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  1. What sense is that if the long term future is us banding about the lower leagues? If we keep Draper we have a chance of promotion and if he walks after then good luck to him, we could both part on good terms, or we would be in a stronger position to negotiate a new contract. If we sell him we get a minimal fee and not his true worth, we have less chance of promotion and he would be going to our rival and making them stronger. If County want him, make them pay over the odds because we would need that to replace him. If negotiating I'd be asking for £300k off the bat and no less than £250k ... enough that if we don't get promoted this term then we have something to fall back on next season. If they are not willing to pay that then he doesn't go anywhere and sees out his contact with the club but at least we wouldn't be getting bullied by county
  2. Normally think you're on the money with ICT ... stuff .. but I'm not sure how you could say Sheerin has experience, recent or not, he's managed at Arbroath (done well mind you) but managing a team demanding promotion would be a completely different ball game. I love Sheerin, probably my favourite player at ICT over the years but I'm delighted he didn't get the job until he at least has one more managerial position. I'd have hated to see him bomb out Lennon? Maybe.. but has done nothing since leaving St Mirren and dived at Alloa "After gaining just five points from their first sixteen games of the 2015–16 season, Lennon resigned as manager of Alloa Athletic on 7 December 2015" - Wiki I didn't even have Robbo on the radar but it was obvious that we need an experienced manager after we decided to take an utter punt on Foran, who had absolutely no experience at all, at any level, anywhere. I thought Butcher was a shoe-in but hated the way he left us ... Robbo does "know the club" which is the normal cliché with ICT managers but I can definitely see reason behind his appointment ... and a feck lot more sense than putting Foran in charge, which a lot of you seemed delighted with at the time and look at the mess that got us in. Need to look at the pros and cons ... there are definitely more on the side of Robbo than anyone else on the bookies list and I can't think of anyone better... except Hartley but he doesn't seem to be interested. First post in a while but I am much happier Robbo at the helm and the thought process behind it, compared to last year. I still think we were in the wrong about Yogi and should have backed him at the time, even if it meant going into a bit of debt to speculate for a bit... no excuse for how he reacted but it was a by-product. We should never have put Foran in charge but we are where we are now and for me the best chance of getting back to the SPFL is to have a manager with experience, someone happy to be in Inverness and capable of attracting players up North ... I think we have that. Onwards and upwards
  3. We've been signing non league players up until now .. I'll happily take a young player with pedigree from a Championship team. No risk for us in a 6 month loan .. if it doesn't work out then he leaves at Christmas. We needed some sort of signing to get kids interested in ICT again since they can't even buy a football strip! Imagine being in school and saying the guy ICT signed was in the same youth team as Pogba (the most expensive player in the world)... Will make them proud to say they support ICT .. I'm buzzing ffs! Fans deserve some hope and a reason to turn out to games. It's why I keep banging on about the importance of investment in the team .. It can pay for itself
  4. Played in good company.. same youth squad that produced Pogba, Lingard, Ravel Morrison, Will Keane and Tunniclife .. so must have something. This could be a great wee signing If we keep a hold of Tansey and Meekings then this could be a very decent window told you there was money to spend!!!!
  5. Massive win this. For all my negativity in other posts this season... I celebrated that last min winner like it was Raven's goal in the cup semi final I still think we are well off a squad that can compete in the SPFL over a season but at least gives us a bit of hope and gives Foran a boost of confidence going into International break
  6. Happy with McKay .. as Yingwie said, I thought this as a straight replacement for Devine. He's a young, Scottish, SPL experienced player so seems a good signing But..... just reading off BBC gossip some tweet (no idea of substance) to say Meekings to Rangers, Tansey to Aberdeen as a swap for Scott Wright I would be absolutely devastated with that .. but both moves seem feasible Just speculation at the moment so trying not to over react but that would be 1 step forward and 5 back
  7. Definitely agree with this .. we couldn't be as expressive because we didn't have the players to compete so instead we had to be smart in possession, which was perceived as negative tactics. Possibly what Foran is finding out now that we don't have the quality to open up against teams. I don't buy it at all. The largest transfer fee we have ever received has been eaten up by one loan deal and 3 short term deals? You make a good point about the increased contracts (although not all the players mentioned are on long term contracts) but we have also moved high earners like Shinnie and Mckay off the wage bill. We have not increased spending to an extent that would eat up that amount of money and the rest of the profit taken from that season. By that logic we must have been making a loss on previous seasons because we have never received that sort of money in one season and probably wont again. I can't believe that our fans are being so tolerant and not asking questions about this ...
