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  1. Few decent sides involved in the junior set up still and it would be nice to see them in another cup with the main 42 teams I know I won't get to many ICT games this year so I'm planning doing some groundhopping in the junior leagues
  2. Anyone going tonight that can do some updates on twitter or on here?
  3. Guess we are keeping the home kit for another season?
  4. Josh Meekings signs for Brora
  5. Hopefully he has a good pre-season under his belt and stays injurie free
  6. No live stream for the game?
  7. Cowie and Dodds do the club keep Barry Wilson and Kel? or maybe just one of them
  8. I would like to see this game played before the season ends. If not it's going to look bad on the SPFL who said early on in the season saying it would be played so they can honour the contract of Tunnocks
  9. Dan against the gypos for me
  10. Half time One of the worst first halfs I've seen all season
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