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  1. Well how to sum up what i witnessed today Ridgers Is bloody awful and proved it again today Defence was shocking no leaders seedorf was not match fit so a stupid call to put him in from start but they were all bossed and bullied about by dunfermline Midfield was interesting. Mulraney was awful no end product nothing. Vigurs was only player that actually showed he gave anything polworth doesn't belong in cm or anywhere else in my opinion. Calder was average nothing special but wasn't confident enough. Attack was awful. Baird is useless and won't get us anywhere. Oakley loo
  2. And to make things worse c###y have won the title.............
  3. What can i honestly say about last night....... Absolute shambles a huge disgrace to the fans foran has to go and go now!!! If we don't change anything now we are heading for further relegations. Championship will be hugely hard. We aren't the pride of the Highlands now we are the embarrassments of the Highlands. On aspects of these so called rumours? Richie lost the dressing room weeks ago after a incident at half time don't remember what game it was but it was shocking to even hear about. Sad but people will lose jobs and budget will be drastically reduced.
  4. Disgraceful Just horrible we are going down and people will lose jobs Cheers Richie
  5. Richie won't be fired by board they did the cheap option and can't afford the payoff sorry but season is over and we are going down. Get used to that fact foran is clueless and he could have killed the club he loves
  6. does it really surprise us all that maddison had his card revoked..... Unbelievable
  7. nice to see that rangers still singing banned songs and ripping seats apart sfa need to act but they won't
  8. sounds like there was some unsavoury incidents outside after the game Hamilton fans trying to provoke a reaction from our travelling support disgraceful
  9. us2


    photos of current stock levels
  10. Don't want to burst bubbles but this guy hasn't really played many games in 3 years joined Fulham and has only played 1 game says a lot really positive he played when on loan at Shrewsbury last season
  11. Well that was embarrassing. defence fell apart again and our attacker played winger all night. Honestly Hughes hasn't a clue with his tactics and that was another showing of how bad a team we have become in the space of under a year. Every home game there is a lack of atmosphere? hardly any motivation for our players.
  12. Useless same crap different day sorry but no atmosphere by fans at the game and shocking scoreline
  13. Well that was certainly one of the weirdest days ever came into work and got told I could go to game so that was nice. First time seeing us play in absolute ages and scary how bad we have actually become storey can't even play his position, our passing is woeful at times and meekings at rb over raven who is a natural rb god knows what Hughes is on. With 11 men killie would have won easily the red changed that entirely against 10 men we can play but serious concerns about our future unless we recruit properly and actually sign enough players to fill a squad.
  14. Tansey deal is under severe investigation somebody has delivered confidential information to Aberdeen regarding his release clause
  15. Nowhere we haven't signed someone who can score
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