  8. Not absolving him but right now I don't think there would be a more difficult job for a rookie manager to walk into... got to look at who appointed him. What were they expecting? He's lost key squad players and from what I've seen the best replacements we have is only on loan and a striker that was playing non-league in England before (it isn't always going to work). To be clear, I do not expect unreasonable spending or even a transfer fee but there must be money to replace what we've lost .... maybe 1 player for the fans to get excited about. As it stands, I don't expect the players out of contract for next season to stick about (I'm thinking Draper & Meekings). If not signing anyone .. at least get these contracts extended now so they can't walk away for nothing
  9. Getting pissed off yet? Where's the money? Hughes was used as a scapegoat for the lack of investment and ineptitude from the board... you only have to look around the SPFL to see it is littered with players that should still be wearing an ICT shirt if we had been proactive with contracts or offered a competitive salary. We don't know what was going on behind closed doors but I imagine it was a constant argument between Hughes and the board whilst he tried to get something off them.. when he got nowhere he tried to force the clubs hands through the media (not very classy). I don't blame him and still maintain he is the best manager we have ever had at the club and we paid his severance package the next season after he won us the Scottish Cup and got the club in Europe.. madness! We now have Foran, who wouldn't have been my choice but you can't doubt his commitment to the club.. understandable considering he must be one of our highest ever paid players and was given a 4 year contract which he was injured throughout (not his fault though). I have been impressed with his interviews and would love him to become the manager the board expects him to be ... but he is being hung out to dry here and NEEDS money to sign players or it's only a matter of time before the fans turn on him and it is not his fault. We hare going backwards.. not only on the pitch but off it. I was looking after my daughter today so couldn't make the match .. been struggling a lot over the last few seasons to get to games but don't care any less about our future. This isn't an overreaction to the 5-1 .. it's been on the cards for a long time. 5 subs on the bench today, none of them that you could argue should start (maybe Doran) ... there is no competition for places and although I do think there is quality in the 11 that were picked today complacency is inevitable. Some of our fans need to wake up and see that we can't keep letting players leave the club for nothing and I hold the board solely responsible for the situation we are in at the moment. Might only be the start of the season but we are almost nailed on for relegation due to lack of investment and planning.
  10. "I see what you are trying to say" you couldn't be more condescending Charles You also decided not to bother quoting my second paragraph which answers the point you are trying to make. There clearly was an increase in revenue when we received £150k for Mckay, close to £500k for Christie, the money for cup run and highest ever league finish and the contract money for players that have left the club.. where is this money? Has it been used to pay debts, was it withdrawn by majority shareholders, used for investment in a training ground or investment in the stadium? It has definitely not gone back into the team... and there seemed to be plenty of money available when the board decided to pay a severance package for Hughes. You digress because you are failing to make any relevant sense. "One fairly recurring feature of football seems to be criticism of decisions taken on the basis of very limited knowledge of the real situation and certainly much less than those who made the decisions" Luckily we don't live in a world where you are dictator. Imagine, football fans having and expressing an opinion!? Of course you don't know everything, that does not make the manager/club/official exempt to criticism. I can only call it as I see it
