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  1. SMEE

    Managers We Never Had...

    Wasnt Ali mCmoist in the running just before butcher got the job. Also.....whats his face....from Sheff Utd....i forget his name (theres a suprise)
  2. SMEE

    Inverness CT -V- Celtic

    HT and we were the better of the two teams i would say. Need to keep it going in the 2nd half...try and nick a goal...but a draw would be a great result
  3. I think the days of Fruitbat was probably back in the late 90s - early 2000s (IIRC)
  4. SMEE

    Caledonian FC v Aberdeen

    What would you know....i was half right
  5. SMEE

    Caledonian FC v Aberdeen

    Also.....there were pics taken of Caley fans at the game (featuring (IIRC)a young Billy bubbe Munro, John neeps McDairmid and Scully, among others) and they apperead on the cover of an Aberdeen matchday programe that season
  6. SMEE

    Caledonian FC v Aberdeen

    I remember this game. Im pretty sure it was either Billy Macdonald or Roddy Davidsons Testimonial.
  7. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    PM replied to Biggin. I think i set "The Cahpionship" league to infinite entries
  8. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    I created an ICT Championship H2H Lge for anyone that didnt get in the other one in time Code to join the league 1665539-438198
  9. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    Tht be a good idea!!
  10. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    On papaer........this looks like the weakest dream team ive ever had. That said, in the past, my teams have had a backbone of "star" players and it did me no good. One of my freinds did his team.....and its full of star players. Think there was a glitch when he was doing his team and he had £1bn to spend lol
  11. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    Scratch in the ICT classic lge now :)
  12. SMEE

    Fantasy Football 2014.15 season

    Im trying to join the classic league....but struggling to get in. Managed it last season!!
  13. SMEE

    Rory McAllister

    Did we not learn a lesson with barrowman. Scoring goals in the lower leagues is evidently a peice of cake compared to being able to do it in SPL!
  14. SMEE

    Hamilton v Inverness CT

    Thats SHOCKINGLY bad!!
  15. SMEE

    New Home Shirt 2014-15

    4 weeks from the strt of the new season and no sight of the new strip yet = disgraceful!!