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old caley girl

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Status Updates posted by old caley girl

  1. Evening all! I'd forgotten this feature was here!

  2. Merry Christnas everyone

  3. happy halloween !!!!!!!

  4. We so need a win tomorrow to cheer us all up!

  5. ok what to do today?

  6. where is everyone today? very quiet on here

  7. Happy Birthday Scotty. Have a good one!

  8. Broke my right hand this am so will not be typing much

    1. Yngwie


      Who did you punch?

    2. old caley girl

      old caley girl

      no one unfortunately. Only fell and landed on my hand. Can think of a few folk Id like to puch tho lol

  9. Can we be greedy and ask for more ups than downs? please.......

  10. Happy birthday! Welcome to the 46yr old club lol. Hope the holiday is going great.

  11. spotted this am on A82 round Loch Ness a car full of Antwerp fans.

  12. Just realised this was here. Still getting to grips with the new site but its great finding all the new places

  13. think we are looking on this page for some clues.....

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