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  1. Is there going to be a video put up of this?
  2. Good run out for the boys tonight. People on this are probably wondering about players they haven't seen much of or any of, I'll sum up what I thought: First Half I thought McNaughton looked very tidy, just what I expected, an experienced defender, comfortable on the ball and certainly would be an asset to the club, started left back but is right sided so would be good cover for Raven or tremarco. Mulraney looked okay, definitely more to see from him, very direct and always looking to get on to his favoured left foot and get a cross in. Alex fisher was the least impressive
  3. I've read this thread and the Ryan Williams thread and they both have posts complaining that now we have "too many" midfielders. I totally agree that we need players in other positions but who said we didn't try and aren't still trying. What's the point in signing a player if they aren't any good or better than what we have. I am looking at any addition as a positive, especially if they add quality to the squad. I've read this forum for a while and fans on this will find just about anything to complain about and I just don't understand why!
  4. This is Miles Storey, This is my song, Buy a new striker and, You can't go wrong. Cause some say Sho Silva and Lopez are sh*te, but we've got Miles Storey with us
  5. Been at most of the friendlies now and I thought that game yesterday was a good run out for the boys. Jordan Roberts - every time I watch this guy I'm impressed. Really nice touches and his turn is nothing short of beautiful. Brilliant find. Nat Wedderburn - don't want to be too harsh on him but left back is not his position, looked very off the pace and didn't really get stuck in. A guy that size should be putting people on their backsides every time. J.J. Hooper - haven't been impressed by him at all in the previous friendlies but he was better yesterday. One thing about him is he has so
  6. Was at the game tonight to check out some of the trialists. Dani Lopez started up front in the first half and I was reasonably impressed, would definitely take another look at him. His movement was excellent but his touch wasn't that great but I'm sure that will come. jordan Roberts is already signed and I have to say I think we've got a find here. Oliver Norburn came on second half for draper and played alongside Tansey but played in a very deep position between the two centre backs almost just passing it from right to left. Not a bad player, didn't do anything special but steady enough a
  7. I was really impressed with Jordan Roberts yesterday. Looked sharp, good on the ball and actually very good off the ball in terms of closing down. And what a strike for his goal. It was a pretty simple game for Nat Wedderburn although he did look quite comfortable. I did feel that up against a better midfield he would struggle. As for JJ Hooper, I think he should be glad he scored otherwise I don't think we would look at him. Didn't really get involved at all and just seemed very off the pace. Was also very impressed with Williams and Vincent, thought they both looked very sharp yesterday
  8. Rings true with what i've heard, hear we are looking to sign two players, one most probably being Kink but heard that Prince Rajcomar and the other lad have left #notintheknow Yeah according to my source you are correct Your source being Wickipedia ?.. Wickipedia? What's that?
  9. Rings true with what i've heard, hear we are looking to sign two players, one most probably being Kink but heard that Prince Rajcomar and the other lad have left #notintheknow Yeah according to my source you are correct
  10. Your guess would be correct.
  11. Would love to see Calum Ferguson get a shout, completely agree with DoofersDad in the fact that we have good attacking midfielders and full backs so if we have a striker like ferg who will run and get into positions the chances will be created for him, why waste a wage on a striker who (going by quite a few of our recent strikers) have taken quite a while to get off the mark, perfect examples Billy Mckay and Adam Rooney. Would also like Ryan Baptie to get a shout at left back as well.
  12. Why is it a terrible idea to have a central midfielder play in a central midfield role? Wait, Vincent's position is playing in behind the striker, not centre mid. Hughes sometimes plays him on the right and it doesn't work. The only place that he is effective is in the hole. He has never played in where Tansey and draper normally play because he simply does not have the bite off the ball to be in there, it would be like having Daniel Stratford in there again, hence why it's a terrible idea
  13. Terrible idea to have Vincent in holding midfield! I liked shinnie in there and I personally would put the same team out that we had today
  14. Eh? Raven is a feckin donkey ! we need a right back for sure. no ICT player can put their hand up and say they tried today, they were a total mess, no effort no attitude and def. no idea how to combat Parpricks in the face football. Brill also needs to look at his performance, he was a shambles apart from his one good save. Really disappointed with the team. hope this in not a collapse like last season at this stage. .......You bud must have been dropped cause you have some major problems if you think Raven is "A Donkey" he is one of the best RB's the club has ever had if we got
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