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  1. Scarlet Pimple

    Better Together ?

    Na! NA! Kingsmills, I did not say or infer that I was any kind of knowledgeable or expert commentator on your political matters. We sometimes have difficulty here in Canada in fathoming out what the best route it would be for our own Governments (local and Federal) to follow for the benefit of this vast country with all it's resources. But we have found that rarely do any of the politicians we have really care that much about the people who elected them. Basically they are mostly in it for themselves, the huge salaries and benefits, the lovely pensions when they retire etc, etc. In Ukraine , for example, the so called elected officials' are feuding daily with each other, scrambling over seats to get into the incredible physical punch-ups that occur there. Apparently they are all thugs to begin with or they would have not been elected at all..... What I was simply inferring, perhaps, is that from a distance it does seem as if the whole turmoil -ridden process is not going to solve the issue. The party in power is desperate to stay in power and I don't think they are significantly motivated by anything else. Has a joint political plebiscite from all the parties at Westminster ever been considered as a possible way to attempt to solve this huge issue for the benefit of ALL British residents, regardless of their political stripe? Is it not so serious that reverberations from the outcome will affect many future generations. The present dichotomy involving the major political figures of your Parliament does not seem to be achieving very much or am I wrong? Over and out.
  2. Scarlet Pimple

    Word Association

    Is whisky, food is good, like "pud" Don't be nasty to me 'cos it could be rude..... dude.
  3. Scarlet Pimple

    Better Together ?

    Well, looking at my television at the BBC World News every day, I come to the conclusion that the whole thing appears to be an unfortunate shambles. Boris Johnson looks and acts like a figure out of a comic book and his views seem to get more and more ridiculously frenetic and non-calm, not to mention destructive and self-serving, than ever. I have to say , however, that regardless of whether she is right or wrong, I have to admire the tenacity and courage , not to mention the dogged and unfailingly polite and calm attitudes of P.M.May . She's the clock that is taking a daily licking but keeps on ticking. Where will it all end? Can Scotland ever become independent with a dwindling population, no coal, no oil and even if Scottish Whisky is making millions by way of growing export sales around the world, what else does it have now to attract industry and jobs and a burgeoning economy?....Offshore wind turbines? Skiing in the Cairngorm mountains? Nice one Cyril except that once these structures etc. are built and operational what then? Isn't your fishing going down the tubes? If so, then it's not alone because over-fishing all over the world seems to have had a major negative effect on the remaining fish stocks.. Conservation efforts are now being made by the Canadian Government to attempt to stop the incoming hump-back whales going much so that the countless large ships that enter the Pacific port of Vancouver now must adhere to recently-introduced regulations for them to reduce their speed and the associated underwater engine noise which discombobulates the progress of the whales by making them lose touch with their respective pods , babies, etc. Sure hope you can work out a compromise with the Europeans though over Brexit.
  4. Scarlet Pimple

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    Pay at the Gate should be a "no-brainer". Any club who have space to offer and is willing to take your money any way they can is run on common sense and smart business practice. Grass banking? great so long as it is not wet and unless you carry a plastic cape that you can use. Good luck to all. Caley Thistle will win this one hands down...not though complacency which in itself could prove fatal and fateful, but because they have the training and skill to complete the job and then get a money'd tie for their efforts.
  5. Scarlet Pimple


    Well, Roarer, I seem to have gotten a smile out of him anyway. Much better than a miserable, moping, meaningless scowl , eh? We gotta stick together , man. And he knows that help is always on the way.....
  6. Scarlet Pimple


    Now, now, Caleyboy be nice! …….I'm relying on up-and-coming smart guys like you to keep me on the right path as I continue to go downhill fast. I have, I see, about 3 times the number of posts that you have accomplished so there must be a grain of truth or wisdom in at least some of them. If you can find one of those for me just let me know. Anyway, dinna fash yersel, you'll be a man before yer mither, I have no doubt. Your advice is sound and now I must retire into my shell and reflect, change and just fade away...…….. into the dreaded obscurity of "end-of-days ":. AAAARGGGHHHH
  7. Scarlet Pimple

    Partick Thistle -V- Inverness CT - Preview

    Appreciate the thought and work you have put into this preview C.S.
  8. Scarlet Pimple

    U18's Season

    Understand the fans' desire to try out the young 'uns in the first team but I hope for only short periods at a time. I mean, maybe 45 minutes for the first game and then take it from there. Ease them in like until their confidence and desire for more starts to soar!. It appears as if we have a great young team though. You will have to bring In more "Roddy's" though since they are conscientious and reliable and have that winning spirit. Yesss..!
  9. Scarlet Pimple

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Caley D summed it up perfectly . And he is right. He attacked a woman, who probably was never ever a physical match for him for one thing. Then he threw a blunt object at her with a probably spikey heel attached to it .Which could have blinded her at worst or done a lot of other damage to her body, face etc. and it appears that this was done with some force. Which was a cruel and unusual retort. And did he not also push her around at some point? A shouting match is one thing (sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you ) but this kind of violence towards a woman is totally unacceptable and is evidence, as it seems, to latent rage within his being that could break out I, and at, any circumstance that displeased him. If he does not get a jail sentence he will be lucky and should reflect deeply on the necessity for him to control his emotions. OR learn to walk away and try again at resolving the matter at a later date. The club Board considered the matter carefully and also probably took legal advice. So all power to their elbows.
  10. Scarlet Pimple

