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  1. TV interview was much the same. Going to fight it all the way if they do bring him up for it.
  2. So that'll be Robbo in the stand for the first few games next season. Sent to the stand for flicking a bottle that grazed the fourth official's leg, then he is being reported for being on the pitch congratulating the United players and fans. Calling them out on it in the interview won't go down well, either. At least the presenting team backed him that being reported for being on the pitch was a nonsense, well all except Chris "I hate the ICT" Sutton. Editing to add that he doesn't deserve any ban, he was quite right, just guessing the way the SFA will work.
  3. It was said in commentary that used 43 players this season, have we used 43 players total over the last 2 seasons?
  4. That's Robbo getting a letter from the SFA in the morning. Can't blame him though, NIck Walsh likes a red card for ICT.
  5. Rankin's original squiggler against Rangers which put the end to Paul Le Guen's time.
  6. Hope you enjoy all one and a half minutes the BBC have deemed appropriate for such an epic encounter.
  7. And a win, either in 90 minutes or by penalties, will mean we are seeded in the draw.
  8. Rasczak

    New kit?

    Not enough letters in the mismatched badges for that.
  9. An offer has been made to save the SFA a fortune.
  10. Tom Aldred has signed on loan with Motherwell until the end of the season. Interesting quote in the article, "He has previous top flight experience in Scotland from a brief loan at Inverness Caley Thistle in 2011.". I didn't remember it being a loan, but I did get the pleasure of being at his last game for ICT, a friendly against Wick Academy, which was basically the under 20s of the time and a few first teamers. The story goes that he didn't like having to play with the youngsters, he got to captain the side as I remember, and was on the phone to his agent on the way back down the road.
  11. Rasczak

    David Raven

    My first memory of him was the pre-season friendly against Coventry when he was laid out in a challenge and stretchered from the field in a neck brace and immobilised, and looked like it could be bad. When I spoke to him after the game he just had a bit of a headache. Tough guy who gave his all from day one.