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  1. Newcastle Away Goalie Top. Look familiar. Im hearing that this style of top was on sale from Puma last season, as a basic training top, for only £17. Stick a team badge on it and triple the price!! So ICT have it as their away top. Newcastle have it as Keepers top and some other team, uses the same design for their top too. Seems lazy to me
  2. Im liking the away top. Why arent we getting to see the whole strip tho?
  3. Wondering what the away kit will look like
  4. ICTFC launch new kit & sponsor Club CEO Scot Gardiner said “I am delighted to conclude this prestigious partnership for the club and having worked closely with the team at PUMA in previous years, I know very well the reputation of this worldwide sportswear brand and the quality of their product.” “We have looked at the first 25 years of ICTFC kit and we believed that it was time to try and recapture an identity for our home kit in particular. The many people we discussed previous years designs with all seemed to be thinking along the same lines and I hope the fans are in agreemen
  5. I really like the strip too. Always been a fan of the bar style. Puma are a quality brand too so there should be some pretty nice merch available this coming season.
  6. How are you keeping these days Scotty? Hopefully you are back to full health?
  7. I recall the name. Likely just a bit before my time tho. RIP
  8. There is allegedly a rumour, among some County fans, that Uncle Roy is now also putting money into ICT. Something to do with him divorcing his wife and her wanting half his fortune. I have no idea as to the validity of this.....im merely relaying what i heard.
  9. I scored 55pts last weekend. Most weeks, that would be a pretty decent score. EXCEPT, last week, it was 10 pts lower than the average score
  10. Like dougiedanger, i do not recall the snow that night at all. I recall it being a raw night tho. God......i miss them Highland League days. Getting into the Scottish Cup back then was such a HUGE buzz. Had many a great away day with Caley, back in the day
  11. Your support is most welcome Danylo.
  12. SMEE

    New Kit

    I kinda like the new strip. Vast improvement on last years abomination. Have to ask why the board dont listen to the fans tho. Seems that many people like the blue and red striped tops the most, yet, that seems to be falling on deaf ears.
  13. Thats me hopefully in both the Classic and H2H leagues. Ive Changed my team name to Caledonia Allstars.....THE team to beat ?
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