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  1. Aye Arbroath. Got to be one of my favourites. Unhappy I can't make it this weekend. Last time I went my dog came in with me! I remember restraining him as Barry Robson swept passed us two yards away....... the dug would never have caught him anyway!!
  2. Didnt watch the Bonnyrigg game. I havent got a TV licence............................
  3. Did a double take when i saw this reg in Grantown last Saturday. Was it Stevie T? Maybe somebody out there knows. Anyway it brought back some good memories. Apologies to those who havent a clue what i am on about!
  4. What impressed me was the spirit. The players appear to have seriously bonded and their delight was plain to see. This was surely a building block. The players will want some more of that
  5. Naelifts

    New Kit

    Couldnt care less what they wear as long as they deliver on the pitch
  6. Naelifts


    Can anyone remember how successful our "pay what you want" match against St Johnstone (?) a few seasons ago was. I seem to recall we did quite well. Just out of interest
  7. Totally get where you are coming from Scotty but we should continue to do our bit for a youngster.....if so count me in
  8. Well done tried your best. Man of the match was the very impressive Utd keeper. With the rub of the green it could have been different but after that game I doubt we could have mustered an 11 for the next game. Have a rest deserve it. Robbo........well you are in trouble but I think you spoke well. Great support for both sides ( over 8500) and a special mention to those who go to extraordinary lengths and travel huge distances to support their know who you are.
  9. Not over yet by a long chalk. The Tannadice not-so-faithful will get on their teams back if they dony like what they see. Lets go there en masse and give them something to think about
  10. Yes. Big tonight tonight. All the best. We know that we can give them one hell of a game at Tannadice so lets have a platform for that.
  11. I have to humbly come on here to eat my words. Jordans finish and subsequent penalty were excellent. He has come on as a player in a way I did not think he could. Trafford is another who I thought for a long time was a liability. Happy to be proved wrong by there recent contributions. As someone else said Ayr look incisive and could still be a handful. Not a done deal yet but a great first leg score
  12. My take for what it is worth is that we started poorly and allowed County an early lead ( thought Ridgers could have done better). They are running away with the league but we have gone toe to toe with them all season........great games. They are a decent side. We never gave up and I thought it was an entertaining game of football. The penalty miss was poor.......really poor, but the sending off was the rght decision. It was uphill from then for sure. Who would be a referee? His performance did appear strangely one sided but I am loathe to criticise these put-upon individuals. As I said........would you do it? On Drapes.............would we take him back? To my eyes he is doing what he always has and he is an asset at this level.