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  1. Just reading that Ex Don and County Manager Neale Cooper has passed away. He was allegedly found injured in Bucksburn in Aberdeen, early on Sunday morning. He was only 54. Thoughts are with his family. RIP
  2. SMEE

    New kit?

    A partial picture was posted on Facebook also
  3. SMEE


    For the record, I think both can and will be replaced
  4. SMEE

    The Royal wedding

    I hope Harry has a last minute change of heart
  5. SMEE

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    A brave attempt. Strengthen in the summer and get off to a flyer next season and see where it takes us. Remember what an absolute mess ICTFC were in only 36 games ago. Special credit goes to Robbo. He came into a toxic club, with barely a team to talk of. He took a shedload of flak from many fans, then turns things around dramatically, with a Cup Win and narrowly missing out on PLay Offs.
  6. SMEE

    Morton -V- Inverness CT

    Dunfermline 2 up
  7. SMEE

    Dennis Wyness

    Class Act. All the very best wishes to him with his future. Proper ICT Legend
  8. We are going to miss out by a cats whisker. An amazing effort tho, given where we were just about 2 months ago
  9. As i was saying...............
  10. ICT have to keep their act together till the end. Cant afford to let minds wander now
  11. Not half!!!
  12. We are now entering "Squeaky Bum" time...........
  13. Win this today.....and it sets up another trip Livingston, with a huge game..similar to that EPIC game of 1st May 1999. Just so happens, that League decider, was THE greatest game of footie i have ever witnessed. Even at 4-0 down...within 20 mins, i said to my mates, i felt the game wasnt over and it wasnt. Sadly we lost that day, so its time for revenge!!