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  1. bigman

    Liam Polworth

    Polworth is a good player what he needs to do is stop dropping his shoulders and huffing and puffing when things don't go for him give himself shake and get on with it. He shows his feelings to often which his opponents can use. So come on Polly you are going to be the main man so lead by example
  2. bigman

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Half of inverness at home games
  3. bigman

    Going Ballistic

    Very interesting uhm
  4. bigman

    Special General Meeting

    From an outsiders point of view it seems a shame that so much bickering is going on. Can we not come together have a meeting sort out the ground rules and try and move on. At least the football is better to watch which to me is the main concern. I know this might be a simplistic point of view but it would seem more complicated to work out than brexit or who poisoned who its football, jackets for goals and off we go. Another 3 points to night is my concern
  5. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- St Mirren

    Just like to add ref was of the standard we have got use too, absolute phish. Must be the clean fresh air up here they are not used to it
  6. Now live inverness but come from Grimsby. At one time on the books of the Mariners. Gave up serious football went into forestry college in Wales played in Welsh league then moved to Scotland when g ualified lived in Inverness for many years great place to live. Welcome to stay any time you think about coming up. 

    1. HumbersideDude


      Hi, sorry bit slow replying.  We are in Ulceby about 10miles from Grimsby, sort of landed here by accident. Been to see Grimsby, but I seem to be a jinks, as I have still to see them win a game!! We don't get to many ICT home games due to distance obviously but try to get up at least once a season when possible. away games are usually easier especially QoS. Thanks for the offer of digs for a game, we are hoping to get up next season as it has been a while. I will give you a shout for a beer.

    2. bigman


      Any time

  7. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Morton

    Lack of leadership both on and off the field, Dorran cannot be fit or has lost the desire. The team looked and played like a primary school team, no leadership no idea no hope.
  8. bigman

    Keeping 11 on the pitch

    I think you have consistency as pointed out we have been punished game after game. With this in mind we should ensure we stay within the laws of the game. As an x ref albeit at lowerd level i find it hard to excuse or explain some of what we have suffered regarding decsions by many refs this season
  9. bigman

    Keeping 11 on the pitch

    What do we have to do to keep 11 on the pitch? I was going to say schoolboy stuff but that would be unfair. Robbo has said he will fine players who get themselves sent off. On Sunday it could have cost us a place in the final. I don,t really believe we are a team of idiots but some of the players behave in such a manner you start to believe that we are. Come on guys grow up the years of hard work by many players to get us were we are is being tarnished. I am getting to the stage were I wonder if getting a season ticket is good value
  10. Crap refereeing once again so i think we got the better of 12 men what is with refs when they come up here ?
  11. bigman

    This season's refereeing

    Having been a ref in the lower leagues I do find it difficult to explain decisions to those around me some times but I have to admit it sometimes also baffles me as to how they have arrived at a decision. I often would have a word with a player on passing if the player takes no heed of the advise given next infringement booking. So we might be missing something which would explain what appears to be a strange decisions.
  12. bigman

    Inverness CT -V- Dumbarton

    I think I have worked out the team formation. Many years ago Hearts came up to inverness Thistle at kingsmills pre season. It was behind closed doors, I was one of the linesman.Before the game kicked off Hearts had their team photo taken the thing that struck me was all the defenders stood at the back the midfielders and forwards stood at the front. The defenders were giants the forwards and mid fielders were tiny in comparison Robbo being one of them so this must be the formation he is trying to emulate. Unfortunately the Hearts players were all footballers unlike our forwards
  13. Singing Christmas carols .
  14. bigman

    New Striker

    It's good to have a person like Charles Bannerman on board. Whilst the rest of us dream Charles always manages to bring us back to reality with his clear understanding of the situation. I think I would rather dream.
  15. bigman

    David Raven

    We would be better getting grid of sme of the rubbish we signed in the summer, at least David is a footballer , and keep him until the end of the season