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  1. Andrew Shinnie signs for Livingstone
  2. Saw the new advert for Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, and it looks to me like David Carson has a new sideline 😛
  3. Neil McCann doing a philosophy degree. one question...why? 😛
  4. Isn't that Daniel Mckay's second goal from an opposition corner recently, didn't he do the same against Raith from a Ridger's kick out?
  5. Shaun Rooney with the only goal in today's League Cup Final.
  6. Even if the league were to be called now, on the same basis as last year with average points per game played, we would move up to 5th. Team P GD Pts Pts per game 1 Hearts 16 24 37 2.313 2 Raith Rovers 14 7 24 1.714 3 Dunfermline 15 7 24 1.600 4 Dundee
  7. Rasczak


    Was watching on a laptop, and it did have a casting option. It seemed to be on the stream itself rather than an option of my browser, which is Vivaldi, so may be worth looking at. If it is a browser thing then should be available on any Chromium based browser, Vivaldi is available for OS10.10 and newer if you want to try that. Start the stream on the iMac, cast it to the TV, which would work as long as they are on the same network, and go through to watch.
  8. As part of the needing 2 to do the commentary, there were times when it was clear that he was reading from his notes while an attack started and so he missed the beginning, if there were two then the other could pick that up earlier. It did also seem to me that he was also just watching the stream as well, not seeing the game on the pitch, was he doing it from home rather than the stadium?
  9. It shocked the ref so much he fell on his backside.
  10. Just had a look, was a couple of feet out I reckon, but it only came from a few feet away so great placement and reaction.
  11. Just said on commentary that it is manual control today.
  12. Possible? Yes. Enabled in the current system? Looks like it isn't and we don't know if it will be.
  13. I knew it was multiple cameras, and appreciate how it creates the output stream, I didn't realise it was a single unit. There were times on the stream today where you could identify clearly where the images from individual cameras overlapped, you could see a line or at times the advertising hoarding had a step in in where it shouldn't as if one image was focused few inches higher than another. The problems with losing the ball happened a lot when it crossed those lines, and not always when the ball was at speed, sometimes it was when a player was dribbling the ball and obscured it slightly, cr
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