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  1. OCH! Youse yins really know how to bring a tear to a wistful emigree's eye.. Looks lovely though. Great job, sigh. Thank you! You really are true gentlemen on this site.
  2. Does anyone have a photo of the newly laid turf?
  3. From recent past reports Peterhead look as if they are a very determined team. Quite a surprise for them to win this game in good form. Anyway, good luck to an aspiring team.
  4. And you would stake your life on that satan?
  5. Although a warning of what may be to come don't you think? The- team---- should they not be fresh out of the blocks , regardless of when and whom they are playing?
  6. I agree with SMEE-- good quality people and football fans always welcome on this site--I hope. Glad you enjoyed browsing over the previous seasons. The last game I saw last season against Ross County was an absolute cracker with ICT doing a real number on them , vigorous and determined football in an absolutely great game from my viewpoint.Hope it continues this term as well. I see that Chernobyl has had a real problem that correct? And how have the authorities dealt with that?
  7. I think he definitely should come back. I look upon him as one of the team because of his longevity of access and the knowledge he has about ICT. Which is very considerable. Also, he is a bright and very knowledgeable bloke ,Jock, and if his personality is somewhat different to yours or mine then there is nothing wrong with that --- so be it, variety is the spice of life and irritating people also serve to keep you on your toes. eh? So long as he is not normally abusive and/or contemptuous of other fans on here then I think that he should be very welcome.
  8. Charlie takes a licking but keeps on ticking -i.e when he comes back full time that is. Smile
  9. The boys did their research all right. Very stimulating and interesting Podcast. It's a winner for the future.
  10. Have not seen the newly laid pitch --it would be nice to have pre-season "look-see" from any photograph . Thanks in advance.
  11. Roarer Sorry! But it was not me who commented…….? It was IHE.
  12. Och! now it seems you may be..... piling … on , IHE. And DD...….....I had a pile operation once and I would not recommend it to anyone. Ever!
  13. Very good report DD. Especially to friends who live overseas and can easily get out of touch with what is going on within the club itself.
  14. Manfer is a dedicated and very skilful commentator on this and that at Caley thistle. I would not miss his reports for the world.