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  1. You could also try this app to avoid call waiting time. https://www.weq4u.co.uk/
  2. Pride of the Highlands is, has been and always will be naff. It makes the club sound provincial and plays up to the southern, parochial view of clubs outside the central belt.
  3. Those pre fabs were still there in 1966 when we moved into one of the new maisonettes on Benula Rd, albeit empty apart from the odd diehard lingering on in isolation. They should have saved their pennies on the wall they built it was a doddle to get over.
  4. Brilliant picture, team shirt over your own shirt, your own socks and shoes for boots. I bet they had jumpers for goalposts. Your brother looks a big lad Jock, centre half or centre forward?
  5. noho

    Crystal Palace

    A good showing by Palace, if MOD highlights are anything to go by, thought they deserved a share of the points. Man City look like beatable to me despite their good start to the season.
  6. Just thought i'd give Palace a mention. My mate and me are both "ex pats" he's from London and a Palace fan and i'm from oop north as they say here in Yorkshire. I know it's early days yet but second in the Premiersip however brief is a good start, i think it comes under the heading punching above their weight. I've adopted them as my English surrogate team, (same colours too), if they can keep this up and have a good cup run it'll be like the season we had last year.
  7. I've just had a quick lok at the kit on JD, too much Cabrini going on for my liking. I hope the actual shirts, (when they surface), have less of it.
  8. Fatties is a more accurate size than xxl
  9. Scroll down the game is listed, only one link.
  10. I think Wedderburn might turn out to be a good purchase once he settles in. Would have liked to see him in their box when we were pressing them in the last 5-10 minutes, with the size of him he would have been an intimidating presence.
  11. Bradford with my grandson, we're going to make a long weekend of it.
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