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  1. For me the greatest. A stratospheric but turbulent career laced with the age-old inability to handle fame and adulation. A story and a half that has prematurely, but not surprisingly , come to an end. Great memories
  2. Well thats that then. Some folk have nothing better to do. I do find it surprising however that no local people can be employed to carry out this task.....its not rocket science
  3. "Corralled like cattle". Can anyone tell us what ACTUALLY happened and how it all went?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55055469 Not very good re sending links etc, and it is in a rumour section but............bussing stewards? Surely not
  5. I suspect that you are spot on RIG although naturally I hope not. I am involved at my local golf club and we have had an amazing uptake in memberships ( this is reported countrywide ). No football or rugby to attend; an overwhelming view that sport without fans is just crap to watch; no prospect of a return anytime soon. Many people have said to me that golf is their new Saturday pastime and have signed up for another year. Its inevitable. The irony is that so many of these golf clubs were threatened with closure prior to Covid and have now been given a new lease of life.
  6. You have to be careful with this. What do you class as "away" fans. Many ICT fans travel to support their team at home. It aint happening any time soon anyhoo
  7. What an occasion. What an atmosphere. What a game. What good goals. Will we ever experiance anything like that again? Had to listen to the replay on a transistor radio at the bottom of my in-laws garden in the pouring rain in Hertfordshire............it must have been pissing everywhere that night. Still, Radio Scotland could just be made out. Ultimately disappointing.
  8. Remember quite a few of these . The Killie game was a debacle. Was there not a rumour at the time that the locals had complained about the noise made by the heating so it had been switched off? Good stuff.......keep it coming
  9. Agree. Morton and Arbroath with Tynecastle and Ayr close behind . Sick of this all really but just typing in these names made the sap rise. It will be good to meet again......some sunny day
  10. Barry Robson for me. Pele?
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