with reasonable explanation please...
  4. Sounds like a disgruntled county fan made it up... We lined up outside, went to the ticket booth to give name & id proof plus temp check. Then we moved on where a guy barcode checked our tickets and off we went in...no corralling, but i do smell shiiite. Worst part was the cold wait inside...I'd imagine it was worse for folk who got the really early times.
  5. Looks like somebody [email protected]#ked up, pure & simple...the discriminatory nature of the failure suggests a targeted denial of service , ie season ticket holders losing access. Nothing to do with servers.
  6. Cases of covid-19, or suspected inbreeding?? If it's the latter then the numbers are finally falling.
  7. He was shown up time and time again with his inability to set up for free kicks, even showed a liability with near post corners toward the end.
  8. Yes, having a genuine goal threat makes a big difference - turns defeats into draws, draws into wins, and even forces the opposition to think less about their attack and more about their defence.
  9. Aviemore has a PH postcode as does Fort William, but they're both still within the tier 1 catchment area.
  10. Ok so email might not be an option but do the club not keep a telephone contact at least...? I remember being last minute with my renewal one year and got a phone call from Ryan Esson to remind me to get my arse in gear and get it done. There must be some contact details on file.
  11. Sat & fished off a ledge at the bottom of the steep sloping side many years ago. Loch was full of small arctic char. Interesting drive from whitebridge in a pre vw era Skoda. Should probably pay a return visit, as it's been a long time & windfarms were just a flight of fancy back then.
  12. What worries me is that he probably knew what he was doing and that it would be leaked. Like his early involvement in the Brexit campaigns it can only be a sign of future disaster.
  13. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54965585 Looks like Boris is supplying the final nails to hammer into the coffin of the union.
  14. Yes, consecutive seats. Makes sense.
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