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  1. Maybe we should put in a cheeky bid for Aguero. You never know he might fancy some Highland air. I reckon that would be a good partnership
  2. Great report as usual RIG..........but we need to know more about your new trainers
  3. 7 shots on target. Liking that. Happy New Year all
  4. And then Hearts at Easter Road.....................
  5. And another one. The day we put seven past Ayr ( 2010) ; the icing on the cake of a promotion season;the pub before ( The Ship?); the pipes; the mass pitch invasion; IHE abseiling from the stands .......maybe I imagined that; balloons everywhere; Butchers speech; the shoes;............and the bookies had us at 5/4 that day. Now that was a day out
  6. None exists. But I didnt make it up. It did happen and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my half pint of Fosters.
  7. The time Mantis bought a round. Early 2012 I think. He'd got a two for one voucher for Christmas. Ah..... Great days right enough.
  8. Yes. Well done my old bud. The IV LIne brought back memories. What the hell happened in Bucharest? Whatever it was it probably shouldnt have!! Looking forward to the Easter story
  9. Latest: "Hurting but proud. Should make the final fans. It was a great and uncredited ball from Mantis that sent me through on the keeper. For my money the **** was from a medium sized dog fed on Chudleys or similar............I would guess a retriever or dalmation if that helps. Slippy stuff! But back to the ball from Mantis........worthy of Sergio Ramos.........he certainly strained every last fibre of elastic and lycra to make that"
  10. The Courier carries a late interview with Summer Wine boss B. Athtub " We will be ready to go again. It doesnt matter who we get. If we want to win this damn thing then we have to beat them all. I hate cliches but its the result that counts. I thought we could have played better against the Droners......the coos field of a pitch didnt help; and some of the decisions!! They are all in there just now; Mantis has a groin problem but this comes as no surprise to any of us. Lizi and Old caley Girl are desperate for a rub down. Tournament joint top scorer Naelifts is looking magnificent and says he has more to give. IBM is off to the bookies...........we're 3/1! Cant go wrong. Its fair to say that our youth policy hasnt paid many dividends of late but you cannae beat experience and we have that in buckets. We are worried about the VER team because Lizi always likes to be on someones shoulder and IBM goes down easily . We may shuffle things about and play Mantis at the back..............hes not got much up top, and despite what folk say.........hes no predator. Naelifts is already shaping to be man of the tourney so , yes.........we are confident"
  11. Excellent report IHE. Thanks. Enforced absences have meant that it is a goodly time since I attended a game but I am getting a bit tired of hearing the same old thing. There is a consensus amongst those posting here that the issues facing our team are obvious and have been for some considerable time. Why oh why are the management persisting with what appears to be not good enough. Frustrating. Once again the play offs look like our only hope ( and it is still 2019!). Thanks to all the contribuors here for keeping folks like me in the loop.........its a great service