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  1. Given Tuesday night's defensive train wreck this, on the face of it, seems like a very strange decision. Unless I'm mistaken that leaves us with six recognised defenders (Broadfoot, Deas, Devine, Duffy, Harper and Fyfe) which suggests we either have reinforcements lined up or Dodds has decided to play 2 at the back over the Winter period.
  2. I wasn't joking about the cows 🙂
  3. Stoney Cowboys we are here...yeeha, yeeha! No Brokeback Mountain comments please 🙂
  4. Nipped along earlier in an attempt to catch some of the action. Total no go gaining access to the facility so ended up in a farmer's field with ymip Jr, a handful of Aberdeen fans and a former ICT player, all strugglling to make out a great deal. The Aberdeen fan we got talking to suggested we'd taken the lead early on - possibly through Shane Sutherland. Jay Emmanuel Thomas equalised for the dismal dons. Ten minutes into the second half the irate farmer decided to release his herd of cows into the field which necessitated a tactical retreat. We were then so far away it was again
  5. I'm hearing we're supposed to be playing Aberdeen behind closed doors at their Cormack Park training centre today. Said training centre is about a 5 minute walk from my work so if anyone knows what time it's kicking off I wouldn't mind a heads up!
  6. Jesus wept........it's a resounding no from the Stonehaven jury. Massive new season buzz killer.
  7. Malky Mackay over the bridge would be absolute class and the latest in a long line of abysmal appointments made by Uncle Roy at both his vanity project and day job. Talk about tone deaf. RCFC - the living embodiment of all the gear no idea.
  8. A pretty exceptional achievement for a second tier club to have four boys named in the Under 21 squad. I can't imagine this has happened too many times in the past. I just hope that this encourages the club to continue to invest in the Academy and that we can see more local boys breaking into the first team and hopefully gaining international recognition. Well done to Charlie and the Academy staff for continuing to unearth and nurture talent given the fairly limited resources at their disposal.
  9. Can someone please explain to me how a bang average/mid table Championship side with limited apparent revenue streams can afford a CEO, Sporting Director and Head Coach? Unless someone has emerged, unannounced, from the shadows and injected a serous wedge into the club in an attempt to buy our way out of the Championship how on earth can we justify this kind of outlay? I just don't get it.....answers on a postcard please.
  10. Beating the second and third placed sides away from home in the space of five days, irrespective of quality of performance, is extremely encouraging. Onwards and upwards.
  11. A club in absolute freefall. Mind boggling that wealthy shareholders stand idly by and watch the club spiral into oblivion. Would be good to hear how Mr Gardiner suggests we extricate ourselves from this current predicament. I'm all ears.
  12. Yassss! Didn't see this coming after midweek. Much needed.
  13. Whilst I appreciate the team is lacking game time that was diabolical. Irrespective of games in hand we are in dire straits. Compare and contrast tonight with the game in Dumfries back in December - night and day.
  14. Null and void this godforsaken season. If nothing else it'll spare us this pixellot garbage.
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