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  1. Normal service resumed it would appear, although I gather wind bad
  2. Not sure about the comments on Vincent I thought he had a good game worked hard and cleaned up in mid field .
  3. bigman

    John Beaton

    Having officiated at many games were John was in the dugout I always listen to what John had to say it was funny and in most cases made sense
  4. bigman


    Tree you should look at it as an observation not a criticism. Having known Tommy for many years I am sure he will be disappointed and slightly concerned.
  5. bigman


    The pitch seemed to be cut up badly after last night's game. I hope this is not the start of a disaster. Tommy is going to have to produce his magic once again!!!!!!!!
  6. We had to work hard to get a result. I felt Cove a much better footballing side, although this may have been because of our attitude we had won before we got on the pitch. A win is a win but it would be so much better if we could of done it in a more professional manner.
  7. Cove imo. We're the better team for a big part of the game. We had to work to win
  8. I am surprised no mention of Vincent I thought he was immense
  9. Probably the worsed season apart from our relegation as far as football is concernd no leader on the park it appeared to be a team of strangers. We did have good spells but far and few between.
  10. We reap what we sow he has had a lot to carry on young shoulders wish him well in his new venture
  11. Drapers job with us was to break up play which did very well, as an x ref I used to shudder when I watched him going in but generally came away with the ball and little damage to the opponent his timing was great. I suppose as one gets older timing will go but when he played for us he was spot on
  12. Bit odd this one, although we had few shots on goal, I felt we were the much better side. Just failed at the finishing but we did play some good football.
  13. Ref poor caley poor falkirk tried hard
  14. bigman

    4G Pitch?

    Would only consider Astor turf if Tommy was to retire