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  1. Man o' man, if that house was power-washed it certainly would look fine. Especially if some needed repairs were done--see above left window where the gutter is now sagging, But you could probably spend quite a lot of money on bringing it back to what it was in past years...…… has great style though. In Canada we have little else than wooden framing over a box, then covered in plastic tiling and decent houses in Vancouver now starting at some $700,000 . Shocking! The incoming of thousands of Chinese has turned the small hamlet of Richmond, on the Southern outskirts of Vancouver, where I bought my first little townhouse for $45,000 when the population was about 5,000, into a population of over 100,000 residents. For the above reason we know that there will be utter devastation when the "Big One" hits us , sooner rather than later I fear. Just reviewed and renewed my home insurance policy!!! With no earthquakes to worry about in Inverness, homes like the one shown here, could probably be beautified and with care could continue to look good for many years.
  2. And often fans go to a game with studied boredom in their sights but know that one or two great pieces of skill, or a great goal, will have their emotions stirring so hard that the "Ooh what a great game " factor seems to overwhelm them and thus they go to the next game ,,etc. Especially when there is nothing else for them to do on a Saturday afternoon except listen to the wife bawling.."Henry, the lawn badly needs cutting, cherub".
  3. Though I had to scart around trying to find the correct link to open it up. Kept at it and finally found it though - with a sigh of relief I may say...…… podcast perseverance pays off proudly, Percy.
  4. And it's valuable experience for the younger and/or newbies on our teams. Deffo not to be sneezed at....especially if we can win aplenty!!
  5. I get that to post negative comments after a game like that is counter-productive , and some. Emphasize the positive and inspire the fans etc. If the players do not perform and lose a game then that alone , in their present euphoria, will teach them that success follows constant application and dedication. I, e hard works, dearies. There you go for the youngsters on the team. Stay positive and work hard.
  6. Better and better. These guys have done their research and know their teams and stuff. Entertaining, interpretive and excellent so far. There you go from sunny and beautiful Vancouver. I bet these guys went with Charlie to the
  7. Compare that to ice hockey in the National Hockey League in Canada and the U.S .This is the premier league of ice hockey and the money poured into it is immense. I have read that tickets can easily cost well over $100 per game (at 1.56 dollars to the pound) I have yet to verify that though and crowds at the Vancouver stadium are rarely less then 18,000 t0 23,000 fans .For that they demand very fit and highly skilled players and those who don't, or can't, perform soon languish elsewhere....either in the minor leagues or just out. The game is very fast and skilled and expectations of quality performances is very high so generally speaking the players realise what a great career they can have and on balance work very hard to perform and succeed. However ownership of the franchises are usually by very wealthy individuals and money never seems to be an object so that does make a difference doesn't it?
  8. Hi Manfer. Excellent work as always. However, the size of the letters in the writing to inform fans about cheating is surely very small indeed to prompt a lot of people to bother reading it. This is quite an important notice when the message sinks in; so may I suggest that you consider increasing the letter size a tad to assist older fogies to be good fans.
  9. True. Every game brings something in the door even if it's a diddy game in the eyes of some fans. . And provides entertainment for those who are not able to get to Inverness. And, of course can provide an opportunity for the younger players or newbies to the club to get experience and shine.
  10. I think I recall some fans putting MCart down but, from my perspective, he seems to have been an excellent signing for ICT for a considerable time really. In that vein of thought surely he can only be expected to get better and better; with encouragement; not the opposite though. The younger the player the more encouragement is needed because he does not have the past experience to allow him to successfully assess his own capabilities. So cut him some slack , praise his good moves and watch him blossom into Bobby Bolt (centre half for Caley when I was a wee boy.Ha!)
  11. Bughtmaster's post, above, sums it up for me. Great thoughts... Yessss! Emphasize the positive and delete the negative. Good for the overall feeling and for the future.
  12. Lizi is areal thinker, I think.
  13. Phew! This was clearly going to be a long read after I finished reading the first 3-5pages. All I feel is that if Boris does not get a clean and decent haircut(never mind a hairstyle) let's at least hope that his brains work well in the extra warmth. I think he has more brains and savvy than Trump, though what with latter person being roundly criticized as being something between "deranged" and "insane". Although, in the U>K, I also think Winston Churchill is already turning over in his grave regardless of the ultimate outcome of all the posturing and pontificating. However, you just never know. Boris may have more brains and energy than one might assume from his appearance....or do you think he is about to lead you into a deeper abyss? Right now his latest actions suggests a deepening pit of despair amongst the proletariat and higher taxes to cover all the extra expenses that may be involved in his plans. So "Oh what a tangled web we weave others to deceive" just springs to mind. All the best in all your changes and endeavours. Me? My heart is in my mouth for your future so the best of British Luck. We have our own "heart in mouth" scenario though with our Canadian General Election arriving in October. It's jolly Justin Trudeau versus the rest. But none of them impress so our decisions will also be agonising,. Cheers, S.P.