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  1. Looks like the Dev. squad came back from 2-0 down to get a draw against County this afternoon. Both goals from our 'impressive' no 10 according to their twitter.
  2. qwerty11


    Overall I'm disappointed that it has come to this. The Raven situation and the recruitment in the last 10 months or so are certainly black marks beside Yogi's name. However, I would argue that Yogi has done much more good than bad. The technical improvements in Warren, Draper and Tremarco are down to Yogi in my opinion. The style of football, although not quite everyone's cup of tea, is mostly good I think. He must also be given credit for introducing Christie to the first team squad as soon as he was appointed manager (Butcher gave Christie no game time). Personally, I am not too concer
  3. Yes, Ferguson has been released. Really feel for him, definitely think he had the talent and work rate to make it at first team level. But as you say, injuries ruined any chance of a new contract. Also, if it hasn't been noted already: deals have been completed for Doran (2 years plus club option of extra year), Horner (1 year) and Fisher (6 months plus club option of extra year).
  4. Pretty humiliating that. I know the management team are the most qualified to make these calls, but I just feel it is so blatantly obvious that we need to get the spine of Warren and Meekings back together. I'm not as critical of Devine as some people, I feel he has a part to play in the squad, but as pretty much every fan seems to think, a back 4 of Raven-Meekings-Warren-Tremarco would provide more balance and a solid base. The substitution of Roberts was also bizarre, he was still looking pretty energetic. No injury crisis to hide behind tonight. Cannot wait for this season to end.
  5. qwerty11

    Abdul Osman

    Rumored to be signed on a PCA...we shall see
  6. I understand what you're saying. I was just trying to contribute to the discussion. Apologies. To be totally honest, I thought it was almost common knowledge that Foran and Doran were/are the top earners.
  7. Don't want to state exact source but from a couple of people inside the club. This info is actually about a year old now, so as I say, new contracts may mean that it's no longer true. Chris Hogg was the top earner alongside Foran before he left, also.
  8. Interestingly, they are (or at least were until Draper and Warren's new deals) our two highest paid players...
  9. Dundee FC confirming Williams and Vincent have signed PCAs...3 year deals for both
  10. OFW has been stand out over the last month or so. Not too much between them but I'd say OFW just shades it for me. Shame for Brill but that's football I suppose - he'll have no problem finding a new club if indeed OFW signs the contract he seems to have been offered.
  11. OFW Horner Warren Devine Tremarco Roberts Draper Wedderburn Williams Hughes Storey Similar shape to the second half of last season when we played Ofere and Watkins through the middle (I know it wasn't quite 4-4-2 but you get the idea)
  12. Lots of opinions and theories flying about but one thing I can tell you is that our poor form is certainly nothing to do with the absence of Russell Latapy
  13. Very frustrating - yes. Couple of slight overreactions on here, though. Stirling is right, finding a striker is not easy. Storey is a very good SPFL striker as stand-out performances v Celtic, County and Aberdeen have shown. If he's available for Saturday I'd be tempted to throw Foran up there with him (for 60 minutes or so) to give Hamilton something slightly different to think about. I think everyone's probably agreed that we need to revert to a back 4 although this may be an issue with the forthcoming suspensions. Getting to the stage of the season where 'we've got quality players to come b
  14. Fairly certain he wasn't on the bench on Sunday...still out with the knee problem
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