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  1. 2 points dropped today. Shocking 2nd half performance
  2. Billy Mckay off Joe Hardy ON Carson off Devine on - strange?
  3. Really need the win here to be honest if we are aiming to snatch 2nd place for a better chance in the play offs
  4. We don't deserve anything out of this 2nd half. awful performance looks like we came out thinking the job was already done.
  5. Defending looked quite poor for the Ayr goal
  6. Great finish from Logan Chalmers from outside the 18 yard box.
  7. Willie Collum is the man in the middle today
  8. Calder Tokely Mann Chrsitie Wilson Wyness
  9. Also nice to see the flag flying high at the stadium today
  10. Only thing that changes in his talks is the team name we are playing against.
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