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  1. PullMyFinger


  2. PullMyFinger

    EU In or Out

    SNP had another referendum in the manifesto is Scotland was dragged out of the EU against the will of the electorate. Respect that sideways up your Brexit!
  3. PullMyFinger

    Performance of SNP MPs in Westminster

    Shall we start a Labour MSP thread for the lolz? Might shut Chucky up for a bit.
  4. PullMyFinger

    Not usually one for political chat but.....

    SNP's success in delivering a Conservative Government Labour lost 40 seats to SNP, Tories have a majority of 12 seat majority. If all SNP seats were Labour they'd still have 12 seat majority. People will start to leave the SNP Mmmm hmmmm Sturgeon's panicked response Really? Panicked? You've never met oor Nicola! additional powers Such as?
  5. PullMyFinger

    Not usually one for political chat but.....

    How do you like them apples, Chucky? http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/one-year-battle-words-between-sturgeon-cameron-scottish-leader-has-already-won-1520391
  6. PullMyFinger

    Not usually one for political chat but.....

    https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/politics/referendum/705266/want-another-referendum-69-told-us-no/ So that'll be 53% of the mere 31% who actually want another referendum (see link). I make that about 16%. 69%, according to this survey, would much rather if the SNP would actually try to extricate Scotland's affairs from the mess they've got them into thanks to being totally distracted by their single obsession and accept that NO means NO. Oh well... that'll be the PandJ blackballed from the Gelluns now Wow Charles, well played! You're onto a winner there! http://scotgoespop.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/press-journal-embarrass-themselves.html Ya feckin nugget!
  7. PullMyFinger

    Inverness CT -V- FC Astra Giurgiu

    Does that include the sad County fans in that section? RHS corner. I think you may be confusing latecomers with County fans. I once watched from the South Stand. First game in Inverness in SPL vs Dunfermline...
  8. PullMyFinger

    Inverness CT -V- FC Astra Giurgiu

    As long as they haven't already played in this year's competition, I think they're okay. Nearer 40 from where I was but might be counting stewards.
  9. PullMyFinger

    AAAARRRGGGGHHH no more sleeps...........

    Leaving Forres soon, pissing down here.
  10. PullMyFinger

    The Big Scottish Independence Debate

    The sum is a poulation share of the current value of the oil remaining in the wells at current market prices. This was converted to population share to demonstrate how massive the value is. Scary volatile oil!
  11. PullMyFinger

    The Big Scottish Independence Debate

    Tommy Sheridan will be at Farr Hall tonight, worth popping along to but I'll be at the Yestival in Lossie!
  12. PullMyFinger

    The Big Scottish Independence Debate

    Here's a link to the FT story from earlier in the year providing proof that the finances are stronger when we take control for ourselves. Some nice infographic slides there. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/5b5ec2ca-8a67-11e3-ba54-00144feab7de.html#slide6 Here's a link to IndyPosterBoy's web based infographic slideshow. http://www.indyposterboy.info/screen/
  13. PullMyFinger

    The Big Scottish Independence Debate

  14. PullMyFinger

    The Big Scottish Independence Debate

    No-one can stop us using Sterling EU rules exclude use of the Euro unless qualified by a few years tied to the ERM Must try harder 2/10
  15. PullMyFinger

    County v Caley Fans Match

    Explain? Your avatar?