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  1. 1-1. Really need 3 points tonight to start pulling away from the chasing pack
  2. 3 members of the hibs coaching staff in the stand tonight.
  3. Maybe with the concerts coming up? I've never heard of any Testimonial getting played at a ground that has nothing to do with the player or club.
  4. Hasn't being out on loan either. I'm sure I heard robbo saying he was keeping him wrapped up as he doesn't want other teams seeing how good he is
  5. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-statement-james-keatings/?rid=13929
  6. SFA to review the red card
  7. Can we have a translate button set up on this site?
  8. Same day we are home to Dundee. Fingers crossed it's a good turn out should be a good evening
  9. It's bad enough we share the challenge cup with other teams that aren't from Scotland.
  10. Also see Partick have let Kenny Miller go. Rather have Miller in my team than that pri*k graham
  11. Donaldson has left the building
  12. Rory McAllister didn't want full time football as he wanted to finish of his apprenticeship first. Think it was Aberdeen that was looking at him when he came out with that. We have looked at Sutherland before but I can't remember what happened with it I remember something about peterhead