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  1. Theres more to the game than working your socks off how about actually trying to go past the fullback instead of constantly checking inside ,tracking back when you dont have the ball and delivering a better ball from set plays more often than not
  2. Defo there you happy with the performance today then
  3. Not good another poor performance. Looking back over the last 4 matches we have had a decent second half against hibs thats it. To many poor performers who start regrdless week in week out and deliver very little .
  4. Totally unacceptable performance and tactics. Let the travelling fans down big style. Totally ineffective all over the pitch only maybe brill can hold his head up. Some players going through the motions looks like they dont give a feck. Wtf does greenhalgh need to do to get a start, both ross and doran passengers again, getting tiresome now. Accept losing part and parcel of the game but being embarrased by a mediocre st j is bollocks
  5. Sky sports app says 3. Where have you heard 2pm? I'm unsure now!
  6. Have to disagree with gillet out. He had a poor game today however many times this season I've felt he has been MOTM. Starting to agree regarding Foran, he has desire but he's really beginning to irritate me, often giving the ball away then whining that it was the recipients fault. First half today was a joy to watch but must take our chances and build on our corners. 9 in the first half yet all wasted.
  7. Seems A Shinnie got injured last night according to tade's latest tweet, "sad today as my wee bro Andy Shinnie is in bad shape" ... Is that the news you meant?
  8. 1 1 defensive/keeper nightmare again! Magic!!
  9. Felt Esson looked pretty shaky at times today, couple goalmouth scrambles where he miss timed his punch, also one in second half where he slid in and you expected him to gather ball but instead kicked it. Anyone agree? Still not complaining, first clean sheet !!
  10. Another excellent performance by Kenny today. Notice the unbeaten run coincides with him playing in centre half. Offers Pace through the middle which we have lacked. Long may he continue. Ps also gives G Shinnie a game.
  11. cannot make it due to work :( anyone know if it is being shown in any pubs in Forres/Elgin/Nairn
  12. anyone know the forres-lossie score
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