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  1. Well, doesn't look as if the SFA and the club involved are ticking over like a well oiled machine. Whether the SFA have positive bias towards the other teams or not, our club should surely be directly involved by now. Just asking from a very long way away! Has anyone been into touch with our club's management yet about tickets?
  2. Wynthank , I suffer from lower back pain at at 81 years of age I which I think is caused by a great reduction in physical exercise or activity as you age. Instead of moving the body around at work in all kinds of different positions you watch a lot of T V etc.. To alleviate I stretch the muscles in the backside and upper legs and that does make a notable difference. Like lying on a bed and wrapping your arms around your upper thighs higher than the knees and pulling back gently. As for players, it might just be that the tension in their back resulting from playing on a surface to which their brain and body has not yet acclimatised, is why the tension builds and then a small strain in that area just does damage which is then hard to heal because further exercise on such surfaces just feeds the damage and, of course, further tension.
  3. I've got an HP as well, Scotty and so far no serious problems. Supposed to be one of the top computers here. Mine is not a laptop though and it never will be because the keys are far too cramped together for my vision-impaired eyes to be able to see them properly for selection purposes And so it takes ages for me to be able to type even a few sentences. Yep, Festus, don't get old!
  4. Alan --Naw Naw ..the Pittsburgh Penguins are nae use the noo, So are the Canucks but they claim to be rebuilding so....
  5. However, it is another Semi Final and perhaps they may be in short supply in the future! So the prices do seem to be modest enough for the importance of this match. However, I understand if you are thinking of taking several family members, then that might be a slightly different set-up...….unless that's your "get out of jail" card though because you would rather be in the pub that evening.
  6. Er and what does GPS mean ? General Postal Strike? And as for the Dutch cheese trader needing to go to London for his permits every few days etc., why? Can he not just get them through his computer and printer for goodness sake? Isn't that what "Online" means , and is for? just asking!!!!!
  7. I have little knowledge of Mr. Falconer and, seemingly, that's a pity. I do remember Ginger Mackenzie though and his coif and can remember his style of play as I write. Quite a speedy and effective player . Lived in Winnipeg. Manitoba did he in his latter years ? I wonder why he emigrated to Canada.? . Probably something to do with his career path--like me actuellement. RIP .
  8. Down with the negative and up with the positive. C'mon lads and lasses. Gotta get behind the team, for goodness sake. I read somewhere earlier this week (on here) that the prices were nothing like $75 entrance fee. that's ridiculous enough to even stop a Pimple attending if he were in Scotland at that time. Thirty pounds is surely steepish also , but affordable, for such an occasion. It's a day out for a great cause so...….
  9. Well, this is quite a walk through yester-years. very interesting though and very absorbing ! Thanks for all the references which did bring back some memories I must admit.
  10. Remember--there is always more than one way to skin a cat. Ha! Ha!
  11. The post above stating that this is a marquee game is dead-on. If we play it at a "lesser" park then what on earth will the Englanders and the world think of our football game? More to the point, perhaps, what will fans throughout Scotland think is the level to which Scottish football has sunk? Hampden looks the part, is the part and provides the atmosphere that is needed on such a special occasion INMHO. If we can't get a good crowd at Hampden then let's ask the question..... is football dying in Scotland (due to a lack of money or what)? The last semi-final we played at Hampden against Celtic was a super game filled with incident and excitement. I saw it because I phoned a senior staff member at Shaw Cable who provides our home T.V. service and said if you can get the game on a U.S. channel that I can access I WILL STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR POOR SERVICE FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS..... i.e Creative, like! IT WORKED,,,,,HA! HA!
  12. BDU--your post has some facts in it that are chiels that winnae ding. i.e . are correct. Right now, however, I think folks, are anxious for positivity since we are so close to another great end to this year so..... emphasize the positive and forego the negative will be a welcome mat as we posters enter this part of the forum. Cheers S.P.
  13. ICT 2 Ross County 1, Tight match this one . Crowd figures are accurate. But under 4000 I Feel
  14. *IHE....Oh you are awful---but I like you! ! After youse gaes tae bed and taks aff yer wig tae sleep.. Jock and Scarlet, what a couple. One toothless and the other brainless. But loyalty trumps all. So I'm off tae chase the wifies and maybe have a ball. Whilst Jockie likes a pub crawl and I'm not upset at all. …