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  1. Hopefully the club are making some coin off them for storage. Looking at what is in the car park they might be in there for some time yet. If it's only a 1000 fans at MAX then the south car park should be fine.
  2. I turned my twitter notifications off when ICTFC posted they were under way yet the teams were still coming out on my screen
  3. Better picture now since the sun has gone away
  4. We need to get in touch with the Wyness Shuffle podcast team and get them signed up to do games. The club should ask Charlie Christie to do it aswell
  5. The club phoned me a few weeks back confirming my email address as they are looking into streaming games as they will behind closed doors at the start. Haven't heard or seen anything since. We are on Premier Sports tomorrow night. Also Cowdenbeath game kick off has changed.... https://www.inverness-courier.co.uk/sport/caley-thistle-league-cup-match-is-moved-to-6-30pm-214270/
  6. Kai Kennedy confirmed https://ictfc.com/kai-kennedy-joins-ictfc-on-loan Doesn't say how long for though? 6 months or end of season
  7. Fixtures are out tomorrow at 2pm
  8. Still no update regarding away tops or other Puma range we will be getting in stock
  9. Was Carl still on a prem wage with us? In the championship
  10. Great podcast as normal. Also good to hear the club is looking at the land around the stadium. Could easily have a bigger bar which does meals so more people would head down before match. Even have training pitches for the team and maybe some 4G pitches which they could hire out.
  11. Jordan white off to Motherwell
  12. Any more Inverness players in the pipeline? e.g. Ross Tokely, Dennis Wyness, Grant Munro
  13. Anyone got a updated list who is out of contract this summer and who we have signed up?