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  1. Was that a bigger home support than normal?
  2. First home game of the season for me today. 1st half was awful for both teams not much really happened. Second half was a lot better. We looked really good in spells and did create a lot of chances but sadly couldn't put them away. Not too sure what happened for the red card was it something he said to the ref? The new defender looked decent reminded me of a Grant Munro no mucking around at the back just clear it if there was any pressure. He was my MOTM. Austin changed the game for us when he came on looked very quick on the wing and was unlucky on a few shots he pulled off. I'm taking away a lot of positives from that second half performance today.
  3. Get in....best news we've had all season. Callum Davidson strongly rumoured at the moment
  4. Half time. Not much happening in the game by the sound of it. Is the forum normally this quiet on Saturday now?
  5. First time I've listened to open all mics for a while and it's good to hear Ian Auld voice
  6. What formation are we playing? 4-4-2 diamond or 4-3-3
  7. All home sides currently leading 1-0 in the Championship
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