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  1. This reminds me of the league decider against Livingston all those years ago. Can we mount an unlikely comeback?
  2. They are all in the garden Mr Mantis, tickets in hand.
  3. Not sure whether to walk the dog or not. We cant can we?
  4. Roll the dice. Toddy and storey up front. Use the pace
  5. Deas beats the offside.....same as friday night. Cant finish
  6. Agreed. Chance for SA to shine. Not convinced so far
  7. Talking mince already. "It would be good to see both teams in the same league"
  8. Let's hope tonight is just as good Don. Cant understand why I havent met you in London since .Cracking stuff Snorbens. Getting excited
  9. Well up for this. Will tune in from London due to the wonders of the interweb thing. Good luck to all concerned.
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