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  1. Scarlet Pimple

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Moray Jaggie., I don't usually question members about their expressed opinions. which they are definitely entitled, But Just what do you find negative or denigrating to ICT in my above last post?
  2. Scarlet Pimple

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Some negative comments on here from the odd person/fan. Look on the bright side chums. This could be a cracker of a match. If it is not on the telly then it will be their loss not ours.-- our real fans will be at the game. If we want to go much further in the tourney then we have to beat them somewhere along the line. Look on the bright side.... this is going to be our day and a big win from our team of young lads who are playing well with good ball possession and passing.
  3. Scarlet Pimple

    Women’s team finally

    Allowing the girls to get intimately involved and/or attached to Caley Thistle is a fine forward movement. It should impress the punters and increase the gates. Family members will come to see the girls put on a mini-show at half time and love ICT for giving their daughters a chance to shine in the limelight. Therefore the "dancing girls" to which I have often referred to as a group as being needed for a half-time show will now come to the fore and bring in more fans. It's a great start. And, once established, the club should be able to see the wisdom of Mr.Pimple's suggestion for half-time visual entertainment. Progressive! --- and it's entertainment folks.
  4. Scarlet Pimple

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Bride--the name is in my memory somewhere from way back in history. Something to do with King Bride . Was he a Pictish King and did he live up at Craig Dunain , or both, way back when? Where is IHE when you need him? . You lived up at Craig Dunain did you not? I am sure I am on to something here.
  5. Scarlet Pimple

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Maybe they eat oysters to improve their saxophone drive..?
  6. If the Board of ICT think that changing horses in mid-stream is not a good idea then "Sit tight and pray" may be the answer this season. All newer Managers need to be given time to "bed-in" and really get a grip on their player roster, and the actual state of the financial picture re the club, before they make a dynamic (and possibly costly) move. Oh, and loyalty should surely play a part in any well-run organisation ? People need time to weather storms , bed-in, invest and try out new ideas. With the apparent lack of money available at ICT these days surely the best strategy is to sit-tight, back the Manager and spend wisely rather than in desperate fashion. And no more contracts like that made available to Richie Foran who was a great player but apparently had little or no experience in Management whereas John Robertson does. JR is also calmer and more of a thinker than I believe R F was. Stay the course appears to be the best strategy for ICT at this time . But they must bring on the dancing girls, or SOMETHING , at half time !!!!!!! -----because this is ENTERTAINMENT folks and if they want more fans to come to games then they must cater to families and bored bodies freezing on the terracing. EVEN Summer football would be an advancement. Standing in freezing weather and chittering is never going to be a recipe for success.---- IMHO at least.
  7. Scarlet Pimple

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    And, if I am not mistaken, Yogi left us under questionable circumstances? Here today and gone tomorrow, like? .
  8. Scarlet Pimple

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    I like you, IBM! Ha! Ha! Thank you , you are a real gentleman. Golly Gosh --I'm rumbled. I already knew the score by doing exactly what one of you likely lads suggested. And I was so discombobulated (in a nice way , mind you) that I thought I would just remind you that you just have to be nice 'cos you will have to meet me on your way down when I am still mindlessly drifting upwards. I was just reading the BC world news online and drifted into an article about Ross County and found it really interesting. However, frankly, speaking, I did not expect that score line, bejabbers. The next three games will decide our fate and just to show you how nice the Pimpernel family can be ,here is a nice read for you lads and lasses to weigh up en masse. We are going places ..Yes! .
  9. Scarlet Pimple

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    W H. In case you are still not aware of it I live about 5,000 miles away from Inverness and if you are up for it can you please advise the COUNTY scoreline . Thanks!
  10. Scarlet Pimple

    The Liam Polworth Enigma

    What was the County score?
  11. Looking carefully at the overall financial position , changing horses in mid-stream is folly. Robbo is probably doing the best he can with very limited resources. If an injection of funds is expected at this point then from whom would all this money come from? It does look as if the Board members are not inclined to inject personal money into the club or is my understanding of this situation not correct?
  12. Scarlet Pimple

    Word Association

    Meet - for a tweet
  13. Scarlet Pimple

    January signings

    I have to say that I do empathise with Robbo and his challenges. He seems to have the right spirit and ,let's face it, he took over a dying duck. As to motivation I am not sure that he quite has all the marbles lined up in a nice row but how do we know anyway, unless we ask each player individually of their opinion of Mr. Robertson ? And are some of them really old enough to fully comprehend what his ambitions are and how he will try to achieve them when he is now drafting in the younger set? After all, a Manager who even tries to spend money wisely can still come a cropper through injuries to players , one bad transfer and trying to make sure all his changes are fluid and work? But liking a man for his efforts will probably not cut it in this ICT situation where we are still wondering if anyone on the Board has any real football smarts or are just there for the ride so to speak. Frankly I am also wondering if many other Managers in this division also have the same frailties and lack of money that plague us. It seems like a disjointed framework all -round and not likely to change radically before the season ends. And not at all, season to season , UNLESS a large sum of money is injected into the mix to galvanise the major changes needed that are readily apparent. Comments please?
  14. Scarlet Pimple

    Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South

    That was quite a read and leaves me drained. It does raise the question as to whether or nor Robbo is the Man for the Job? But, if so, then who is and where would he or she come from? Unless there is a dramatic rise in effort and an upped tempo then this season is a bust. Many parts of the Ross County game showed us up well but that too faded and R C were in command again by the end of the game and accordingly won that game. A winning team does nor fade or throw in the towel because the spurts of energy and effort has a fading spell. They keep at it and that is why I ask..."are they as fit as they should be for professional players or are they very young boys who need a lot of encouragement? " The team seems to be disorganised and lacking solid direction --either that or the players we have just won't be able to handle it?
  15. Scarlet Pimple

    January signings

    Ryan Dow--great set of teeth but his ice blue eyes could preface a steely warning stare waiting to break out to stop the opposition in their tracks. Looks fit though? Anyway hope he might be a hard running player who can get the ball into the area of the net for someone NOT to miss a good chance to score ?