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  1. I refrained from criticising last week's effort but for a club which needs every penny surely the inability to address the well documented shortcomings is unforgivable.
  2. Sounds like a bout of Millwall flu Mantis - contracted by the fans of many English clubs, brought on by the prospect of a trip to the Den. Plenty of parallels with a trip to Borough Briggs. 😷👊
  3. Scottish FA this afternoon recommended that no training or conditioning be undertaken by member clubs from Premiership to juveniles. I would suggest that this is a very clear indication that the 2019/2020 season is over.
  4. I was at the game and remember it being a bit of a cricket score. I'm pretty sure I have the programme in the loft. Some legendary Caley players amongst the scorers...…… and Alan Smart :) I was at Cove vs Queen's Park a couple of weeks back and spotted Wilson Robertson, Bob Summers and Kevin Mann watching the game. I've seen the three of them together watching games in and around Aberdeen numerous times over the years (including in the away end at Pittodrie watching ICT) and find it quite touching that these guys spent in excess of ten years driving up and down the A96 to play for Cale
  5. ymip


    Absolutely tragic news. RIP Bronson.
  6. Tremendous statement from our Chairman and Chief Exec. Night and day when compared with the drivel spouted by our previous regime. Hardly worth commenting on the decision. Par for the course from the SFA but hats off to them for reaching a whole new level of incompetence and corruption.
  7. I think it's fair to say that this could well be the worst transfer window we've ever witnessed. Both first choice centre halfs gone for peanuts and we're subsequently obliged to recall a teenage full back from Elgin who we sent out on loan just a few short weeks ago. Sadly this seems to be the state of play these days. More chance of finding intelligent life in Dingwall than us going up via the play-offs. Woe is me.....?
  8. Ref was an absolute disgrace today and I"m absolutely convinced there was no foul on keeper from Jordan. Doran hauled down in a very promising position and not even a foul. Moments later we gift them the softest of goals. That being said I don't think we can complain about the result. Ayr were the better team on the day - which is a worry.
  9. I always felt we let Shane go a bit early and given some of the absolute jobbers we've signed as strikers since I think he was very unlucky. That being said he's 29 so hardly a long term signing. Perhaps worth a punt. I was also under the impression that Cammy Smith was heading in the Maryhill direction.
  10. "Berra...still a top player" Man alive! The 'roids have clearly turned Simmo's brain to mush.
  11. Sadly this is a sign of the times and our inability to compete financially with Uncle Roy's, permanently open, cheque book. I guess these guys have short careers and need to maximise their earnings but the laziness of Donaldson, Chalmers, Draper et al trooping over the bridge is more than a little depressing. Coll in particular is someone we rescued from the Tannadice scrap heap and essentially revived his faltering career. If Coll moved on to a bigger club elsewhere I would bear no real grudge but joining our neighbours, knowing full well how this will be viewed by the fans who've welcomed
  12. I've heard the sell-on clause is 20% but it's also worth considering that Ryan's agent would also benefits, handsomely, from any move. I may be wrong but I understand they're very close. If Ryan was Belgian, Croatian or English he'd be worth £40-50M but I would suggest Celtic would be looking at ca. £25M in the current market. Aside from Robertson (when playing for Liverpool I would hasten to add) the best player Scotland has at present but significantly under valued in the eyes of EPL clubs.
  13. Top Six (in chronological order): Ayr 7-nil game - the outpouring of relief to be back up rather than the game itself. Hearts at Easter Road - LC semi-final - Nick Ross goal and scenes thereafter. Hampden Scottish Cup semifinal - possibly the best of them all. Hampden - 30th May 2015 Astra away - despite the result/performance. A really special event. Pics and videos still give me goosebumps. United - Scottish Cup game last season. Superb away support, great performance and genuine optimism which sadly proved unfounded. I was lucky enough to be at them all
  14. It was actually a 34 year old bin man that ran us ragged.....just saying. On reflection it's actually the second time in 8 weeks that said binman has run us ragged I was lucky enough to witness both debacles. Happy days.
  15. 2 nil to Bonnyrigg at half time.
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