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  1. ymip

    New ICT Podcast

    Good effort gents. Hats off to your levels of recall, I can barely remember being at half the games I attended last season. Looking forward to future episodes.
  2. I see former ICT loanee Tom Aldred has signed for Brisbane Roar after ending his loan spell at Motherwell. Given he freaked out at how far Inverness was from home in Bolton I'm just wondering if his agent has sat him down and explained where Brisbane is....?
  3. Yer Man In Stoney nailing it again with the exclusives. Never mind the fact I didn't have a scooby who it was we were signing. Available for a weekly Courier column at the right price..... 😎
  4. I understand we will announce a new signing on Wednesday. No idea who it is but comes from a reliable source that a deal has been done for someone or other.
  5. Would be a great idea to get some sort of link-up with Augsburg as part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. I recall my cousin playing for an Inverness select against Celtic, Augsburg and a 4th club which escapes me (possibly Dunfermline) back in the early 80s in a 2 day tournament at the Bught Park. I'm sure I've still got the programme in my loft. Was always a bit puzzled why nothing more tangible ever came of the Augsburg connection. Seems like loads of towns and village in Moray and Buchan are twinned with German towns and the relationship seems much more active than ours is with Augsburg. Having said that the apathy I witnessed around our last international friendly against Antwerp would suggest there wouldn't be a huge level of interest. The Belgians took a very decent away support to Le Stade and probably out numbered those of us in the home end. Unfortunately I'm not convinced Augsburg would be much different.
  6. ymip

    League Cup Draw

    Mantis - was hoping for Cove away too but Peterhead away is now a doddle on my beloved AWPR. Virtually a home match for the Stonehaven Massive. Roll on United, Dundee and Arbroath away. Alas, there'll be an infrequent CaleyAway presence from us next season due to Saturday afternoon juvenile football commitments. Forza Stoney Youth....
  7. An absolutely dreadful first half performance today. Things improved after the break despite rather odd substitutions. Felt a bit backs to the wall when Tremarco limped off leaving us with only 10 men for last 15 minutes. A good three points but we will need to see a vast improvement to make progress in the play-offs. One point I would make is that Robbo should be using up all his jambo brownie points to get Dario Zanatta in on loan next season. I lost count of the number of times he skinned Rooney today. Think he'd be an excellent addition to the squad.
  8. No worries. Looks like a nice gaff.
  9. Hate watching us on the tele but a tremendous 3 points. Barca-esque winner from Doran and Walsh. Going up via play-offs and a 2nd Scottsh Cup win in 5 seasons would constitute a decent enough season. 😉
  10. An absolutely tremendous team performance. Difficult to pick out individuals but Trafford and White surely the biggest positives - easily their best ICT performances. Also, a brilliant away support both in numbers and noise throughout. Roll on Hampden.
  11. In a word, this 👆 Very strange decision leaving Welsh on the bench and then taking him on for a couple of minutes at the death. To the clowns who slate Polly at every opportunity please note that this is what we'll be reduced to if/when he moves on.....and who would blame him. Absolute sickener.
  12. Flew over from Paris on the Saturday, met up for beers with some dandy mates on their way to Love Street and ended up spending the afternoon in the pub after the guttering fiasco. Sadly couldn't make it back over midweek and vividly remember tuning in to Radio Scotland on my state of the art wireless listening to Barley Chatterman's updates from Parkhead. This was pre home internet and I didn't even have a mobile phone. Radio interference was horrendous and I could barely make out what the score was. Father-in-law was phoning house every 5 minutes to keep me updated. Different times on all levels. Funnily enough back over in Paris today on football business so will raise a glass of vin rouge to commemorate this momentous evening in our history. Allez les rouge et bleues.
  13. Caley Away are quite clearly the upper echelon compared to your common or garden ICT fan but debate rages as to which faction of Caley Away sits at the top table, votes please on the following: The Very Young Team (NSB, UI18 et al) The Older Youngish Team (seem to have largely grown out of it and disappeared) 30 something Central Belt Crew Random Younger Independent Diehards Expat Sneck Students (incl. non-sneck mates who look bored to death) Last of the Summer Wine Lunatic Fringe Supporters Bus Worthies Blue Rinse Brigade Random non-aligned Old Team I'm going for the Random Younger Independent Diehards. Avoid the herd mentality, plough a solitary furrow and turn up everywhere from Highland League pre-seasons to mid week Irn-Bru Cup replays in Stranraer. Respect is due.