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  1. The only thought that comes to mind is that it's not the club's responsibility for the individual players to keep fit. It's theirs and a good, honest player knows this and works with his trainer on moves and actions to achieve this. Basically it's called ambition and self respect. Sooo…. midweek games should not be a huge impediment to achieving a high level of fitness. Surely not at this crucial and advanced juncture of the season. True professionals and semi pros are not the same thing. The honest and really ambition and responsible athlete works this out.
  2. Ach! Doesn't Mr. Robertosn have enough worries on his plate the noo?
  3. And Alan Simpson is now ending his sentences with the inimitable way in which Canadians end theirs…..EH? Good for you Alan. it's often the only way in which you can get a real response ----- i.e unless, maybe, you are talking about the Vancouver Canucks hockey team when you may be bowled over by the ferocity of the language used. eh?
  4. Well that was some thread. Personally I see no reason to suggest that Scotland should not try to regain their independence and quit the Brexit hairbrain train. Devolution could open a very good Pandora's box for Scotland. Independence is dynamically special provided the Gross revenue is sufficient in the short term to initially support a devolution. I left so many years ago that I have little idea as to what the gross income of the country is but the last thing I would care to see and experience is to see Scotland going down in initial flames leading to deprivation and possibly economic disaster. BUT,,,,,, nothing ventured, nothing gained,,,,,, and Scottish inventiveness, brains, education and intuition has always been her primary and outstanding asset s-o-o-o-o...……. GO FOR IT, I SAY.
  5. Gaelic is a cute, but outdated, language of communication now. And indicating that one thinks of it as being more of a hindrance to "outsiders" ( e.g. tourists) may mean that the person saying this may not be too far off the mark. Display Gaelic by all means but little explanations in English alongside will not go amiss either. In Canada we have Indigenous(I.e. native Indians) languages, then French and English and , in the areas of our large cities where large congregations of immigrants of the same origin live (e.g. East Indians), then many of them will speak their own native language in their Canadian districts one to another on a daily basis.....except that their kids going to school will use English as a FIRST language whereas the original immigrants will often see it, think it and speak it as a second language only. That's part of the reason why immigrants to Canada often populate just one area of a city with little or no spread-out to other districts. Example: In the Vancouver South area we have a city named Richmond where I bought my first Canadian home. At that time the population of Richmond was only about 8,000, if that, and houses were dirt cheap. . Now there are over 100,000 residents and most of them are East Indian and house prices are extremely high indeed. However, almost everyone who is not yet an old fogie will also either speak English fluently enough, or will have children who do together with the latter seeing it increasingly as their first language....mostly because their friends at school will always speak English and will perhaps laugh at them if they fail to master it too. But, of course, the kids pick up the language very quickly and that will definitely be their preferred first language not the other language as preferred by their parents. Have you ever noticed , too, that almost every reasonably bright and/or educated foreigner whom you come across speaks good English and has no problem communicating with anyone because English is now the distinctly universal inter-continental language of the world - at least by people who have had any kind of an education. Don't look for it from the Onion Johnnies though 'cos I think they are a lost race now are they not?
  6. Right enuff IHE. A junior Moose (very soft fur) I think, But they sure grow to a really large size . A little bit of Canadian back talk from Western La La Land. Dick Whittington didn't make it to Canada but his spirit is what made the pioneers succeed against all odds. Some of the "odds" were tough though and resulted in death for the crews of the covered wagons. So, overall, life was precarious. If you want to read a heartbreaking story perhaps you may want to Google the "Donner Party" deaths in the Wild West. The pioneers had tenacity and tremendous courage but occasionally fate dealt even the most doughty a very cruel blow...………..
  7. Smile ! The Taylor was a sailor and the Copper came a cropper When he tried to arrest the hoodlum Even if he was bigger and really strapping too He knew he had the edge 'cos he knew he could escape on a sledge as the snowflakes drifted down. Would this be a true Canadian "cop" or merely another of his flop(s) Only the one named IHE could call the game as he mused upon buying his ticket to Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia …………….. what will he do to become the hero of the piece...….?
  8. Well, Alan, you certainly are a different kettle of fish my man! Smile. But, personally speaking I, do feel that you have a way of brightening up a punter's day. At least you are refreshingly different and no doubt have made several points that have turned heads and been close to the truth, etc. So..keep on truckin, and buckin ….the trend. And one day you may be the top …. with maybe Dougal as your
  9. Loyalty--what is that then ? Players have long ago determined that their best interests are served by playing for a club with a future, money in the bank, and a decent raise at season's end for the next year's performance. Assuming, of course, that their striving and performance during the season about to end has been notable rather than just naughty play-acting. No use at all crying the blues and pointing fingers at this player and that player since that is the modern reality, dearies,---- at least IMHO. And if the selling club does not have the money to boost a good player's paycheque then well..." I really liked playing for ICT but ". will be the tune they play on their imaginary fiddles. It's not about blame ! It's about the reality of modern day pressures and the costs of living.....and, of course, that player's ambition too relating to his future and that of his family.
  10. As far as County are concerned you can hardly blame them now can you! ? It's just all about money and opportunism and I think that County are trying to do what any other club would do also and that is get access to the best players to purchase at a price that they can afford. Caley is close and active so.....we had better get much larger crowds showing up for every game or things COULD just get worse. That or find some alternative source of income......e.g a lottery; or winner take all at Monopoly; or dancing girls from the USA + half-time entertainment.Whatever! …….. we can at least TRY IT can't we? So long as it gives the punters something to stimulate their pulses and earns the club some extra money it can at least be tried in MHO. That means that we must face up to the reality that money must also be spent to bring in half-time entertainment. Please.....remember try , try and try again and you will succeed. Don't try and you may be doomed ..or consumed.
  11. Jock, old Fruit, Surprised to see you are still in top form despite the intensity and fire and death destruction wreaked upon you and your suffering citizens. Fancy a wee trip over the pond and then the other very large pond to visit another devoted fan here in the Wild West of Canada ? Lots of snow in the forecast so the mountains will look beautiful. Cheers Jock, Lang may Yer Lum Reek...…. of guid Scotch whusky. Scarlet.