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  1. Not great news for ICT's promotion hopes. Seems like the rumours were true!
  2. Been a while since i last checked in with you Scotty. I hope you are keeping yourself healthy and the horrible Cancer has stayed away
  3. Im guessing that there may not be an ICT Fans Fantasy Footie competition this coming season?
  4. I am so sorry to hear this. I had no idea until just now, when i was posting about the fantasy footie being up and running again, for next season. RIP Biggin
  5. The game is up and running again, to select squads and make new leagues etc
  6. What a difference 48 hours makes. I was looking at the squad that was there for training on Tuesday and struggled to find a starting 11. Its looking a lot healthier now. I am hopeful now, that ICT will be contenders this coming season.
  7. Billy Mckay has re-signed on a 2 year deal. Hopefully that means ICT will have a goalscorer again
  8. SMEE

    Euro 2020

    Eriksen is in hospital....awake and talking. Has been stabilised and getting tested. Unbelievably, the rest of the game is due to be played, at 7-30pm UK time tonight.
  9. Hows the ICT fans feeling about this? Good Move? Backwards step?
  10. Is Scott Kellagher out of the management team now?
  11. Just announced. Signed on a 2 year deal. Are we a happy bunch?
  12. So Brad McKay is off to join Falkirk after 5 yrs at ICT. I nerver really saw him play much, but anytime i did, i wasnt that impressed. Will he be a big miss?
  13. I see Billy McKay has NOT been offered a new contract thro in Dungwall. He is now 32. He had a strike rate of 1 goal in every 3 games for County. Would he be worth a punt in The Chamionship next season?
  14. I already posted about this 😛
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