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  1. Im coming up and I may be on a pavement........better dig out those shin guards. Eh what?
  2. Whats the parking like at Longman these days. Havent been up for a couple of years. Can you still park up on the pavement across the road? the dump?
  3. Glad of the realism in recent posts. The fact is we were rank for most of the game and incompleted passes......well i have never seen so many. Where does this long ball hoof culture come from?|One can only assume that the coaches are happy with it as a tactic. However we support a club who have given us so many of these magical moments and that was just one hell of a ride. Was looking to book stuff for Friday but just heard on the radio it is Thursday......better check. Proud once again of our wee club who just keep on serving up special performances...........cue a poll on fav moments. Well d
  4. If we insist on the long aimless punt then I would push sutherland forward to try and win and retain some possession for billy to feed off. Really pissed off with what I saw last night. Even more pissed off with my wife arranging a bbq for next friday.... cant think of a way to get out of this and up to Arbroath. Gayfield has always been one if my fav venues and it will be buzzing. Still think we have a good chance
  5. Completely out played and out fought for large parts of the match........a poor performance really
  6. Getting big match nerves for this one and unfortunately i am only in my living room! Good luck all
  7. Still buzzing. That was a night and a half. A long time since I've enjoyed a game as much. Brilliant support.
  8. Naelifts

    Big Stew

    Sounds like a good send off and his team did him proud tonight
  9. Can i pick up bbc scotland abroad?
  10. So, how much has this title race captured the imagination of the nation? It will be interesting to see the viewing figures. How many of you will watch this? I am really looking forward to it and would love for Arbroath to pull it off. I feel the pressure is on Killie big time. Lets hope it lives up to the billing
  11. Enjoyed last night......from a social point of view. Queens came out of the traps fast and had at least 3 good chances prior to their opening goal. After Chalmers response the game settled into mediocrity and the conversation flowed. Subjects swung from World Cups 74 and 78; Chatlie Watts and his influence; the location of Mantis' jacket (now reunited) and of course, that old chestnut, mountain ranges in the north of Greece. I see nothing wrong with driving through the night to have a blether with some old pals. If you want to know what happened on the pitch........sorry.
  12. So, let me get this right. Some of our players aren't good enough. Your solution is to sell our best players!
  13. Naelifts

    Big Stew

    Lovely words Scotty. I had heard. Stew was an institution and, like everyone has said, was friendly, kind and generous of heart. When Wanderer and myself started pitching up at the Caley Inn he was one of the first to "break the ice " and welcome us into the fold......wow, quarter of a century ago!......and when you opened the door at the Innes and saw Stew and the crew you knew you were in the right place. The scarf draped across the seat is so poignant. So sorry for your loss Scotty .....if I close my eyes and think of the Innes , Stew will always be there.
  14. Weve had chances. Thought Mackay chickened out when 1 on 1
  15. Ouch........disappointing goals conceded to say the least
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