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  1. Whew! Really don't know where the blame should be levelled with so many conflicting opinions. Letting a manager go in midstream could, however, be the final straw against getting promoted . Looks as if Robbo should be allowed to stay until season's end and then the club could take time in selecting the new Manager if thought to be needed.
  2. If, as it appears to be suggested above, Robbo is negatively commenting on the performances of the players in public , I hope he changes this strategy. All that is, or will be, doing is attempting to divert attention from his own imperfect management techniques which necessarily are therefore being ignored by these players? That kind of conversation should be intense between him and the individuals and very constructive and helpful to that player. Especially if he is avoiding the making of constructive remarks to the players' whose performances he finds wanting. That's his job. If he must publicly belittle their individual performances then how does he think that he can manage the human beings who are doing the actual work on the pitch? i.e encouragement is a great strategy for him and will gain him greater respect unless the player involved is lazy by heart and won't which time it's "sayonara, buddy" and off he goes.
  3. It's a move in the right direction, Especially when there seems to be little other meaningful advice from our fan base.That should sum it up. And therefore these two gentlemen should be given the courtesy of heartfelt appreciation and best wishes and support for the future. As for Mr. Robertson, some hefty encouragement is now in order! He has a contract and the terms must be met on both sides . Currently, continual support seems to be favoured over dismissal for obvious reasons. Even with the best support, the best team sometimes stumbles unexpectedly. Encouragement is necessary now to improve the atmosphere in the dressing room and negative criticism must be measured and done privately, neither in front of the other team members nor in public. It's easy to blame the manager but.....time will tell.
  4. Well, IHE, at least you are off the sherry and onto milk, lad.
  5. I do like you IHE, something that is not unknown to the great unwashed on here. Smile. But sometimes I don't get what you are referring to? Would that be the Podcast by any chance? Or is it all just blethers through a mist of sherry fumes...?
  6. Not anything to laugh at now I am afraid. Robbo looks lost and doesn't seem to know where to turn. Notice that his criticism of players, either in general or individually, is not strong. And he seems to be unable to decide what to do to get the players to respond and share in his near-depression. In short, does he feel now that the players are not strong enough to "take-it" or not talented and/ or MOTIVATED enough to change? If so, then player morale is very low and individually the general attitude may not change until the manager either gives them a strong lecture or tells them that in general their own jobs may well be in jeopardy if they do not keep on trying.
  7. Jack--not always a good idea to go …"back" , like.!!!
  8. Well, if Robbo goes, even to Hearts (which I doubt) , who would you suggest we put in his place? I can hear your disappointment...I'm even a wee bittie depressed myself. Maybe Robbo has just run out of ideas.... whatever the reason his slip is showing (at least for the future) and perhaps a change IS required to get the team back on track. Was the "flu bug a causal factor in this defeat..? Sigh.....
  9. Checking of handbags? Why on earth would they waste time doing that? Isn't that a severe violation of privacy as well? Maybe if all the girls wore it upside down on their head that rule might be changed.? This guy would not remove his gear for anyone. And if he brought his beautiful horse with him he could always get him to kick in the door or summat?
  10. My comments are confined to Robbo's statement to the media which I listened to a few minutes ago. He did sound "down" but not ultra frustrated or even furious and I don't recall him saying anything about making significant changes? His comments as usual were a commentary on the different plays of each team and the different circumstances faced by each team which, at this point, are already well known to the fans that attended. Exceot that he offered no solutions as to why the team did not win. He was subdued but nothing he really said resonated as being of tremendous concern or why the team failed to contain D.U. and also put them under continuous pressure. Frankly he seemed confused as if, in his mind, his team were a good team but, FOR SOME REASON HE COULD NOT FATHOM , THEY DID NOT FORGE FORWARD AND GIVE AS GOOD AS THEY GOT? What springs into my mind, however, was what were the instructions he gave to each player and what roles were discussed? Even if I like John Robertson the question does arise in my mind as to where he is going to go from here,? And whether he is the man-for-this job? It's a cruel world and a team without oodles of resources is already up against it even if the manager may not be the right fit. The comments about the assistants on staff are noted and perhaps the team needs a change there. Or the obtaining of outside professional help may, at least, be investigated . to deal with player motivation, training routines and so on.
  11. Boris then plays for Partick Thistle?
  12. I don't think that Robbo would necessarily succeed to the levels that Hearts prescribe . He has a steady and rewarding billet here at Inverness and I think he is held in high regard so he should really consider staying for at least a couple of more years and concentrate on getting us promoted. THEN he will be in much higher demand and can leave on a high note if he wants to. Mind you he may also really like to stay on at Caley Thistle because his job will likely to be much safer here in Inverness ESPECIALLY if he gets the team promoted.
  13. Accentuate the positive and deny the negative. And this seems to be Much Ado About Nothing Much. If you really try to give credence to this type of situation through a negative attitude or observance stance, etc.... then what are you contributing to the betterment of ICT? Isn't there some other subject that can be discussed on a much more positive plain? Especially at a point in time where crowds are sparse to dismal and our future is far from clear either financially and/or the associated possibilities of either further promotion or decline for the club...… And when an older Fogie like me reads this I must admit to ennui and the start of the dreaded Caley depression spiral. Instead, when you feel down about things over which you really have little control, then get some pals together and go round the doors to rally support for the team. I bought and ran my own business before I retired and when I changed my job to do so in Canada I realised that I had to succeed by my own efforts and gave myself one year to achieve this --and stayed 29 years. And loved it--the freedom, the challenge, the successes and mastering of failures by moving right along was a challenging but really stimulating journey. Of course, doing excellent work also helped. But perseverance is key and POSITIVITY is, above all, the stimulus for you to succeed, regardless of what other folks are up to.