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  1. myself + 1 if possible?
  2. The number plate certainly summed up what i thought of him for doing 30mph on the A9 !
  3. Just found out that 28,000 from Swindon turned out to see 'Jer-man' fron x f***er sing a song . Sad thing is that only 3,400ish bothered to turn out, for a team playing some of the best football in the league, today??!!
  4. Vegas

    Caley Tattoo

    Tat on first post was done at 2 Tone Tattoos in town.
  5. Seen a lot of dodgy football badge tattoos before. This seems to be a better way to do it. Any thoughts?
  6. Can't believe people are talking of Robbo's return, he's had his go and left for the bigger club dream and failed. He has shown he is not capable unless Donald Park is by his side. We can't go back wards again. For my money we should be going after the likes of Steve Frail.