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  1. My wee band played this for Mr Gardiner the other night
  2. Personally I thought we may have had a demonstration outside the ground by now with media coverage. That would definitely pile the pressure on for a statement.
  3. This story with a bit of encouragement could easily go global......certainly amongst the football fraternity. Some rich guy ,lying on a beach in Bermuda, may just pick up on it and think............I want a piece of that action. On looking up our proud history and rise to the top he decides there and then he must be involved. He phones for his jet. Its happened before. So keep up the heat and force a further resignation/sacking. This could indeed go global.
  4. Cheers RIG. Really excellent stuff. For my money the Chairman is out of his depth dealing with this CEO. Frustrated, tired, heart-in-the-right-place, head-all-over-the-place,verging on exasperated and having had more than enough. A modicum of sense, awareness and respect for the fans amongst the board would have seen an idea of this magnitude floated to the fans in a consultation process. Im afraid that not doing this is unforgiveable and new blood is required.
  5. I,ll respond in a minute.....once Ive sharpened my quill
  6. thanks old caley girl! STFU I refuse to entertain the echo chamber
  7. Sorry but I am a bit of a luddite. Can i only get the latest pod on Twitter? The work you lads have put in to get these published is phenomenal and I for one think they are essential listening. So, is there another way?
  8. Not sure you can afford me son
  9. What?.......no Robson,Wyness,Wilson,Christie,Christie, Bingham,Stewarty......you could debate it forever
  10. "Biggest game in the clubs history" ....we now enter a series of those. As Yngwie says.....its a little scary. Whatever happens I still say that I've enjoyed the extraordinary ride . Our success has been beyond expectations......our name has gone global.......pride in this should see us over the line. But, as others have said......how many of our current jobbers actually give a sh*t? We will find out over the next couple of weeks.
  11. Aye Richard. I was looking forward to meeting yous all in the Innes and having a couple of pints pre match.
  12. Just to cheer you up a wee bit. I travelled north on Friday and holed up in Nethybridge, a favourite haunt. Armed with train timetables I plotted my day and slept easily.......contemplating a mighty do or die game.......on Saurday at 15.00hrs!!!!. Sprung out of bed on Saturday morning and , on reading the news, realised the season culminating games had all taken place on the night before. My wife laughed and, after 3 or 4 hours, I joined her. What a f,in plonked!!!!
  13. Well I sheepishly slunk into the stadium today, embarrassed by the fact that I hadnt seen the team this year. Other things had taken priority. Other things were more enjoyable. Other things offerred more value for money......things that had always had to take a back seat behind ICT. I was doing my duty, I felt, to support my team in their hour of need. I will travel to Inverness next week also for the denouement. However, I have to say that the product on offer today was so poor. On this evidence our players simply arent good enough. The loanees arent playing for the shirt.......why should they? It is scarcely credible that, had the penalty gone in, we would have won that game. I am not going to single out players.....that was a shitshow. Inept. If we stay up by some miracle then next year will only be worse again and more fans will drift away. I feel sorry for Ridgers who has to watch this every week.
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