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  1. Is Zapata still on trial? A number of good players were freed on deadline day so I'm hoping we may land someone out with the transfer window.
  2. I remember the courier stating a similar article saying Paul Hartley had the ICT job...A few hours later it went to Yogi. Hoping this is true regarding Mixu though. If so then the board need to do the right thing and tie Yogi down to a new deal. **Scratch the above. Just been confirmed by Sky. Paatelainen is off to United
  3. AJS

    Thank you L_G

    Don't tell me Yogi is taking her to Dundee United too?? In all seriousness. Best of luck L_G. Been a massive help over the years. Club shop will never be the same.
  4. In many respects Yogi has maxed what he was capable of achieving with us in such a short space of time. He inherited a fantastic team that was very capable but he was the one who got the best out of them. He was never going to better last season. What would have been intriguing was whether or not this current crop would have progressed under his reign as it was the first time he'd had to recruit so extensively. Despite a rocky start there have been massive signs of improvement and a lot of promise shown, especially from some of the new boys. Would be a pity to see him go as things were beginni
  5. Hibs have bid for him too...
  6. AJS


    We don't need anymore wingers. Breaming with enough quality there already
  7. I know it's a division below but Hibs have Cummings, Keatings and Malonga on their books and Farid El Alagui is still there too. Would it be worth trying to get him on loan maybe? Very capable player.
  8. Hooman was carrying a long standing injury and as a result of that he was let go. He was given time to see if there wad improvement but unfortunately there wasn't.
  9. AJS

    Nairn v ICT

    Any word on who the trialist is?
  10. AJS

    Dani Lopez

    I'm not surprised. Yogi was clearly a fan. Lopez did look very unfit but hopefully with some game time he will shape up nice. Wonder if any of the other trialists will share a similar outcome.
  11. AJS


    Be surprised if we don't offer Lopez a contract. Yogis been a fan of him for years.
  12. Any of the trialists left backs?
  13. Was Pavels Mihadjuks not a loan signing? Same with Bulvitis...will leave folks to decide who goes where
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