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  1. So there is something going on behind the seems that the average supporter sitting beside me don't know about !
  2. I thought we still had Welsh international goal keeper on our books why we persists with this liability is a mystery to me.
  3. Was worried about Ross Drapper staying on the park he was so fired up , constantly badgering the ref and flying into tackles he did hit the post at 1-1 and drives the team on well just think the red mist descends to easily. Good turnout from the fans always like Tynecastle great view of the pitch from that stand.
  4. We played well till we scored and that was it. Can't remember their keeper having a save to make. You knew exactly what was going happen next to many player would rather pass back than pass forward. If we persist with this style of play we will need to worry about an empty stadium never mind an empty bus
  5. Could someone confirm the pick up time in Aviemore please.
  6. Just back really disappointing today very little positives to take from the game looked like we were playing for a nil nil till they scored then it was to late.
  7. Excellent game after we went one down we dug in and bossed the game . Brilliant goals well executed.. Nick Ross played a blinder today. The pitch really suited us we look very comfortable on it.
  8. Most exciting thing in the first half was the introduction of Mr Whippy from the start, did a roaring trade. The second half was better because we didn't need to concede a goal before moving up a gear. Good end to the season with a clean sheet though.
  9. I was one of the 88 Caley fans there tonight at half time I was wondering why I bothered it was grim. Second half they redeamed themselves and nearly grabbed a point. On reflection I'm glad I went roll on Sunday.
  10. A game of football broke out in the last ten mins, three freekicks in the opposition half end up back passed to Brill united freekicks from same area fired into the box. A lot of very negative stuff, we are a better team than the stuff thats being served up at the moment, think that is reflected in the attendance at the moment.
  11. Tippy tappy nonsense at the back cost us dear tonight . Goal was worth the trip and we nearly grabbed a point at the end . Billy is knackered and was really struggling. Hughes got a lot of stick rightly so.
  12. Doran doubtful dont think he's been right since coming of in the United game.
  13. For a team that can only take 7,000 to a cup final top flight managers are not queueing up for the job we are in the top six a having our best season ever . Some people on here need a reality check.
  14. Thought the tactics were ok. The midweek game may have taken the legs out of us in extra time Billy was running on empty by the end. We had the chance with the free kicks at the end could have gone either way,so close!