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  1. 13 cup finals left said Dodds, did not look like a cup final today.......timid, flat and not enough aggression as a team. Grim viewing!!!! 12 cup finals left to sort it out now
  2. Great result. Lads put in a power of graft, with a moment of magic from Welsh for the goal, happy days. Loved big Broadfoots knee slide over to the singing section at the end, nice touch from the big fella.
  3. Decent player in spells, fairly prone to injury if I mind rightly, hopefully he's hungry to get a good run of games and to contribute the cause.
  4. First red was harsh for me, 50 50 ball. Not sure with 2nd one, heavy touch from McKay then lunged. Fair play getting a point tho, it's no over yet!!!!!
  5. Scrappy game so far, we've slightly edged it......just. Some of the passing is honking.
  6. The old heads a bit fragile this morning, a few celebratory drams after that amazing performance. So chuffed with the troops last night, the whole team put in a shift and schooled County in how to fight and show some desire, and the goals weren't too bad either Well done boys, good job well done
  7. Looking forward to the game on Fri night, not sure how I think it will go but the boys have to be right up for it, no excuses. They've had a good break in preparation. The derby got a mention on 'A view from the terrace' last week, they were going on about it being such a friendly rivalry.......I'm not having everyone's like that. I like there to be a bit of needle between us and I also like to see County lose all their games and that's if I even check their score at all. Get right inti this shower of s%@#e Caley Thistle.....C'mon!!!!!
  8. Balistic

    6 Games To Go

    Half time in the Raith v Dunfermline game, league tables no looking to shabby as it stands. Raith ripped them a new one in the first half, cant believe we beat them recently.
  9. Ground it out, great 3 points when not playing that well tho. Thought Storey was going to slip Allan in for debut goal....thought Allan looked decent. Good work chaps
  10. Very flat first half "hugely dramatic ending to the first half" according to yer man. Arbroath nearly scored from corner, calm down chief!!!!!
  11. Fair enough, it's just the old underdog complex kicking in, still get a bit nervous when we're the favourites. In fact, I've just changed ma mind, you're right, we are going to horse them big time......bring on the County!!!!!!
  12. Steady on.......loving your optimism and I know things have improved recently but Buckie Thistle to deal with first tho aye.
  13. Great job done today, what a difference a week makes. Well done to all involved. Keep up the good work everyone.
  14. Reckon a point today would be a decent result, keep things moving in the right direction. Hopefully show the same effort as the last couple of games. C'mon boys get intae them!!!
  15. Get in there!!!!! A nervous last few minutes but a good night's work. Great effort lads
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