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  1. White & Triffid...Simpson will be seething.
  2. Good grief. Can we not hold on to a lead?
  3. Satan

    Ryan Christie

    This is the place for it.
  4. Exactly, with your last point the situation is exacerbated when the players on such long contracts with good wages, are in fact overpaid diddys that we can't move on when we need to!
  5. Was that on championship manager??
  6. 10k offer and he'd still be here. The way county are panicking about their leaky defence i'd say 40-50k would be rasonable...more if we played hard to get.
  7. It was no secret that 'the snake ' was leaving, only a question of when so it obviously was a replacement, unless JR was planning having 3 or 4 centre backs on rotation.
  8. 75k...commonly referred to as 'a Draper'.
  9. Being a relatively well supported club will only get you so far without being well funded . Good luck to them trying to live in AFC's shadow. Whether they beat us to McAllister signature or not is another matter - is a 32 year old 2nd division striker what we need when we already got a 29 year old lined up? 😏
  10. Three games off in championship, with a further inspection for United v Partick at 2pm. Doesn't seem so outrageous calling off yesterday does it now... Much ado about nothing.
  11. Depends how much cash, and what this may cost us if/when it comes to the playoffs. Short term gain for another year on this division?
  12. You don't get tired of spouting this stuff do you?? The more disillusioned you get the more you seem to post...only happy when it rains.
  13. Pitch was fine, one of the best before the undersoil heating was put in. Location wasn't an issue then.