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  1. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen Inverness CT -V- FC Astra Giurgiu PREVIEW 16th July @ 7:45PM Caledonian Stadium Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Go to the Chatroom Media Coverage AUDIO BBC Live Commentary (BBC) [UK/VPN Only] TEXT ESPN BBC SKY Sporting Life VIDEO SPFL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  2. THE MATCHDAY THREAD Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen FC Astra Giurgiu -V- Inverness CT PREVIEW 23rd July @ 7:00PM (UK) [9:00PM local] Marin Anastasovici Stadium, Giurgiu Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Facebook Go to the Chatroom Media Coverage AUDIO NO live coverage that we are aware of but Radio Scotland will be broadcasting the Aberdeen game and providing updates to ours on the normal MW link HERE ICTFC indicated they may broadcast live if internet connections allow for it. No confirmation either way at time of posting. If they do broadcast, you will find it HERE TEXT ESPN BBC SKY Sporting Life VIDEO SPFL YouTube Channel ICT Official YouTube Channel TEAM LINEUPS Tweets by @ICTFC Tweets by @ICTFC
  3. WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING BOOKINGS ONLINE FOR THE BUS TRANSFER FROM BUCHAREST TO GIURGIU For those who have booked and paid (names shown below), please access this thread for information on where and when to catch the bus: Your ticket is your invoice from here. You can print it off (preferred) or you can save it to your smartphone to verify your identity with DalgettyBayJaggie. You may also show your paypal receipt or confirmation number as these will be provided to DBJ. As mentioned before DBJ will be given your user details based on your account here and the details we received with your payment from paypal. He will receive your name and email address(es) only. He will not receive any other contact info such as phone or postal address I am part of someone else's group, i just want to access the forum. How do I do it? Just post a comment of some sort. 'I am part of <this group>' or something like that. The act of posting a comment will automatically add you to the travel group. SITE USERNAME QTY STATUS Dalgety Bay Jaggy 2 ORGANISER 03ncraig 7 PAID AJS 6 PAID Alan Falconer 6 PAID Alexander MacPhail 2 PAID Ali Fraser 2 PAID AndyCAM 2 PAID Angus Davidson 4 PAID Barrymcd1982 2 PAID BrianFraser 2 PAID Broonerz 2 PAID Caley Dazza 3 PAID Caley Fish 3 PAID Caley1 2 PAID CaleyMax 2 PAID CaleyThistle 2 PAID CaleyThistle98 3 PAID Callum Mason 3 PAID Calum Traynor 3 PAID Cauldeener 7 PAID cbarron 4 PAID crick 6 PAID Dalbuie 6 PAID Dan Hutt 2 PAID Daniel Evans 4 PAID danielboni 2 PAID Danny 2 PAID Davros 2 PAID Detritus 2 PAID DJScott 2 PAID FifeCaley1 2 PAID Govan Jaggie (inc IHE) 14 PAID Granty24 3 PAID Harry Chibber 7 PAID HawkeyeTheGnu 1 PAID Howdenender 2 PAID Hugh 2 PAID ICTBluey 2 PAID Ictbob 1 PAID ICTEWD 4 PAID ICTFCkev 2 PAID ICTnc29 4 PAID ICTPaisley 1 PAID ictpj 3 PAID ilovecaley 2 PAID IT86 3 PAID Jaggedthistle 2 PAID Jamie_ictfc 10 PAID JamieICTFC 2 PAID Jenaitchie 2 PAID Jillian 2 PAID Jillybeans 3 PAID jimmejak 1 PAID Joe DiMaggio 6 PAID JofrAI 1 PAID Johnanna 2 PAID JoICT 1 PAID JonnyFraser 6 PAID Kennymac 3 PAID KilveanLegend 4 PAID Kirki 3 PAID KK 9 PAID lazerguidedblog 2 PAID Liam86 4 PAID maca 1 PAID Malkyboy 6 PAID Martin Gordon 2 PAID Martinmacca1993 4 PAID MGD 6 PAID Milescott 2 PAID Moley 7 PAID Morgan Spice 1 PAID MP1987 2 PAID Naelifts 1 PAID Neil Mcleary 1 PAID NGNFans 3 PAID Northtooth 3 PAID OwenCF94 7 PAID PandB 3 PAID Pie eyed Piper 2 PAID pmacict 4 PAID PrideOFtheHighlands 5 PAID quizzer 10 PAID RDL 1 PAID rebelwithoutaclue 2 PAID Renegade 1 PAID RossLaing1 1 PAID Row S 2 PAID Rowdybey 2 PAID Sevvy 1 PAID Sheepslagger 2 PAID Shon 4 PAID Sir C the Third 4 PAID Slater / Tom Weir 5 PAID Snorbens_caleyman 2 PAID Snowshoe 2 PAID Splane 4 PAID StanDrews 2 PAID SteveA 2 PAID StuartICT 4 PAID The Long Man 5 PAID The_Sponge 4 PAID TheKarl 5 PAID TheMantis 1 PAID TinRoofMan 2 PAID Tom 1 PAID Trickyleftwinger 3 PAID Vegas 2 PAID Ving 1 PAID Vinnie87 2 PAID Zabriskie 3 PAID Zoid 2 PAID Ymip 1 PAID 356 356 List is correct as of 02:30AM UK time on TUE JULY 21st BOOKINGS ARE NOW CLOSED
  4. The home leg is first up on 16th July as far as I'm aware with the away leg following on the 23rd.
  5. Need to take the game to them. Don't really have any other option. For me - Esson Raven Warren Meekings Williams Draper Tansey Doran Christie Roberts Foran Subs - Fon Williams, Devine, Lopez, Wedderburn, Polworth, Horner, Tremarco* *If Tremarco is injured, bring Brown into the squad.
