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  1. Anyone know why game started so late yesterday?
  2. Suspect we didn't appeal when reviewed?
  3. OMG no it won't. Just as a spell in the championship has been disastrous this would be worse.
  4. Getting rid of Dodds was correct decision. However he was not replaced by the right person at that time imho
  5. Where is the evidence of the dogs of War mentality? I haven't seen any sign of it. His post match interviews are now bizarre and show no urgency or acceptance of where we are. We last won at home in November. I just want this season to end.
  6. Sorry Johndo we must agree to disagree here. He's just not what we need at this particular moment sadly.
  7. Nor can I but Dunc will still say we were excellent lol
  8. We were down other end so hard to tell. Ref seemed right on it and flashed yellow quickly. Doubt we will win without good evidence tbh
  9. I'm told it paid off directors loans?
  10. I don't think he has a clue re where we are this season. His priorities are so obviously different to ours? What on earth made him come over like that. Got pretty unpleasant as he seemed to gesture we lost due to be 10 men? Em no we didn't....
  11. Not long home. Where to start.... Most of 1st half we were better team. Heading towards 0-0 at half time when Samuel quite clearly manhandled to ground. Beaton says no pen....really? To add insult to injury Partick go up other end and score. Looked suspiciously offside to us but given. Never really got going after that. Could have played till midnight and not scored. No idea re Kerr first yellow but second was just madness. Dunc seems clueless. Looks like board were starstruck and we are stuck with him. Feel sorry for the players as they put in a shift but we really are a poor team and fully deserve to be in 9th sadly. Not sure I can face a home game next week....
  12. I was there. If we played till midnight we wouldn't have scored. After the non pen then their offside goal we never looked like doing anything
  13. Apparently we can't sign him due to English FA rules? He's been at Newcastle, Newcastle u21s and Forfar. So that's the technicality
  14. I understand (but may be wrong) the artists were paid upfront before performing?
  15. We are very top heavy management wise off park. A few probably on bumper salaries. I expect income has dropped too as very few fan activities under the current regime. Hospitality for example is top bracket only with no cheaper offerings
  16. Caleycalum assures me it was Carragher.
  17. Because they wouldn't be allowed to sing such ditties at home?
  18. Truth...I don't think he ever got a proper chance with us? Look at Oakley too. Sometimes down to a system
  19. Fearing what's to come now. Big Duncs interview was bizarre given our position. Yes a point at United would be fine other times but with Ayr having a game in hand and the games running out we are in a precarious position
  20. Which suggests we are in real trouble financially. More so now after the Council decision. Some transparency re what happens now would be welcome
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