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  1. Who do you think writes off our losses each year?
  2. Hamilton take all our cast offs.
  3. Why on earth have the SFA waited so long to raise their heads above the parapet? As the responsible body for the game in this country they should have been more involved from the beginning. And they wonder why they're no longer relevant...🤔
  4. Perhaps all he needs is Donald Park by his side.🤔
  5. Hopefully all this can finally be put to rest now, no more of this 'reconstruction for the benefit of all ' nonsense. It's not the authorities fault we are where we are, if we had a few more committed supporters week in week out we could have easily challenged harder in the last 3 years, with the extra resources. I'm afraid we are going to have to find an alternative way to get the big sky money and old firm cash gates back.
  6. So is it truth, or perception of it by many . Being perceived doesn't make it true.
  7. Looks good...on footballers. Puma strips or 'technical kit' as geeks like to say is quite 'fitted' I think... Not the best for those carrying a bit of extra timber,time to whittle down to those fighting weights.😁
  8. A hybrid model...will this save us enough money in reality? Getting part timers jobs in the area was something we did before, whether it was kosher employment or just slotting someone into a directors/shareholders company. Subsidised accommodation too.
  9. Ah well, we've got a good shot at the fives tournaments.
  10. I've always wondered how I could fit ' internecine' into everyday conversation. I'm still none the wiser.l
  11. Not sure I follow the logic of that - if things get so bad that we only run one league next year (And ictfc get to be part of it) - things are looking up...? What about the rest of the teams, what happens to them?
  12. Satan

    New ICT Podcast

    Paul Ritchie / Sean Welsh. Or maybe Mr shuffle himself, Denzil Wyness.
  13. Not convinced by your first vote, or are you just playing the Dundee FC strategy?
  14. Satan

    New ICT Podcast

    This track still as relevant now as the day it was born. Timestamps on the pod a useful addition, but overall length isn't an issue atm, as most of us have plenty free time to kill. Keep it real.
  15. What's happened to promoting youth from within?? If we can't do it now then we truly are up the creek.