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  1. But the ratio of decent motorway to ordinary A roads will be significantly higher then Annan to Brora, and have you done the A9 north of Tore recently, I have been on B roads down south that are better, especially north of Tain.
  2. Done. See that there's been an update on the sock design, initial photos had generic blue ones, now showing red flashes and ICTFC on them.
  3. There was a something in the statement on 10th of May, about a 'new technical partner and this will have a huge impact on our retail offering both in-store at Caley Stadium and online'. This will be alluding to the Puma deal and to me indicates the kit to be available from the Puma website, as with the other clubs they supply, as well as there being a stock at the stadium. There might even be other training gear available.
  4. I was looking on the Puma site and saw that, for some kits, they do an 'authentic' as well as the replica kit. The authentic seems to be fitted, and the replica slightly looser, which bodes better for the likes of myself.
  5. is it me, most probably, or do the faded hexagons give an impression of body definition? Useful for the, shall we, say larger members of the support such as myself. Add me to the likes.
  6. If it was all done by email then this is possible. The one with the voting slip would have that file attached to it, and email systems will often quarantine emails with attachments, the rules for doing so can include the type of file attached, for virus checking/security. The other email could pass right through and be received straight away while the security checks are being done on the other. So from a technical viewpoint both Dundee and the SPFL can be right. You are correct however that there will be an electronic record of the times they left the Dundee mail system and arrived at the SPFL one, and the SPFL mail system would record if the voting slip was quarantined then delivered. Someone knowing the workings of email systems could make an educated guess on the types of files that would be held, and so deliberately send an email they know will be delayed in receipt so that they can send something later which will be received first. Not that I am saying that anyone has worked the system here, just that is it possible and more details are needed to be sure.
  7. Yes, certificate now showing as valid. When I checked the invalid cert info last night , it did show as issued through cPanel, with expiry 03/03/20. Now shows issued through Cloudflare expiring in August.
  8. I notice the HTTPS certificate for the site has expired, it happened at midnight. Is it related to an issue with Let's Encrypt as mentioned on The Register?
  9. Just shown the footage to my wife who knew nothing of this game and just asked what the result of the incident should be. Immediate reaction, "the guy in black should be penalised.". When I explained what has happened she was incredulous.
  10. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-fa/football-governance/disciplinary/disciplinary-updates/ The cynic would say that it was the ref refusing to back down after being called out by Robbo after the game.
  11. It was a free kick not a goal kick, doesn't matter though, White never touched it and he was onside when Ridgers kicked it, so still should have stood.
  12. Yes, I was way out with that. Draw is; ICT vs Rangers Colts Partick vs Raith.
  13. About to start. I predict Rangers Colts vs Raith and Partick vs ICT.