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  1. Only one defender on bench. Need to sign some defensive cover...
  2. Ferguson seems to be very amused about Boyes injury after clattering post. Bit too amused.
  3. Poppadoms min. Jeezy peeps.
  4. Think some folk are revelling in these damp squib times.
  5. I am glad we've strengthened at the back.
  6. I'm afraid I can't give you a name, then again I couldn't have named half the central defenders we loaned in. Finances,location & time of year didn't disrupt their signings. I haven't heard of anyone that we were looking at but turned us down,so can only assume the man in charge is happy with his dealings.
  7. His ankles are made of poppadoms, needs to toughen up a bit otherwise he'll just go straight back to the broken pile.
  8. Loans in general are good, and if you get the right areas filled with the right qualities then everybody's happy. Not finding a suitable replacement of wotherspoons class is the glaring deficiency.
  9. Could be a cracking pair for league 1.
  10. Nothing I said in the post you initially replied to had anything remotely to do with or mentions the CEO. I was pointing out that they (chair & vice) might not have raised the issue of irregularities if the vote had gone their way, and they wouldn't have had to bring up the 'quorate' at all, or seek advice on how to involve the full council to reverse the decision that they didn't vote for. It plainly reads they regard their voting position was the correct one,despite the outcome although they stated that they accepted the decision and moved on. Really?
  11. I think you'll find it's from the horses mouth, or maybe the other end depending on whether it's the vice chair or the chairs turn to lead the pantomime horse.
  12. If it had gone the other way, would the chair and his vice who voted against it have raised the issue as being barely quorate. Which is irrelevant anyway, it either is or it isn't, no barely about it. They've clearly been upset and after some 'advice' on how to get their results have rustled up some signatures.
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