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  1. Na! Na! Kingsmills, She is an office boffin up country in a main office and I suppose she can wear a Shetland Cardigan or something like it when she goes to work. Besides ,she recently was awarded a citation for 25 years of "excellent service" and for also putting together a presentation with her staff which convinced the Canadian Courts to act on prosecutions without having to process tons of paper......something to do with placing all evidence into/onto an online frame... so I think that she has some pull.
  2. AS? I am wondering If half of the posters who are down on you ,Alan , are desperate to add another "S" onto that word. Now that would be uncalled for and deffo rude so if I were you I would just sit back and smile at how easy it is to rile up some folks....just because you are slightly different to these guys. Tut! Tut! If it gets too bad you can always send for the Mounties in Canada. My daughter is a plain clothes Mountie and what would be so difficult about her sending over about ten wild stallions to snort outside the doors of the perfect patter merchants. And Canajin stallions are wild and wise beasties-they never forget a slight so you had better be wearing a red tunic and knee-high leather boots and a stylish hat when you hear them coming. I'm telling you straight, compared to Custer's last stand which was all bells and whistles after he took on 3,000 Indians with about 300 Troopers, it would be by far the scariest thing you have ever heard. Isn't that right, Scotty.?
  3. John Robertson must have suffered a lot this season and he certainly tried very hard. Therefore award John the Managership again ,and soon, to make it clear to him that he is appreciated. Bring in new management after such a disappointing season would seem to me to be premature. After all,what has J R done wrong? He sweated blood for the team and only got angry when it was clear that terrible refereeing was about to blow him and his best efforts away. Perhaps the best course is to assemble videos of all the crap refereeing and then request a meeting with the beaks with the view expressed that ICT can play a big part in the development of better quality decisions. NO SCREAMING, NO VITRIOLIC REMARKS ,,JUST PLAIN ,CALM ,SOLID COMMON SENSE. THEY WOULD HAVE TO LISTEN WOULD THEY NOT? If they didn't, JR could publicise this as one of the reasons the team was sunk before they started. ETC.,
  4. WEll… least it would have to be with Satan in charge! Of course that then raises the ugly thought of what we would have to do with John R. Hostility would then be part of the ticket price and would waken up all the fans who proclaim to be supporters but have rarely showed up this last season.
  5. Good or bad, one can be better than nothing.
  6. Since the footie is now finished here is something completely different for you to muse over If you are thinking of emigrating from Scotland to Canada you will need to be reasonably well-off with the prospects of a good job being quite excellent because the cost of housing alone here is daunting? But you can hitch hike and thumb for lifts as you cross the country except that that process might take you many months. With a family that option is a non starter though. The following news article comparatively sums up the two main cities in Canada re costs of renting an apartment within their environs and that alone should give you cold feet. Except that, outside those two cities, costs are less depending on whether you opt for a city job elsewhere or just want to work anywhere, including the country towns etc. To put it to you straight there are many Provinces situated over a huge territory of West to East of well-over 2000 miles and ,eventually, you might find your niche . Bring money with you of course and if you have a family you will need to chose your spot carefully to ensure the kids go to good schools. Nevertheless this is a country where nobody generally gives a coon's ass from whence you come. Racism is at a very low minimum. For one thing we all have to get along to make the process work and people who look different to you are often very interesting and have some great immigration stories to tell you. If you live just outside Vancouver and you ask another Canadian where he or she comes from the answer might just be "Burnaby "or "West Vancouver" (two municipalities within the city boundary.)Smile. Except if you get to know them well then they know what you are wanting as an answer etc. And in any case nobody cares a hoot from whence you originated because we have all been immigrants at one time in the past ( a great leveller) and all of us have come from somewhere because of the circumstances that stifled us in our home countries probably, or just a wanderlust in our minds. There is no doubt , however, that this is a land of opportunity and if you are not a hard worker the odds of success may well be minimal...! This photograph is of Burrard Inlet where all the sea traffic, tankers ,etc., enter the Port of Vancouver from the Pacific Ocean to the right of the picture. Sea planes also regularly fly in and out of this part of the ocean. Now , as for rents well, they simply have paralleled the cost of house building in the city and these prices are very high nowadays compared to when I arrived here. You can convert the Canadian dollars that are quoted in this article by dividing the quoted sum by today's exchange rate , 1.66 , to yield the amount in pounds. Salaries are generally high to counter this shocking statistic. But, then , look again at the view in the morning when you get up which is always inspiring, right? Any questions just fire away. Cheers Scarlet
  7. Merge with Clachnacuddin, hand-off the criticism, and use all of the town's junior players' resources to bring on these youngsters for ICT exclusively. Old loyalties are like old soldiers--they fade away. And ICT are, frankly, at the crossroads as I see it. Innovation is imperative for this club's survival. Not only that, but surely the citizens of Inverness should then support the team on every alternate Saturday. If not, why not?
