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  1. Punted long balls, no midfield distribution and very little upfront. I think we have better players than our performances have shown. I think the management team are our issue right now.
  2. I can’t beleive I’m relieved that we are beating Arbroath. Nothing against them as the have probably played better, but if we are unconvincing against them, then I fear for us against more clinical teams. That said, Keatings & Donaldson have been great and Storey for his goal !! πŸ‘
  3. 1-1. Doran !!!!! That’s more like it πŸ‘
  4. 0-1 ..... worrying times !!! Not surprised given how we have set up and how we are playing.
  5. Well, that was rubbish. Our defence looks poor and we don’t look that sharp up front either. Its another lacklustre disappointing opening day of the season .
  6. 3-0 ......... we are absolutely done now. Not even 1 goal scored by us over the 2 legs. Disappointing.
  7. A terrible goal to lose just before half time. πŸ‘Ž. Hell of a job now on the second half
  8. Disappointing to lose a slack goal like that having played so well with 10 men for so long. Friday night now much tougher.
  9. Polworth off with a Red !!!! Perhaps his last home game πŸ‘Ž
  10. What a poor first half, really looking nervy !!! Ayr taking their chance, we have had most of the possession but doing little with it!!!! We need to up our game !!!
  11. FT 1-2 ........ Good to get a win !!!!πŸ‘
  12. Robbo must have gave them a good bollocking at half time !!!!🀬