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  1. You've got to feel for Ridgers and all the other lads left in the dark by our illustrious board and CEO. Despite the turmoil the lack of basic communication is really quite appalling. I was optimistic that a white knight would arrive to save the day but we're certainly making a pretty good fist of looking very much like a club going out of business.
  2. Ding, Dong.....if anyone can rustle up an AI generated graphic of our ex CEO in full lodge regalia under a scale replica of our battery farm I'd be forever in your debt. On a more serious note now that we have the desired regime change and the Kelty debacle has been put to bed how do we ensure that any season ticket monies are protected in the event of administration? Is there a way that we can ring fence these funds via the Supporters Trust?
  3. Grounds for optimism and seems sensible to be speaking to an insolvency practitioner. Kelty RIP.
  4. The North Caley comments from the Courier are absolutely ridiculous. The currant buns liquidated, stiffed their face painter and ended up in League Two. Our debts appear to be largely to directors so I struggle to see how the SPFL can do us for anything more than the regular 15 points. Keep the heid mun!
  5. That's also my understanding. As of 27th March it appears that Ross Morrison, David Cameron and Allan Munro now each have an equal three way control of ICT Battery Storage Limited. However, Cameron and Morrison are the only directors.
  6. Morrrison has resigned as a director of Inverness Thistle and Caledonian F.C. Limited (the football club) but, as of this morning, appears to still be an active director in the following ICT related companies: - ICT Battery Storage Limited (with David Cameron) - Inverness Caledonian Thistle Properties Limited (with David Cameron) - Inverness Caledonian Thistle Community Development (with various others) - Inverness Caley Thistle Concert Company Limited [In Liquidation] (sole Director) It would be nice if one of the remaining directors of Inverness Thistle and Caledonian F.C. Limited would like to shed some light on what exactly is going on and their collective plans for the future of the club. Over to you gents we're all ears: Graeme Bennet David Cameron Gordon Fyfe Allan Munro Panagiotis Thomas Scott Young
  7. The scheme was always designed to be sold on to a developer, that's the whole ILI business model. This is another example of Gardiner messing up a supposedly cunning money making scheme. The guy has some midas touch.
  8. We're now eleven days on from the Kelty announcement and five days on from Ross Morrison's dialogue with the Wyness Shuffle and subsequent board meeting. Despite confirmation from Alan Savage that he/Orion will finance the Academy moving forward and then a flurry of rumours on Friday past we're pretty much none the wiser where we stand and getting ever closer to pre-season in what is undoubtedly a make or break season for the club. Is it too much for the people entrusted with the running of the club to give us an update as to where we go from here? It's an absolute farce and yet, to the best of our knowledge, we continue to pay the wages of our alleged CEO who presides over the whole pantomime with complete and utter disregard for the fans, players and club staff. It's an utter omnishambles from top to bottom and we need answers now.
  9. Great post above from Achfary. It seems to me that Ross is suffering from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome in relation to our "abrasive"* CEO (*talk about understatement of the century). His biggest problem is staring him in the face and yet he steadfastly deflects, excuses and point-blank refuses to recognise that Gardiner is the root of the vast majority of the problems we're facing. I also have to take issue with the Chairman's statements regarding the Academy. Unless I missed it he never explicitly said it was closing, only that it would be in jeopardy. Then he blames us for not getting the pitchforks out in relation to a general remark which was quickly overtaken by more dramatic revelations. I don't think anyone was happy with the thought of axing the Academy and to suggest that we were is entirely disingenuous on his part. The other point that enrages me is his assertion that 90% of the people that he's spoken to outwith Inverness thinks this is a great idea. I don't know about anyone else but I live outwith Inverness and have colleagues/mates at home and abroad who have all voiced an opinion on Gardiner's hare-brained scheme and not one person has suggested it's a good idea. Probably because they're generally football fans who understand that football is not simply a business venture and fans are inextricably connected to their club/city. A frankly delusional statement which undermines his credibility. Prior to the Kelty statement I had a fair degree of sympathy towards Gardiner who's clearly a fan and has put his hand in his pocket to keep things going. However, his blind faith in Gardiner, in the face of overwhelming evidence of his ineptitude and unbridled hostility from all and sundry simply defies logic and suggest that it's time for a change. Finally, a very interesting update from the Supporters Trust this morning advising that trust members have confirmed their intention to withhold ca. £200k of revenues for the season ahead. Surely this has to force a serious rethink?
  10. This would seem to represent an excellent opportunity to get out of the disastrous "six figure deal" the club claims to have entered into. It would appear that Kelty Hearts may well have misrepresented that they're entitled to enter into the contractual agreement which the club purports to have signed. One might have expected the club to engage the services of a competent external legal counsel to advise over a fairly fundamental and legally binding agreement of this nature. The fact that such a glaring omission has been missed would suggest that the CEO has added club lawyer to his vast array of skills.
  11. Good to see Scott's made a pig's ear of yet another hare-brained business venture. Another abject failure from our hapless CEO.
  12. Read the Morrison Q&A on P&B (thanks Chris) and as ymip Jr pointed out he came across as defensive and more aggressive than he needed to be. Absolutely no attempt to strike a conciliatory tone or concede in any way to the tidal wave of rage and bad press ge's brought upon hmself. His defence of Gardiner is as infuriating as it is baffling. He clearly wants out but he wants to recoup his money. I woukd suggest that ship sailed some time ago. A good start in terms of filling the financial void would surely be to jettison Messrs Gardiner and Ferguson. It's hardly rocket science.
  13. Surely it can't be more than £150k we're spending on accommodation. Given the fact we've inked a six figure deal with Kelty the numbers don't seem to add up, particularly when you factor in the loss of season ticket income.
  14. Thanks for sharing Scotty. Truly mindboggling that Gardiner looked this potential gift horse in the mouth. It just illustrates the jaw dropping ineptitude and narcissistic nature of our feckless CEO. If he didn't dream up the scheme then it clearly isn't worth consideration. He's demonstrated such a prodigious track record of successful money making ventures over the past five years that it would seem pointless investigating the opportunity to access the networks of others, as opposed to his own rolodex of fellow grifters, shysters and snake oil salesmen. Never in the history of mankind has there been a more terrifying example of the tail wagging the dog than the free reign this utter charlatan has been afforded by our clueless board of directors. Kelty today, Broadwood (or similar) tomorrow - mark my words. Sack the board!
  15. I have to doff my cap to the board in their ability to deliver a situation so utterly tone deaf and absurd that I find myself in violent agreement with Mr Bannerman for the first time in 30 years. Quite an achievement.
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