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  1. Forgot all about this.....if I can come in with a few games to go I'll go with..... Dumbarton 2.25
  2. https://ictfc.com/testimonial-to-take-place-for-ryan-esson 9th August last update
  3. Thought I read somewhere that there was a golf day coming up?
  4. White (Thought he was a good target man on the day and held the ball up well but no one supported him) McCart Chalmers
  5. Robbo said on his interview last night that he had being finishing of a degree he started before joining us and now that's done he can now focus on the club full time. So fingers crossed
  6. After listening to that game on the radio sounds like a point was fair. Think I only heard heard Polworth name about 10 times. Only a point needed now on saturday. Hopefully Coll and Carl will both be back
  7. Brad almost costing us already not even 5 mins in. Lucky Rooney on the line
  8. Half Time. Need to get our fingers out for the 2nd half. Get a play off place sorted tonight
  9. 1-0 YASSSSSSSS I'm the glad the game is on the radio