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  1. Not great when we have 3 attacking midfielders starting the game, what was surprising was that they couldn't string more than three passes together ( to players in blue)!
  2. If only he could cross a moving ball.
  3. Well done Arbroath, resisted the temptation to drop down to our level and outplayed us the whole night. Not a clue where we go from here...
  4. Rather breezy outlook for this evening, and the pitch won't require any additional watering...
  5. With 4 draws already and no doubt well organised under Dick Campbell, we can't afford to lose the opening goal tonight. Keep it tight and take those chances when they arrive.
  6. We have to find our best form quickly, starting with Arbroath on Tuesday...any more slips and we won't be on top!!
  7. Good for training on, but some players have adverse physical reactions after playing competitive games on them. Definite injury risk, although you get similar problems on the old rock hard grass pitches and even with some of the thick lush grass pitches which can catch the studs when turning quickly. Not a fan of them.
  8. Schoolboys would be ashamed at the marking for the Raith goal. One player to aim at and he is in yards of space...🙄 Otherwise a fairly low quality game from both sides. Crap pitch.
  9. Salvaging a draw v 10 men... Push for the win.
  10. Kilmarnock doing their part in reducing the gap too...
  11. If we lose today we lose ground to Raith first of all. Simples. Let's not factor in the losing scenario. One quarter season down it's now time to get a run going, despite there being so many plastic pitches against us now.
  12. A good 2 - 0 victory sees us through to the next round.👌
  13. 26th March!!...made me look anyway.
  14. It was a pretty poor game allround, the decent stuff from Morton evaporated with their confidence after the goals. A very boring game to watch. Not sure how Duffy feels now - demoted to 3rd choice behind two makeshift midfielders. Morale booster for the lad!!
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