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  1. :D congratulations to all at ict a brilliant last part of the season ,when it mattered il be wearing my ict shirt at leeds on saturday hoping itl bring me luck in leeds united's promotion fight andy in morecambe
  2. best of luck tommorow ict massive local derby and so close to the top.still to see my first game. too busy with leeds uniteds own promotion push but i do still follow ict from afar some great results lately keep it up andy
  3. just want to add my best wishes for tommorows game .leeds failed to get in the play offs but ict can 'save' my season by stopping up. after all icts been through to get in the spl it would be nothing short of tragic to go down my game plan would be to get 10 on the line all game and go for the draw :021: best of luck to you all especialy the loyal every game atendeers andy
  4. absolutely brilliant result well done ict and to all you that went to the game what a way to win a game at rangers too last minuete pen lol bloody amazing off the bottom now just need to keep winning nice cup final be a bonus too
  5. mahonio can i ask why your actualy going to the game if you dont actualy intend on taking an active part in it i cant really talk as im a leedsunited supporter and ive not had a chance to go up to see ict yet but id do go to every leeds game home and away and i consider it my dute if not obligation to sing,chant and support my team from start to finnish to me im part of the team and do my bit as well as i can and yes i do consider going to football to be more important than work if leeds wernt playing the same times ict are id be up there supporting ict in their hour of need you pal
  6. all the best in what will be a tough game to say the least but i honestly reckon ict can get a result new manager and new confidence il be puting my usual few quid on em as well as leeds hope you all enjoy the game and butcher puts as much passion into his team talk as he did playing for england andy
  7. well what must be the biggest game ict have played in years is coming up and i was amazed to read that free coaches are being laid on from inverness and its only a tenner to get in surely every ict supporter in inverness will be going to cheer the lads on il be at the other end of the uk in brighton jhoping for a needed leeds win and itl cost me a hell of alot more than a tenner.the thought of ken bates laying on free coaches would give the old bugger a heart attack :thumb04: anyway after the cup win surely this game against hamilton accies is the springboard for ict to
  8. leeds have at last got rid of mcallister and we seem to be moving forward with grayson (1 draw 1win) id like to wish ict all the best for tommorow. a win is desperatly needed and a good cup run would instil alot of confidence in both the team and you supporters. i still think brewsters got to go but what do i know lol so heres to a leeds ict double and a brighter future for us all andy
  9. my team leeds have at last taken decisive action and sacked our manager .after another woeful performance v mk dons i was shouted down all afternoon and nearly got thrown out for criticising mcallister it was amazing 3 thousand plus leeds fans were happy to endure our 5th defeat on the trot.bloody lemmigs i called em tbhen today good news and a chance for a new man to come in and get his own players in and maybe turn ojur season round now is the time for ict to do the same this week not next week or next month but NOW before its too late brewster has to go i feel cheeky saying this
  10. oh dear same old same old eh both leeds and ict are awful right now and i for one have started calling for mcallisters head before its too late. i suggest that brewsters time is up too before its too late and were in that bottom spot grim times indeed for us all
  11. hi all its the leeds supporting ict wanabee here lol leeds and ict seem to be in the same run of crap form right now weve lost our last 3 games and are sliding down the table at an alarming rate.our defence is a nightmare yet weve only lost 1 at honme so far yet are dreadfull away.it looks like ict are the opposite having a cracking away record but woeful at home perhaps we could could do a swap deal for a few games leeds home record for icts away one lol and also both brewster and mc callister are coming under presure so both our game v colchester at home and yours at st mirren
  12. oh well was up at 5am hungover from saturday night .cramed in our van 5 hours to deepest cambridgeshire too many cans ,nuice country pub more beer and a toilet not acessable for wheelchairs but managed ok got to the village green(ground) and into the arena (quagmire) no cover at all so was soaked to my pants within 20 mins(nice) as for the game we tried to pass it about like we do and the ball got stuckin the mud ive no complaints we just couldnt cope with the conditions and histon deserved to win tranmere on saturday so got to get on with point gathering it sounded like ict did g
  13. i can guarantee that fella isnt me bloody scary tho ive been to most leeds games since 1980 and ive yret to meet that lovely man
  14. you might be right Gringo having checked trains to scotland there seem to alot better service via west coast mainline than going south .my problem is i use a wheelchair to go to games and i try to avoid too many changes ie getting across edinburgh or glasgow .i get to leeds home games via a coach from morecambe and away games via mates cars tho in the past ive done alot by trains .im determined to get to see ict somehow somewhere
  15. just want to wish you all a good day out in glasgow and a good win v celtic i know it wont be easy :thumb04: but from looking at the results every week im sure a draw isnt beyond ict's reach il be on my way down to histon for our massive banana skin game v histon on sunday otherwise what a great game this would of been for my first ict game so have a great day and bring at least a point back to that lovely part of scotland your from Andy
  16. cheers for the replies and il check out all the sites mentioned im sure il get to my first game sometime this season and think its going to be easier to get to an away one.i live in morecambe lancashire and the trains from here anywhere are a nightmare
  17. hi all im new on here so please be gentle.im a leeds united supporter who goes to all our games home and away .last year i went up to see runrig in concert and stopped in invernes i went passed the ict ground and sort of decided id 'adopt' ict as my scottish team.ive yet to get to a game as leeds are playing most times ict are.i nearly went up to edinburgh the other week when we played on a friday but i didnt get my act together in time my question is that id like to get some ict stuff ie polo shirt etc but the ict website doesnt exactly have an massive amount of stuff in its shop can an
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