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  1. Popescu was at it the whole match, ref seemed oblivious, especially on Todorov at the end.
  2. Feels like a loss, but if we had lost we'd be in a far worse place going into the hearts game. Keeping in mind we are struggling to score we must sort out our defending. The equaliser was the result of not picking up runners between our lines...Alloa had so much space by the time they got to our box that a simple pass exposed Harper 1 on 1...you know the rest. Undone by two cheap goals.
  3. Seem to be getting into the right spaces, but hurrying the passes too often. Just need to pause a moment longer before making the pass, slow it down to speed it up.
  4. Need some composure, at the back, in the middle & up front too.
  5. Happy with that result, chances galore in the game, did we actually defend well for a change?? Ayr might be less than pleased concerning some of their finishing. Good quick interplay and instinctive finishing for the goals, little time for the keepers to react. Carry that forward into the next few games will make the table look better.
  6. Dear oh dear. A rather inept showing all round. Queens will be very pleased with that...only came for a point!
  7. Indeed, and regardless of how many games we have in hand it's better to have the points on the board.
  8. Not knowing what they cost, but I'd imagine they were a lot more than a fiver, I'd say Elton's ticket income won't be surpassed - certainly not for a virtually ticketed football match at the stadium - for sometime.
  9. Attendance record. The clue is in the first word. All very jolly, but no one is attending. 🤔
  10. That's the frustrating thing - even as our expectations are being lowered we are too often coming up short even then!
  11. Going by last night's goals, both sides are where they deserve to be with that complete lack of defending. You'd expect to see that down the bught ffs. Lack of creativity isn't surprising given the midfield lost Keatings early, but there are some players throughout the team who , regardless of system or instructions are playing well within themselves. Regardless of who is picking & managing the players next year I'm probably not alone in thinking that a few of this current crop might be moving on.
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