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  1. Naelifts

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Kept this rehearsal film for a special occasion........................this is it
  2. Naelifts

    James Vincent Interview

    Interesting. Very respectful of everyone he worked with in Inverness
  3. Naelifts

    Bucharest to Brechin

    And we look forward to seeing you old man......ribs'n'all
  4. Naelifts

    Bucharest to Brechin

    I think RIG that with regard to our often perilous financial situation and club infrastructure we had little right to be at the top table for so long. We were playing at it and little effort seemed to be put into growing the club, making it a more attractive package and enhancing crowds. Only through that could we have had any financial muscle to compete. I still enjoyed your rendition of" Ryan Esson" though
  5. Naelifts

    Bucharest to Brechin

    Over the season various posters have howled at us for not getting behind the team. Their righteous indignation at any criticism levelled at the team sometime stung. Where they right? As a supporter you are there through thick and thin. We have had a meteoric rise in 24 years and enjoyed much success. We have consistently punched above our weight. Can anyone really believe, right now, that we were in Bucharest a couple of years ago. Now we quake at the prospect of a trip to Brechin (God bless them).. Our success was largely down to unearthing a succession of largely unfancied managers who , in turn, unearthed a steady stream of quality players. We knew those good players would be poached......its what happens. Time and time again we replaced those that left and maintained our lofty position in Scottish football. It was, in retrospect, unsustainable. We have downgraded our expectations this year. I sit here,unable to sleep, and probably typing the obvious, but, I am concerned at my apathy over tomorrows Cup final. I could have done other things tomorrow but I wont. I'll be there...hoping. It has , to my mind, not been a great competition. A few years ago we would have approached such a match with great expectation , excitement and pride at having reached a final. Not any more.The fact is that we know our players are good enough........they have shown how they can play in brief bursts. We should be winning this. My conclusion is that it is up to them. We deserve a performance. All any employer can ask is that their workforce tries their best. That should be good enough tomorrow. We have too many under achievers. I would not name those that I think have let us down ,but I think we all know who they are.. I like Bell.....Oakely gives his all.......Ridgers is probably our most improved player...........Donaldson has a future. A recent night in Dunfermline was tortuous and I don't want to sit through that again. The only joy that night was the Ryan Esson chant...a small band of committed supporters trying to stay warm and enthused any way they could. I applaud the foot soldiers of smaller clubs who turn out every week no matter what......imagiine being a Brechin supporter just now. Momentum is a great thing. There was a time this season, not that long ago, when we had momentum. We were on a run and all manner of play-off predictions were being bandied about. I fear that our momentum is now in the opposite direction. It is still mathematically a possibility but the players have to step up to the plate. It is up to you guys now. You are good enough. You can do it and you should prevail. Don't let us down. If you try your as you can................we are going to win a Cup!! C'mon ICT. Make us proud of you again.
  6. Puts it in perspective. Respect to all those who do this on a regular basis. At least you don't have to listen to Yngwies CDs
  7. Naelifts

    Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    What do you mean"even if we miss"..........bound to
  8. Naelifts

    Inverness CT -V- Crusaders

    How excited is everyone about this? I'm struggling I have to say. Strong team............hope we put on a good show for the legions of Alba followers. Hats off to any Irish folk who made the trip.
  9. Naelifts

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Well said Robbo. Spot on assessment and sentiments as usual
  10. Naelifts

    Falkirk (A) Preview : 27/01/18

    I wasn't. Hi Don how are you?
  11. Naelifts

    Falkirk (A) Preview : 27/01/18

    Great preview Don. Cracking read
  12. Naelifts

    Off the ball

    Its a must listen show. Especially enjoy the trips down memory lane and nostalgia. It is an institution...........long may it last
  13. Naelifts

    Dundee -V- Inverness CT

    Another enterraiing game. What we lacked in guile and striking ability we more than made up for with industry and effort. We had a lot of possession but tended to slow things down in the final third allowing a defence to set. This is a little frustrating as we are getting men forward and we should have the confidence to be more direct at times. A deserved result with special mention to Bell ( who was a real live wire and will have sore legs tonight) and Donaldson ( who strolled round the park like he owned it ......this boy has a future). An absolute belter of a block by McKay ( I think ) prevented a near certain that on Sportscene......he came from the clouds. Once again great to see George get his goal......he had been shackled , not always legally, throughout the match. Finally the last goal had me reminiscing of Nicky Ross' equaliser at Easter Road against Hearts.....a similar goal.......a similar feeling Well done everyone ( including the support who were great)
  14. Well said re Baird RIG. Always 100% effort