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  1. Doesn't inflation apply to football?
  2. Satan

    New ICT Podcast

    Thestevekelly always brings a smile to my face, good to hear his 'art ' used in the pods...nice touch.
  3. I seem to recall we couldn't finish off Alloa in a cup final many years ago...
  4. Satan

    Ryan Christie

    Not that I think anyone in a Scotland shirt on Monday night did anything to shout about it was noticeable that Ryan gave everything from the first whistle, he never his and was always demanding the ball, or trying to win it off the Belgians. At times he reminds me of his father in the old second division - a pass or two ahead of his team mates. I think he can go up another level and keep developing, whether we make money or not it would be a fine thing for a local lad to do so well. Celtic are just a stepping stone...😏
  5. Satan

    Top scorer

    He's certainly our most tattooed forward.
  6. Staying in this cup will give us a real competitive run out for the youngsters and fringe players , as well as keeping them ticking over it can give valuable rest for the core players from our squad, hopefully avoiding the injuries and burn out from the end of last season. Slightly better depth of squad should enable us to do this.
  7. Satan

    Ryan Christie

    I don't suppose Ryan has a sell on clause in his contract...? Starting tonight against the #1 ranked team in the world. Such exposure surely means he will be getting poached by a 'bigger' team before long.
  8. Satan

    Away Fan Farce

    As amusing as that scenario might be, there will be no repeat as the few fans who come up will have the south stand all to themselves, where the steward/fan ratio will be 1:1.
  9. Satan

    Away Fan Farce

    They are paying north/south stand prices, but as the cheapest option stand wasn't opened then they get access to the main stand for the same price. To be expected.
  10. Glad you spotted the deliberate mistake 😉 Let's just say Tannadice was a bad day at the office then, definitely a wake up call that day, no?
  11. Is it getting cold on here or are there too many snowflakes all of a sudden?? Why construe some balancing comment as picking on a player ? Sure Mccart is good but he's still young and there is plenty room for improvement. As for Coll ,he has been outstanding in his time with us but hasn't had the best of starts this year - even the blind can see that...if anything Chris has had to be more alert as a consequence. It's only four games in and there seems to be the usual wave of euphoria after our first good game/result...stand back and wait for the bigger picture to appear, like after the first round of games. Who's Polly? Seems like there's an open wound there that just ain't healing. SteveA - care to explain why my posts were 'the most' ridiculous, or can you not put reasonable meaning to your point?
  12. Aye, Coll is making him our best defender with his performances. Like I said I think if he can focus on his defending, particularly in the air where he doesn't dominate like he should for his size. I don't think he's the type of centre back that forwards fear playing against...yet.
  13. First half wasn't much to write about, little quality for the first 10 / 15 minutes, lots of poor passing meant the possession kept changing through mistakes. Started to look more dominant as the half wore on, but until Keating strike we didn't look clinical. Second half was better, although once we got the second it looked like Morton's defence could be beaten easily - and so it was. Plenty good performances but remember after winning 5 nil our goal difference is only +3 , so there is a bit to do yet...only 4 games in after all. Lots of mentions of Mccart improving and being a good passer - glad he's passing is better now because it was awful in his loan spell. Id rather he concentrated on his defending to be honest, still think hes a bit powder puff in some challenges, particularly in the air. 5 nil next week...not a chance. They will be tighter at the back and might make Ridgers work harder...maybe 😉
  14. Sounds like he has good professional experience, but what is known about him currently - what type of forward is he? We have lots of forwards, but not much in the way of strikers who can finish consistently. I would trade most of our current crop for someone of Ian Stewart or Dennis Wyness' likes.
  15. Think there is no rule in cup competitions in Scotland that prevents loan players playing against parent clubs. Tough ties against Clach and Brora first...