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  1. But in reality, we will return to the greed of yesterday's society and the idolatry of false celebrity. And unless a proper funding solution can be found, paying the nhs staff more like what they are worth will surely deprive the nhs infrastructure of the billions it needs to maintain already below par levels of investment in materials, equipment and support function. I can't see the solution being possible with only public sector finance .
  2. The cynic in me wonders about the delay and why she wasn't removed from post....time to throw together a goodbye handshake perhaps??
  3. Of course she had to admit she was wrong, at least one of the times!
  4. That's not exactly the one I read, when it first started to circulate 😉
  5. I think a lot of wealthy businessmen/women couldn't hold a candle to the wealth of the average English top flight ball kicker, who probably pays nearly as much in creative accountancy fees as he does in straight tax. And now they're after poor old Kyle Walker, footballers really do get the sh1t end of the stick in the PL.
  6. By birth, apparently...entitlements eh.
  7. I'm sure if you ask nicely one of the many managers we're currently paying inflated wages to will deal with your issue. How much are you expecting back?
  8. I'm sure one of my neighbours went out for two walks today...can this be added to your list?
  9. So how much does that add up to? I think if people really want money back they are entitled to ask... ...but honestly what sort of person/fan would do so?
  10. Probably the same kind of mouth breather that bought up all the toilet roll, handwashes and paracetamol.
  11. 'Daisy' Ross has to be in there somewhere, great utility player in the early SP years, could run faster backwards than forwards. Scored or assisted a few important goals. No sign of Teasdale there so I'm assuming he's in the first XI. Legend. Thought Darren Dods had a good year with us too, not the bombscare I expected and good experience for young Grant beside him. Vetle Anderson...maybe not, even with his keepy-ups.
  12. 🤣🤣 Sandy Robertson, total banana. Scott MacLean was lethal in partnership with Stewarty, pity about his knee injury. Brian Thomson, now that's old school. Rocket shots from all over the place and ears that meant he got subbed f the wind got up.
  13. I guess our 'vested interest' differs from the others 🙄
  14. Sounds like a fantasy to me. Are we really using this crisis to push for league reconstruction?? Shame.
  15. Satan


    Unfortunately the advice from the authorities is misguided in that it is already too late for the containment phase. After another busy sporting weekend, and airports taking flights from Italy I'd say the horse has left the barn sometime ago. Only after strict anti movement measures has the situation calmed in China's provinces. Italy will see similar results before long too. The government will react again when the situation worsens here, with similar measures being introduced soon. Its ironic that with all the hoo-ha of brexit over recent years we've actually not made the most of our island status. Typical.