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  1. This, my friends, is what dreams are made of! ICT in the Scottish Cup final and also installed as favourites. A truly historic day but the reward is so so big, pinch me I am dreaming!! All the very best to the team, players, management and back room staff - with a very BIG thumbs up to the Board, this is your reward as well as ours.
  2. ICT fans are an unusual bunch ....... Manager of the year but in some eyes he is not even a good manager. Maybe said from the heart and not the head!
  3. I am informed that he had to take a call from Norwich and it did last 10 minutes.
  4. Only watched it on TV but ICT looked positively nervous initially with the ball bouncing off them - their normal passing was missing as they were unable to control the ball as they collected it so it was untidy. ABerdeen looked more hungry at the start but we failed to impose any threat until after the goal. The second half was better but at no time did I feel hopeful - yes we hit the bar and also pulled out a great save by their keeper and indeed did a lot of attacking but it fell to the wrong person or the wrong decision was made - shot instead of pass along the line. Hey hoy it
  5. "No leadership off or on the park" With your knowledge of this maybe you can give us an insight into the managers half time talk or maybe with his lack of leadership he decided to dispense with one. Perhaps, just perhaps, a poor footballing performance on the park, will be the players fault and not the managers! I do agree with the rest of your input as indeed fielding the same team each week can be less stimulating and maybe rotation could mean that some players would come back refreshed into the team again. However it must be difficult for a manager to disrupt a team when on a good run
  6. I watched this match on TV this evening and was surprised to see how similar Hamiltons way of playing is to the Hughes style. They played Aberdeen off the park with a passing game, in the first 75 minutes, that was a joy to watch especially in the SPL. They tired towards the end and some of their slick passes were not so so slick and their backs to the wall defence held out and they even scored in the dying minutes. Take heart folks, the system does work, when it does it is a joy to behold and the opposition, without the ball, are powerless to get into the game - Hamilton proved th
  7. It was interesting to be supporting your wee team Scotty, even if they did get beat - against 10 men too Is'nt TV wonderful when it can cement us together although we are so far apart. I don't know if I enjoyed the game or enjoyed seeing the team I hear about so often on here.
  8. Just my quick overview on the game. I do feel the team is playing a style that could prove successful although more longer balls were introduced in this game. Brill kicked long in most cases and this created a problem for us on at least two occasions, as the ball was immediately returned into our goal mouth with the defence being put under unnecessary pressure. I would offer the opinion that the main problem, and there is a few, lies with the forward players not running off their men, playing a narrow formation, and therefore offering no out ball to the defenders. This was evi
  9. I would agree totally with this and I feel sure many club treasurers are reading the attendance figures with trepidation, wondering how they can balance their outgoings against this paltry income!
  10. Well done, indeed, to our team. The BBC have been fulsome in their praise of the teams football , entertainment and style. Even in the after match interview, with a passing mention of The sacking threat, the manager was relaxed and embraced the fact that a new system takes time and he was quickly handing the plaudits to the team away from him self. Let's hope this is a weekly good feeling for us all. We are top of the league this year again - the pundits will not like that!
  11. I accept your point but the big problem is many would appear to take pleasure if the manager failed and this can only happen if the team results are poor. Chicken and egg I'm afraid, if the manager fails the team fails. Wanderer's point re the Scotsman article on Yogi's future makes me wonder if the 'feel' by the reporters, in some measure, could be from offerings on this forum. I have not been aware of any concern by Team ICT regarding the managers inability to provide for them a realistic return. I have been aware that there is concern on this forum that he cannot provide a
  12. I would suggest part of the hullabaloo is the lack of ammunition Yogi gave his critics,on here, to use against him! They will just have to to keep their little fingers poised until the next game but if we win again ....?
  13. On reading the content of many offerings on here, I wonder how this impacts on the numbers going through the turn styles. I realise constructive crits are a positive but very few seem to appear on here. The manager, players and staff MUST read this and I cannot see how this can be helping their efforts. The press do use this and magnify the negatives. Potential new supporters could read this and wander over the bridge due to negativity re the coming season. Maybe Scotty could do ICT a favour and consider closing the Forum down for six months.
