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  1. If it was a different question then referenda would be correct, but it's not, it's the same referendum over again ad nauseum . At 50/50 or even a few points either way the appetite for more disruption just isnt there.
  2. By voting tactically, they are deciding their own future. A future without any more 'once in a generation ' referendums.🤣
  3. Hope to hell it's not Cove, they can gtf with their Ross County way.
  4. Having been reluctant to regularly play more than one academy player in the team at a time over the past decade or so perhaps we should look to blood them more often now we can see their value to a club which (may) be in a position with higher standards of and/or more coaching resources at their disposal. The scouts aren't looking for a finished product 23 year old from a championship club - they see the potential that enhanced facilities and playing level can bring a player on exponentially. They want raw talent that can still be moulded into something that works best their team.
  5. Not too bad? Actual figures and substantiated 'word' would be better. Assuming he has passed the medical ok...
  6. A club with the resources that Celtic have should therefore be prepared to pay sums which are closer to the going rate for a player who has had so much invested in them to get where they are. The sell on clause is simply compensation for getting the player cheap in the first place. Imagine said player had come through the ranks at Celtic...would they accept half a mill and a loan back til seasons end?? A bit more savvy on our part was and is required to get the best deal.
  7. Sad to see another of 'our own' depart but that's what the system is there for, just have to make sure we keep them coming. Go on Dan, hope you do well!!
  8. Are we even going to have a 3rd shirt...I thought a home & away is enough for us...
  9. Allan Preston represents him, has been bigging him up on BBC sportsound and probably in a few central belt boardrooms. Surprised Hearts aren't involved - after this year's love in they might get him for free! 😳
  10. I wonder if we will be looking to get cover for Kellacher until he's back as well, not heard anything on his progress but the reduced coaching staff can't have helped with the stress JR was under.
  11. Hearts & Dundee showing why they were tipped for 1 & 2. The rest are just fighting for scraps.
  12. Jings! We really lay down for them, time & space and then a comedy goal thrown in for good measure. 😆
  13. Andy Halliday...big name. Aye, ok .😏
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