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  1. Added me plus one other for the bus - much appreciated DBJ
  2. ICTBluey x 2 (Myself + one other) Thanks for organising!
  3. is it just me or is everyone getting a bit too hung up on how barrowman can be a saviour for us next season? I have seen him a couple of times and i honestly think that although he is a superb finsher against division 2 goalkeepers, if we really on him for goals , in realistically what is his first season in the premier league( kilmarnock cant really count for him) we will be in trouble. Nicuale must be kept, i understand people saying we should cash in on him but we will never be able to replace his skill and class upfront and more importantly he would be a superb mentor for barrowman with all his experience. As for signing a good proven goalscorer in the premier league, it doubt it will happen, why would anyone want to move north and receive low wages, st mirren have a better chance of getting players than us which is saying something. I reckon brewster will keep bayne and and try let the three young strikers of wood, mcallister and barrowman fight it out to make the break through.