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  1. Midfield look pretty flaky as well tbh, don't seem very fit and an inability to win the ball through a tackle runs in the whole team.😕
  2. Wtf does Alison Moyet have to do with it? Can she play centre back?
  3. Wonder what 'The Boss' has to say about this fiasco.
  4. Over the balance of the two games we are a fair bit below where we want to be, both in terms of performance & results. Bearing in mind the few pre-season games and the number of new signings,combined with players missing and yet to play I think we are justified in expecting big improvements in coming weeks - hopefully this will materialise by the time the league (important one) kicks off. Very interested to see how well Mr Hughes does in these crucial times.
  5. Satan


    Can you not get a test? Recommendation now is for self testing every few days.
  6. Everyone needs a good scapegoat.🐐 😅
  7. To be fair his stats dont back that up, must've been the only defender who was cool calm & collected and believe it or not 'brilliant' that year, as we gave goals away like it was going out of fashion.
  8. Dan Mackay with his first touch against Arsenal.
  9. Kevin Mcnaughton barely played for us, I sincerely hope Broadfoot manages more than 14 games in the coming season.😏
  10. Satan

    Euro 2020

    Not coming home then...
  11. Satan

    Euro 2020

    Really bad start, now its just a case of sitting in and waiting for the counter.
  12. Not a bad signing , but he's not going to be cover, he's going to be starting more often than not. Only question is whether it is at centre, or right back, where he played a lot for Rangers. If it's on the right it will free up Carson.
  13. Satan


    If 'streaming ' is the term used it should be live, or as close to live as it can be with equipment and bandwith limitations. If it's not live it's a download. Totally different product.
  14. But it wasn't, so a little bit of humour is allowed isn't it?☺
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