  8. Mc ART- - Ideal signing and hopefully he will develop further into a very valuable player who will relish being with the club that offered him the main chance ; and stay a longer time than most of the others. To build this club back up for a stable future you need quality, resilience, development and the cosseting of these younger players. Also a touch of tough love. All of which, in turn, should help with the development of their loyalty and their appreciation of what ICT is all about. I hope.
  10. Aye ! IHE. And he IS a breath of fresh air which, for me at least, does tend to soften the blow of another season without a really successful outcome Also he can certainly can take it on the chin without flinching and doesn't over-react.
  11. Correct Jaggernaut. BUT...…….. Alan..why don't you exaggerate the positive and avoid the negative completely. It's how to win friends and influence people . Yessssssssss! I promise that your feelings about ICT will change for the better and you will garner soooooo many "likes" that your life will change. And you will become the top banana on here.
  12. Och, IBM, You will be the first to know when the guys in my consortium of spies based in Fort George advise me of developments. Might be a whiley though…….
  13. And this guy is only 63, bejabbers ! Wait until he gets past 80....OMG! And his mind starts to go as well. Believe it or not I can step down from my house into the garage with my car keys in my pocket and then I forget what I am in there for..... I then have to phone IHE to see if he can remember why I am there and I forget his cell phone number. And then...………………….
  14. Just so long as John Robertson doesn't
  15. I'm now used to watching ice hockey players at the top level of the game and watching how they perform as associated with how fit they are. The top, highly motivated, players are in the gym daily and work out with their individual coaches on engaging in very strenuous routines which embrace top physical equipment that does cost thousands of dollars. No doubt Caley Thistle can't afford this type of equipment but how strenuous are the work-outs that the individual players do since they are also full professionals with, presumably, no other outside jobs so should they not be in top condition? On the ice, the pace can be torrid and the positioning of each player carries expectations and skilful instructions and demands from the trainers and their assistants. There is huge money involved , of course, and it's at that point that comparing the two types of game slows to an agonising crawl.However, IMHO, top fitness for our team, perhaps beyond their normal expectations, can pay high dividends by the end of the season. And unless we can entice the crowds back to more than a mere few then where do we really go from here? The coffers won't be filled and the wages will remain low and the players will wonder about their futures. And what about the dodgy officiating and decisions that seem to enrage the average , but fair , punter? Unless some form of instant review (i.e. by TV or by access to a large computer) is introduced then it may take a long time for the beaks at the top of Scottish Football to stop yawning and really get a grip of this very poor situation. Whether these beaks are biased or corrupt is not the point. The point is … when are they going to change the system? So, compare ice hockey :- There are cameras everywhere following every move of the action (even including close-ups of these moves ) and if the senior referee is undecided, even after consulting the other two refs (total of 3 refs on the ice), then he can phone the Head Office of the National Hockey League in Toronto thousands of miles away and request an immediate review on the screens of the bosses. Within a minute or two the decision is handed down from Toronto to the senior referee on the ice and that's that. Often the decision is not what the refs may state or want but it's "Over and out'." Generally it's a very fair route to go. A few within the home crowd may mumble but accept it because it is as good an outcome as can presently be devised because, also, the film can be played back by Toronto in slow motion! And the risk of inflaming the tempers of the average over 20,000 fans in the rink is far too high to not have top experienced officials sitting in the judges' seats. Here , in Scotland, no matter how bad the refereeing, who does a review instantly at a senior level ? No one!!! Is this not unfair and pathetic in a time period where the computerisation of sport is now well-advanced? Anyone agree with me? Crucial decisions HAVE to be made on all this as I see it.