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  1. Fair dos all round. Prompt action/decent solution/great communication. Good luck all. Anyone grumbling about this needs to have a look at themselves in my opinion.
  2. Looks like a decent day for us
  3. Its good to see the old place. Dont envy them playing football in that weather mind you
  4. This is astonishing. I fear it can only serve to drive more people away from the game. Having said that..............the weather is appalling
  5. Struggling for positives after that. Would like to say however that I enjoyed the coverage and the banter between the commentators. Well done Morton for that
  6. Aye that was enjoyable. The Huntly goal gets my vote. Tremendous stuff from the preview squad every week. thanks to all involved
  7. Agree with Caley Stan. I think we will achieve a play off spot. However that was a hard watch with so many balls going astray and final balls being mince. Dunfermline are no slouches though
  8. Well I have to say that was some strike
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