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  1. Moomkin

    RadioWatch ....

    It's only difficult because people chose to make it that way! Non of the SPL clubs will cover the costs of internet streaming; the BBC are at every game....cest la vie I still can't see why the bbc don't tell you who is broadcasting when their streaming is cut. 20 years ago I used to listen to Thistle & Caley games online through hospital radio at RNI where games were covered from the back of the stand! I'd be quite happy to pay but only if I could be assured of blanket service. I get a crap service already and that is free of charge!
  2. Moomkin

    RadioWatch ....

    It is so annoying when the BBC internet coverage is interrupted (either Radio Scotland or 5 Live) to say 'they don't have the rights'. You'd think as a public service broadcaster they might tell you who does have the rights! If nobody has the rights then why don't the SPL give them for free to the BBC....Is that to simple or am I being thick again!
  3. Moomkin

    Diggar McGillivray.

    Was Geordie Horn a butcher or a barber?! Always remember knocking at the knees when I heard my dad saying, 'that's a good haircut' following a trip to Geordie's! Think Geordie was Caley or Clach but his 'young' apprentice Jim? was a Jaggie. Reminiscences appreciated.
  4. Moomkin


    If Italy lose here and in Ukraine on Wed then they would be [email protected]%ked. ...Great result for Scotland with Ukrainne losing tonight
  5. Moomkin


    I think we want France to win but with lots sent off and suspended for Wednesday Clarification and wisdom would be appreciated.
  6. Moomkin

    Arrogance of the English (media)

    So many spaces and they say 85,000....I can't believe it! Corporate were getting pis%$$ed behind closed doors and didn't bother for the 2nd half. Parking on the Darkside is still impossible since it is built insde a ghetto/ housing Estate. What a waste of the NATIONs money. Towers of Babel spring to mind and I hope theyh get stuffed on Wednesday!
  7. Moomkin

    Cafes in old Sneck

    Aye, you're right there was the Washington Soda Fountain in Eastgate - where the Bank of Scotland is now. Other cafes I recall in the old Sneck were the Locarno, Ness Cafe, Rosie's in Eastgate, Rendezvous, the Balmoral in Queensgate, Dorando's in Academy Street (great bacon rolls there). In the 1970s there was a Wimpy in Church Street near where the Record Rendezvous used to be.
  8. Moomkin

    Tories back vote on Independence

    I've very much enjoyed watching this debate and have looked forward to CB contributuions. However it would be enlightening to occassionally hear a wee bit of positiveness in at least one of his replies.....I hope/assume he is happy!
  9. Moomkin

    Big screen tv / scoreboard needed?

    I can assure you that a 4th stand would be significantly cheaper than an appropriate video LED screen for each end of the ground. Maybe ICT can do a Man UTD and get Vodofone to pay for screen; not 4th stand!
  10. Moomkin

    Alan Ball......

    Heard Alan Ball on the BBC Scotland podcast for 30 years after Wembely 67. Came over as a nice guy, no chips and admirer of Scots on the day....worth a listen. World Champions can do that kind of thing! RIP Alan Ball
  11. Moomkin

    County 1-0 UP

    Sad day for Highland and ultimately ICT football.
  12. Moomkin

    IRA Playing Fields RIP.

    ....maybe they'll put up a plaque
  13. Moomkin

    IRA Playing Fields RIP.

    CB....'Doeings' from CB were always a pleasure! Both CB's timed me round a track once upon a time but only one CB motivated me to be sick every time I went round for a full lap! On the subject of 'doeings'; IRA were exposed to a few more of them than they gave on the aforesaid pitches in my time. On the subject of 'ownership' I hope that right of way is preserved for all CB's in Inverness but I suspect that Morrisons or whoever is in charge of the dozers have the required power of attorney!
  14. Moomkin

    IRA Playing Fields RIP.

    Are we talking about the same Colin Baillie? I was on the receiving end of a few celebratory doeings whether it be a blow to the midrift or the top of the forehead! I wish I had a panoramic picture of the old pitch before they dug it up. Anyone know if anyone had the foresight? To the other CB....I do object; I think the IRA gave up claim to those pitches a long time ago. It is RIP to MILLBURN pitches....IRA sold their sole to Culduthel a long time ago!
  15. Moomkin

    The Better Result? boumsong!