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  1. It appeared he was playing centre forward , he is a creative player he helps others score. It was a shame he was hooked from my viewpoint It was a managerial blunder. His game is just behind the line not leading it.
  2. It is really great watching a real football team. This is no disrespect to Robbo he built the team they have just suddenly switched on.
  3. As far as I am concerned he is our manager and will be until he decidede has had had enough
  4. Well said . Someone has stepped in to help us out and hopefully gain some more experience by doing so. I wish him well and thank him for coming .
  5. You guys are lucky I still cannot get through to caley to get the streaming.
  6. To fair to the club's involved I do think it is unfair to demote clubs when there is a possibility of escape. If it was all cut and Dryed fine but it not. Being a caley supporter I feel a bit agrieved we didn't get promoted but to get relegated is not fair.
  7. I believe Clach have offered us some players on loan.
  8. What worries me whatever league we are in will we have enough players left to put a team on the park?
  9. After the last home game I thought at last a football team. How wrong I was.Not being at the Partick game maybe I have no right to slang them off, from the comments I have read it would appear we are back to no leader on the park or off for that matter.
  10. What a game we are a team at last.Great performance Well done the boy's. Just as an aside having been a referee albeit not at this level it was difficult to explain today's refs perfomance
  11. Having been a critic of the displays this season hats off to the boy's who made it yesterday not easy its okay for us we can call in a sicky Rest and get fit for the next big game Saturday is a must win.
  12. Mr Cameron don't know a lot about him but knew his father he was a hard worker.I wish them both well.
  13. I played football with Allan in the late 60s early 70s fast centre forward in those days he was known as postie. He has worked hard for what he has got and i am sure he will a Be a good addition to Caley with his drive and ambition
  14. Robby talked about part times in an interview saying that the players get two pay days when part time I wonder if he was hinting that was the way to go. Well my seat will be up for sale next season pay as you go will be my attitude
  15. 11 people on the pitch in caley strips looks like a team in dress only played like total strangers no strategy no idea, no leader what are the management doing ?
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