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  1. Worst night of my football life tonight.... and paid 15 quid for the privilege of that embarrassment of watching our reserves play. I hope some pride is restored in the league straight away.
  2. I like the new redesign too - I only wish the club's own website was as good and up to date!
  3. Is it not standard practice across the Scottish leagues to present the trophy to the champions at their next home game following the title being clinched, therefore against Dundee for us? This would always be the case unless the title is clinched with no home games remaining.
  4. I'm hoping Falkirk stay up for that reason too!
  5. Lets deal in facts - 7 goals for Scotland in 15 games. ONE of which was a penalty against Faroes. Let me run through the rest of the goals for you to clarify- GOAL 1 - v Bulgaria - "Premier League top-scorer Boyd took just 13 minutes to claim his maiden goal with a fine first-time finish as he latched on to Darren Fletcher's perfectly placed pass to lash in an angled drive. " GOAL 2 - v Bulgaria - "Boyd, however, put his side back in front two minutes before the break when he was first to react after Stoyan Kolev spilled Russell Anderson's shot following a well-placed cross by Teale."
  6. What a terrible start to the year for you. Hope he sees sense soon. You could maybe try that aversion therapy to try to cure him of this affliction - maybe a Celtic shirt wired up to some form of electro-shock device?
  7. I watched the old firm game as my wife's family are all Celtic fans. I thought it was pretty entertaining, if a bit one-sided. Certainly plenty of chances and only a cracking save and some awful finishing kept Celtic from winning. I can't wait to read the morning papers and read all the (no doubt) 'outrage' from one side of the OF about the disallowed goal. In the spirit of it being a competitive game where you want to see meaty challenges etc then it was a very soft foul... however, fact is, it was a foul and therefore technically correct to be disallowed. The replays clearly showed
  8. To be honest, even if Boyd had made himself available for every Scotland game, would he have actually played many more games under Burley than he had done up to that point? Similar to many of the posters here, Burley didn't rate the guy. 31 year old, injury-prone Norwegian defender Iwelumo ahead of Kris Boyd?!?!? :( "aw naw!"
  9. I'm not on holiday :) Our council doesn't give us any time off other than the actual public holiday days. I've been in this week grafting away as usual for the tax payers. My previous colleagues at a nearby authority are in the same boat. It must just be the northern lot that get loads of holidays over the festive period! If I remember right from my time at one of the northern authorities, you didn't get many of the public holidays and instead used them in between Christmas and New Year so that the office could shut down.
  10. Scotland are hardly blessed with an array of quality strikers and when we create chances we need to have guys on the field who know where the net is and have the instinct to be in the right place at the right time. I'm still haunted by THAT moment against Norway - was watching it in a bar full of Norwegians....slightly ruined my holiday. Boyd's goal scoring record speaks for itself and Levein would be shooting the team in the foot to ignore a player like that who is willing to play for his country, regardless of what has happened in the past. Boyd's record at full international is 7 goa
  11. Trunk roads are contracted to bear by Scottish Parliament. Councils are responsible for the rest but they prioritise bus routes and town centres.
  12. Remember as well that if you have any defined trunk roads in your area then it's not the Council that have responsibility. The Scottish Government have responsibility for assigning the contract for that - think it's still BEAR. The council prioritises the roads they have and will only get round to minor roads once priority routes have been done. Sometimes they are fighting a losing battle and, as has been mentioned previously, with budget pressures they have limited resources to work with. Most councils will supply a grit bin to streets free of charge and keep it filled if asked so tha
  13. Levein gets my vote for manager. Exact same reasons as outlined by Scotty. If Levein is going to use the role as a stepping stone then, when the time comes, i'll be more than happy to cheer him on his way as he's parading the European Championship trophy/World Cup around Hampden. :(
  14. Really like that - modern but traditional enough to keep most folk happy.
  15. I know it takes a while to get stock organised, photographed, and uploaded on to t'interweb, but hopefully the new gear will be fully available to buy online in time for next christmas.
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