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  1. Had a great day out. Thanks to everyone that said hello. But seriously, White looked out of place and frustrated.
  2. Gday Anyone travelling to Dundee for the game? Looking for a pre match bar to wet the whistle.
  3. Any idea on the date yet, I am trying to make this work
  4. Merry Christmas to all, hoping for a Challenge Cup final in March to justify a trip to Scotland.
  5. It was the year 2000 for me, my first trip to Scotland. I was travelling with my wife who is Inverness born and bred. As drove over the rise in the A9, the stadium was the first thing I saw. I asked my wife whomplayed there. She who played there? She had been away for a long time and the stadium wasn’t there then. I found out it was Inverness Caledonian Thistle - I need to check this out. The first game I was supposed to go to was a Hogmannay Derby, I got my ticket and I was looking forward to it. Luck wasn’t on my side, the match was called off due to frost. Not the type ofmthing
  6. Is anyone travelling from Inverness to Falkirk for the game in Oct 14 and is willing to share expenses and witty conversation with a large Australian?
  7. Hmmmm, how far away is Forbes of Kingennie from Tannadice? not in the official party, but I am sure Mrs Gabby will notice and will be none too pleased.
  8. Hey TopSix My last match was our home win against St J last season. Thing is I will be at a wedding in Dundee on the day we play Dundee utd away and I won't be able to go. Same result against Falkirk will do me fine.
  9. Booked my trip to Scotland a few weeks ago hoping the draw would be kind, alas no game at TCS for me. An away trip to Falkirk instead.
  10. That did the trick, thanks Scotty.
  11. I can't progress to the checkout. Instead there is a button saying Out of Stock
  12. What's changed? Well I can report that every win this season has been while I have been overseas. The only sensible course of action is to send me overseas for every game for the rest of the season ;-)
  13. The IHE Pantomis the highlight of christmas
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