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  1. Week 22 Caley Braveheart - 212.10 Gringo - 194.00 Robert - 180.30 Scotty - 158.40 Caleyjag - 153.20 Jodie Carnie - 150.30 Mrs Gringo - 149.00 Crown Jaggie - 140.20 SOS - 133.30 MrCaleyjag - 126.20 CDN Girl - 120.60 Joonya - 104.50 Caley Canary - 96.20 Andrew Fraser - Bankrupt
  2. My Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 2v1 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Pars: McCann Crowd: 2674 Yellow card: Welsh *** Joker please *** Caleyjag's Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st ICT: Walsh 1st Pars: Lawless Crowd: 2134 Yellow Card: Devine
  3. This is the latest one, can I just say I'm bald and have never searched for hair transplants so I reckon Caleyjag is playing some sort of trick on me or leaving some subtle hints 🤣 or @Scotty is getting me back for my comments haha @Scotty I think I speak for everyone when I say that you do a grand job and must take some sort of self-satisfaction and pride in running the site, I don't fully understand the background work but have a great deal of appreciation as to how difficult it must be so 👏
  4. I'd like to note that I wasn't having a pop at anyone nor having a go, simply stating my thoughts on the ads. Personally I don't think the balance is correct and some of the ads are questionable. I'm not here to close ads down and report back to Google why I don't want to see them, I'm here to look at and contribute to the site. I completely understand the need for adverts in order to cover overheads, pay for costs, etc however you asked for people's feedback which is what I gave. The pop up ads in the foot of each page appear every time I open a new page when I'm using my laptop or
  5. To back up the above, why for instance do I need to see three ads for the same thing as per the below screenshot:
  6. Is there anyway individual users can set their ads to on or off? I only ask as the banner that appears at the bottom of page every time you refresh or open a new page is getting quite annoying, while I appreciate that it is a revenue stream I don't personally want to have to minimise it every single time I go to a new page. I'm aware that there's a fine line but it's spoiling my enjoyment of the site and has stopped me coming on as much, I know I'm only one person but I wonder if other users are bothered by it also.
  7. My Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 2v0 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st QOS: Connelly Caleyjag's Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st ICT: Carson 1st QOS: Paton
  8. Me - Raith @ 2.45 Caleyjag - Partick v Kilmarnock, draw @ 3.25
  9. Week 22 Championship League 1 League 2
  10. Week 21 Caley Braveheart - 222.10 Robert - 190.30 Scotty - 168.40 Gringo - 168.00 Jodie Carnie - 160.30 MrCaleyjag - 136.20 Caleyjag - 130.70 CDN Girl - 130.60 Crown Jaggie - 130.20 Mrs Gringo - 126.00 SOS - 122.80 Joonya - 114.50 Caley Canary - 86.20 Andrew Fraser - Bankrupt
  11. Me - Hamilton @ 2.90 Caleyjag - Kelty @ 1.72
  12. My Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 2v1 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st Raith: Matthews Caleyjag's Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st ICT: Carson 1st Raith: Varian
  13. Week 20 Caley Braveheart - 232.10 Robert - 182.80 Gringo - 178.00 Jodie Carnie - 170.30 Scotty - 161.20 MrCaleyjag - 146.20 Mrs Gringo - 136.00 Joonya - 124.50 Caleyjag - 123.50 CDN Girl - 123.10 Crown Jaggie - 123.00 SOS - 114.50 Caley Canary - 79.20 Andrew Fraser - Bankrupt
  14. Apologies for this being a little late, mix of waiting to see how many games are postponed and forgetting my days this week. Anyway seems to be a full card at present but will update if needed. Week 20 Championship League 1 League 2
  15. My Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v2 1st ICT: Billy Mckay 1st: Arbroath: Craigen Yellow Card: Little Caleyjag's Prediction HT: 0v0 FT: 1v1 1st ICT: Deas 1st: Arbroath: Nouble Yellow Card: Broadfoot Happy New Year to everyone, all the very best for 2022. Here's hoping our push for promotion continues.
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