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  1. That's a bit harsh on O'Connor , considering the well publicised demons he has had to deal with since he shot to fame. Fighting addiction and dealing with suicidal thoughts isn't quite what comes to mind when you call someone " least disciplined " . At least he is involved with trying to help others now, something I'm not sure Stokes would bother with if and when the wheels come off his gravy train.
  2. Despite all the above he still gets the odd gig, I suspect he has a top agent...wasn't the same one Susan had was it??
  3. I sat beside Steve Ferguson before he signed and he had nothing but good words for him...obviously not a favourite of the forehead shaving freak Kettlewell.
  4. Good signing for Ayr, managing to prise one of the integral parts of 'the Ross County way' back down south.
  5. Well that certainly bucks the trend, getting clothing and school kit for my kids was a challenge as the 'average' 11 year old had a waist size that my 15 year old only now struggles to get into. It was always a massive operation to find the right leg length with normal waist sizes. ...and they say there's no obesity crisis in this country, ha! We're just a step or two behind our American cousins.
  6. Stokes had several chances to make it as a good professional, but his attitude and application has let him down so many times - it's no surprise that he is one of the journeymen of the game with so many clubs in his career already. He has/had the talent , but is always a big risk as to what you will actually get out of him.
  7. No hate on here, farcebook might be different, but as I don't use I can't comment...
  8. What was the big deal about pre ordering if you can just go pick one up from the stadium now?
  9. So Toshney is fourth choice??🤣
  10. Pretty underwhelming signing tbh. He'll probably do okay but we will no doubt be seeing a few clangers over the course of the season. Thought we may have tried a loan deal for an experienced cb or even rb. Still think this is a good option for a midfielder or forward who can do themselves and us a turn for a year. Here's hoping JR can still pull us a few winners from the lucky dip of the free transfer market.
  11. She will be a lot more worried by losing the potential votes of a lot of 16-18 year olds after her sqa shambles...
  12. Fortunately, this time there are no fans travel plans to upset.
  13. ...and Aberdeen confirm a player has tested positive during the cluster through there. Match day 2 might have a postponement already.
  14. I hope john robertson doesn't use that as an aid in team selection. At least if Deas works out, we have a few years in which to sell him on , rather than lose him for nothing.