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  1. MissICT


    After viewing the tweets saying that St Mirren fans won't be receiving their tops (also made by carbrini) because of issues with the supplier I'm even more annoyed. We need answers! They've got my money and I nothing to show for it. We need to bombard JD Sports with emails.
  2. What are the chances of McNaught signing a contract? Seemed pretty decent tonight.
  3. A good way of the club making more money. That would me around £80 a season just on tops. Not a fan of that idea.
  4. What is the smallest size they come in?
  5. Would be good if the players wore them on Sunday. The big reveal!
  6. We will be driving from Preston. Any decent pubs for eats and drinks pre match? Any idea regarding parking?
  7. Incorporated this friendly into my summer holiday. I'm already looking forward to his fixture already.
  8. I see that Rangers are wanting to sign Don Cowie. Cardiff have offered him a new contract but he says he may consider other options.
  9. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/international/billy-mckay-ready-to-play-his-way-into-the-reckoning-for-euro-ties-30320943.html Billy Mckay is pushing for a start against Hungary in September for the EURO 16 qualifier. He's defiantly worth of the step up.
  10. Would be gutted if Shinnie was to leave especially for a silly deal. would be very hard to replace as well.
  11. Brilliant news about Gary Warren, It's good to see the club looking into the long term future! Think the club should now concentrate on getting Shinnie signed up on a longer deal now.
  12. IMO the only reason Shinnie isn't getting a call up it because of that Gordon Strachan. Shinnie is well worthy of a call up, Gordon doesn't know what he's missing out on. I've been saying it for a while now. I think all Graeme can do is keep playing his best.
  13. He's apparently signed a pre contact at Birmingham.. News broke on twitter just now.
  14. Panic!!! Tad annoying. Means that it'll be likely that people will have to miss the game unless its away to county..
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