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  1. I'm with Kingsmills as well and given DU have been down for three seasons they'll be used to dealing with the financial aspect of the Championship a lot better than St Mirren probably will, yes they'll have to probably cut but not as drastically as St Mirren. For me DU have a better squad and some better individuals compared to St Mirren that I'd be glad to see the back of.
  2. I would hope that the clubs recent press release would put your mind at ease
  3. I'm now even more convinced than ever that you are a troll or just post ridiculous statements to buck the trend and try and get a bite back. Even you can't believe what you've written above ................ surely?
  4. Indeed and given the criticism we've given them for past failures to address the fans and wider community they should be applauded especially by being so open and to the point. Hopefully this is a turning point with regards communication. I'd also hope they report Dundee for the unsolicited approach.
  5. Wow, I know we're all entitled to our opinions but the inaccuracy of some of your rant coupled with the admittance of other factors almost makes your post believable. Part of me was going to agree with you at first glance when I saw feeder club until I gave myself a shake.
  6. I would definitely but I suspect they might wait to see how he copes with pre-season and how he starts the season before making a decision.
  7. I seem to recall them signing our ex players last time they were in the Premiership worked wonders.
  8. I see the rumors were true and the SFA have announced Steve Clarke as the new Scotland manager on a three year deal. Personally I'm not sure it's a good move for him given his rising stock, he's always been a revered coach and worked/learned from some of the best, the job he did at Kilmarnock was incredible but I wonder if this will prove to be a poisoned chalice. I hate to see a good manager ruined by an international job and I hope I'm proved wrong, maybe he can ignite a passion into the Tartan Army again and make the nation believe. Here's hoping. Whatever happens, if he's successful it'll only mask the very true issues that surround and entrench Scottish Football and the way it is governed.
  9. Most might not like this but given our financial plight and not being able to speculate to accumulate possibly to bolster the squad we need to dip into the loan market a bit more successfully than previous seasons. 2 or 3 players who can offer a genuine difference, there must be some players from the top flight who'd jump at the chance of first team football and some clubs who'd jump at the opportunity of their players developing. Yes we want our youngsters to develop first but if the backroom team don't feel they are ready then we need to explore every available avenue.
  10. and if what's been reported about how he plays is true he'll bring about more directness than Joe possibly ever offered.
  11. Now here comes my rant for the season ............... Officiating: quite honestly it's been horrendous and some of the worst I have ever seen across a season and that is not just confined to matches we've been involved in or our league, it's right across the board. The level of arrogance that our referees show towards players and staff is appalling and while they have a very difficult job to do, someone should remind them that they get paid for it and it's their job to keep order. Referees in other sports across the world can do it so why can't they. One of my biggest gripes is the speed at which a referee, and they are all guilty, can't wait to get a card out. At times struggling to get a card out of their pocket while they run to an incident! Take some time, sort the situation out, pull players away, discuss the incident then produce a card if necessary. It projects a better form of control and sets the tone for the game but we don't appear to have one official that can do that nor the authorities to make it change. It's no coincidence that this season has saw more managers than ever speaking out about the levels of refereeing in this country but still they are the ones that are punished, it's about time that the beaks in charge started to deal with the situation properly instead of making managers and players the scapegoats.
  12. I wonder if somewhere in the middle of those that feel we overachieved, those that think it was a successful season and those that think it was down right rotten, there's some middle ground to be found and a different way of looking at things. Yes the quality of football may have been lacking, yes we struggled to score goals at times, yes when we finally fell to cup defeats it was bruising, yes we had a ridiculous amount of draws and yes we didn't get promoted but we did finish third behind two substantially better backed clubs, we did get to the Scottish Cup semi-finals, we finished top of the rest and from start of season to finish we have improved gradually as individuals and a team. For those who feel we underachieved; if playing crap football and being toothless at times gets us 3rd in the league, playoffs and cup semi-final then imagine what a better style of play and being more prolific in frot of goal would do. This alone gives reason to be optimistic and to believe that we can better things next season. I would be feeling far more downbeat had we been playing good football, playing teams off the park and finished lower down in the league. We finished the season with the second least amount of defeats in the league along with joint 3rd best defence and while rightly some will point out the draws were horrendous, at least they weren't defeats. We can, and I believe we will, build on this for next season.
  13. If we don't currently have any targets for LB then I may be inclined to offer McHattie a year's extension. I'm not sure Robbo and the club will be rushing to offer many of the 2020 players contracts right now and possibly waiting to see what Donaldson and Walsh decide to do but it would be good to see McCart the next player offer an extension. I suspect they'll wait and see who we manage to bring in before making any decisions.
  14. Worst kept secret going but not surprised, if County want to take him to warm their bench then fair enough and good luck to him. Given the opportunity of a new job with more money without the need to move your family and home we'd all take it. The meltdown on social media however is comical, probably from the hundreds who have forgotten where our stadium is. Always tried to put in a shift and has improved in the later half of the season and while at first when I heard the rumors a few weeks ago I was a bit down beat, now I see it as an opportunity for some one else to come in and impress.
  15. Indeed, congratulations on staving off the competition and late push from @DoofersDad, I sadly couldn't quite keep up with the pace but will settle for 3rd place. Echo the above thanks given the amount of time and effort you put into running this each season.