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  1. I would like to pay my respects to Kingsmills. I dont post much on here these days, but i go way back, in all the different incarnations that this forum has had...and I recall Kingsmills being around for much of that time. RIP Fella
  2. Its getting messy now Inverness concerts branded "shambles" by creditors (pressandjournal.co.uk)
  3. Daniel McKay has officially rejoined ICTFC, on a season long loan, from Hibs
  4. I feel bad for Duran Duran. They deserved better. Im surprised so many events got given the go ahead this weekend, in such a small city. It is great to have choice, but there are limited resources to cater for it all, here in Inverness. Still.......i guess its all made a few quid for the local businesses. I hope the promoters keep getting the acts up here, but, just are a bit more realistic with the prices they charge.
  5. I like to see every event in Inverness to be a success. As you say, maybe the fact there were other events on this weekend, impacted on the Duran Duran attendance, in particular. But yeah, I think you might well be right about only half the tickets being sold for the DD gig. The footage i saw, supports that. Maybe even less than half? I would have gone along, had it not been for the high ticket prices.
  6. I saw footage of the Duran Duran gig, from last night. The whole South stand was empty, and there were big gaps in the seating on the pitch. Didnt see how full the main stand or North stand were tho. Such a shame. But, i cant help think the ambitious pricing structure was to blame. Many tickets on the pitch were costing over £100.......with a high number costing £138, including the booking fee. £138 to see a band who were big 40 years ago? That is crazy!! Did i read on here that it was a Part of the ICTFC set up, that put on these gigs?
  7. I like it more than the last couple of away strips, specially last seasons effort.
  8. Another new signing Steven Boyd signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  9. And another new signing Steven Boyd signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  10. New signing Nathan Shaw signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  11. Nathan Shaw signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  12. To those in the know. Who is signed up for next season at ICT?
  13. Im glad to learn that he will still be doing the Sunday Sportsounds and Midweek ones too. He will be very hard to replace tho
  14. Let us hope that lady luck is shining over ICTFC tonight. Tonight isnt the night to try and pla silky football. Im thinking it will be a case of grinding out the required result. St Johnstone dont score many goals, so a tight defence tonight, will be crucial.
  15. What is the issue with the "crappy badge"? Does it peel off easy or something?
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