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  1. Puzzling decision! As mentioned by HumbersideDude, this 'fixture' has netted a total of zero points..... They (SPFL) have just made-it-up-as-they go along, here. Furthermore, I don't see why it couldn't be replayed at the end of the campaign. Obviously, I'm clutching-at-straws here, as I don't think the 'infringement' impacted on the outcome of the original game. To my knowledge, it is only the second time this has happened since the SPFLs formation. The Peterhead v Ayr United game was replayed when Peterhead fielded an ineligible player. In that instance, they (Peterhead) played a suspe
  2. I think that's still the case! They still have use of their section of the Bught next season, but after that they'll have to find a new ground! As you say, there doesn't appear to be any specific reason for the lease not being renewed.
  3. Premiership Edward Ofere (Dundee United 3-3 Partick Thistle) Northern Ireland Premiership Curtis Allen (Cliftonville 3-2 Glentoran)
  4. "I DON'T believe it!" But, Hughes will see this as justification/vindication/validation of his efforts recently - ta ta Raven.
  5. Also a little surprised at this. However, it's in the record books now - and it's another accolade for the club - Inverness Caley Thistle's 11th time winning the award: Craig Brewster 3 Terry Butcher 3 John Hughes 3 Charlie Christie 1 John Robertson 1
  6. Here's the article in full, as some may be restricted by the pay-wall. Am I detecting 'subtle' digs at Yogi?! Caley Thistle chairman frustrated to miss out on top six after increasing budget Caley Thistle chairman Kenny Cameron is frustrated by his club’s failure to earn a top-six Premiership place given the extra money handed to manager John Hughes. The Highlanders have operated with the highest playing budget in the club’s history, but missed out on a top-half finish for the first time in four years. Cameron said: “It’s been a very challenging season. We’ve had horrendous inju
  7. Jonny Tuffey kept a clean-sheet at the weekend, helping Glenavon win the Northern Irish Cup Final 2-0 against Linfield, at Windsor Park. Coincidentally (after the previous post), another of our former 'keepers who'll be playing in the Europa League next season!
  8. Cheers, CaleyD - that does seem more realistic. I wondered at first, if it had been our previous attendance v Dundee United published in error. Obviously that wasn't the case. Instead, it does seem it was simply a first-digit 'typo' with 3,587 rather than 2,587 being published. However, all the 'recognised' football database outlets are 'using' the higher figure and that's what'll eventually be included in our official attendance stats. Yay! For the record, our average attendances since returning to the SPL/Premiership - (2 figures for clarity) and actual: 2010/11: 4,500 (4526) 2
  9. Free agent, Tony Reguero has signed a 3-month contract at Finnish club RoPS. Both their regular 'keepers are apparently injured, hence the short term nature of the deal. RoPS were runners-up in the Finnish league last season and so are in the Europa League qualifying rounds. Good luck Tony!
  10. How many times?! The Premiership is tier-one of the SPFL. Then comes the Championship, League one, League Two. All are in the SPFL. Aberdeen, Alloa, Ayr and Annan. All SPFL teams, regardless of 'division'. The SPFL is NOT the 'new' name for the old SPL. It's now called the Premiership - not the SPFL, although it is the highest level of it.
  11. Yeah, the excellent - and constantly up-to-date, What-Scotland-Wants website does indeed reflect a >47% YES vote on average, for polls conducted this year. http://whatscotlandthinks.org/questions/how-would-you-vote-in-the-in-the-scottish-independence-referendum-if-held-now-a#table I agree, with Kingsmills that (although the opportunity has not been ruled-out, in their manifesto) although/despite the SNP being overwhelmingly voted in again today, that in itself, is not sufficient to 'trigger' another Independence Referendum. As acknowledged by Sturgeon, it would only happen if the suppo
  12. Bryan Prunty has been released by Airdrieonians. https://twitter.com/bprunts9 It appears that the club are planning to go full-time next season - quite unusual in this day-and-age for a club in Scotland's 3rd-tier!
  13. It's a bit like Hughes taking the credit for Butcher's work!
  14. Sneckboy

    David Raven

    It seems that the journalist's tweet was misinterpreted as relating to David Raven! "In Tomorrow's Inverness Courier - an exclusive on the future of one out-of-contract Inverness star." It was Dean Brill. Perhaps 'Hearach's' rumour was based on this?...and Raven is still nowhere near being retained? Until any sources are given, I'll treat the 'rumour' as just that - but, I'd be delighted if it does prove to have some substance!
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