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    Hearts 0-1 Inverness CT - SPL

    Caley Thistle travelled to Tynecastle off the back of 2 victories and some much improved performances.

    Unfortunately, this game turned out to be a pretty drab affair that had 0-0 written all over it until Hearts youngster Gary Glen played a nice one-two before slotting the ball away on the 80th minute. Caley Thistle stay in 9th spot and now wait for the visit of Gretna on Saturday.

    26/04/08 Tynecastle Stadium, Edinburgh
    HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN 1 (Gary Glen 80)
    Team: Banks, Thomson, Karipidis, Berra, Goncalves, Jonsson:yellowcard:, Palazuelos, Cesnauskis (Wallace 52), Mikoliunas:yellowcard:, Elliot (Zaliukas 76), Glen (Robinson 92)

    SUBS: Screpis, Rapnik, Ivaskevicius, Ridgers

    Team: Fraser, Tokely, Proctor, Hastings, McBain:yellowcard:, Wilson (Paatelainen 72), Duncan, Imrie, Cowie, Wyness (Bayne 65), Niculae (McAllister 83)

    SUBS: Vigurs, Black, Kerr, Malkowski

    Referee Dougie McDonald
    Attendance 15,423

    Immortal Howden Ender has this Starometer for us. He's no a happy bunny.

    Fraser  **** Looked very assured today and saved us from a much bigger defeat - Impressed - MOM

    Rosscoe  ** Real Jekyll and Hyde performance

    Proctor  ** Despite what the eejit Brewster may think - he proved today that he is not a central defender.

    Hastings  ** If only Caley 100 was here - he would have been crucified - Sturdy enuff defensively but hoof hoof hoof.

    McBain -  ***: Looked good in the first half but went a bit Invisible in the second - but that is Ok at left back - Worth a run here as I had strenuously advocated.

    Bazza -  ** Struggled - why is he playing him from the start - he is a half hour man away from home  :029:

    Cowie  ** can someone tell me where he was supposed to be playing. Brewster is totally wasting him.

    Duncan  ***: Excellent defensively until he is forced to pass !!!  :029:

    Imrie  *** Played his heart out but still looks like an SFL player in the SPL.

    Wyness  * Bye Bye Denzil - why did you last so long today - ANSWER - Brewster humiliation.

    Niculae  ** Usual totally ineffective away performance.

    I am NOT going to say anything about the subs 

    BREWSTER was totally INEPT tactically - we went 4-4-2 when it was crying out for a 4-5-1.  :018: :018: :018:

    He played Marius as the hole and Wyness and Bayne as the front men - FECKIN RIDICULOUS.   What a feckin waste - Marius played a few good touches but did bugger all  :023: :023:

    Brew actually appeared to be taunting Black - The game totally cried out for his introduction. Brew is an arrogant power mad .......... censored :laugh:

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