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  1. WYNESS101

    Game 05 - Kilmarnock (H) 30 Aug

    HT: 1-0 FT: 2-0 1st ICT: Christie 1st Opp: Magennis Time of 1st Goal: 24mins
  2. WYNESS101

    Managers We Never Had...

    John Hartson? His name was floating around when butcher left
  3. WYNESS101

    Word Association

  4. WYNESS101

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Scottish League One Rory McAllister PEN (Peterhead 1-2 Morton) Rory McAllister (Peterhead 1-2 Morton) Highland League Zander Sutherland x2 (Inverurie Loco Works 0-5 Brora Rangers) Andrew Greig (Inverurie Loco Works 0-5 Brora Rangers) Ross Tokely (Inverurie Loco Works 0-5 Brora Rangers)
  5. WYNESS101

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    Needs to be alot closer. Like renegade said the penalty spot would be a better distance. Least try it from there one week
  6. WYNESS101

    Game 04 - Celtic (H) 23 Aug

    HT: 0-0 FT: 1-0 1st ICT: Watkins 1st Opp: N/A Time of 1st Goal: 69min
  7. WYNESS101

    Scottish Cup 2014/15 - 1st Round draw

    Any dates when these fixtures will be played? Hoping the weekend of the scotland game
  8. WYNESS101

    SHOOT FOR THE BOOT & Win £200 Cash

    Looks like Josh Meekings
  9. WYNESS101

    Ex ICT Players Score

    SPFL John Rankin (Celtic 6-1 Dundee Utd) Scottish League One Darren Dods (Forfar Athletic 2-0 Dunfermline Athletic) Connor Pepper (Morton 4-0 Stranraer) Highland League Zander Sutherland HAT-TRICK (Brora Rangers 8-0 Turriff Utd) Martin Bavidge (Wick Academy 3-6 Inverurie Loco Works)
  10. WYNESS101

    NAPS Competition - week 02

    Peterhead @ 2.50
  11. WYNESS101

    Word Association

  12. WYNESS101

    Game 03 - Motherwell (A) - 16 Aug

    HT: 0-0 FT: 2-0 1st ICT: N/A 1st Opp: Sutton Time of 1st Goal: 51mins
  13. WYNESS101

    Motherwell pre-match thread

    Brill Raven Warren Meekings Shinnie Tansey Draper Watkins Christie Williams Mckay
  14. WYNESS101

    Spot the Difference

    Looked like a wee shelter on a pallet next to the west stand. Are we finally going to make a wee covered stand for our disabled fans so the wind and rain keeps of them.