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  1. Heilandee


    Haven’t posted in a long time but Steph A made me aware of Bronsons passing, he was part of a great group of folk on here I used to enjoy shooting the breeze and football banter with. RIP Bronson, your’s in football, Heilandee 😕
  2. A squad of our guys helped that day, sure it was 1-1 draw?
  3. Sorry Mannie, fancy us to take it this time on the back of Saturday! x
  4. TIcketyboo mate ? Lost a bit of the passion for fitba after all the constant shecht, pricing,stewarding etcetc but still keep an eye out and go along when the Dee are “oop north” or if i’m visting home, enjoy yer day ?
  5. Enjoy yer day out in peh city guys,McCann has us trying to play good football and it’s great to watch when it’s working but can be a bit nervy at times from a home fan perspective. Ability ( or lack of) to score has been the main reason we are where we are in the league, interesting match, pretty even i reckon but fingers crossed we have enough quality to see you off! Wouldn’t be surprised to see a replay up here. ? Hi Mannie x
  6. 100% my thoughts Mantis, scunnered with the "organisation" from top to bottom,no craic or fun attending games these days, no atmosphere,policed to death."Gie's yer money, sit down, shut up" Saturdays generally spent in other pusuits these days.
  7. Good luck ICT! Fingers crossed for ya's
  8. Well done all, have a great night and final :-)
  9. HahHaha, that would be the Dobbies DSC! Fair result from 2 poor teams today
  10. Morneen Mannie, how ya keepeen mun? Lookin forward to today, just headin oot for the mandatory swally, (makes watchin the Dee easier!) Mebbes see ya in the Innes after?
  11. Puts a spoiler on it! :-(
  12. Aye, used to have some top laughs on here,several at my expense during "That season" As an outsider i particularly enjoyed the "Cyril" period and IHE's sleuth like endeavours to track him down. Always good natured stuff though in the main,good to see a few names still about
  13. Just for you RiG, Bobby's signed Dee shirt, got offered the shorts as well but the wall wasnae big enough!!