  6. First European game on Thursday night and Inverness welcome Romanian side Astra Giurgiu. A lot has changed since Inverness won the Scottish Cup in May. Starting at the top, Russell Latapy has moved on, looking to get into management as a number one, good luck to him. Cup lifting Captain Graeme Shinnie has gone to Aberdeen. No offence Graeme, but may the curse be with you. Cup final hero Marley Watkins has left the building, opting for Barnsley over signing a new contract at Inverness. Nick Ross, the semi-final hero from our League Cup win over Hearts is off to Dundee. Billy Mackay's replacement Edward Ofere has moved on after filling the gap adequately in the run up to the final. Bit part player Tarmo Kink and young defender Ryan Baptie were also released. What have we done to counteract those losses. Well, it's tough to get the quality we have lost, especially Shinnie and Watkins, but shrewdness is our middle name and in has come Nat Wedderburn from relegated Cowdenbeath, Dani Lopez from La Roda and Jordan Roberts from Aldershot Town. Who, I hear you shout. Oh my, what did you expect with our budget, it's car boot sales for us I'm afraid. We will just have to see how it all goes. A late addition is Brian Rice who will fill Latapy's shoes. Pre-season has come and gone and ended with a 1-1 draw against relegated St Mirren, not the season booster we were hoping for. Greg Tansey scoring with a free kick in that one. So, it's in at the deep end I'm afraid against a good quality Romanian side in Astra. The same Astra that were narrowly ousted over two legs in the Champions League qualifiers by Celtic last year. It's a tough ask for Inverness in our first competitive foray into Europe, but we will just have to get on with it. Plenty of problems for John Hughes to sort with the departures and incomers. On top of that we are hearing snippets of news that some players are struggling with innjuries. Dean Brill is still out akong with Richie Foran and Josh Meekings, Carl Tremarco, Danny Williams and Aaron Doran did not feature in the most recent friendly. Astra are an unknown quantity for us, and their side has changed from the one that played Celtic. They are littered with potential match winners from around the globe and I expect a tough welcome to European football for Inverness. Constantin Budescu is one to watch, and new signing Filipe Teixeira is highly rated in Romania. According to one source on CTO, the Astra defence could be suspect and like us, they are more dangerous when given the underdog tag. It's a historic occasion whatever the outcome and the City of Inverness should be proud of the achievements of the club. Fingers crossed, there will still be something to play for when Inverness visit Giurgiu next week.
  7. until just a few websites where you may be able to find some cheap deals. Prices at time of writing this range from £171 up to whatever you want to pay with the average seeming to be in the £200-£300 range. Flights from Aberdeen to Bucharest via Amsterdam seem to be the most popular and there is more discussion in here.
  8. tm4tj

    Europa League

    Astra here we come Inverness will visit the city of Giurgiu in Romania in their first crack at European football. The draw paired the Scottish Cup winners (that still sounds great) with the Romanian side Giurgiu Astra in the second preliminary round of the Europa league. Astra have similar credentials to Inverness. The city has a population of around 55,000 and their stadium has a capacity of 8,500. They finished fourth in their league last season. The advantage they do hold is that they have been in this competition over the last two seasons and have played in Scotland before. Celtic put them out last season, but only by virtue of a 2-1 win at Parkhead following on from a 1-1 draw in Giurgiu. Astra have been through a few metamorphoses since the original club were founded in Prahova in 1921 and were then called Astra-Română Sports Club. In 1937 they changed to Astra Română Ploiești. There followed mergers and more name changing as well as stadium moves, relegations and promotions. Various editions of the club played in Ploiești for 91 years until 2012 when they moved to their present home in Giurgiu and the Marin Anastasovici Stadium. The last three seasons has been their most productive to date, qualifying for Europa League action over the last two seasons and winning the Romanian Cup and Super Cup, defeating Steaua Bucharest on both occasions. This will be a difficult task for Inverness but one which chairman Kenny Cameron relishes, and he said "We are positive that Astra will receive a very warm Highland welcome both on and off the park and we look forward to an exciting game on the evening of the 16 July, another historic night for our club and the city of Inverness." Inverness fans are already showing their resourcefulness and planes, trains, boats, buses and horse and cart will be the preferred mode of transport when the away tie comes along on July 23rd. The home leg will be the week before on Thursday 16th July.
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