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  1. Were any of the youth teams in action over the weekend? Any updates?
  2. Duncan Whatmore the player who has been on loan to Hibs from Sunderland is an exciting prospect. Worth a shout?
  3. Pretty accurate summing up although I'd have to disagree about Watkins. Decent enough player but a bit of the Ted McMinn about him...
  4. I feel that there could be interest within the 5 secondary school located in and around the city. Maybe the club could help to get supporters clubs running in the I.R.A, Milburn, Charleston, High School and Culloden. Even if the club "donated" a flag to each of the secondary supporters clubs and members could get some perks. Could potentially be run by 5th , 6th year pupils.
  5. Away fans are pretty passionate in my opinion. Passionate??.....you couldnt find a more reserved, placid support anywhere than at ICT. Makes snooker crowds look like a bunch of rowdies Away fans are pretty passionate in my opinion.
  6. The current Palace kit with the yellow trimming changed to black would be a superb strip for season 2014/2015.
  7. Which English Premiership club do I.C.T equate to and why? My suggestion would be Crystal Palace. Punch above our weight. Not the largest amount of fans but passionate. Colours-although they have had cracking kits over the years. Good community club.
  8. Are there supporters clubs located in Nairn, Black Isle, Western Isles?
  9. Any recent updates on contract situation?
  10. A number of LOCAL boys have been promoted from the 17's and offered 2 year pro- contracts to play for the u-20's.
  11. Do I think you start a lot of questions with the word Do? Yes
  12. Has it been confirmed by the club that Gorman, Pepper, Evans etc have been released or is this just rumour at this stage?
  13. Terrible result today but John Hughes should and hopefully will be given time ....at least until end of December. Personally I admire the way he wants the ball to be passed from the back and feel he should stick with this way of playing. The many "experts" in the main stand who are desperate for the ball to be hoofed forward are, in my opinion, dinosaurs.
  14. Looking forward to young Christie establishing himself as a regular starter next season. Though in doing so, I predict other clubs will be queuing up to sign him.
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