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  1. bigman

    Ross County -v- Inverness CT

    We played very well against county we just seem unable to close a game down. This has been demonstrated on several occassions ball into the corners over the stand hoof up the park. This might be to simplistic or is we are not fit enough to do 95 mins.
  2. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

    Having safely got home having a glass of red all is at peace in the world the sh----t that I had to endure for 90 mins is now thing of the past or until the next home game. What is going on they are not a team they look like a group of strangers.
  3. bigman

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    I think Ridgers is our most improved player. Feel sorry for young keeper, outfield players make a mistake time to recover keeper makes a mistake goal. Hope he gets the support he will need. I would say by reports we should have had them dead and buried long before final whistle.
  4. bigman

    Falkirk -V- Inverness CT

    Come on guys Don,t blame the keeper he should of had better protection young guy thrown in at the deep end.
  5. bigman

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Monday night bbc cup game
  6. bigman

    Fifth Round Draw.

    Cup on bbc Monday evening
  7. It was just an observation. To win 2 games at home is a great step forward, Rooney would normally play football going forward. Yesterday he appeared to have the brakes on. An observation not a criticism
  8. Rooney looked really out of sorts yesterday he shrugged his shoulders more often than polworth but polworth does it when he makes a mistake, at goalkicks he walked up the pitch with his back to the keeper totally disinterested, can only think he was a bit out of sorts or under instructions not venture to far forward
  9. bigman

    So WHAT do you know about Kilby ?

    Any word about the state of pitch will the game be on?
  10. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Ayr United

    I have been critical of the performances most of the season today what a difference we have been waiting for this the team done well. I hope this is the start believe we are on our way. Well done
  11. We are just not good enough. We seem to lack fitness and ideas. We have no actual leader on the pitch. When we do occasionally play good football it only lasts for a brief period. We seem unable to apply sustained pressure and break teams down. What really gets to me is apart from a period good football which normally lasts about 10 mins at the start of the game we turn into headless chickens run out ideas. We are just not good enough no leaders on and off the park.
  12. They just seem not to have any football in them giving the ball away most of the time no idea trying the impossible I have never seen a football team lacking so much football what do they do in training if rumours are to believed very little
  13. bigman

    sectarian chants

    Don,t know what was said or by whom but it would appear performance off the field matches performance on the the field pish
  14. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Pass and move is the game we never achieved either had we not had a goalkeeper who was at his best we would have lost by a bag full. What is going on have we to many players who think they are footballers reality points to yes. Dundee United played a team game pass and move the ball quickly they had more energy and football in them.8
  15. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Dundee Utd

    Rubbish Dundee played much better football. Simple pass and move. We fell down on the first bit