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  1. I've just emailed the SPFL (aka. the incompetant brigade) to register my disgust with the choice of venue, which is also the location for the Ramsdens Cup Final and I don't see Rangers leaving many fans at home for that! There is obviously money changing hands here for some reason or another (surprise surprise!) and though it may not do much in the grand scheme, I think if more people got in contact directly then it will show how ridiculous this descision is. I say this and I live in Edinburgh! But my convinience is not as important as fairness for my fellow supporters.
  2. Superb effort from Caley today! Not saying that Dundee should be pushovers, but looking at how County are going you would think that a little more passion and eye for goal would be in the team! So now we've got County at home ABOVE US? Ridiculous considering how well we were going before!
  3. Sounds like a terrible game on a cold Wednesday night! Aw well still a point above c**nty, just got a hopefully beat them on Saturday!
  4. Has anything actually happened in our game!? BBC haven't even mentioned the game at all, not once except from that it had kicked off!
  5. Caley100 I also think this, as much as I like Esson it is 5 games played, 4 games lost. Bad statistics!
  6. "There are 3,680 spectators watching Ross County lead St Johnstone 1-0." Taken from the BBC site. Wonder how many are watching the dross we're serving up?? Stop whinging Butcher and give people something decent, this is so unbeliveably poor it's a joke!
  7. The worst thing about this is, after all the talk of wanting to finish seccond and challenge for Europe blah blah blah etc. etc. etc. C**nty are only 3 points behind us. So if we don't start winning soon second could trun to eight before we know it.
  8. Useless, Motherwell must love playing against because they seem to score at will! This is ridiculous, absoutely unacceptable!
  9. I clearly missed that! Thanks CaleyD, but yes, not sure why in the rumours
  10. Not too sure if this is a Rumour Mill topic but this guy has been on trial with us so not so much a rumour... http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent_messenger/sport/2013/february/1/ben_greenhalgh.aspx Ben Greenhalgh of said topic name fame, is on trial with us just now. I remember watching this show for a wee bit and the winner went of to Inter Milan. He didn't stay there for too long but he is highly rated still. Would be good to have a quick, tricky winger as back up right now especially this time of the season and potential injuries. Thoughts?
  11. Knew this would happen, heads down from Saturday, St.Mirrens up from Sunday. Poor show again from what was said on the radio, not turning possesion into goals which we have done this season but not the last two games. Dispaointed with these two performances!
  12. 2 days away from the '7 signings in place for the 29th', any hints/rumours/concrete evidence of anyone at all apart from Jones?
  13. I am, like loads of others on here, absolutely gutted that Tokely is gone! Yes legends come and go but this legend I feel still had another season or two in him and more importantly NEEDED A TRUE ICT LEGEND SEND OFF! Not some pre season game. But hey, under the Butcher era, you don't get these kind of things. No-one on here knows exactly the financial status of the club but we can all pretty much say it is poor. But why when Foran gets improved contracts, Hogg gets a new contract despite playing with injury and who says that injury might stay away? Does a legend have to be thrown aside again? Who knows what he was offered but can you at least not agree that FOR ONE MORE YEAR there might have been enough in the budget to give him a wee bit more? For all the loanees that never played but were paid, where has that money gone, or is that what some of the budgets there for. "OK Butcher this year we have set aside another £********* for bringing in p*ss poor loanees". Also what has happened to the 31st of May rallying call? From what I can see only McKay has signed? A strong stand, or a come and get my out of contract players asap call? Absolutely gutted by the loss of Tokely and I once again, blame Butcher squarely for this.
  14. because unlike barrowman mckay puts in a shift week in week out, he doesnt have players around him offering good service like barrowman had. and hes probably better in the air than barrowman despite his 5'9'' frame. give him service and he will provide the goals imo. hes been asked to much of having to chase the terrible service from the back. id give him another season to prove his worth. gillet on his day is one of our best defrenders. since maybe february hes not been as good but id say is worth another season. we cant realy afford to offload defenders in his mould imo he was solid at centre back for the best part of 2 months when we needed him most and for me thats good enough. I agree another season I would keep McKay on for only the basis that there will be a competant striker up there with him, but as for his finishing, yes he might have had poor service but what he has done with the better service has been often disbelieving. Those to keep - Esson, Tokely, Gillet (if someone kicks his a*se and stops his panic attacks) Tade, Hayes, McKay (see above), Hogg and Golobart. Maybe - Tuffey (an expense for a couple games of unsteadiness but that might be lack of match time) Williams (I haven't seen much of him) Let go - Tansey (sorry but not good enough) Proctor (liability)
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