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  1. We were seriously under the cosh in the first half with Ayr having a ridiculous number of corners as pointed out above. The early goal after half time really changed the dynamic of the game and we looked much more comfortable in the second half. Deas and Devine looked very steady in the centre of defence. Delaney continues to look like the pick of the Summer signings despite being extremely one footed. Another goal from Cammy Harper who really looks like a man reborn further up the park. Stronger bench today was a bonus. All in all a very pleasing 3 points which looked highly unlikely at half time. Massive game on Friday and we really need a top drawer performance to exorcise that shocker at Firhill. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Danny D and Robbie D were immense in the second half but I was hugely impressed by the shift Cammy Harper put in in an advanced central midfield role. The boy has some engine and covered every blade of grass. Considering he was completely out if his comfort zone I thought he was excellent. Great to see young lads stepping up and putting in key performances when so many senior players are missing. A massively pleasing 3 points. Poor old Raith must absolutely hate the sight of us.
  3. Cue Dodds' usual "It's no like us" p1sh. This being the 3rd time we've shipped 4 in the last 11 competitive matches. The club needs radical change from top to bottom but clearly nothing will change any time soon. A truly depressing state of affairs.
  4. A frankly embarrassing performance from start to finish and yet another poor starting selection call from Dodds. Personally I don't think we've done great business this Summer and we've certainly lost a fair bit of quality. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see us strengthening further and based on tonight's capitulation I fear a tough season ahead. Was gone by the time their fourth was scored, something I have very rarely done over the years but enough was enough. A truly lamentable night in Maryhill.
  5. We looked excellent for about 10 minutes then managed to fall into the usual Gayfield trap of engaging in an aerial bombardment which had my eyes bleeding. I just don't understand why we think this will prove to be a success against Arbroath. Only plus point of the day was my steak and black pudding pie. Worth nothing that the stewards at Gayfield again making this a rather heavy day out. I'm sure they'll be as brave next week when Dundee fill the away end.
  6. Rossonerri merda 🤮 😉
  7. Deaie me - just watched the Dodds post-match interview. What conclusion can we draw from these latest comments other than establishing that the guy is completely delusional and incapable of arresting our ongoing downward spiral. The very least he can do is hold his hands up and be honest with us, instead we get the same meaningless platitudes every week and frankly disingenuous analyis of a performance which was rank rotten for all to see. Meanwhile we have the usual deafening silence from Gardiner and the board. The level of communication and transparency, at a full-time club which has spent significant time in the Premiership, would genuinely embarass most Highland League sides. Grim times.
  8. Tokely nailed it on comms; no workrate, no heart, no desire.
  9. I'm sorry but Dodds has got to go after this debacle. Another absolutely pitiful performance with no sign of any coherent game plan. We are a club in freefall.
  10. Same story every week. We dominate posession but do nothing with it. Passing is generally atrocious. Opposition goes up the park and scores from their solitary attempt. We huff and puff and generally look incapable of scoring. It's absolutely soul destroying. If we get nothing out of today we really need to be looking at a radical change of direction.
  11. The sad fact is that this club is heading for lower league oblivion with the current incumbents in charge. Dodds is clearly out of his depth, christ knows what Robbo's role is. The board are asleep at the wheel wirh communication worse than ever. Wholesale change required asap. Best ever chance to escape the Championship and we simply don't look interested. An utter shambles.
  12. Fantastic achievement from the Young Team. Hope to see a few of these lads making the step up in the next year or two.
  13. Dandy mate says he's lightning fast. Was a bit of a rising star for 2 or 3 games then benched for rest of his time at the Dons without any apparent explanation. An interesting signing whom you'd hope would kick on in the Championship.
  14. Turning into another massively disappointing season. Promotion was there for the taking if we could have shown a bit of character. Really poor result today.
  15. I hear popular beat combo The Beatles have split up too.
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