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  1. There is a pitch inspection at 4.30 seems like it.
  2. Says on his Wikipedia that Hogg is Hibs captain, true?
  3. Needing more help tomorrow(Thursday)?
  4. Guttersloh, Germany last year. Stroombroek, Holland (pardon my spelling).
  5. ITs been said before butI think our main prioroty of time and money, should go into securing McCann on a permanent deal. If not, I'd have Gardyne, but not Brittain or Vigurs. Would also have a gander at any Dundee players? Trying to offload players? Yes? No?
  6. Well sitting in town today a man did come up and ask a group of us where the club shop in town was and we had to just send him away to the stadium
  7. Not that there isn't talent in the lower leagues but surely now that we are in the SPL and have Terry + Mo plus there connections we can attract more than enough players needed and that are youth team can survive by looking in Inverness. We do have youths in Scotland squads.
  8. 31 is incredible. Both of there faces.
  9. No Stuart Duff and shame seeing Ross that low down. )=
  10. If Proctor is out for the game then Esson Duff - Tokely - Munro - Shinnie Ross - Duncan - Hayes Foran - Odhiambo Rooney If Proctor is in then Esson Duff - Proctor - Munro - Tokely Duncan - Ross Foran Odhiambo Hayes roooney
  11. It also say in the report that Hibs say there where no arrests which is utter B**llocks. MY mate got charged and being charged now he is back up in Inverness. On the matter of going back to Easter Road again, then yes I certainly will............without a doubt. Despite all the goings on it was truely entertaining and with all this fuss I would love to see what there actions towards ourselves doing the same would be. Finally, I can not wait to see the Hamilton visit and the reaction they get, I would expect there to be a few more fans than us due to the distance being considerably less and I c
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