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  1. It's done. Get over it. The statement is a bit " no one likes us - we don't care" ...wonder who wrote it? 😉
  2. I think Livi failed to beat us in the league that year...they were a bit meh! Anything can happen!
  3. Well, it looks like the pitch is being suitably watered in advance, just need to get the ruler out to make sure the green stuff is below 35mm and we're good to go. No more excuses.
  4. I would certainly agree that treatment will be required just to keep the limbs moving freely as well as injury prevention. No hard running at this late stage. I hope to hell that there will be plenty of ball work as well, the last two games have shown there is plenty of practice needed in that regard.
  5. I suppose they can play a strong team that goes out, plays within themselves and subs their best guys off at half-time. They know what is more important now.
  6. I'll go with that, billy has done a lot of hard running over the last three games, was starting to look tired. Hopefully win the midfield battle with this setup.
  7. Poor show, continuation of the 2nd half of Partick game...endless high balls, poor choice of passes and giving the ball away far too often. Arbroath played a bit of football at times and threatened with more attempts on target, but i felt as the game wore on and they tired we failed to capitalise.
  8. Poor excuse for some dodgy online activity, everyone knows that Ipswich Town FC are the tractor boys... Has there been any official (or otherwise) attendance fugures for friday yet? This seems to be conveniently missing from all the reports.
  9. Need to up our game for Arbroath, passing (and punting) like that won't get us through to the next tie. Docherty ran the show in the second half, unlucky to be on the losing side...wonder if he fancies a move north.
  10. Billy had run himself into the ground by then, and chalmers was on a very generous yellow card. Hardy has done well coming on in both the matches at firhill, has a good touch and links the play quickly - we have opened them up down the middle a fair bit more when he has been on. Despite his size he does cause problems.
  11. We have managed to get ourselves into a strong position ahead of Friday's game, with a bit more football played on a much better pitch we should have enough to finish them off. A strong start and calm heads required, they will come at us hard, dont give them anything to get excited about...we should be able to pick them off and win the tie by a couple of goals at least.
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