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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if DM wasn't offered a post in Dingwall. Has a good working relationship with most of the top guys and coaching staff...why would you want to hang around in this asylum?
  2. ...the banter years are here.
  3. Satan

    4G Pitch?

    No. Everyone should play on the same type of surface, plastic pitches are the ultimate form of home advantage to those that have it. So, all grass, or plastic or whatever the flavour of the day may be, as long as it's a level playing field.
  4. Nah, Grant St has always been a bit of a bog.Very heavy pitch to play on.
  5. I guess highland league teams have better pitches than us then.
  6. You are perhaps crediting them with the wits they dont posess.
  7. Satan

    Semi-Final Poll

    Our games going to be on the telly.
  8. But perhaps you have a key?
  9. Satan

    CEO Stands Down

    Most fans dont need to know how everything works in the football club, we just expect those we have in charge can manage the club so it can function well enough to justify the money we put into it.
  10. Satan

    Semi-Final Poll

    Shouldve left Hampden in the condition it was, utter folly to throw so much public money towards a 'national ' stadium which is in private ownership. Money couldve been much better spent on other infrastructure for the game.
  11. 'These' morons...there was more than one?? Surely they must be known to the regular travelling support. Wouldn't take much to name & shame. Don't need this type of support.
  12. We were pretty damn good then. And it wasn't from mid March.🙄
  13. It's ok, I think I still have my limited edition FIFA world cup scotland calculator. Hundreds of possible combinations to ultimately fail to go through. 😉