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  1. Hamilton are releasing quite a few players, so Rice will be looking to fill his squad. Accies have been avoiding the drop for years now, that's their only ambition - to finish 10th. They are pretty good at it though. Maybe next year...
  2. Excellent stuff, even if there was dirty underhanded tictacs from Dundee. Top man JR, very positive statement of intent.
  3. BBC story quotes Dundee statement ; "Some of the candidates are currently employed by other clubs and we requested permission to speak to them," So without naming anyone they have requested to speak to candidates . Fake news??
  4. Time will tell with this one, not sure if his future is at full back - imagine McKay and McHattie on either side, doesn't inspire me. Maybe like Chalmers( and Rooney) he can find his feet further forward. He's no stranger to the premier either, quite a few appearances with hearts and kilmarnock too. Still , 25 is young enough there is room for improvement yet.
  5. Plenty effort but I thought the boy from Motherwell did better ,Laing? From what I recall Mccart liked trying the 50 yard Hollywood ball, thankfully he's dialled back on his range these days.
  6. Not sure if we could afford the spray tanning sessions for him.
  7. Think Robertson is statistically our best manager, both times! Hopefully the board have ran this past him and he's ok with not talking to them - they obviously have money so any discussion would be pretty straightforward, i.e. take us straight up or you're fired. John knows this place and financial constraints aside is quite settled in the job. Maybe this might even get the board to show JR a bit of transfer market love??
  8. I thought McCart struggled with us in the premier, whether that was partly due to how terrible we were or how young & inexperienced he was I'm not sure. Probably the wrong club at the wrong time , he still needs a bit more championship football to toughen him up a bit. Should be premier standard in time for the next close season bidding. Get him contracted up.
  9. Yes, I saw there was no blame apportioned to club or player , but stating that he has earned in excess of 200k without offering much in return - tends to give an imbalanced view of the situation. Perhaps it's statements like this that are responsible for negativity towards a player who was an important part of the team for a period of time.
  10. Merge? would be a hostile takeover!
  11. Still reeling them dots too.
  12. I'm sure if we could have afforded it we wouldve played him. What was he supposed to do meantime, cancel his own contract?
  13. Here's hoping we can keep him that way, his career stats have plenty of injury hit seasons.
  14. Or is he more in the Polworth mould? Still have to plug that gap and don't think Walsh fits in there.