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  1. I think for most of the match we were going up and down the gears quite well, looking dangerous without converting in the first half - although we let Raith into the game just before half time. Raith started well in the 2nd, while we still had our feet up! They worked a good goal which kick started us into life, and the response was instant. Domination for the rest of the match, plenty good interplay in the attacking areas with a few missed passes to be expected from the new faces. A fine late goal from Todorov making the score more respectable. Positive signs all round, not sure what happened at Peterhead. Roll on Cove.
  2. Satan

    New ICT Podcast

    🙄 Faint praise indeed.
  3. If there was any demand they wouldn't have disappeared. What next two points for a win ?
  4. Satan

    Roy MacGregor

    It's true that he has a few fingers in a few different pies, but this story is just pie in the sky.
  5. Another issue to bear in mind is with regards to the pre season he squad has been split in two groups for a lot of the early games. I think that does hinder the performance in the first few meaningful games with regards to players getting used to their role in the team, this includes the players from last season if we are trying new formations as well. Sounds like it wasn't very pretty 2nd half last night so hopefully the coaches can get stuck in and sort things out. Is Robertson still banned for Saturday???
  6. It's only a mickey mouse cup, enough to sharpen us up and get the performances up to standard.
  7. Satan

    Roy MacGregor

    He would've paid more for a good steak.
  8. Aye, quite a few of them by all accounts.
  9. I heard it didn't look good , historical knee problems...
  10. I hear they are currently exploring a back door into the highland league...
  11. Todorov injured last night?
  12. Satan

    New Kit

    We got two new kits last year, changing one per season is usually enough for most enthusiastic replica hunters, but three...gtf.
  13. Satan

    New Kit

    Surely the new kit will be advertised substantially ahead of our 25th year to maximise sales before the season...Surely?? 🤔