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  1. Smyths & mcd's not open sundays?? See where our 'fans' spend their time on Saturdays now. 🤣
  2. Satan

    new directors

    After leaving at the end of the 2017 relegation season I wonder what's tempted them back? Impressed by a new vision to take the club forward , glad to see the back of a few faces, or maybe a bit of both?
  3. No his deal was up next summer but he agreed an extension til 2021.
  4. I've not seen anything from Storey that suggests he has any attributes other than pace, he constantly miscontrols the ball or just kicks it too far ahead of himself. He has had plenty opportunities to score as well - as have most of our forwards.
  5. Still dont have a 'go to' player who can score when we're behind or even in a tight game and kick start a revival, too often we push hard to get back in and fall further behind.
  6. Think Sheerin/Christie combo with Gary Warren as coach is just as unlikely - did you just pick your favourite legends?
  7. So he needs to give them a pep talk / bollocking cos their jobs are on the italics.
  8. I think the stats, if they could speak , would.😏
  9. Satan


    I think it's whats called being polite and keeping your options open.
  10. There goes a few bets down the pan, shoulda cashed out at 0-0 😏
  11. Stats paint the picture you want to see... Wins up...good Draws down...good Defeats up...bad Looks good that we have two 'improved' boxes checked but are less draws an improvement if you have lost most of those games you might have drawn?? Not really 😂 A few more games into the season and the stats will need serious reworking to paint a rosy picture in our current form. Bottom line, optimism is good but quarter season stats can turn bad quickly. Stick to the doesn't let you down.
  12. I think it's an old firm attitude to think we should be up there challenging every year regardless of personnel. It's a tough league and without real strength in key areas you don't stand much of a chance. Livingston did it, but only through the playoffs and with a mean defence.
  13. So many results recently have given us a great chance to take advantage, we haven't managed to take these opportunities yet.
  14. I remember the teams of those (wonder)years, sure they could have an off game here or there, maybe ship 4 or 5 goals at home but they ALWAYS came back strong the next game.Guaranteed! Damn this nostalgia!
  15. Too many balls over the top causing chaos between them...that's not a lack of midfield protection, that's just defending 101. There are issues on the flanks where they are stepping out to cover the missing Tremarco or Rooney too often...but if the manager wants his full backs wandering so far up the pitch he has to organise extra cover.