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  1. ymip

    Youth Development Compensation

    Pedant alert: It's Dyce Boys Club rather than Dyce Juniors (who are a Junior club rather than a juvenile club). Dyce were the top boys club through here for many years and also produced the Shinnies, Ross Tokely and numerous others. Chances are they pinched Armstrong off another juvenile club as they did with Graeme Shinnie who started off at Cove BC. The club I'm involved with, Stonehaven Youth FC, produced Iain Vigurs (before he was pinched by another club...) and Russell Duncan who was a loyal servant until he signed for the Dismal dons from school. Plenty decent players through here who go under the AFC radar.
  2. ymip

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Window shuts on Friday and I think it's fair to say we could do with some reinforcements given patchy form to date, particularly up front. I would suggest Camnmy Smith would be a decent signing given his form in the Championship last season but very much doubt we have the wherewithal and I'd guess "bigger" clubs would be ahead of us in the queue. Jai Quitongo is another I would like to see but given he's now training with Partick also highly unlikely. Any local millionaire fancy financing a marquee signing or two?
  3. Out of two cups by 14th August and no potential Belfast/Dublin jolly. Magic.
  4. ymip

    Alan Hercher

    Absolutely tragic news. Sincere condolences to Alan's family and friends at this difficult time. RIP Herchie
  5. Couldn't have put it better myself. Mate at work who's a Jambo season ticket holder has just come through and apologised for this decision which he agreed is a disgrace. He actually predicted a similar scenario this morning whereby the SPFL throw them a lifeline.
  6. ymip

    Jake Mulraney

    I was at the Cove - Hearts game last night and have to say that Mulraney had a very decent game which seemed to go down a storm with the visiting jambos. Will be interesting to see how he progresses this season. I don't see any harm in what he's said in terms of the relative professionalism of ourselves and HMFC. Hearts clearly have a better set up and more dough than us so it should come as no surprise. It goes without saying that Jake hardly falls into the Stuart Armstrong school of media eloquence so he's always likely to offer a fairly simplistic and un-sanitised response when asked to contrast the two clubs. No point in folk getting their knickers in a twist over a simple statement of fact.
  7. RIG has pretty much nailed last night's performance for me. Until we scored the equaliser we were all over the place and showed an alarming reliance on long, high balls to the two target men up top. I sincerely hope this is not a sign of things to come. I've seen Tom Walsh twice now (@Keith and Cowdenbeath) and really like the look of the lad. A very elegant and graceful player and not scared to have a pop. Looks to be an inspired signing from Robbo and Co. and would be in my starting XI for Raith and Hearts. Also, another towering performance at the back from big Coll. Love his attitude and enthusiasm and would suggest he's nailed on captain material. DUFC's loss is certainly our gain. I thought Joe Chalmers and Fash Austin had nights to remember. Austin I like as a player but he really struggled against the Cowden defence which is rather alarming. Given that he's a Leven loon and the animosity between East Fife and Cowden I'd have hoped he's have been motivated to get one over them but was far from convincing. In terms of new faces I thought Rooney did ok but wasn't as convinced by White as Mantis. Works hard and holds the ball up well enough but I'd have liked to have seen more end product. Decent enough away support for a Tuesday night in darkest Fife. I think Raith will be more of a test by which we can gauge where we are and will be watching out for the Hearts scoreline from my summer hols with interest.
  8. ymip

    New Board Member

    Only the hardy few who made it to Keith on Saturday can honestly claim to be "ardent". Everyone else is just playing at it. #ictelite #almondmagnumcrew #kynochparkhardcore #fortgeorgelightweights
  9. ymip

    Pre-season Friendlies Roll Call

    Must have been about a dozen to twenty ICT fans at Keith which was rather disappointing given proximity and cracking weather. Lined up as per Johndo's post on Keiff thread. Liked the look of Walsh in midfield - busy with good feet and looking to get things going. McCart steady in central defensive duo with Big Coll who captained the team well. Front too battled away without a goal from open play. A decent enough work out in very warm conditions. Possibly first ever water break in Keith's history. Also liked the look of Aidan Wilson when he came on. Hope to see him on bench before too long.
  10. ymip

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Absolute nonsense from our man at Aldi. Bell fell out of favour towards the end of the season but he grafted non-stop in every game I saw him play for us. He also seemed to be genuinely delighted to be playing for ICT and was always appreciative of the fans. No need at all to slate the guy in this manner. I'm sure most fair minded fans would wish him well and thank him for his efforts while with us.
  11. ymip

    The Pre-Season Thread

    You would hope that that given our appalling start to last season that Robbo might be looking to shake things up a bit this pre-season. Having said that there's little point in rolling out stronger opposition when no one bothers attending. I remember heading North a few years back when we played Royal Antwerp and there was hardly a soul there apart froma sizable and nosiy Belgian support. A return fixture with Crusaders in Belfast would be decent but probably out with our budget these days.
  12. ymip


    Uppers: M&S Harry Gow Daniel Mackay 3 year contracts with us County relegation Errea Invernessian Bon viveurs ICTFC Downers: Aldi Greggs Vigurs 3 year contracts with them 5th and no cigar Macron Rosshire Rednecks RCFC Barley Chatterman's patter........
  13. ymip


    I truly despair at folk on here's views of Vigurs. He is a superb footballer and will be a huge loss to us - anyone who thinks otherwise clearly doesn't really get football at all. More worryingly this appears to be a very visible attempt by our neighbours to lay down a marker for next season and beyond. A much as I enjoyed their demise on Saturday I fear they will be going large on an immediate return to the Premiership. We appear to be shopping at Aldi and they are clearly intent on melting their plastic in M&S.
  14. ymip

    Another club statement...

    I presume this relates to the young lads going on the park after the goal which was a bit daft but in no way warrants this sort of hysterical hand wringing, yet again. This constant vilification of our dwindling support really does my head in. Rae is presiding over an utter shambles off the park, and serious under performance on the park, and seems to be using these regular attacks on our own fans to deflect from these glaring shortcomings. You can guarantee that there will be yet another negative article on the BBC website this afternoon which is completely unwarranted. I'd be more interested in hearing when our emergency loan players are arriving or an update on the impact our COO and Commercial Manager are having on addressing the aforementioned operational shortcomings. "Barley Chatterman to thread, Barley Chatterman to thread....unacceptable social malaise in the bagging area."
  15. Can hardly summon up the enthusiasm to head down to Tannadice or Cup Final which is a pretty alarming state of affairs. Would love to know the real story behind the Calder/ Harper/Mckay debacle. Pretty much sums up where we are these days. Can we actually survive a second train wreck season of this nature? Woe is me.