    Riccardo Calder Assault

    Understanding why he acted in the aggressive and injurious way reported as above does not excuse his actions. Sometimes the actions which occur at the time and date of the incident are merely a continuation of previous spats which have never been adequately resolved. Not only that but what actions of his in the past, immediate or otherwise, had made the woman so angry as to chose to fight with him verbally to such an extent that disagreement escalated into violence? He apparently had the option of not pursuing the matter from the first exchanges. Presumably he could have phoned the young woman at a later time to try to iron out the issue(s) and allowed time for reflection by two parties so that a rational and considered discussion might have taken place. But he chose to proceed at the scene and is clearly a very fit young man who is much more able to defend himself against attack than she is....and he acted violently, apparently at least. If an issue between them as passionate as this cannot be resolved by discussion then they must allow things to calm down before trying again. By assaulting her he obviously lost control not only of his senses but also of his physical actions. Which does indicate that he seems to have a latent penchant for violence somewhere lurking in his heart. Men who assault women probably have other issues bearing down on their emotional bodies and therefore assault is merely an outlet for their hidden general frustration. The club's reputation here is at stake. If they ignore the incident and take no action they might be seen to be avoiding responsibility for their own actions in not deciding to part company with a player whose actions really cannot, apparently, be condoned and which might, at a future date, bring the reputation of the club as an entity, whose standards of conduct are on a very high level, into disrepute. Therefore my feeling is that a warning probably would not solve his inner emotions and the club IMHO should terminate the contract with immediate effect.
  11. Scarlet Pimple

    Inverness CT -V- Ross County

    Now that was a terrific game (viewing highlights). There is not much wrong with these young players. Lots of encouragement and a little critical guidance is all that is required now. and ICT will be world-beaters. The speed of the game has increased exponentially (I don't really know what that last word means but It sounds good eh?) .However the boys must train very hard so that they can sustain the pace for 90 minutes,. This is imperative :---- This year, after a rather dismal showing last year, the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team have decided to go with youth--speed, skill and endurance and they have they been active in bringing in the best players from around the world. The Colorado Avalanche are no slouches and have great skill and experience and they were the visitors to Vancouver. The final score was 7-6 in f/o the Canucks. It was also probably the fastest, most hotly-contested match I have ever seen to date. What a game!! What goals! and what skill and intensity was on display . No wonder the roof nearly came off when, in overtime, the Canucks managed to beat the clock by one minute and score the winner. 25,000 fans going mad and both teams walked off the ice as friends despite some very hard hits during the game. Just a thought.
  12. Scarlet Pimple


    You know, Caley D, your statement about your weight challenge above, is one of the best posts I have seen or read recently. It's inspirational because it shows that no matter how tough things may seem you have to just keep on trucking and if, in your heart, you know that you are the one who must make a change to happen then even a limited amount of encouragement is very welcome and is also inspiring. It was apparent in my life from way-back that I, and only I, could make the necessary changes, or put in the necessary work that would be required to accomplish this goal of change and improvement. So I persevered and when I fell down and someone offered a word of upliftment or help I accepted it gracefully but used my own legs to get back on my feet and my own drive to press on. However, that is my looking back with hindsight and not every youngster can take the necessary steps to beat the odds and forge ahead on his or her own. When I was young my mother took me to visit an older lady friend on Lochalsh Road and during the conversation at the door the lady made a nice remark about my appearance and mother replied "yes, he's not backward at coming forward either". I squirmed a bit because I truly did not see what she was implying. It's true that I like to engage people in conversation because I need to continually learn things from them, even at age 80 plus, and it's also an antidote to boredom. Ask and you shall receive, sit quietly in a corner and rarely will you be noticed or troubled and so It's your choice in life. Had I been the non-restless type then I would not be here in Canada marvelling at what I see around me and learning things that I could never learn elsewhere. Our team is young and needs guidance and upliftment and a helping hand as they mature. Primarily they need positive criticism , not negative put-downs and sneering. Some guys possibly need to be dropped but only after a significant warning. Where they can't comply then the Manager must offer additional help and training and take a vital interest in the lad because he will then be aware that the Manager and others care about his progress and value his contribution to the club.
  13. Scarlet Pimple

    Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

    Women doctors are not as gentle as you may think. Her finger this time around was a big surprise. Very businesslike as if she was afraid that it would drop out if she slowed up on the entry test. Smile?. And made me gasp so she healed my brain wound by saying "Sorrrry". Then I panicked and ran out the door without my pants and the waiting female patients gasped and squawked so I ran back in the door again and it was me that then sheepishly said …"Sorrrry". Oh My! Well, guys, you can't take life too seriously now can you?
  14. Scarlet Pimple

    Scottish Cup 3rd Round

    If ICT protests vigorously do you think they might consider just bringing it back to Tulloch Caledonian Stadium. Makes perfect sense rather then postponing it for goodness sake, at least IMHO. And maybe the other team's financial cut might even be higher so why not? I wonder what our Board is thinking? Perhaps some fan can ask them...……..?
  15. Scarlet Pimple


    Agreed. The kind of abuse we are discussing on here is counterproductive, if for no other reason than the simple fact of life being that we all make mistakes.And more readily as we grow older, by the way. No one is perfect but with football their gaffes can stand out in an unnecessarily bad way. What's with all the abuse then and how does the abuser think that that will help him be better? In the case of a strong-character player It might, but generally speaking, it just adds to the burden of guilt he may well be feeling. And that is NOT nice or uplifting. Most players, as has been stated, are acutely aware that things are not going well , especially if they are the ones making mistakes. But encouragement is a great uplifter because it's saying to the players .."better luck next time old chap , currently all is forgiven, just go and play to your potential."