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  1. Agree with 100% with The Mantis. Esson didn't have overly much to do and didn't have save after save in the 'world class' category. Every player gave it 110% and worked their backsides off. And fair play to the ref for not bottling the penalty / red card decision. Mind you at least with it being such a stick on, it was a bit easier for him. I made the mistake of not filling the car in Weegieland, and had to 'limp' home at 60mph from about Pitlochry onwards in an effort to conserve fuel. Still was home by 12.40am despite horrendeous traffic around the ground. That did however allow a few celabratory call and texts. Fabulous all in all and ?22.50 very well spent. Roll on Saturday........
  2. GCB


    Sounds to me floosie10cat you should get a ticket for the Nou Camp. The fare on offer there may be more to your, obviously cultured, tastes. But do bear in mind we pay a little bit less to our players so arguably we may get a little less quality. Commitment however is a different animal. You seem to be just the kind that are never happy. Foran may not be match fit, but the guy has given it 100% + in his TWO appearances. Those same two games have shown a dramatic improvement on the previous ten from a team and results perspective and he should rightly be given some credit for his contribution. Thank goodness you hopefully have nothing to do with any justice related issues as clearly you are someone of limited (no?) patience. If you do decide the jury is still out on this player, at least give him a Portsmouth style seventeen games to judge him. I'm sure Tony Adams would agree...!
  3. ymip - Thank you for your kind words amigo. You are spot on that there are many committed fans (like me) who simply cannot tolerate the substandard fare on offer week after week and for whatever reasons do not have the time / inclination / resource to make known their feelings on a regular basis. I deliberated long and hard about not making the neglible journey to watch the Rangers game, especially as we had travelled some substantial distances for our beloved team in the years gone by. My over-riding belief however was that I could not be true to myself on a point of principle. There is currently a serious lack of direction at the club, and it would seem that there is also a serious inability to recognise the severity of our current predicament by those who can change it. Are the board (ok David Sutherland) too close to the trees to be able to see the wood? I didn't have him down as the type who liked to lose in business (or football) but maybe I over estimated him. As I work in London during the week, I will not be able to attend tomorrow night's meeting, but I sincerely hope that views such as mine (the 'quiet' minority) are voiced. For once I would have 'signed up' to the Trust and not been content to suffer in silence. On a more upbeat note, I do intend to go to Saturday's Harry Wraggs match and even put in a rare away appearance at New Douglas Park the following week. Whether that's only to re-establish my proud record of having visited every SFL and SPL ground with Caley, or get ready to voice my opinion in no uncertain terms, I'm not quite sure. PS ymip - I still miss the craic we used to have traversing the land with you back in the good old days.
  4. Yes, well done David for having the bottle to state the bleeding obvious. Sadly however, will the other David Sutherland have the savvy to fully grasp the severity of our current predicament? He is an individual who likes (has) to win in business, so here's hoping his competitve streak hasn't deserted him. Saturday's debacle surely proved there is simply no hope with CB in charge.
  5. Not often I bother to read, far less post on the message boards these days, but enough is enough. Time for a change. It takes a major self motivational exercise to drag oneself into the ground on a Saturday. With the Dismals looming on Saturday who knows how we'll fare, but it's got to be a stick on away win. How I hope I'm wrong, even if it does paper over the cracks for a few weeks. Mr Brewster proved his (lack of) management credentials, in my opinion, at Tannadice. He should not have had the opportunity to return and if not moved on soon, will ruin the hard work of a huge number of people during the last 14 years. Tough times require tough decisions.