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  1. This will be a good test. Even when losing we arent losing ground due to other results. If we can maintain that gap.........
  2. Well done Hamilton. Toothless as has been said but they defended well. Really good commentary. We move on
  3. Its a legal requirement. I got mine
  4. Well from where I was sitting the dunfermline keeper didnt have to make a save. A glancing header in the first minute nearly had them in front and Ridgers performed a miracle to keep out a close range back post header. Once again keeping us in a match (2nd week in a row). Some good battling in midfield in the first half but the opposition were seriously on top at the end. Rodgers made another save when our total lack of any pace in central defence sold us short. Welsh went close and then McKay (I think) all within a minute in the second half. Persisted with long ball after duku went off which
  5. Cherrio, cheerios, cheerio......sorry, just practising
  6. I'm with Johndo on Duku. He is awkward and gangly, often doesn't play the simple ball.....in short he is unpredictable. But he is the type who will unsettle defences and force mistakes. His audacious backward header in the first half would have been spectacular but for a good save. But Ridgers point blank save was out of this world. It was a sure fire goal all the way. That kept us in it......no way back if that had gone in. Or was there? Inexplicable complete dominance in the second half came from nowhere. Quite a day and the table makes good reading. We also have some depth to the squad an
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