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  1. If the weather is anything like today down here then there will not be much football on display.
  2. We are in a play off place. Long way to go though
  3. its slow enough as it is Gringo me old china
  4. Great effort again. Look forward to what should be some interesting listening
  5. Im quite happy to wait until Sept RIG..............far too short a break
  6. Well I quite like No Shin Guards............a breath of fresh air. That dont mean I agree with much of the content. It would be a sad old world if we all agreed with each other. Eh what?
  7. Just found it. Sumptuous ball with the outside of the foot.....just as I remember it. My outstanding .memory from the Pittodrie cuckooing . Then there was the Lennon Juanjo? Sending off
  8. Do you remember the through ball from Bingham? Was talking about that a few weeks ago......any film of that game?
  9. Albion Rovers . I can handle that. The last time I was there was on, or the day afer 9/11. There was only one terracing topic.
  10. Totally agree with RIG. I realise the need for promotion but much prefer the vibe in the Championship. Rooneys celebration when scoring at Caley Stadium was muted and respectful I thought..............no need to keep that up for ever. From somewhere else......is Todorov a decent shout?
  11. Well that didnt work out too well. Great support, magnificent effort from the players......that first half was as good as I've seen them. It wasnt to be but very proud......again! No highlights on iplayer? Or anywhere else?
  12. Do you feel lucky punks?
  13. With the events since New Year and in particular the last 2 games there must be a movie in the offing. Is it written in the stars? One thing is for sure......its bloody exciting.
  14. It's only just sinking in that we are still in this tie. Abysmal first half had me wondering about going to perth on monday. What a turnaround. Good looking crowd too......anyone know. Popped into the Innes to catch up with some old faces but no one there that I knew. Shame. But what a night......another one from our great wee club.
  15. Im coming up and I may be on a pavement........better dig out those shin guards. Eh what?
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