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  1. We started the game with four (4) centre backs, young boys in both midfield and attack, add to that our backup keeper means it was not going to be a very cohesive or pretty display whether we won 3 nil or 1 nil. Job done, gums bumped. We move on.
  2. Oh how the Raith must hate this fixture.
  3. Doubt they will remember after tonight's festivities.
  4. You will have you wait for Dodds to tell us how it went.
  5. Expect the home 'crowd' to dwindle as well if this form continues.
  6. We shipped 4 against an average championship team, no surprise that a Premier team is finding it so easy.
  7. Would the club not be due a percentage of monies owed to it by the CoCo for rental of the facilities? I'd assume that the football club is in the same position as the other creditors who aren't getting the full amount owed.
  8. I get the impression that the concert income was always viewed as possible extra revenue. The ILI deal seems to me is the main 'new' projected income stream for the next 12 months .
  9. We are missing some of our best players from last season - to injuries and loans ending. With Broadfoot also leaving this leaves a huge deficit in our experience levels, and the signings we have made (as well as not signing a proper fullback) have failed to address this. I'm not sure we have the leadership on the park to ride out these tough spells, or turn draws into wins. We needed some good signings this summer and I've yet to see any evidence that our management team has succeded in this.
  10. Not great press, comes off even worse after its been spouted by scummy redtops. Difficult to get away from this without a foul odour. Definitely club related, despite idiotic claims to the contrary.
  11. A first half to make your eyes bleed.
  12. Certainly need a positive reaction today, after last week's lukewarm offering.
  13. And the demolition is complete , beating the inexperienced rightback with a cross which is headed in about two feet off the ground.
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