  11. Charles your opinion is so biased it is beyond belief.. if the board had been proactive with longer contracts rather than reactive then we would have received the greater investment from the sale of players like Shinnie, Christie, Watkins, Mckay, Ross.. and so on. Instead they negotiated minimum contracts and tried to negotiate extensions when there was already interest elsewhere and we couldn't compete .. running a business isn't the same as running a household. You have to speculate to accumulate and by deciding what risks are worth taking and by using the judgement of their coaches to identify which players could produce a fee in the future and then back them. We have lost money by them being so financially prudent. In fact the only time we decided to offer a reasonable length contract to a player when for some ridiculous reason they offered a 32 year old Foran a 4 year playing contract, which he was injured for the majority of ... and then they promote him to manager and again offer another 4 year contract for his first job as manager. It is complete madness.... who would have predicted a 33 year old player might be more susceptible to injury... maybe they thought he was going to demand a high transfer fee!? That is not the point though.. the club have actually somehow managed to bring in additional finance over the last 4 years due to cup runs, and high league finishes, the sale of Christie and Mckay (although for less that we could have received for both) .... all the contracts for higher earning players in the Scottish cup winning team when they left and were never replaced .... NONE OF THIS MONEY HAS BEEN REINVESTED! If that money has only balanced the books then they are doing a pi55 poor job of running the club because we were operating at our peak and will be lucky to see those days again. No one expects us to be offering thousands of pounds for players but we have shown absolutely no progression since winning the Scottish Cup, the players we have signed since then have not been of the same or better standard. Would any of them get in that first team? We are going backwards and Foran will have to work miracles in his first job to see us safe from relegation ... how can that be what the fans should expect given where we were only 2 years ago?
  12. Alex .. sorry but that's a load of rubbish. If our players went out last night with that attitude its of little wonder we got beat ... by Alloa .... a team from 2 divisions lower than us ... in what is possibly our worst result since we were formed as a club. It isn't acceptable for an SPFL team to lose to Alloa, as it wasn't acceptable to scrape past Stenhousemuir. The fact our fans are defending that result or accepting failure just shows we are going backwards.. if it was Yogi we would be asking for his head right now.. that doesn't mean the same rules apply to Foran but he shouldn't escape criticism because he loves the city. I am fully behind Foran as manager and want him to do well for ICT, what ICT fan wouldn't, but the writing is on the wall for this season already. That wasn't a second team out on the pitch last night that was our best 11 as picked by Foran. On occasions teams can get caught cold by underdogs but we had just lost the first game of the season against a comparable rival, we knew Alloa had quality because they beat County but there was absolutely no reaction from the team. Either that is lack of quality, motivation or interest. The club can't even afford sports analysts so who do you believe is creating the individual programme for Draper's "physiological requirements"? He had the same time off as everyone else and started pre-season with the team, if he was injured fair enough but I saw no sign of that when he came on the park last night. That was a decision made by Foran and he got it wrong. No point in dressing it up as something else We have consistently lost quality players year after year and the club's refusal to put money into the team is going to back fire big time this year.. that isn't panicking, that is being realistic. Last year we finished bottom six after being a regular in the top 6, if you are going to sack the most successful manager in our history and replace him with a novice you need to back him financially and give the guy a chance. Vincent, Brill, Devine, Williams, Storey, Mutombo aren't players of enormous quality but they were all capable of challenging for a jersey.... that's after losing the load of players from the previous year... Shinnie, Watkins, Mckay, Christie... and whoever else. Everyone was quick to jump on Yogi's back about his outbursts in the paper but who can blame him when you are rebuilding every season. Sorry Alex that's not all aimed at you but we are in bad shape this season and now Foran is going to his first derby with massive pressure when you look at the next few fixtures - Hearts at home, St Johnstone away, Celtic, Aberdeen ...
  13. That's naïve of him if he did considering Alloa already beat County and topped their group. We were talking about this being a tough game in the car on the way to the game so you would think Foran should have expected the same. Goodwin was in their 11 ffs.. there was always going to be a physical battle in the middle of the park, which neither Polworth or Tansey were interested in That's the same starting 11 he's used in the last 3 games.. so why would you think that Draper would be kept back for the County game if he wasn't started against Partick or last night? Either he wants him in his first 11 or not.. didn't seem to be carrying a knock and wouldn't need rested so that's just down to his mis-management nothing else.