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  1. I have in the past been critical of caleys play. Yesterday was the first game I have seen for a while what a difference back to the team I loved and supported great movement supporting each other what a team.
  2. Strange we seem unable to see off teams at the bottom but outplay teams at the top. Is this a mental thing, poor judgement or what.
  3. bigman


    Great to come away from the game with a smile although I must say first 10 min had me a little worried it is great that they were able to sort it out and shows we now have leaders on and off the park.
  4. I must say having praised Caley for their total football in the last match bit disappointed on Saturday. Having said that we won so should be pleased. I would have liked a bit more flair. In the first game players seemed to back each other up a bit more. A win is a win so chuffed.
  5. That was probably the best performance I have seen for a long time. If they can continue this form they will do well
  6. We talk about improving the attendance haveing been at the cup games I must admit I dont feel like running out and renewing my season ticket. I didn't get to a game last season but felt i should support the club by holding on to my season ticket so feel I did my bit.
  7. It appeared he was playing centre forward , he is a creative player he helps others score. It was a shame he was hooked from my viewpoint It was a managerial blunder. His game is just behind the line not leading it.
  8. It is really great watching a real football team. This is no disrespect to Robbo he built the team they have just suddenly switched on.
  9. As far as I am concerned he is our manager and will be until he decidede has had had enough
  10. Well said . Someone has stepped in to help us out and hopefully gain some more experience by doing so. I wish him well and thank him for coming .
  11. You guys are lucky I still cannot get through to caley to get the streaming.
  12. To fair to the club's involved I do think it is unfair to demote clubs when there is a possibility of escape. If it was all cut and Dryed fine but it not. Being a caley supporter I feel a bit agrieved we didn't get promoted but to get relegated is not fair.
  13. I believe Clach have offered us some players on loan.
  14. What worries me whatever league we are in will we have enough players left to put a team on the park?
  15. After the last home game I thought at last a football team. How wrong I was.Not being at the Partick game maybe I have no right to slang them off, from the comments I have read it would appear we are back to no leader on the park or off for that matter.
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