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  1. I like it more than the last couple of away strips, specially last seasons effort.
  2. Another new signing Steven Boyd signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  3. And another new signing Steven Boyd signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  4. New signing Nathan Shaw signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  5. Nathan Shaw signs for ICTFC - ICTFC
  6. To those in the know. Who is signed up for next season at ICT?
  7. Im glad to learn that he will still be doing the Sunday Sportsounds and Midweek ones too. He will be very hard to replace tho
  8. Let us hope that lady luck is shining over ICTFC tonight. Tonight isnt the night to try and pla silky football. Im thinking it will be a case of grinding out the required result. St Johnstone dont score many goals, so a tight defence tonight, will be crucial.
  9. What is the issue with the "crappy badge"? Does it peel off easy or something?
  10. As far as the line up in the team photo above, who is the fella back left.....next to Scott Maclean? And also, who was the back up goalkeeper? *ps, may as well ask who the lad, right at the back, to the right of Ian Macarthur is?
  11. Same post is on Facebook.
  12. Just saw a tweet on twitter, from ICT saying that the new Home strip is being released tomorrow? Im thinking this is an error?
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