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  1. @RiG when is the interview due out?
  2. I wouldn't mind having a 3 week break at the moment and then playing the games later on if it's safe to do so. Give everyone a break and let the NHS and GOVT do what needs to be done to help those needing help.
  3. What was the key moments in those seasons? Stands getting built? Is the stand out for me meaning we can finally play home games in Inverness Did we get a draw against old firm?
  4. Will we still use D & E for the first team or will City Link take over from them?
  5. I can't see any league or country allowing fans in stadiums this season now. Did uncle Roy not offer his testing machine to help out the highland league clubs. Maybe the club will take him up on that offer and might not hit us hard in the pocket
  6. Thought our season only continues if every club tests players weekly?
  7. Just got another email saying to use the back up server so defo a fault with SPFL server for the stream
  8. Roughly about 5 pages on this thread talking about live stream
  9. Hopefully the club let us know what the issue was. I got a email back from SPFL support saying please refresh and that's it
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