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  1. I scored 55pts last weekend. Most weeks, that would be a pretty decent score. EXCEPT, last week, it was 10 pts lower than the average score
  2. Like dougiedanger, i do not recall the snow that night at all. I recall it being a raw night tho. God......i miss them Highland League days. Getting into the Scottish Cup back then was such a HUGE buzz. Had many a great away day with Caley, back in the day
  3. Your support is most welcome Danylo.
  4. SMEE

    New Kit

    I kinda like the new strip. Vast improvement on last years abomination. Have to ask why the board dont listen to the fans tho. Seems that many people like the blue and red striped tops the most, yet, that seems to be falling on deaf ears.
  5. Thats me hopefully in both the Classic and H2H leagues. Ive Changed my team name to Caledonia Allstars.....THE team to beat 😋
  6. Actually...thinking about my amend it so that Dods played instead of Munro
  7. I see the Fantasy Footie is back open for next season. Squads can be selected and leagues set up.
  8. Brown Teasdale - Mann - Munro - Shinnie Wilson - Cherry - Christie - Hayes Wyness - Stewart And a special shout out to Russell Duncan
  9. SMEE

    Ken Thomson

    Thoughts are with his loved ones. RIP
  10. Can anyone tell me which (if any) ICT first team squad are likely to leave in the summer? Cheers
  11. If ICT has only won say another 5 games (which were there for the taking), instead of drawing so many, we would have gone up. Thing is tho (and this is still relevant) can we afford the costs involved with going up? The current squad would need improved on massively, to be able to compete in the Chamionship. Is the money there if we go up?
  12. SMEE

    Jim Falconer

    Wishing Mr F a long and Healthy retirement. Deffo a club Stalwart. As for Ginger Dad used to talk fondly of him and other Caley players, all the time. Im actually amazed to hear he was still with us, until recently. May he Rest In Peace
  13. Scotland contributes around £120Bn to the Westminster Coffers each year. Scottish Govt get back around £33Bn per year to run the whole Country. Im sure if our Govt got the whole lot...we could all be living a far better quality of life. If Switzerland Ireland and Norway (for example) can go it alone.....why cant Scotland?