  14. The CURSE has struck again! And, I feel sorry for saying this after the high profile he offered us, but I am so pleased after the way he thumbed his nose at us, on our HIBS v ICT last meeting, prior to his leaving. I bet he would return in a flash! No pressure, no daft fans (well not many) being stroppy outside the ground after a defeat and his 'lost dressing room' only a figment in some fans imagination not as at Easter Road where it was a contribution factor to his way going.
  15. I do however think his idea re free (ish) shirts for youngsters is super and could be copied at little cost. The advertising walking down high street would offer a potential return AND be more pleasing on the eye than the ugly sisters ones. The fact that some children are wearing them will, in my opinion, activate the purchase for other pals to receive them as birthday or Christmas pressies. This could then lead on to pressure on parents to take little Rupert (that sounds a very Sneck name nowadays - it was in the past ..... Dan!) to see the team playing.
  16. I don't suppose Aberdeen drawing with Alloa and then beating them 6-5 on penalties is as bad as our draw. But then their manager is 'best in show' now! I wonder how many penalties Mr Hughes missed in Glasgow - oh no, it was the faultless players but he must be to blame! I am not on here to defend Mr Hughes, no doubt the future results will dictate his future or maybe the neggies will have their day and he will be gone prior to this. Just have a glance at Rig's footer and I feel this sums up the current hysteria on this forum.
  17. Of course it is all Hughes fault! Before he came, we were second in the league, playing wonderful football, attracting enormous crowds through the gate every home game! Before he came Aberdeen, Motherwell and Dundee United were all on the march being very successful, winning all their games. Before he came we had so many injured players Butcher had a job getting the subs bench filled! Before he came the neggie posters on here were all very positive, so he is at fault! Now, a wee thought for us all .... I wonder what happened to all the neggie Fergie attackers when he turne
  18. I was only replying to the unprovoked attack on me by describing how I did not fit with his opinion of me as stated by him. At no time did I make it personal.... I could of course, have said something like , ignore must be an abbreviation for ignorant as all the posters on here can see that this describes your behaviour, but I did not. I could have said that I feel sorry for ICT fans with this level of retort being enjoyed by Ross County fans as they assume this is the normal intelligence level of posters, but I did not. Who do I approach to ask if my posting are suitable to be r
  19. You were either not at the game or clearly asleep or intoxicated throughout. Mckay ran himself into the ground last night. You've got a hard neck as well, acting so smug and dismissive to anyone who has views concerning the manager or anything else you see as "negative" and then come out with garbage like that! You're either actually a troll or just incredibly stupid. I find it strange that I comment on here in a constructive manner - I think you will agree that DD has said, more fully I accept, the same comments as I did and I receive from you, personal abuse! For the record
  20. We were let down badly by Billy .... a few months ago, and it was months ago, he would have scored at least two with the chances he had tonight! Off the boil me thinks!
  21. Well Mr Chief,you may find this difficult to accept but I am in no way angry at comments re our manager - disappointed, of course - I would rather a united fan base and this would leave no room for BT SPORT to offer an opinion that Hughes is under pressure from the fans. He is NOT under pressure from the fans but from, as I have stated , a small number on here who I feel are wanting instant success from a new system. Now as far as being personal, I merely replied direct to you as I am doing at this point and if you feel this is too personal, I apologise.
  22. Well Chief, if you think a wee club like ICT, with our limited resources and geographical position, can attract a 'great' manager you are indeed deluded. Yes we could maybe have attracted Hartley but there is no way of knowing if he would have been a 'fit' for ICT. Butcher had an enormous anti feeling when he arrived due to his historic bad management, now it is all tears that he has left us. Maybe Hughes will be history repeating itself and in three years we will have Mr Chief with keyboard tears because our favourite has again departed. As for the derby result .... The fina
  23. Reading this thread reminds of the old saying 'Fools criticise a job half done' Now it is my opinion that it was not just County that strengthened their team since the start of the season and if so called pundits on here cannot see that the opposition is playing better now than they did at the start of the season, then they are indeed fools. We did start well.... against weakened sides .... however these teams have all knitted now, especially Aberdeen, Dee Utd, and Ross County.. just to name three! Maybe now this topic can be binned as even BT were on about the fans not happy with
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